General :: Create Script Auto Run Without Choose On Ubuntu?

Jul 21, 2011

I create a script and when I execute it, a dialog show for me choose one option: Run in Terminal, Display, Cancel and Run. I want run it automatically without choose option.

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Ubuntu :: Make The Pc Start On Windows Auto, Without Prompting By Showing The Choose System Screen?

Mar 24, 2011

I recently installed Ubuntu in my PC, without uninstalling windows coz it`s not really mine, its my father`s. When he saw the boot (like a month later, he REALLY uses the PC...) he went crazy and instantly ordered me to "uninstall that thing". Of course i`m not stupid to do that after a month of seeing how Ubuntu is... I want to know if/how can I make the pc start on windows auto, without prompting by showing the choose system screen, and when i open boot menu (i don`t remember, but i think its F-eight) i have both choices, so I can keep Linux without him knowing.

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Ubuntu :: How To Choose Winrar Prompt To Choose Action

Feb 16, 2010

I was extraction some file through command line then I encounter on notification from winrar. This file exist what u want to do
I don't want that winrar will prompt me to choose action. Everytime whenever this situation occur it will overwrite / skip that file
Syntax I am using for unrar
rar e -pmypassword filename

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Ubuntu :: Create Terminal Shortcut Auto Log Into A Specific Server?

Apr 7, 2011

in windows I can use Putty to create a shortcut which loads a predefined profiles to log into a specific server. How can I do it in Ubuntu? (Instead of click on the terminal icon to open it, type ssh

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General :: Make Nano Support Auto-complete And Auto-bracket Closing?

Feb 20, 2010

Does anyone know if there's a way to make nano support auto-complete and auto-bracket closing?

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General :: Html - Code Editor That Has Auto-indent AND Auto-outdent?

Apr 22, 2011

I code primarily in jQuery/JavaScript, and I'm looking for a text editor for Linux that has auto-indent and auto-outdent (seems to be tough to find that). Any suggestions? I've checked Gedit, Cream, vim, Bluefish.None of them seem to have this feature.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Number Of Partitions / Logical Volumes Can Create Using Partman-auto Recipes?

Mar 2, 2011

Is there a limit to the number of partitions/logical volumes you can create using the partman-auto recipes? If not, any thoughts on why my preseed using the values included below results in only a /boot partition and logical volumes root, swap, and user? Is there another way to achieve putting /, /tmp, /var, /usr, /usr_local /opt, etc on their own logical volumes with preseeding?

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General :: Df Vs Du / Choose Between Them In System?

Aug 29, 2011

I need to check the used space in some folders, and I need it to be fast to check because it will be inside a script.

Which command should I use, "du -h" or "df -h"??

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General :: What Distro Should I Choose?

Apr 23, 2011

I am somewhat new to linux but I am good with computer and can learn fast so difficulty level doesn't really matter I just need an all around good fast nice looking linux distro.Any ideas? Please tell me why I should try that version of linux.

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General :: What To Choose For A Saas

Sep 16, 2010

We are starting the development of a project in PHP+MySQL that will become a software-as-a-service.After starting and planning how we would deploy the project, the first thing that came into our mind was: the project will be hosted on our Debian stable server and will contain all of our clients databases and each client folders for the project (and of course, a separate server for backups) and all projects running "under" the same apache and mysql server. This was our preferred approach.

Another friend suggested us -as a second approach for the deployment- that instead of having all projects and all databases running under the same physical server and under the same apache and mysql, that we could build our own "cloud" using something like openQRM and have each one of the projects deployed in a separate "virtualized" server (one virtual server per client) and this way the resources are better balanced and is easier to recover a virtual server if crashed as the backups are made of the virtual servers images. He said that this is a very new concept that is taking the internet services market more and more.

So, we started to research about the "cloud computing" concept in order to have a better idea of this second suggestion our friend gave to us.In terms of performance, it seems to me that the "cloud" approach could consume a lot of moreresources than the first approach ?? and is a lot harder to maintain and extend ??I would really appreciate your opinions and recomendations on which option is really worth for what we are going to offer to our clients.

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General :: What File System To Choose

Jul 12, 2010

I'm still to install Linux (waiting for a replacement of a bad DIMM) on my new box. It will probably be CentOS, following 'Rubberman's recommendation in forum/coffee-lounge/166195-distro-recommendation-development-use.html .

I assume (as I haven't installed Linux before) there could be a choice of file systems. Is there any recommendation on what I should/could use ?

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General :: Which Enterprise IM Solution To Choose

Apr 7, 2011

The solution should be capable to use intranet only (no communication should traverse the inernet). It would be of an advantage if it would support conferencing. And if it's possible it'd be fine if it'd be free.

One solution which comes to my mind is jabber, but I do not have any experience with it... what's your oppinion on that? What other solutions are there?

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General :: Filesystem To Choose For NAS Box Based On OpenFiler

Feb 23, 2010

I'm a photographer and I have a requirement find a better method of storing my photos other than multiple USB2 drives via USB hubs. Currently I use a Macbook Pro and 6 external drives connected via USB2 or FW800. 3 are a copy of the first three, kept up to day manually by running an rsync backup. I'd like to run a FreeNAS or OpenFiler NAS box using 2TB drives mirrored via software RAID. But - I would like to have the flexibility of also plugging into the drive physically for the faster throughput when necessary. My question is, is there a file system that both *nix and Mac OSX will play nice with?

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General :: Make `cp` Choose No When Prompted To Overwrite?

Jun 17, 2011

I have a list of files that I am copying around for various purposes. What my current command looks similar to this:cat list_of_files | xargs -I {} /bin/cp -f {} /destination/dirI am using the full path to cp so that the default alias of cp -i does not take effect. However, when I find a duplicate file, it is overwriting any that have already been copied. What I would like to do is to force cp to not overwrite and not prompt.

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General :: (Shell Script) Choose Log File To Use

May 9, 2011

I have a small script that uses the find command to look for a log file named: backup_log.txt. And then uses the first value in the log file as a variable in the script later on. However, say there are two or more of these log files located in different directories, how would I let the user choose which log file will be the one to use, and then make that (fullpathtofile) the value of the variable that will be used.

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General :: Choose Distribution For USB Memory Stick?

Mar 29, 2011

I got an 8 GB USB Memory stick wich I want to use, I dont want to install Linux on my harddrive, I want it portable and on an USB stick.

What I need is a distribution thats big with lots of programs and the Ability to Save files and configurations Directly on the USB Memory stick, and it should be able to run apache, mysql,php and java.

I want the USB memory stick to act like a harddrive so to speak.

Also, I already downloaded and tried Knoppix Live CD, but I cant get knoppix 6.4.4 to work, but an older version worked. But its so small, not so many programs. Is there a way to install lets say a DVD version of a distro to USB and make it work like the live version?

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General :: How To Choose Best Architecture For Lenovo Y410?

Sep 12, 2009

i have purchased a Lenovo y410 and want to install LINNUX on it configuation intel core 2 duo p7300,ram 2GB hdd 250 .i haave found that download link at ubuntu giving us i386.iso and openSUSE has given a link to i586.iso under 32bit processors .For my hardware confifuration which will b suitable.Is there be any thing related as far as i know p4 has 786 architecture then why they are not providing that in download links
kindly help me to which one should i go for

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OpenSUSE Network :: Pull AD Passwords From AD And "auto-create" The Associated Samba Users

Feb 15, 2010

Don't worry, I know - that title probably makes this question seem way more complicated than it actually is. Here's the situation: I have a server running SLES10 with a samba share set up on it. I created a username in Samba and Linux for myself, can access the share, permissions are fine, yadda yadda. Now I want to give about 100 more people access to it.

I have active directory running which users log into and I'd like them to be able to use their active directory passwords to authenticate to the share, rather than have me create 100 individual Samba/Linux accounts. In the future the AD server will be changing over to server 2008 but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. It would be equally effective if I could pull AD passwords from AD and "auto-create" the associated Linux/Samba users. Any ideas or could someone point in the right direction?

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General :: Allow Users Of Program To Choose Filenames With Unicode Chars?

Jun 9, 2011

I'm working with an embedded Linux (Montavista 5.0). I want to allow users of my program to choose filenames with Unicode chars like the German All Unicode chars are visible inside the program (dialogs, buttons,...) and I can write Unicode chars into files and read them. But it is not possible for me to create a file with an Unicode filename! I can't write such Unicode chars in the shell! I set my locals to "de_DE.utf8". locale charmap says UTF-8! But when I try

Every Unicode char is writte to the shell in this way with a leading The same happens when I write such chars from my program to the shell with printf!

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Ubuntu Servers :: RAID-5 Recovery (spare/active) / Degraded And Can't Create Raid ,auto Stop Raid [md1]?

Feb 1, 2011

Could any RAID gurus kindly assist me on the following RAID-5 issue?I have an mdadm-created RAID5 array consisting of 4 discs. One of the discs was dropping out, so I decided to replace it. Somehow, this went terribly wrong and I succeeded in marking two of the drives as faulty, and the re-adding them as spare.

Now the array is (logically) no longer able to start:

mdadm: Not enough devices to start the array.Degraded and can't create RAID ,auto stop RAID [md1]

I was able to examine the disks though:

root@ mdadm --examine /dev/sdb2
Magic : a92b4efc
Version : 00.90.00

mdadm --create --assume-clean --level=5 --raid-devices=4 /dev/sda2 /dev/sdb2 /dev/sdc2 /dev/sdd2
As I don't want to ruin the maybe small chance I have left to rescue my data, I would like to hear the input of this wise community.

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General :: Turn Laptop On And The Comp Prepares 2 Boot The OS,a Screen Asking To Choose Which OS Version?

Apr 7, 2011

i've got UBUNTU 10.10 installed on my laptop.After i turn my laptop on and the comp prepares 2 boot the OS,a screen asking me to choose which OS version i'd like 2 select.Now ideally i'd like jst 2 names on dat list namely-Ubuntu and win xp..But I've a host of other options as well like memory testblahblah'safemode'....wotevr....Is this ok 2 have so many OS startup options.Is there a way to get rid of unwanted stuff like changin the BOOT.ini file or in any other way???

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General :: Xorg Setup - Display The Screen To Choose Horizontal And Vertical Settings For The Monitor

Nov 21, 2010

This is my third SLackware install. I installed 10,12, now 13. the Xorgsetup has changed I think, it does not display the screen to choose Horizontal and Vertical settings for the monitor. In addition, how can I set the Refresh rate?

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Ubuntu Security :: Ecryptfs Doesn't Auto-decrypt With Auto-login

Jan 6, 2011

I recently installed 32bit maverick and wanted to make it login automatically. I tried enabling auto login from Admin > Login but that didnt work and I was still prompted for my password. Then I went to Users & Groups and changed the password option to Do Not ask for password at login now after I reboot, the user list is shown (only 1 user) and it doesnt ask for password after I click on my username.

However, then it gives a few errors (as i vaguely recall):

1. cannot load .ICE directory in my home directory
2. some error 256 about a gconf-sanity-2 file
3. nautilus cannot load my home directory etc

and then it gets stuck without loading anything (blank wallpaper). i ve tried navigating to my home directory using Alt F2, gksudo nautilus and my home dir contents are encrypted by the ecryptfs (there is a readme.txt file and a shortcut). i have tried to decrypt but it doesnt work... i ve also tried to start/stop gdm, and startx but nothing works. if i stop gdm, then the prompt doesnt recognize my password and keeps on rejecting the commands i enter... I think this has something to do with the home dir not being decrypted due to the dont ask for paswd option... how can i disable the dont ask for pwd without the gui (i can access my / by booting through an external usb).

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Ubuntu :: Auto Run (auto Exec) A Script On Mounting A Device?

Mar 16, 2010

I would like to exec a script whenever a user mount a device. The device could be an internal device (for example a partition on a second hard disk) or a removable one (for example a usb hard disk). The script must have sudo capabilities even if the user is not included in the admin group. Is it possible?

The specific question:
I would like to add acl option to a device whenever it is mounted.
I tried fstab but it's changing the behaviour of nautilus see:

[URL]... so I would like to create a script with the command

sudo mount -o remount,acl /media/data
and auto execute it any time data is mounted.

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General :: Create A Script That Will Simply Create A DIR With Date And Autorun Itself Every 24 Hours?

Jan 17, 2010

i am running into few problems with the script here. I have an FTP server, all configured, and i need to have a script that will create a folder with current dated within a tree as soon as particular user logs in. I was wondering if that is possible with proftpd. if not, can someone suggest how to create a script that will simply create a DIR with date and autorun itself every 24 hours? i am running Debian/Proftpd with Mysql authorization.

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Networking :: Ethernet Auto-connect / Auto-sense Doesn't Work

Feb 3, 2011

I have noticed that a common issue to several distros is the fact that the networking subsystem doesn't automatically detect the link if an ethernet connection is disconnected and then re-connected to the NIC after boot. If the ethernet cable is connected after the system is up and running, nothing happens - ethtool eth0 shows link detected: no, and you have to restart the network service to let the NIC know that there is in fact a link, and actually connect. I have a Fedora14 (KDE) box with a brand new Asus motherboard with embedded NIC. Everything works great except the auto-detect of a freshly connected ethernet connection if the link is down to begin with.

Am I missing a ethernet link sentinel utility or something, or is this just the way linux works? I have done plenty of research on plenty of posts, and it seems this is a common problem, with no solution other than manually or programatically restarting the network service in a script to detect the link after a disconnect.

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Debian Configuration :: Auto-login And Auto-connect To Networks

Jun 3, 2010

I press On-button, Debian boots, logs in and automatically connects to the Wireless network AND! to my local pc via LAN. It runs an ssh server, so I can ssh into debian over internet and communicate with the local pc (send a magic packet).Here are my problems:

1) I don't how to log in automatically. This and this doesn't work.
2) I need a network tool that can manage multiple connections and has a reconnect feature. With the default network manager I cannot even connect to more than one network simultaneously although I have two network devices of course.

And I guess I can run all that in console mode, right?

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CentOS 5 :: Software RAID Auto Sensing Auto Rebuild Possible?

Jul 23, 2010

I recently installed a server with Software RAID. I tested by powering it down, unplugging one drive and powering it up. Magically, it worked!I found out later that I have to manually add individual devices like md1 to sda2 md2 to sda4. I got all of them added and rebuilt but my question is: Is there a way to make it so that if I "removed" a drive and put it back, the system will senses the new drive and rebuilds based on some internal table?

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Ubuntu :: Two HDs Which One For Would Choose For /home?

Mar 31, 2010

I have just added an additional 1 tb drive to my system. Before I upgrade to 10.04 which should i choose to put my /home folder on and which should contain my sytem files and backup folder:

1. 1 TB 16 mb cache; or
2. 1 TB 64 mb cache

Also should I format the drive ext4 or ext3?

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Ubuntu :: Choose Kde At Login?

Oct 18, 2010

If I install "kde standard" form synaptic package manager, i will be able to choose kde at login. Is my understanding of this correct?

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