General :: Make System Boot Up Into Window Manager-less X Session?

Dec 30, 2010

I am setting up a thin client boot (over NFS) with x2go thinclient. So far everything works, the client boots over PXE, mounts the NFS dir on the server. But the x2go thinclient system does not install properly. I end up with a CLI prompt, to log in. It does not start X, not does it start the x2go client in a window managerless X session.

X2go is, in case you don't know it yet, a cool Linux X terminal session system, very much like Nomachines NXserver. I like it very much, since my experience, especially with freenx has not been good.

Now I am missing some Linux knowhow here: I know that after startup (the CLI part), the display manager is started (GDM or KDM), which starts the X server and shows the graphical login. Now since X2go does not properly setup and there is no documentation about the thinclient part, I will set it up myself.

I need the system to boot up, startx and then immediately start an X program (x2goclient), without having to log in before.

I found that putting a .xsession file in to the users home dir causes that script to be run when you invoke startx.But when I put startx in a script that runs as the last one in the runlevel (as in S05startx), it does not run at all.

What is the proper way to run X and a program on it directly, right at startup?

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General :: Possible To Have A GNOME Session Without A Window Manager Or Panel?

May 20, 2011

Is it possible to run the GNOME session manager but not have a window manager? It would also be nice to have a panel (or at least a status notification area) that was in a window, rather than a title-bar less menu bar.

The reason I want this is that I'm using my Mac's X server and logging into a VM running Fedora on the same host. And I've noticed some things, like the ability to use USB tethering, depend on a D-Bus session being active, and possibly the NetworkManager widget in the panel.

From IRC - #gnome:<borschty> ok, then go to gconf-editor somewhere under /desktop/session there should be something like "required_components" and remove window-manager from that list. You could use something like wmctrl to change the window-type of the panel, but a) that might break stuff and b)

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Debian :: Add New Window Manager Entry To GDM's Session Menu?

Jul 7, 2010

I compiled QLWM window manager but it's not in GDM's session menu. How do i add it there?

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Ubuntu :: Open A Graphic Session Without A Window Manager?

Jun 4, 2011

To try another windows manager, I have to open a new display without a windows manager. The problem is that when I run


startx -- :1

kde runs automatically on it. How can I open a graphic session without a window manager?

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General :: Error - The Session Manager Initialization System Process Terminated Unexpectedly With A Status

Jun 5, 2011

I installed slackware 12.1 from files i downloaded and converted to cd (images). There are six "disks" i downloaded from the slackware site and converted to images via a homemade .cmd in windows xp and then burned using imgburn.

I partitioned my hd (canibalized from an acquaintance's emachine and connected it to my desktop (1G ram, 2Ghz processor). Booted from disk 1 and fomatted the 80G HD for 2 partitions of linuxswapable at 2G apeice and 2 partitions of bootable linux. (Because i want to try another distro later). I ran the setup installing most everything and all seemed to go well. After i exited setup and restarted, it identifed the cd/hd as normal and then went into some sort of recovery mode with the emachine logo call pcangel, after which it tells me.

STOP: c0000021a (fatal system error) The session manager initialization system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc000003a (0x00000000 0x00000000). the system has been shut down. So, is this indeed an xp error message, and if so, why am i getting it after formatting everything?

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Ubuntu :: No Session Manager Under "System/Preferences", No Startup Programs Manager

Jun 6, 2010

Hello - installed 10.04 yesterday, Had previously dabbled, trying to switch over to Ubuntu full time now. Wanted to access the session manager, but when I scroll to System/Preferences, there is no entry for it, or for the startup programs manager. Also, I'm getting the following error when attempting to open the "windows" entry: Failed to execute child process "gnome-window-properties" (No such file or directory)

Did I somehow botch something in gnome which is now leading to the absence of the session manager as well as the inability to launch the "windows" manager?

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General :: Laptop Logging Out Of Window Manager A Few Minutes After Boot Up And Login

Sep 1, 2010

I have a troubling issue. I log into Linux Mint 9 (fully up-to-date) on my Samsung Q320 laptop with power connected and after a few minutes it seems like the entire X session dies, I am logged out, all processes are killed and I am presented with the normal GDM login screen. When I first installed Linux Mint, this never happened. I have the NVidia closed-source driver installed and when the system logs me out, it immediately restarts X loading the NVidia driver which flashes the logo on screen. This all happens instantaneously, so it is not a reboot of the machine, just a restart of the display manager it seems.

There does not seem to be any cause for this. I have disabled all screen saver and power management settings that may lead my system to auto-logout of Gnome. The system log doesn't indicate anything unusual happening. Confused about where to to take it from here bar and fresh install of the OS. Perhaps there are some X11 logs I should be checking.

Update: Moved to Ubuntu 10.10 and its recommended NVidia driver and have not experienced this problem since.

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Ubuntu :: Where Does Ubuntu Store Window Manager / Desktop Environment Session Choice?

May 5, 2011

After a discussion we had at my LUG tonight, I wanted to find out where Ubuntu stored that choice so as to make it my default choice.I looked in /etc/gdm, /etc/X11, and in various hidden files and directories in my home directory but could not find a likely suspect for further interrogation.

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 - Make Compiz Default Window Manager?

May 13, 2011

I finally waded through all the graphical issues that have been reported when upgrading 10.10 to 11.04. I've managed to get the nvidia drivers installed and working (even though Jockey still reports that nvidia-current is installed but has not been activated).Whenever I log into an Ubuntu Classic session, GNOME defaults to using metacity as the window manager. In order to get my compiz effects working, I have to open a terminal and do "compiz --replace". After that, everything appears to work normally including on screen notifications, the cube, etc.

I've though of including a "compiz --replace" script in Startup Applications as a possible workaround, but is there a better way to handle not having compiz started by default? Is there something in gconf-editor or similar that I can edit in order to make GNOME default to using compiz?

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SUSE :: How Do One Make Window Manager To Be More Feature Filled?

Nov 13, 2010

I have Soad Linux installed. E17 environment really works fast for me. But I have a question, how do the one make window manager to be more feature filled? For example other e17 Linux distributions has a full path of file directory on the window tools frame so you can simply click on any directory from this list like "Home/Media/Movies" and you are brought back to the selected directory (Home for example). I managed to find how to enable it, but that section of windows manager doesn;t seem to work well, it is too small horizontally so in order to see other directories the one has to click small arrows and scroll. Resizing doens;t allow to make it bigger, how could I fix that?.

Also how do the one make the mounted mediums list on the left, similar like in gnome windows manager? I found a control panel which lets you choose between KDE, Gnome and LXDE (I think) for e17 But changing between them doesn't seem to change anything. Yes I rebooted the pc so it could take the effect, but no changes were made.

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Software :: Make A Custom Minimalistic DE/window Manager?

Oct 2, 2010

i am working on developing a very minimalistic os based on a striped down linux kernel and for the user interface ive come up with a bunch of custom graphics and such and then i was confronted with the problem of what window manager do i use....

basically my concept for the ui is windows that only open fullscreen (so no resizing, minimizing, moving) btu when you want to change threw applications it displays everything in a coverflow style and im planning on using the Qt toolkit for the interface itself and basing alot of it on web technology's.

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General :: Disallow Closing Last Emacs Window Via Window-Manager Close Button

Jul 8, 2011

I like to start Emacs as part of a login script and leave it running for the duration of my login session (which is typically weeks).

I have scripts to call emacs-client which will allow me to use a file-manager or Windows Explorer to locate files and right-click to edit them in Emacs.

I often end up with a lot of emacs windows (frames) open and I like to just be able to close them by clicking on the MS-Windows or KDE X button at the top-right.

The trouble is, if the window is the last one, this will shut down emacs which will lose all kinds of interesting history information.

As a work-around I use C-x 5 0 which won't let me close the last frame but this is often not as convenient as using the mouse

Does anyone know how to configure Emacs so that it can intercept the Window-Close button of the last frame to either request confirmation or simply disallow it?

On MS-Windows, disallowing closing of the last window may cause logoff to hang if emacs is still running but I'm not too worried about that.

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Ubuntu :: Lost Kde Session Manager For Kde3 And 4, And Now Only Will Boot To Run Level 3

Oct 28, 2010

I lost my kde session manager (for kde3 and kde4), and now Kubuntu 9.10 only will boot to run level 3. This occurred when I used the synaptic package manager to remove all the kde 3 desktop, to then allow an upgrade to Kubuntu 10.04 version, due to a error message about that kde3. I was able to log into either kde 3 or 4 before this, so what do I type in that text mode run level 3 to fix this issue, and to have my KDE session manager back working ? Or do I now need to install a fresh Kubuntu 10.04 with only KDE 4.?

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Ubuntu :: Lost Kde Session Manager For Kde3 And 4, And Now Only Will Boot To Run Level 3?

Oct 27, 2010

I lost my kde session manager (for kde3 and kde4), and now Kubuntu 9.10 only will boot to run level 3. This occurred when I used the synaptic package manager to remove all the kde 3 desktop, to then allow an upgrade to Kubuntu 10.04 version, due to a error message about that kde3. I was able to log into either kde 3 or 4 before this, so what do I type in that text mode run level 3, to fix this issue and to have my KDE session manager back working ? Or do I now need to install fresh 10.04 ?

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General :: Need To Use A Boot Manager In System / Why Is So?

Apr 11, 2010

Why else might we need to use a boot manager in Linux?

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Ubuntu :: Session Manager / Select As A Startup Session?

Nov 1, 2010

Is there a session manager I can use with 10.10? I would like to try Openbox but am not sure how to select it as a startup session. I would like to be able to choose between kde, gnome and openbox.

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Debian Installation :: Minimal System With Small Window Manager

May 15, 2010

I have installed the debian lenny base system in my old pc. I want only a minimal system with a small window manager like icewm and firefox to surf the web. What I need to write now in text mode to install this minimal system?

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General :: How To Make System Dual Boot

Feb 22, 2011

can any one tell me how i can make my system dual boot ie how can i install Linux with XP on my system.

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Ubuntu :: Boot Into Program With Out Window Manager?

Feb 10, 2010

How would I boot into an application on X without using a window manager?

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General :: Restarting The Session And Going Directly To Login Window?

Feb 8, 2010

I have GShutdown 0.2 on ubuntu .when i put it on with some time it is just restarting the session and going directly to login window. "sudo shutdown -P -- --" is working properly so why the GShutdown 0.2 is not??

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Debian :: Window Manager (compiz) Needs To Be Reloaded On Boot?

Jan 29, 2011

I use compiz but when I boot I need to reset the windowanager for it to function correctly :'(. It is not the end of the world, but it is annoying

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General :: Make Dual Boot System With Windows Xp And Fedora 11?

Jan 23, 2010

I want to make dual boot system with windows Xp and Linux fedora 11, please help and guide me in detail, also I tried it with fedora 10 and windows xp, it easily works without any problem, but in fedora 11 the grub boot loader is not detecting the installed Xp

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OpenSUSE :: Can't Boot To Window Xp After 11.4 Install / Make It Possible?

Apr 16, 2011

I installed OSS11.4 clean install over 11.3, it is suppose to be dual boot together with with winxp.
When i select to boot xp machine starts to boot but it boots forever and eventually
nothing happens further (HHD does not spin). Can it be grub problem or it's
winxp boot problem? When the actuall job of grub stops?
Boot loader location:
Bot form MBR, Boot from root partrition, boot from extended partrition.

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General :: Make Sudo Session An Hour And Not Few Minutes In Ubuntu 10.04?

Jun 7, 2010

How I can make sudo Ubuntu 10.04 session an hour and not few minutes?

Now I have to write my password for sudo commands every few minutes.

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Ubuntu :: Window Borders Keep Disappearing - Open Compiz Icon To Reload Window Manager?

Apr 23, 2010

I recently upgraded the motherboard/processor on my computer (as in quadrupled the processor and octupled the ram). The new board has a built in GPU (intel) and from searching the forums, I think this is part of the problem. Every time I boot up the computer, I need to open the Compiz icon and use it to reload the window manager before I see any title bars, borders, etc. 've tried the .bashrc hack (metacity --replace), but that doesn't do anything. In fact, whenever I open the terminal, I need to have two tabs open in order to use it, and when I close it all the borders go away again (even when I haven't done anything). Also, the onboard sound card (intel) doesn't work, but that's another task (I at least have a compatible card for that).

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General :: Getting Used To Tiling Window Manager?

Jun 2, 2011

Whenever I have to use a computer that doesn't do tiling. Manually moving and resizing windows?

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General :: Want To Develop Window Manager

Jan 25, 2010

OK, so i have been thinking of developing my own distro. After experimenting with LFS(Linux From Scratch), i now know even more Linux, but i could not find out to create a Distro. Now, i want to use an existing Linux Distro, modify source code, and develop my own Window Manager(like GNOME and stuff.. i HAVE googled it, but it was nothing good there.) I also know that Elive has a good window manager, but i want to modify it a little. Do you guys know a good way to start, or a good website with resources i can use?

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Ubuntu :: Window Manager General Failure / Resolve This?

Jul 28, 2011

I installed Xubuntu 11.04 a few days ago, and everything's been more or less fine since then. But I installed some updates last night, paying no attention to what they were, and this morning I logged in to find problems.

Open windows do not get registered with window listings (like in the top panel, for instance). All windows open above desktop panels, and cannot be moved behind them. Some windows open with their title bars above the top frame of the screen, but Alt + Click/Drag doesn't grab the window. Maximizing and minimizing windows do not work. There is simply no reaction to clicking them. I logged out and also restarted the system to see if it was a fluke, but it's not.

Otherwise, everything still seems to be functional. I'm writing this post from the laptop that's having the problem. I'm going to try uninstalling the crappy ATI video drivers and see if that resolves the problem.

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General :: Security - Login To Window Manager As Root?

Apr 5, 2010

I have a habbit of openning a 2 sessions of xwindow (I'm using KDE), one as user to browse the internet and the other as root to do some admin work. But someone told me that login to KDE as root is bad in terms of security. Is this true?

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General :: Make A Pop Up Window Form?

Jan 13, 2010

I v been trying to make a pop up window or form for my user once they get to my index page then a form comes in the middle of the screen asking questions . also i want a pop up form to pop up when some one is trying to exit my page to pop up

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