Debian :: Creating Mirror Back-up Hot Swap Server?

Mar 20, 2011

I am currently running Debian on a system with 3 scsi hard drives with Raid and have an identical back up server. I want to schedule a daily "mirror" copy of the server operating system and data so that if the primary server drops I can move the network plug to the next server and be back in business. Can someone let me know what would be the best solutions for this? I am new to linux so this may be an obvious question so if it is I applogize but I have been searching through the forums and have not found an adeqate solution.

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Debian :: Creating A New Swap Partition ?

Jul 3, 2011

Currently my system runs on two disks, sda 30GB and sdc 1GB. sdb is my data disk. I have set the partitions as sda1 /boot, sda2 /(root) and sdc1 /(swap).

Thinking that sdc was udma33 i used the disk for a swap area. Later i found out that it is pio4 and i want to relocate my swap area to sda.

Using GParted Live i am planning to create a swap partition to sda. Will fixing the entry in fstab be enough to correct this or do i need to do something more?

I could also use some advice on which live debian image i can install in sdc, to use for rescuing purposes. The capacity of the disk is 1080MB.

As a side note, the images i find for usd-hdd are direct download. Are there any torrent files for these?

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General :: Creating Mirror Of Existing Volume ?

Sep 18, 2009

Could we create mirror of the existing volume in Linux. Is yes please let me know the procedure to create the mirror of existing Logical volume in Linux.

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Server :: Proper Way To Sync Debian Mirror But Preserve Sarge?

Aug 21, 2010

I have been tooling around with different way of getting our local Debian network mirror back up and running with different various scripts. I have tried apt-mirror which was a breeze to setup and run, anonftpsync again super easy to get rolling.

My question is there a way to make sure our Sarge distro doesn't get deleted from the mirror? A filtering command for rsync possibly?

I started to go over the script for the ftpsync (debian recommended!) and to be honest it seems way over my head due to lack of documentation that I have been able to find.

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Server :: Soft RAID (mirror) On Debian With Different HDDs Size?

Apr 18, 2010

I would like to build a NAS from PC (D510MO) running Debian. I have two HDDs (one 3.5 1T and one 2.5 500G).
On 3.5 HDD I have already two partitions 100M+40G dedicated for Win7-64. Now, I want to install Debian (second OS) on this PC and to have some kind of soft RAID or disk mirror of 500G space. I am planning to create a third partition on 3.5 HDD of 500G (identical as 2.5 HDD size) in order to have a mirror 500G space.

Please send my some suggestions on where I have to install Debian; on 500G 2.5HDD or 500G 3.5HDD!Will Debian boot from both HDDs 3.5 or 2.5 after I create the mirror? What Linux soft I have to use for mirroring (mdadm)?

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General :: Filesystems - Mirror A Directory And Back Up All Metadata?

Aug 20, 2011

I need to backup my home folder (and a few other folders) on an organizational Linux NFS system where my account will be expiring soon, onto a personal hard drive (which is not using a Linux filesystem). I access the account through SSH and SFTP. I want to backup all metadata for these files and directories and everything in them, including dates, owners, groups, UID/GID numbers, CHMOD permissions, etc. How can I go about doing this? Do I need to run the LS command recursively on the directory with certain settings of what information to display, and pipe the results to a file so that the information will be in a file regardless of which filesystem I move it to? Or is there a way to save all the metadata using something like TAR/GZ? If it's with TAR/GZ, then how do I view this metadata on other filesystems that I move the archive to, and will the users/groups stored remain intact as long as it's not extracted?

In addition, do you know how to do this for SELinux metadata and AFS (Andrew File System) metadata too? (These will be for another filesystem later on, but if don't know the answer to either of these, please still answer the above.)

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Fedora :: Creating Swap Space In 14

Dec 21, 2010

i had to install oracle in my required a certain amount of swap space which i didnt have... i tried to create it using the datadump command... dd if=/dev/zero of=/extraswapf bs=1M count=512 i then rebooted and made the swapfile using: mkswap /extraswap i then made the entry in /etc/fstab as follows "/extraswap swap swap default 0 0" and i used the command : swapon /extraswap the swap space was visible after that... but after rebooting the swap space is not visibille

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Slackware :: Use Existing Swap Instead Of Creating A New One

Dec 22, 2009

Slackware 13.0, about to install it. I do have an existing Ubuntu installation with a roomy 5 GB of swap.

In the installer of Slackware, what should I do to use this swap?

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Ubuntu :: Help In Creating Swap Space

Mar 10, 2009

I had just installed gparted , not used yet.I have a problem , at the time of installation i havent created necessary swap space , my linux partition contains 30GB with ext2 filesystem..I'm fully having this , but my question is with the above mentioned tool can I recreate swap space from this 30GB , like 20GB as user space and rest 10 as swap space . Can I?

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General :: Creating Swap - Using Ubuntu On Virtual Box

Dec 8, 2010

[URL] using Ubuntu on Virtual Box and creating SWAP partition on /dev/sdb1. I tried this guide and getting error
Code: [URL]

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CentOS 5 :: Swap Space Going Back To 0kB After Reboot?

Sep 22, 2010

I had Oracle install on my machine and there were some ASM partitions. after uninstall of oracle some how it removed the swap space and now is showing:


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Debian :: Ubuntu Local Mirror Setup For FAI Server Setup?

Apr 24, 2011

I want to setup a FAI server for which I was looking for the best method of mirroring the Debian Lenny. I want to setup a local mirror with the best method available for mirroring. If it is ftpsync, please provide me some best ways of doing it. I tried ftpsync mirroring but that was not getting properly working due to insufficient I want this mirror to be accessible in my FAI setup so that I can start the installation on multiple machines and start the updates and package installation to be done from the same local mirror.

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General :: Swap Partition To The Back Of The Disk By Default?

Sep 8, 2011

As far as I know hard drives are faster at the beginning of the disk. If this is true, why does Ubuntu put the swap partition to the back of the disk by default?

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Server :: Make Two Storage Server Mirror Data In Real Time?

Jan 15, 2011

I have 2 servers each one with a RAID and I want them mirror they data so if one of them goes down the other one take the job with out disruption. I've heard of multipath by I want to know it in detail or learn of more options.

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CentOS 5 :: Easiest Way To Mirror Existing Server Setup On A New Server?

Jan 13, 2011

We have two CentOS 5 servers in production (web and database). We are setting up a single staging server that will mirror the configurations of these servers as closely as possible. What is the easiest way to ensure the exact same software and configs as the production servers are setup on the new staging server. Our contracted data center provider has already informed us that they do not perform images and NO we do not have physical access to the machines. It is undetermined whether we will be virtualizing the staging server into two virtual servers yet, so for the purposes of this post lets assume we are not. I'm seeking a faster/more precise method than doing this by eye and hand.

Some information on our web server code...

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General :: Mirror Microsoft Server 2008 To A Server?

May 17, 2011

We are using Linux as our database server and Microsoft Sever 2008 as our file server. Both are on independent servers. We would like to be able to mirror each server on the other for disaster recovery purposes. I am completely new to Linux.

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Server :: Splitting A Mirror With LVM?

Feb 22, 2010

I'm running Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4 (Nahant Update 6).

I've created a mirror of a Logical Volume with this command:

# lvconvert -m1 --corelog /dev/datavg/data /dev/dm-16

Now I've this:

# lvs -a -o name,copy_percent,devices
LV Copy% Devices
data 100.00 data_mimage_0(0),data_mimage_1(0)
[data_mimage_0] /dev/dm-11(0)


My goal was to remove devices dm-10, dm-11 and dm-14 from my VG, so I decided to extend the VG with dm-16 and mirror my data LV to that device, then split that mirror from the other devices. The FS is mounted and need to stay online...

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Debian :: Cannot Connect To Any Mirror ?

May 7, 2011

I am install debian in virtualbox on my mac using the net install. when i get to the part where it asks me to choose a mirror, none od them work. i always get an error that i can not connect. it tried pinging the mirrors but it did not work. I also have no firewall at all.

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Ubuntu :: CRM Solo Use Without Server BCM Mirror?

Oct 12, 2010

Im using Ubuntu 10.4 LTS. New user. Looking for a CRM that is comparable to ACT, BCM that is in MS Office, or Sugar like that does not require a server. Need something light for stand alone CRM.

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Server :: Mirror Software Packages From One To Another?

Jan 3, 2011

Server A is running Centos 5.5, Server B is running Centos 5.5.What is the simplest way to grab the package list from Server A, and use yum/rpm to make sure that the same packages are installed on server B, and if not -- install them?

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Server :: Mirror A Mac - View The Software In The ISO's

Apr 26, 2011

I am building a new server to replace a MAc server. I want to use CentOS. I don't know how to view the software in the ISO's; I don't know what version I will need to get these versions:

Apache 2.2.8
MySQL 5/0.45
PHP 5.2.5

I have posted this in the CentOS forums. But I need an answer ASAP.

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CentOS 5 :: How To Mirror Current Server

Jun 26, 2009

I have a server, running Centos 5 and it is working fine. Now I want to have another server (server2), mirror of my current server (server 1) if any time my (sever 1) stopped responding, (server 2) should start working until I fix server 1.

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Debian Installation :: Apt-get Can't Find Mirror?

Jul 2, 2010

As Debian on the mirrors page [URL].../etch/all/koffice/download, I added this line to my sources.list:[URL]..


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Debian :: Apt-mirror Not Running At Regular Interval

Mar 27, 2016

I use apt-mirror to sync a local copy of Debian repo on my HDD. I recently reinstalled my Debian setup, and now I can't seem to make apt-mirror run at regular intervals!? As far as I can recall (and as mentioned on different sites) all I have to do is edit /etc/cron.d/apt-mirror

I tried adding the following lines, but nothing works

Code: Select all0 0,6,12,18 * * * apt-mirror    /usr/bin/apt-mirror > /var/spool/apt-mirror/var/cron.log
Code: Select all0 0-23/6 * * * apt-mirror    /usr/bin/apt-mirror > /var/spool/apt-mirror/var/cron.log

Also, the log file is empty!!

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Debian Installation :: Which Kernel On The Mirror Site Should Use

Feb 13, 2010

I am just a newbie to debian/linux, and want to install debian lenny 5.0 with grub4dos. I have downloaded debian-5.03-CD-1-AMD64.iso and have read the installation-guide.pdf about debian 5.0 lenny. Then Go to "" There are FOUR directories:


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Debian Installation :: 6.0.5 Netinst ISO - Bad Archive Mirror

Jun 12, 2012

Last week I installed the Debian 6.0.4 XFCE on to a system from an iso I burned to DVD. I had no problems.

Today I downloaded the 6.0.5 netinst iso and burned a CD to install on a system which has only a CD reader, not DVD. The install goes fine until I select a download mirror. No matter what mirror I select, I get "Bad Archive Mirror".

When I check the log in virtual console 4, the following message appears: "WARNING**: mirror does not support the specified release (squeeze)"...

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Ubuntu Installation :: 8.04.3 LTS Server - Cannot Find Any Mirror Site

Jan 27, 2010

My requirement is to install Ubuntu SERVER 8.04.3 LTS on a Dell 2550 machine.

- Bug in ubuntu (desktop and server) stopping CD install on this hardware platform. It hangs half way through and is something to do with the SCSI CD drive. Lots of stuff on the net about it, but no fix as far as I can see, at least nothing that works for me.

- So, tried boot off CD and then used F6 and added a cdrom-detect/try-usb=true line together with putting a USB with the ISO burnt onto it in the USB port. Still hangs during install (can't see USB perhaps? USB not correctly burnt? Tried many many times though, and eventually gave up at 2am)

- Next tried PXE boot. Now getting somewhere. Ok I installed tftpd32 on my windows machine, and copied the netboot files from the ubuntu site to the tftpd directory. (I dont think this will help me install the server, just the desktop??) Anyway, it booted from the win tftp machine (wahey!), and went through install, BUT when it tried to find the mirror site it couldnt. In fact it couldnt find ANY mirror site. (Internet access from windows and all other PCs on the network is working fine).

So, to ensure I am installing the SERVER version, and to use PXE boot, and to NOT use the internet to download the files (i.e. load them up locally somewhere), what do I do?

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Ubuntu :: Mirror Remote Server To Local Folder?

Aug 27, 2010

I have a remote drive mounted on my system(ubuntu 10.04 x64), and i have the contents of that drive backed up to dropbox. the problem is, if i unmount the drive, the files disappear from dropbox. is there a way to mirror the contents of the network drive to a localfolder(preferably in such a way that all changes and file deletions are changed on the local folder instantly, but unmounting doesn't delete it all)? It looks like rsync would work, but im not sure how to make it work.

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CentOS 5 Server :: Setting Up The Local Installation Mirror?

Jan 11, 2010

I've just set up the local mirror for my 96 CentOS 5 workstations. The mirroring script is taken from public-mirror howto and looks like this:

rsync="/usr/bin/rsync -avHzL --delete --delay-updates" # replaced -q with -v for debuging purposes, removed --bwlimit, added -L to follow symlinks # tried several different same result


I tested mirror consistency by putting the mirror addres I'm syncing with, directly into repo file. Than yumex works fine. I tried several different mirrors with the same result.

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Debian Installation :: Jessie 8.1 - Mirror Does Not Support Specified Release

Jun 17, 2015

I am doing a new Debian install on an older Dell laptop (Latitude D520, but that should not matter). I downloaded the net install .iso, burned it to disk, and ran it. Everything was progressing like any other installation I have done until I was asked to pick the mirror. I chose like I normally do and it was rejected. When I checked the output on virtual console 4, I am seeing the message "mirror does not support the specified release (jessie)."

I tried a bunch of random mirrors, including international ones, and they all give me that message.

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