General :: Unable To Download VLC Media Player From Download Page(s)

Mar 15, 2010

First I go to the following URL to download the latest version of VLC Player, which I greatly prefer to Totem or any other standard Linux video/audio player: After I click on the "Download" link, a new window appears which asks me if I want to 1) Open with Archive Manager (default) or 2) Save File. There is a drop down arrow next to the first choice which only gives "Other..." as the only other choice. Well, if I choose the first option, the download appears as an .exe file in the "Downloads" window.

A window with "Download Error" in its Title Bar appears with the following message in it: "/tmp/VLC_Player_Setup-3.exe could not be opened, because the associated helper application does not exist. Change the association in your preferences." I don't even know yet how to even open up an .exe file in Linux, despite repeated research.

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General :: Get A Free Media Player (VLC) Download For Red Hat 5?

Jul 26, 2011

where can i get a free media player (VLC)download for red hat 5 linux?

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Ubuntu :: How To Download Media Player

Jul 20, 2010

Im new to Ubuntu and i was wondering if anyone could tell me what they think Ubuntu's best media player is and how to download it. Im looking for something that can do everything windows media player does.

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Software :: How To Download / Install VLC Media Player

Oct 11, 2009

i just installed ydl 6.1 on my ps3 and i must say i am really pleased with having this os however, i cant seem to get videolan media player downloaded. i go strait to videolans web site and click on the link next to the orange cone that says "download" and there is no download link inside. is the site down? or do i have to do something different?

the whole purpose is i am trying to play ..... files and listen to myspace/music. i am off to cedar point to catch some coasters and laughs with some friends. i'll be back on around 12 am and i hope sm1 can help. i just spent all morning trying to get this to work. i tried everything i read online. nothing worked. trying to play videos vidoes i get message: youtotem: unable to find video source.

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Software :: Any Download Link For VLC Media Player On YDL 6.1?

Oct 13, 2009

i go to videolan site and click download. it takes me to another page that has a list of dif. linux os's. i believe yellow dog is considered "red hat". so i click red hat and it opens these rpm files. how do you make use of a rpm pack in linux? i want to watch videos thru my ps3 with yellow dog 6.1.

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General :: Unable To Download Abode Flash Player 10

Jan 5, 2010

I have had my laptop for over a year now and have still no idea how linux works, but the problem I have at the moment, is that i cannot download flash player 10, there is always something that comes up, whether it be asking for a root or just now able to get it, it is an Aspire one AOA 150 that I have.

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Ubuntu :: Use Recursive Download Of Wget To Download All Wallpapers On A Web Page?

Dec 21, 2010

can we use recursive download of wget to download all the wallpapers on a web page?

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General :: Unable To Download Mepis 3.3 From Download Sites Listed By Grim322

May 31, 2010

How to repartition a hard drive using Mepis 3.3, none of the listed sites will open to me. Is this the best software to repartition a new Windows 7 hard drive? I notice there are later versions of the Mepis software.

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Debian Installation :: Unable To Find The Lenny Download Page?

Feb 22, 2011

I'm looking for the Lenny CD images on Debian's site and cannot find them. Tried many things, including archive but every time I found myself at the first step.

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General :: Link To A Download Page For Wine?

Jun 29, 2011

I need a link to a download page for wine. I have Ubuntu 8

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General :: Using CURL To Download All Files In Certain Folder - Except 404 Error Page?

May 6, 2011

I'm using cURL in ubuntu to download some files like

While some files may be missing from this sequence but when I just use curl -O [url]

cURL will download a 404 error page for those missing ones. How can I avoid this?

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General :: Login To To Download Flash Media Encoder XML File?

Jul 6, 2011

how can i login to to download Flash Media Encoder XML file [URL] using "wget" command or either "curl" command in linux only.If any one have any other option to login using any command line tools in linux please revert back me soon. My

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General :: Cannot Seem To Download Some Versions O Adobe Flash Player

Jul 22, 2010

I have Linux/Linux etch and I cannot seem to download some versions o adobe flash player, when I go to some sites and the require me to download the latest AFP, my computer just stacks it in my downloads and I end up with 10 different versions AFP just sitting in my computer, I thy to open and it says cannot open program etc. also sometimes i go to sites and I cannot type in some comment bars, also some of the links in Yahoo won't work like my address book won't open...i cannot adjust my filters, I click and nothing happens.

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General :: How To Download Adobe Flash Player To Fierfox Running On DSL?

Mar 26, 2011

How do I download Adobe Flash Player to Fierfox running on DSL so I can view streaming video?

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General :: Synaptic Crash Trying To Download Adobe Flash Player

Nov 8, 2009

Moved to linux as I was assured it was "uncrashable" but I seem to have managed it after only 2 days. Running ubuntu 9.10 and trying to download adobe flash player. I get an error message :-
E: The package adobe-flashplugin needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.
E:Internal error opening cache (1). Please report.

Every time I close this window synaptic package manager also closes. When I try to download flash player directly from the adobe web page, synaptic refuses to cooperate. I am now stuck as I can't delete this or download anything else.Computer janitor won,t delete it either.Also when I go applications>ubuntu software centre, everything I try to download comes up with Not available in this critical data.I can see this is going to be a very steep learning curve.

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Software :: Download Every Page On A Particular Website?

Jan 20, 2010

I want to download every page on a particular website that has: [URL[].. as the beginning so any page that begins with that will be downloaded, so for example [URL]...I tried "wget -r [URL]..

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Ubuntu :: Unziping Files From Download Page?

Aug 10, 2011

i downloaded ubundu 11.04 off of there website and after it downloaded it it opened in winzip and i cant find the iso file do i just extract all of the files or just

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Ubuntu :: Download Ndiswrapper *url #2* And Both Of The Links On That Page Don't Work?

May 9, 2010

i have a Realtek RTL8192E Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC card on my Samsung r580 laptop that i just installed Ubuntu studio 10.04 on. I am wondering how to get the wireless card working in Ubuntu. I saw some info on my card here *url #1 (the urls i reference are in the attached txt file called urls.txt because i couldn't post the actual urls because apparently i need to post 15 times or something which i don't have time for at the moment)* and then i went here to download ndiswrapper *url #2* and both of the links on that page don't work. I followed the instructions on this page *urls #3* to get the info on my card. here is the info when i typed "lspci -knn" into the terminal in ubuntu studio. Code: 00:00.0 Host bridge [0600]: Intel Corporation Core Processor DRAM Controller [8086:0044] (rev 12)

Kernel modules: intel-agp
00:01.0 PCI bridge [0604]: Intel Corporation Core Processor PCI Express x16 Root Port [8086:0045] (rev 12)
Kernel driver in use: pcieport
Kernel modules: shpchp
00:1a.0 USB Controller [0c03]: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset USB2 Enhanced Host Controller [8086:3b3c] (rev 06)
Kernel driver in use: ehci_hcd


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Software :: Install FreeRadius On Machine And The Download Page For The RPM?

Sep 12, 2010

I am about to install FreeRadius on my machine and the download page for the RPM lists all the software requirements to install it but I don't know how to check my machine to see if it has all those requirements.

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General :: Unable To Download New Updates

Dec 8, 2009

i am using ubuntu 9.04..i was unable to open videos on said you dont have the flash player.i then downloaed tolhe flash player(for ubuntu 8.04 +).but after i double clicking on the package and authorising the installation,i keep getting the error message that 3 packages were not downloaded:check your network connections or installation medium.But all the while i was able to open all pages and download othe software.But 1 more thing,i am not able to download new updates>i get the same message then too.Unable to locate.

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General :: Unable To Download GParted?

Sep 2, 2010

Running latest Ubuntu; dual boot with Vista - Ubuntu is the default. Acer laptop, twin core 2500 CPU, 3 gig ram, 500gb HD. It came with that HDD partitioned into 2 x 250gb (approx) Running Vista.

I would like to re-install to eliminate all my mistakes. I would also like to give Linux a major size partition. But unable to download G Parted (times out after running happily for 20 or so mgb - it just stops. Tried at least 3 times - twice under Ubuntu and once via Vista.

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General :: Unable To Download Drivers

Aug 3, 2010

I have recently purchased a Toshiba satellite pro C650 laptop. I have installed Ubuntu 10.04 via Wubi which has installed ok and boots fine but it fails to recognise my Wifi card or network so I am unable to download any drivers. It also sees my dvd rom drive but not any usb ports or other hardware. I have searched the Toshiba site but cannot find a fix on any of the Linux forums there.

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Software :: Download All Media Codecs In Fedora 12?

Jun 27, 2010

How can i install all media codecs in fedora 12..?

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Fedora :: Firefox 3.5.8 Cannot Save Page / Download After Synched Using Unison

Mar 23, 2010

What follows is actually a copy of my yesterday post on users mailing list, which so far had no response at all. I hope I'll have more luck here.I have 3 PCs running Hardy, Karmic, and Fedora 12, with Firefox on each of them: v. 3.0.18 on Hardy and v. 3.5.8 on both Karmic and Fedora.I created "shared" profile on each system and synchronize them using Unison. Ubuntu 8.04 is a base system for synchronization.The synchronization itself works just fine on all 3 systems. No functionality problems on either of Ubuntu's.In Fedora however I'm having a problem. While using "shared" profile I can save neither a web page nor a download (unless I use some of add-on' as described below).

If either Save Page As... or Save Link As... menu items are selected the requests are simply ignored with no response from FF. However using Download Them All add-on does the job. Equally Scrapbook add-on allows me to save/capture pages.

The default profile works as expected. I thought SELinux is on the way but disabling it (for a test sake) did not changed things. All permissions in "shared" profile directory to me look OK.I'm new to Fedora and cannot figure it out myself, need you help, folks.

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Programming :: Library Hat Could Download Content Of Web Page And Work On Windows ?

Jun 3, 2009

Finally I got a method to compile libcurl in Visual Studio 2005(as static library):

Following is the link: [url]


I am thinking of using Libcurl static dll for it but it didn't work on Windows so far.

I am looking for something simple and could be quick to embedded to my program with Visual C++.

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Ubuntu :: WGET - Download HTML Page In One Directory And Other Elements In A Subdirectory?

Mar 12, 2010

i'm using wget with this parameters:

wget -E -H -k -K -p -nH -nd -Pfolder http:\

using this parameters the main html page and all the images will download in the same folder. Instead i would like to have the html page in a folder and all the images,css ecc in a subdirectory for example i want to have:


It's the same that mozilla firefox do when i save a html page on local machine ("save page as" on file menu) Which parameters do i have to use?

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Fedora :: Flash Player RPM - Yum Download?

Jan 20, 2010

Is the Flash Player RPM provided by Adobe the installation package for the player and browser plugin or is it the Yum download?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Download From Itv Player

Mar 4, 2010

i use get_iplayer for downloading from bbc site, is there a similar tool for use with itvplayer?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Download Flash Player

Dec 14, 2008

ok i downloaded linux after my windows crashed and i cant download flashplayer ...i am currently at this part where i need to type in an installation path in the terminal so please if anyone knows anything please help! ok i am downloading flashplayer 10 tar.gz and i am currently very very confusedalso sorry i was just messing around oh and please can someone give me a code or w/e it is it says Please enter the installation path of the Mozilla, Netscape,or Opera browser (i.e., /usr/lib/mozilla):and i dont know what to do at all can someone please copy/paste this in a reply and type what i need to type for flashplayer10 tar.gz.

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Fedora Installation :: Cannot Locate F14 (Live Media Download) File

Dec 9, 2010

I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop running on Windows 7, I just download the iso file for Fedora 14 desktop edition, the live media download, and burned it to a new CD-RW, I can't seem to locate the file I need to boot it.

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