General :: Creating Swap - Using Ubuntu On Virtual Box

Dec 8, 2010

[URL] using Ubuntu on Virtual Box and creating SWAP partition on /dev/sdb1. I tried this guide and getting error
Code: [URL]

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General :: Set The Limits For Unlimited Virtual Memory With Limited Ram And Swap Space On Disk??

Apr 6, 2010

clarify me with ulimit output and memory limit?

ulimit -a output:
core file size (blocks, -c) unlimited
data seg size (kbytes, -d) 1572864


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General :: Creating Virtual Serial Port In Fedora?

Mar 9, 2011

I want to create a virtual serial port in Fedora. I'm using Java code to communicate over a serial port. I want to test this code with out any serial devices connected.

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Ubuntu :: Help In Creating Swap Space

Mar 10, 2009

I had just installed gparted , not used yet.I have a problem , at the time of installation i havent created necessary swap space , my linux partition contains 30GB with ext2 filesystem..I'm fully having this , but my question is with the above mentioned tool can I recreate swap space from this 30GB , like 20GB as user space and rest 10 as swap space . Can I?

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Debian :: Creating A New Swap Partition ?

Jul 3, 2011

Currently my system runs on two disks, sda 30GB and sdc 1GB. sdb is my data disk. I have set the partitions as sda1 /boot, sda2 /(root) and sdc1 /(swap).

Thinking that sdc was udma33 i used the disk for a swap area. Later i found out that it is pio4 and i want to relocate my swap area to sda.

Using GParted Live i am planning to create a swap partition to sda. Will fixing the entry in fstab be enough to correct this or do i need to do something more?

I could also use some advice on which live debian image i can install in sdc, to use for rescuing purposes. The capacity of the disk is 1080MB.

As a side note, the images i find for usd-hdd are direct download. Are there any torrent files for these?

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Fedora :: Creating Swap Space In 14

Dec 21, 2010

i had to install oracle in my required a certain amount of swap space which i didnt have... i tried to create it using the datadump command... dd if=/dev/zero of=/extraswapf bs=1M count=512 i then rebooted and made the swapfile using: mkswap /extraswap i then made the entry in /etc/fstab as follows "/extraswap swap swap default 0 0" and i used the command : swapon /extraswap the swap space was visible after that... but after rebooting the swap space is not visibille

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Slackware :: Use Existing Swap Instead Of Creating A New One

Dec 22, 2009

Slackware 13.0, about to install it. I do have an existing Ubuntu installation with a roomy 5 GB of swap.

In the installer of Slackware, what should I do to use this swap?

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Debian :: Creating Mirror Back-up Hot Swap Server?

Mar 20, 2011

I am currently running Debian on a system with 3 scsi hard drives with Raid and have an identical back up server. I want to schedule a daily "mirror" copy of the server operating system and data so that if the primary server drops I can move the network plug to the next server and be back in business. Can someone let me know what would be the best solutions for this? I am new to linux so this may be an obvious question so if it is I applogize but I have been searching through the forums and have not found an adeqate solution.

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Software :: How To Swap Right Alt And Right Control For Virtual Terminal?

Jan 10, 2011

My emacs 23 is running on Ubuntu 10.04 and I am very a emacs primer. in virtual terminals, how can I remap keys to swap the right alt key and the right ctrl key automatically every time the machine starts up? But how to swap Alt and Ctrl on the right side?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Creating 10.04 Virtual Machine?

Jun 1, 2010

I'm having some trouble creating a VM of Ubuntu 10.04. I've downloaded the ISO. I've created a new VM using the VM Assistant. I selected "Use operating system installation disc image file" and chosen the ISO. When I run the VM, it sits at the following screen:

I've selected Virtual Machine > Install VMware Tools. Nothing happens.

Could someone point me in the right direction?

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CentOS 5 :: Creating Virtual On XEN?

Nov 4, 2009

I have Installed centos 5.3 and enabled virtualization on it. now i want to create virtual mechine , while trying this im getting following errors :i have used virt-install command then it has asked some questions and i have answered them of what ram , location e.t.c .. after that a warning came reagarding partition , then an error came like : input / output error during read on /dev/xvda i have ignored this error and continued installation at last i have got an error:like LVM operation failed : vgcreate failed for volgroup00 , the installer will now exit.

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Networking :: Creating A Virtual Ethernet Adapter?

Apr 14, 2010

I am trying to setup a VPN using OpenVPN to allow a secure connection between my smartphone and my LAN. I have been reading an OpenVPN book and some tutorials on how to setup the server side, but I'm stuck at how to create a virtual device. The OpenVPN book says when installing OpenVPN the installer (or aptitude to be more precise) should ask me if it should create a TAP/TUN device. The thing is, it doesn't ask me anything at all. It just installs, that's it.

Most tutorials simply tell me to create a new device in the network/interfaces file. Where is the difference? What should I do now? I like having options, that is one reason I like Linux, but this does confuse me. My second question is about the IP range of the virtual adapter. Should it be in the same range as my LAN, or should I use something entirely different?

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Software :: Creating Virtual Machine Opensuse?

Dec 24, 2010

i have jsut installed hypervisor tools and was trying to setup xp in a virtual machine.. but i keep getting this error unknown OS type hvm

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Server :: Disk Dump - Creating Virtual Directory

Apr 14, 2010

I'm quite new to linux, but I've managed to grasp some basics. Now my intention here to create a virtual directory, which I resorted to creating an Image File so that I can mount it and have my folder have a dedicated storage. I will mount this image as a loop device. Well it's not much of a problem, but I would like to know whether this is suitable. Say I want to create a 25GB Image.

dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/disk-img/25GB.ext3 bs=1G count=25

Is this recommended? I'm using block size as 1G which is really huge, so I was wondering, if this is actually recommended. From what I read, some said that it's only advisable to use 4096k or lower, but what I found was that these suggestions are very dated (year 2003), and it is now 2010, so I would like to know if it makes any big differences.

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General :: Use Windows Pagefile.sys (swap) As Swap?

Feb 19, 2010

I know it's possible, but does anyone have a URL or tutorial on how to do this?

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Ubuntu :: Slow Boot Time After Creating Virtual Disk For Virtualbox Guest

Jun 4, 2010

My laptop boot up time increased considerably (10 seconds) after allocating a virtual drive for virtualbox guest. The guest installation did not work so i removed it along with the virtual disk. Now everytime when i boot to ubuntu, after inputting my password in the login screen, it takes much longer to load the system. And during the loading time the disk activity indicator light blinks indicating the harddisk is actually busy loading the system.

I decided to search around for a possible answer and force reprofiling ureadahead does the trick Now boot time is back to what it used to be

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SUSE / Novell :: Running Out Of Space Creating Virtual Machines OES2 Sp1 On 10 SP2 Xen Host Serve?

Mar 17, 2009

I have a quad cpu with 8gb ram running SUSE 10 sp2 on a raid 5 XEN host server. I have created a 250 gb partition GWMAIL in the extended partition to be the disk space for the first virtual machine OES sp1 with groupwise 8.0. I have downloaded the OS .iso's to the desktop of the host server to use for installation. When I begin to install, it hangs for 5 to 10 minutes then gives me an out of space error.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Creating Virtual Apache Servers?

May 3, 2010

I have Webmin installed on an Ubuntu server. I currently have a successful apache server running on port 80, however I want to create a virtual host on port 81. When I try I go to servers->Apache Webserver-> Create Virtual Host I change the port to 81 and the document root to /var/port81www then I click create. How ever when I goto (local ip, I know I have to port forward but its not even working local) it does not work.

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General :: Create And Configure A Virtual SAN Disk And Work On It With Virtual Machines?

Jun 29, 2010

I would like to configure and SAN disk. But I do not have a physical SAN disk. Is it possible to create and configure a Virtual SAN disk and work on it with virtual machines?I have around 400GB of space in my Laptop.

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Ubuntu :: Swap Space Shows 0k But Have Volume Formatted As Swap

Dec 7, 2010

Lucid on an Acer Travelmate800.Can anyone tell me why I have 0k for swap space? I allocated swap which I can see in my Disk Utility's 'volumes' display.

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Fedora Installation :: Installation - Creating A Swap Partition Or A Boot Partition?

Jul 27, 2009

I have a brand new thinkpad X301 with 4GB of RAM and thinking of getting fedora 11 on it. The plan is to have it triple boot with vista/seven and hopefully OSx86. I am aware of the 4 primary partitions limit on an MBR disk. I was thinking of having a swap file instead of swap partition and not creating a boot partition as well. If I install the boot loader(GRUB?) on the root partition will I be able to boot it without any problems by using vista's boot loader?

Or Maybe I should install GRUB on the MBR and add all the other operating systems on it? Does anyone have any objections for not creating a swap partition or a boot partition? When comes to desktop environment I've been using KDE in the past, is there any major advantage of using Gnome over it? KDE seems to look really nice on fedora where Gnome is maybe more stable?

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Ubuntu :: Swap Or Swap File On Flash Memory?

Aug 16, 2010

RAM for older machines like I use is fairly cheap these days. But flash memory is just as cheap or cheaper. So I'd like to ask about the feasibility of expanding my system's memory using flash memory. And about whether creating a partition for swap on the flash memory, or whether a swap file on the flash device, is the better way to go.

By flash memory I have in mind mainly USB sticks or what are sometimes called "pen drives." But I do also have CF and SD cards that, with the proper cheap adapter (one of which I already own for adapting CF) could be used to create extra swap space. So, what is the current consensus on the feasibility/advisability of using flash memory for swap? I've read about the limited write cycles of flash being an argument against using it for swap. But recent reading indicates to me that the limited write cycles problem applies mostly to older, smaller-capacity flash memory. Some will come out and say that, for larger-capacity flash memory, the life of the device is likely to exceed the amount of time your current computer will be useful (I think I've seen estimates in the range of 3-4 years life--minimum--for newer, higher-capacity flash memory).

A more persuasive argument I've heard against using flash memory for swap is that access times for these devices can be much slower than SATA, and maybe even IDE, hard drives. That would certainly dictate against using flash memory for swap.

So, how about some input on this issue? Anyone using flash memory for swap? If so, what kind (e.g., usb stick or SD/CF)? Are you using a swap file or a swap partition? How's system performance? Likewise, has anyone had flash-memory-used-as-swap die on them? The consequences would undoubtedly be dire. Also, has anyone measured flash memory access times to confirm or refute claims about slow access times? Are some types of flash memory better/worse than others in terms of access times?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Swap Partition : Need To Check Swap File System?

Mar 20, 2011

Does one need to Check the Swap filesystem, from time to time

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General :: How To Tell Ubuntu To Use Swap Space?

Oct 13, 2009

a friend of mine recently installed Ubuntu in his Laptop however is running really slow. It's Dell 1520 so I don't think the computer is that slow. I think what the problem is that he doesn't have a swap space. ok, I could use GPARTED to resize the HD and create SWAP space but how can I tell the system to permanently use that space?

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General :: Swap On Second HDD?

Jan 13, 2011

I already have an existing linux (centos 5.5) running.

I would like to add a second HDD and the partion is /data. Now, my question is it necessary to configure swap on the second drive or no need to configure swap since I already have swap on first HDD.

FYI: the second HDD has 1TB.

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General :: Swap On Gentoo Build From Ubuntu?

Feb 16, 2010

I am building gentoo through a fully installed Ubuntu system. My swap partition is in use by the Ubuntu system so when I use the mkswap command I get that the partition is already in use. I expected this but I was wondering if postponing the mount of swap until after I have booted into the gentoo system would cause any problems. Am I going to have to edit a bunch of files if I mount my swap later?? Also, I didn't see any manuals mentioning building a gentoo system from a fully installed system, is that going to cause any problems? This is my first gentoo installation, so I'm not really experienced with gentoo. I didn't think that building from a full install would be any different than a live cd other than more resources are already in use. I'm not actually having problems with install. I just want to make sure I wont.

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General :: Swap The CTRL And ALT In KDE?

Mar 5, 2010

how to swap the CTRL and ALT keys in KDE? to me it seem like the ALT key is better positioned to be used more often for stuff like the CTRL-W close or the CTRL-S save. and there is no way to press CTRL without taking my fingers off of the home row.

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General :: How To Automount Swap

Jan 10, 2011

i once resized my / because it had plenty of space and put that into my swap . then i wanted back the space in / so i delted swap . then remade swap with the free space .here's my fstab :

# /etc/fstab: static file system information.


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General :: Using Swap For More Than One Distro?

Aug 3, 2011

I'm considering formatting my PC and installing more than one distro. Is it possible to use the same swap partition for all the distros, no matter how many they are?

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General :: After Installing Slackware Swap For Ubuntu Corrupted

Dec 24, 2009

I wanted to dual-boot Ubuntu and slackware, and use one swap. Well, I had Ubuntu installed and used installed slackware, and the boot hangs when I try to boot into the latest kernel; it says it's waiting for a UUID = (some random characters. I tried to enter a recovery mode for the latest kernel, and I couldn't even log in as root or my log in.

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