Debian Multimedia :: Create Link To Application In Kde

Jul 31, 2015

I installed debian 8.1, network install on a ThinkPad T60. When I right click the Desktop, I don't get "Create New -> link to application" and other links. In mint 17.1, I get a Menu with all links. I want to create a link to seamonkey with an icon on desktop.

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Server :: Create Soft Link And Hard Link In RHEL5?

Sep 8, 2010

how can we create soft link and hard link in RHEL5 when am using in command it is giving format error

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Debian Programming :: Way To Create Cross-platform GUI Application

Oct 30, 2014

I'm looking for a way to create a cross-platform GUI application. The result must be able to run on linux, windows and OSX. And it must be a point-and-click GUI.For development I should be able to rely on Open-Source tools on linux only (that means no access to Windows or OSX)The target should be able to install the result relatively easily, that means any dependencies must be freely available, and the setup steps must be very minimal (probably means no installing development tools or running compilers)

My first thought was java, but the standard Swing GUI can look a bit ugly on some platforms. So I'm wondering if there's anything else. My next thought was C++/Qt, but I don't think I can cross-compile this from Debian for Windows or OSX, can I? Next I thought of python and PyQt, but it looks like PyQt isn't available for OSX. And finally I even thought of making some kind of web application running on a tiny web server of some kind, then accessing it with a native browser, but I'm pretty sure this doesn't meet the "easy to install" criteria. I'm finding this so tricky, do all the existing cross-platform applications use natively-compiled C++ for this? Or is there an obvious alternative that I'm overlooking?

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Debian :: Cannot Create And Install Application Which Uses External .txt File

Feb 13, 2011

I am writing little first-step-applications for my N900 (Maemo Linux). Everything worked fine till now. I already have own applications for the device, but non of them uses an external data file.

Now I am trying to create an application for my N900 which uses an external .txt file. The package is created successfully, the application is installed successfully, however the binary does not see the .txt (maybe it is not in the package?).

I am using MADDE Developer 0.6.72 to create the project skeleton. I am using Qt creator for create the code. After once the code is created successfully then I am running the following commands in MADDE Developer 0.6.72 for the updated skeleton folder created above.

I writed the following lines into MADDE developer:

//create project sceleton
MADDE-0.6.72 ~/madde
- $ mad pscreate -t qt_simple skeleton
Skeleton skeleton, type=qtprog created


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Debian Multimedia :: Any Good Link To Install A Web Cam?

Apr 21, 2010

I have a web cam made by a company called trust. This is the first time I am trying to install a web cam on Debian or Linux as a matter of fact. I am running Squeeze. After doing some google search it seems a lot people are using a program called "gspca". I downloaded it but I came here to see if someone has a better idea on how to have a web cam working.

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Programming :: Link A C Application Using Glib 2.0?

Mar 29, 2009

I never had to use anything more than -l , -lm , -c ,-o.It was only through dev documentation that I came across glib. Now I want to to compile and link a program with glib.

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Programming :: Link Network Driver And Application Program?

Dec 23, 2008

I had return a driver for receiving and transmitting packets for the ethernet controller named rtl8139.I want to test it by writing an application program (socket programming).But I am unable to link it with the interface. Can anyone help in this regard?

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Debian Multimedia :: Set KDE Styles Per Application?

Sep 8, 2010

Is there any way to set KDE styles per application? Something in the lines of:

KDE_STYLE="foo" kdenlive

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Debian Multimedia :: Some Application Don't Have Any Gtk Theme?

Jul 22, 2011

after a downgrade of some packages du to a bug of libgtk2.0-0 ( i have downgrade these packages.gtk2-engines-pixbuf_2.24.4-3_i386.deb libgail-common_2.24.4-3_i386.deb libgtk2.0-bin_2.24.4-3_all.deb libgail18_2.24.4-3_i386.deb libgtk2.0-0_2.24.4-3_i386.deblibgtk2.0-dev_2.24.4-3_i386.debAnd now, (After the downgrade, and after the bugfix) some apps don't have a gtk theme. Others apps have a gtk theme.Have a theme :Don't have a theme :

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Ubuntu :: Link To Application Cannot Find Applications In Home Folder

Jan 27, 2010

I seem to be seeing some weird behavior in kubuntu with KDE 4.3.2 and KDE 4.3.5 for Kubuntu 9.10 32-bit.I have a few programs in my home folder. For instance Eclipse and Mendeley. it seems that when i create a Link to Application does not launch them. Here is how I create the links.

-> I right click and create a new "Link to Application"
-> I click on the Application tab and browse to where the shell script, or executable is.

and when I try to launch them it does not work. The link is using the absolute path. I tried setting the working directory and using a relative path but nothing. If I run the link in a terminal it says "Warning: Could not find" and the application I set. Now this seems to not be a problem for system applications like Kate. If i change the link to launch Kate it works perfectly.

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Debian Multimedia :: Only One Tray Icon Per Application?

Jul 30, 2015

I have a multi-platform QT4 application and I'm trying to make it run on Debian 7.x. In this app I'm creating 2 QSystemTrayIcon 's and when I run this application on Debian 7.8 with Gnome 3 disabled both tray icons show up nicely in the notification area in the top-right panel. However when I have Gnome 3 enabled nothing shows up in the top-right panel and the tray icon shows up in the (hidden) bottom panel, but the problem is only the first one of my 2 tray icons shows up - the other one is lost.

I'd like to ask, whether it is by design so, that on Gnome 3+Debian 7.8 there can be only one tray icon per application? Or is it some issue with Qt? I tried also Ubuntu 14.04 with Gnome 3 and there both tray icons showed up nicely in the top-right panel.

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Debian Multimedia :: Finding An ATI/AMD Gpu Monitoring Application?

Apr 24, 2011

I have searched but I couldn't find anything. I would like something small like a screenlet to monitor fan speed and temperature of an AMD 6970 gpu. So far I could only find for nVidia's products.

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Debian Multimedia :: No Gnome 3.14 Custom Application Launcher?

Jun 30, 2015

Seems like such an unbelievably basic question, but a day of google searches as well as directly on this site with key word combinations like "jessie gnome application launch" or "jessie gnome launcher" has only yielded one remark somewhere that the only way to get any kind of custom application launcher working on a gnome 3.14 desktop is to copy an already existing one from an older gnome setup, such as Wheezy.

I know gnome is a bit limited compared to many other desktops, but besides this I consider gnome in Jessie very good and just can't believe the ability to customize application launchers could have really been made completely impossible to do. This single omission alone would make gnome extremely lame in my view, so I sure hope that is not in fact the way it is.

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Debian Multimedia :: Require A Calendar Application For Fluxbox

Jun 2, 2010

On xfce I really liked orage, however on fluxbox I don't want to install all its dependencies (xfce4-gui, xfce4panel, +++) for just a calendar. So, I'm looking for a light calendar app that will allow me to store appointments. Ideally it would integrate nicely with fluxbox, so either launchable by clicking on the clock, or else mapped transparently onto the desktop just like conky. If it could work with conky that would be pretty ideal as well, and it must have the ability to send notifications (either by sound or screen) about upcoming appointments, reminders, etc.

I've seen xcalendar mentioned on these forums, but it doesn't seem to be in the repos anymore (squeeze). Also rainlender, though I don't like that it's not in the repos and has pro/free versions. Sunbird is an option, but kind of large and clunky for what I'll be using it for. Right now I'm thinking gdeskcal is my best bet, but I'm hoping others will have better ideas. If gdeskcal fails to impress, I may have no choice but to go with sunbird (aka iceowl) and perhaps use conky to display the calendar on the desktop, and make it launchable from clicking the clock on fluxbox. My mail application is claws, which has some limited vlcalendar functionality.

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Debian Multimedia :: Gnome Application Alternatives For Xfce4?

Jan 24, 2011

I've been Gnome user since I made switch from Ubuntu to Debian. But now I want to try xfce in Debian, but I do not know well what are alternatives for Gnome applications there. I haven't used xfce since Ubuntu 9.10 (Xubuntu).some alternatives for theese apps:

Archive Manager: (like file-roller)
Text Editor: (like gedit)
Screenshot: (like gnome-screenshot)

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Debian Multimedia :: Where Is Mixxx Djing Application In Squeeze

Feb 13, 2011

where is Mixxx djing application in Squeeze? Am I wrong or it really doesn't exist in Squeeze?

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Debian Multimedia :: How To Make Desktop Application Update Immediately

Jul 5, 2015

I created a bash script which when executed as a desktop application modifies its own application icon. This is done my altering the Icon= line in the application's .desktop file.

Here is a gif of the application in action: [URL] ..... As you can tell, there is an approximately two second delay before the icon changes. I was wondering if there was a way of making the icon change immediately.

For completeness sake here is the script I am using:

Code: Select all#!/bin/bash


if [ ! -z $(grep "Icon=$PLAY_ICON" $LAUNCHER) ]; then
   sed -i -e "s/Icon=$PLAY_ICON/Icon=$PAUSE_ICON/g" $LAUNCHER
elif [ ! -z $(grep "Icon=$PAUSE_ICON" $LAUNCHER) ]; then
   sed -i -e "s/Icon=$PAUSE_ICON/Icon=$PLAY_ICON/g" $LAUNCHER

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General :: Create A Symbolic Link In An Other Directory?

Sep 14, 2011

There are two directories A and B and a file F which is located in B. The working directory is B.How can you create a symbolic link in A pointing to F in B without changing the directory?

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Ubuntu :: Create A Link To A System Service?

Jan 20, 2011

I want to create a link to start apache2 service:

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 start
I tried creating a launcher but it did not work at all

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Create This Link Between The Two Directories Shown Below?

Feb 7, 2011

I need to create this link between the two directories shown below.... So I assume everything that is put into the outgoing directory is copied to

# pwd
ls -l
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 29 Jun 25 2008 outgoing -> /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/

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General :: Ldconfig Deletes The Link That Create Using Ln -s In /usr/lib?

Nov 9, 2009

I created a link for a library my application needs in /usr/lib/ and then run ldconfig.
The link gets deleted. Should I be creating the link in any other way?

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General :: To Create A Link For A Directory Across Host?

Mar 11, 2010

i am a oracle DBAI want to crete a link for a directory in production serverto remote host.

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General :: How To Create A Symbolic Link In An Other Directory

Jan 27, 2010

There are two directories A and B and a file F which is located in B. The working directory is B.How can you create a symbolic link in A pointing to F in B without changing the directory?

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Debian Multimedia :: Graphical Application To View Logs On Remote System

Jan 16, 2015

I have a web server that hosts multiple websites. Am looking for an application that can be run on my workstation and makes it possible to watch Apache logs live.

It should have a tabbed interface. When I launch the application, it has to connect to my server and should automatically open all access.log and error.log files and display all changes in real time (similar to tail -f command).

Does anything like this exist?

I'm tired of logging in many times in Konsole and executing tail -f commands to see parallel logs.

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General :: Create A Symbolic Link To A Windows Directory?

Aug 9, 2009

I am running both Ubuntu and XP and have a local server for my computer on both systems. Both partitions have a www directory that is accessed when I type localhost into my browser.

I want to be able to work on the project in both systems and have the changes I make show in both. So my questions is how can I make "localhost" point to the windows www instead of the /var/www one when I start up the server?

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Fedora :: LVM For BAPCKUPPC - Create A Link To The New Location And What To Mount

Aug 26, 2011

I have read that it is best to have a volume LVM set up to contain the BackupPC data that it generates when backing a machine(s) up. By default BackupPC stores the back up data in /var/lib/BackupPC and there is information on how to create a link to the new location and what to mount on the new dedicated LVM What I do not know is how to create a new LVM for the BackupPC files/data on the machine I have. Currently I have a machine running fedora 15 64 bit. It has BackupPC installed via yum but I have not run it as yet. I believe that I have the necessary dependencies installed The machine has two hard drives, one a 80 GB and the other a 500 GB. Currently Gparted is showing;

/dev/sdb1 ext4 /Boot 500MiB
/dev/sdb2 Lvm2 74.04 GiB (in properties it says it is not mounted)
/dev/sdb1 Lvm2 465.76 GiB (in properties it says it is not mounted)

When the machine was loaded with Fedora it was set up as 1 partition and was just a standard out of the box Fedora install accepting the defaults. how do i go about setting up a LVM that I can expand later if necessary to hold the BackupPC data? I saw in one post some where that person call the group Main. how to" or provide a set by set guide as to how to achieve this. Or provide advise o the best way to set the machine up. I do not intend to run anything else on the machine. It is there to back up a server (Fedora 14), A general use machine machine (Fedora 15) and a windows machine (XP).

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General :: Create Link To Executable In Parent Directory

Jun 27, 2011

Create the following directories: parent/child
Navigate to child and create a file named child (this is an executable file in my case, not sure if that makes a difference). I need to create two "link to executable" links in the parent.

I had assumed that this would work:
ln -sf ./child ../child1
ln -sf ./child ../child2

But that creates a "link to folder" (./child) in the parent directory. If I change it to:
ln -sf -t.. ./child child1
ln -sf -t.. ./child child2
I get an error, "ln: '../child': cannot overwrite directory".

If I do it from the parent directory (which I cannot do, this is part of a Makefile recipe):
ln -sf ./child/child ./child1
ln -sf ./child/child ./child2

It works. Note that I cannot alter the names of any directories or files. How do I create the links when the current directory is the child?

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Software :: Create A Symbolic Link That Points To An Ftp Location?

Jul 1, 2011

I have a large collection of files on a computer (tallgrass) and tallgrass is running an ftp server, which I have the username and password to. There is about 600 GB of files on tallgrass that I need access to, but I don't have a big enough hard drive. I need these data files to run a cpu-intensive calculation, and my CPU is significantly better than tallgrass' cpu, which is why I want to do it on my computer. (Tallgrass also doesn't have enough RAM.) What I would like to do is create a "symbolic link" on my hard drive that will point to the directory containing the data on tallgrass. Read-only is perfectly OK. This way I could read from mylink/data0001.dat and it would read from the file data0001.dat over ftp from tallgrass. I shouldn't have any speed issues because tallgrass is on my 1 Gbps LAN. Is there a way I can do this?

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Programming :: Create A Link List Is Giving An Error

Sep 23, 2010

I wrote a program to create a link list

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
struct node {


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Ubuntu Servers :: Create A Windows Shared Link In Wine

Jun 1, 2010

I have installed Windows 2003 Server, on that i have installed VMware and in VMware i have installed Ubuntu.Now my requirement is i want to run a Windows Application shortcut from Ubuntu, for that i have installed wine on Ubuntu.Now i have copied and pasted the Shortcut of that Windows Application on Ubuntu's Desktop. When i check the Windows Application shortcut properties its path will be something like this \, but i am unable to run that Application shortcut in Ubuntu.

If i try samething on the other windows system on network it works fine. Actually its a thin client server architecture where i want my thin client to use ubuntu and access the windows application shortcut and run the windows application shortcut on ubuntu. To be more clear my windows 2003 server runs a windows application which has MSSQL as database. Now on my ubuntu system the login page is able to popup but when i give username and password it gives something like server not found,how do i need to approach this issue.

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