Debian Installation :: Install Will Not Boot - Suddenly Stop And The Monitor Goes Off

Jul 1, 2010

I have tried 504 i386 and 505 i386 both downloaded on an Athlon on an Abit board 20Bb hd old Hitachi monitor both load, but do not complete the boot up they suddenly stop and the monitor goes off only the setup is ever displayed the hardware is working, i just had another system on it.

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Server :: Deadlock In NFS4 / Shared Servers Suddenly Stop Responding And Cant List It From Debian 5 Server?

Jan 4, 2010

I am connecting servers using NFS4 the shared directories are on servers running Debian 4 while the one who read from them is Debian 5.0.3. The problem is one of these shared servers suddenly stop responding and you cannot list it from Debian 5 server, also df hang, and the web application that is using it does not respond to requests that use this shared directory since it is blocked. Then the load on the server start to increase until the server cannot respond (over 90). I have found many entries in the syslog that refer to this like:

ma25555 kernel: [1200285.732919] nfs: server not responding, still trying
Dec 31 08:16:33 ma25555 kernel: [1200289.815378] INFO: task java:9702 blocked for more than 120 seconds.
Dec 31 08:16:33 ma25555 kernel: [1200289.835249] "echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/hung_task_timeout_secs" disables this message.

I have tried the connection between the 2 servers using ping for one day and all are OK (zero lost)

There are 3 other servers that are running Debian 4 and are working fine.

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Debian Installation :: Monitor Goes To Sleep During Boot?

Mar 1, 2010

I can't get debian 5.0.4 i386 to load I can get as far as root for crash repair during boot-up but much further than that and my monitor turns off. Ubuntu 8.04.4 live cd (kernel is 2.6.24 i believe) works but says I have to enter noapic in the boot string. APIC is on and greyed out i.e. not accessible in BIOS --- might be non-compliant Only thing I can think of is to add acpi=off in GRUB entry but the change doesn't seem to work or take effect. I added it to the relevant entries in menu.lst in grub and it still didn't take effect. Grub must be getting its config info somewhere else...

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Stop Gnome-system-monitor?

Sep 26, 2010

since a few days (maybe one week and after an automatic upgrade), I could see a strange behavior of gnome-system-monitor. After a boot, everything is normal. But if I log-out, and then log-in again, the problem begins. Impossible to close the gnome-system-monitor window (by clicking on the window upper-right close button). I have to terminate the process. And this process takes about 50% of CPU. In the same time, a dbus-deamon process takes the other 50%. When I terminate gnome-system-monitor process, the CPU use drops down to 6%.

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Fedora :: 14 64 Bit - Suddenly My Wireless Stop To Work

Dec 5, 2010

I am using fedora 14 64 bit, using Dell latitude E6410 suddenly my wireless stop to work, in other laptops it is working. I hooked up the internet (non wireless) to my laptop and then he sign. i restart my laptop few times, how to diagnosis the problem..

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OpenSUSE :: 3rd Level Keyboard Option Suddenly Stop Working?

Oct 2, 2010

Using Gnome and openSUSE 11.2 . Ok. I changed few keyboards to see if that is a hardware problem . Obviously its not. Whatever keyboard layout I choose .. same story repeats : USA , SRB, GER... I tried to change "key to chooose 3rd level option" in keyboard preferences: right alt, right win , left alt , left win ... but nothing works .

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Touchpad And Trackpoint Suddenly Stop Working

May 11, 2010

when starting my Latitude D830 from suspend to ram it was suddenly missing touchpad and trackpoint support. I restartet and updated but still, both devices aren't even listed in yast anymore. Keyboard and bluetooth mouse work fine, though.
Running synclient TouchpadOff=0 says Couldn't find synaptics properties. No synaptics driver loaded?. Now, i googled a bit and all i could find was some tinkering with the xorg.conf, what is especially ugly, since suse doesn't normally use one anymore. Plus, xorg.conf gives me flashbacks of allnighters trying to fix me system again

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Ubuntu :: Hard Drive Suddenly Starts Spinning And Won't Stop ?

Mar 5, 2011

I've been using Ubuntu 10.x for several months without any major problems. Everything was fine until this week.

In the past few days there's been a strange new problem. When I turn my computer on, it works fine for 10 minutes, and then the hard drive suddenly starts spinning and won't stop. While this happens the computer is virtually unusable. Mouse moves slow and jerky; apps don't respond; and eventually the windows close by themselves, the whole screen goes blank, and the system reboots. The whole process takes a long time, sometimes 30 minutes.

The only change I made just before this problem started was upgrading Firefox Beta 4 version 10 to the latest version 11. So, I deleted it, and went back to the latest stable version 3.6.x. That seemed to fix the problem for a day or so. But then it started happening again. I deleted all signs of Firefox; it still happens. So it's not a browser issue.

I am stumped. Today I started my computer and just let it sit there without opening any programs at all except the system monitor. It ran fine for the usual 10-15 minutes, nothing changed out of the ordinary in terms of computer resources used in the system monitor, and then suddenly the drive started spinning wildly again .....

Right now my computer's been on for 10 minutes and I am typing this message .... but who knows what will happen right now.

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Fedora :: While Working With Firefox / Amsn And VLC Suddenly System Stop Responding

May 25, 2011

I installed F14 and I have been having some issues with the usage of the ram memory. Here is the situation: while working with firefox, amsn, and VLC, suddenly the system stop responding, I just can manage to check system monitor and the ram is at 89% (of 1GB) and the swap at 50% (of 1.4GB). I can do nothing then I just switch off the machine. After that using the same applications everything is fine. I was using F12.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: USB Suddenly Stop Detecting Memorystick Being Plugged In - Error About Accessing HAL

Oct 29, 2010

suddenly it stop detecting a memorystick being plugged in. I connect but nothing happens. At this time i can plug in any memorystick and it want detect it. Then i need to reboot to get it to work and then after avail it stop working again. I also have problems with unmounting (Safely remove device) in the GUI-tool. It works in terminal with "umount". In Dolphin i get error about problem accessing HAL or something like that. This problem is resisting even after reboot. Is there a bug?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Machine Will Suddenly Stop Responding To Connections While Still Remaining Partially Connectible?

Jan 2, 2011

I have a strange problem where my machine will suddenly stop responding to connections while still remaining partially connectible. Here's an example sequence of events I have taken (numerous times). If anyone can spot something else I should check or has seen these symptoms before please let me know.1) System is using an Edimax 7318-usg, Ubuntu 10.042) Wifi connection is working, with power management turned off (iwconfig)3) Signal strength does not cause the connection to drop (confirmed with router logs)4) When in a ssh session on the problem machine suddenly the ssh session is dropped "host is down"5) When I attempt to re-initiate ssh it fails, no route to host...6) Pinging it fails, accessing a webpage hosted on it fails, all access fails7) The machine I'm pinging/sshing from still has a good network connection8 ) I check my routers DHCP leases, problem machine still has a valid lease.

9) Router still shows problem machine in routing & arp table & shows active traffic going to and from (I checked the routers states and bandwidth monitor for this)10) I try sshing and pinging the problem machine from the laptop on the local network, it still fails, no route to host, wtf?11) I go to the problem machine physically, wifi connection is up with decent signal12) ifconfig indicates it still holds an IP address13) I open a browser on the problem machine, any webpage loads fine14) I ping the laptop from the problem machine, ok15) I ssh from the problem machine to my laptop, it works16) At this point I ssh from the laptop to the problem machine, sometimes it works sometimes it fails(it seems that pinging/sshing the laptop FROM the problem machine sometimes makes it connectable again).

17) Usually if I wait a while the problem machine will randomly become connectable again at random intervals18 ) The only reliable way to make the problem machine connectable again is manually reconnecting it to the wireless network19) I tailed auth.log ufw.log, etc. nothing suspicious disallowing my ssh connection20) dmesg shows nothing unusual, as far as I can tell, just some activity negotiating WPA keys and suchBy looking at the timestamp for the WPA negotiation and cross referencing the router bandwidth monitor I can tell the WPAnegotiation doesn't make it drop the conectionSo that's it, lol.

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General :: Resolution In 1 Monitor Suddenly Changed?

Jun 21, 2010

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 and had the dual monitors all set up using NVidia. When I was leaving my office I intended to lock my screen but instead switched to guest user . . . and now 1 of my monitors from my dual monitor set up has bunk resolution?

I have restarted and am logged in as administrator but I have no idea how to fix the resolution? The dual monitors have always been a problem for me. what in the x11/xorg.conf file I need to change?

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Ubuntu :: Dual Monitor Suddenly Stopped Working

May 5, 2011

Earlier in natty this was working completely. It's only just started happening about a week ago. I don't know what changed, all I know is it suddenly stopped working. Basically the bar at the top is still there but there is black underneath. I can put windows there but I cannot see them (Just black). If I click on an indicator it looks on the bar as if it is being clicked but I cannot see the menu. I have attached a screenshot.

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Debian :: How To Stop Raising Network During Boot (Jessie)

Jul 3, 2015

I have installed debian jessie with debian first disk. During boot i see a service starts to raise network. It takes time. How can i stop it?

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Debian Configuration :: How To Stop Mode Switching At Boot Under Jessie

Mar 19, 2016

I upgraded a wheezy box in qemu to jessie (without systemd!) and now I didn't get an output from the console to a hostterminal using curses.System and grub starts with terminal output, but after around 6 to 8 lines of output the terminal gets black. As far as I found out it seems that the init process switches to graphical output. I tried out all found kernel options from nomodeset up to nofb,Are their other options to stop switching to framebuffer and graphical mode.

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Debian Configuration :: Stop Eth0 From Starting Up When Boot / Login?

Mar 16, 2010

how do i stop eth0 from starting up when i boot/login ??

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Debian Installation :: Debian 5.0.4 New Install Will Not Read Boot Disk Info

Mar 10, 2010

I down loaded Debian 5.0.4 and burned it to CD (several times I might add till it was right) and now the computer I'm putting it on wont acknowledge it as a boot disk and load. It does not have a problem with my windows cd, which has a crack and the start of all my problems, But not the Debian CD-1 disk. what now? The computer is an IBM thinkpad a22p. Everything works as far as I can tell. But I was going to reinstall Windows and failed in that because of a small crack on the edge of the disk that stopped the install and any hope of accessing the file on the laptop. Microsoft does not support windows xp any longer, you must buy windows 7, but the ibm will not run it due to processor speed and ram limitations. But it will run linux and I'm willing to try it just to get out of microsoft control.

Idon't know what else to do. This is the link to where I downloaded the software ( [URL] ). The others five that i downloaded were on the same page that I got this one. Are there bad files here? Is there a missing file in the disc?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Stop Boot Screen AND RESTART?

Jan 7, 2011

I have a small question for you my friends."HOW CAN STOP BOOT SCREE AND RESTART ,WHAT KEYS ARE NEED?"I want to say thisC starts and I want to stop in whatever one point to read the messsage ,especially when I see "failed".I have 2 points with failed I can't have enough time because it's going fast.Of course I read the boot messages from /var/log but they are too long and to be honest evan I used in "gedit" the option "find" to search of raws with "failed" I can find some ,but other not.That's I think when PC start and if I can stop/PAUSE the boot process using some key combination I note and after I cancel "PAUSE" and PC continue the booting process.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Stop Boot Process / What To Do?

Mar 15, 2011

I have installed kernel 2.6.35-23-generic. Everything works fine, even better than 2.6.32. But i have one problem. Every time i select kernel 2.6.35-23-generic
in grub menu i get some error message, than disappers and boot process continue normally. And everything works fine. But i don't know what this message is. I checked dmesg, boot.log, CTRL-S doesn't work to hold the error message - this error is not logged anywhere.

So, what can i do?

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Debian Configuration :: Lenny Won't Boot All The Way Without Monitor

Apr 16, 2010

I've got Lenny installed with the desktop environment included. Remote desktop has been activated and I can see Lenny's desktop on a second computer using VNC. When I disconnect the monitor from the first PC which is running on Lenny and start that one up it won't boot all the way and I cannot connect through VNC (connection refused).

Etch has no problem with that. When I connect a monitor to the stalling Lenny I read: Failed to start the X server (your graphical interface). It is likely that it is not set up correctly. Would you like to view the X server output to diagnose the problem?

What can I do to establish a full boot on Lenny so I can use VNC the way Etch (and other distros) allows me to? This has something to do with the autodetect system, I suppose. Could I tell X Server to ignore the fact no monitor is connected or could I fool X Server into believing there is a monitor?

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Debian Configuration :: No Boot Without Attached Monitor Kernel 2.6.32-5-686

Jul 10, 2011

since upgrading the squeeze kernel from 2.6.26-2-686 to 2.6.32-5-686 I“ve been unable to boot my HP D510S/845G without attached monitor. As this computer serves as router and print/faxserver, there is/was neither a monitor nor a keyboard/mouse attached. With monitor everything works fine, without monitor the computer hangs somewhere. Unfortunately it hangs without logging anything in /var/log.

Reinstalling xorg and xserver-xorg didn“t change anything, neither was the new xorg.conf from dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg of any use. (After booting with attached monitor I disconnected the monitor and ran dpkg-reconfigure) Maybe disabling Xorg would solve the problem, but I want to be able to log in via vnc and use a GUI - for example to configure mythtv. Up to the kernel-update everything was working fine, so I think some changes to the new kernel are responsible. how to fix it or how to start logging earlier in the boot process?

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Debian Installation :: Install XP Dual Boot On 7.8 Box

Mar 6, 2015

Is it possible to install Windows XP on a machine that already has Debian 7.8? I find lots of articles on installing Debian after but not before XP.

I would like to get a prompt at startup to select Windows XP or Debian 7.8 and then choose which one I want. The reason I want to do that is because I have Guitar Pro on XP and cant find anything as good and also I want to watch Netflix and cant seem to be able to find a way to do that on Debian 7.8 except windows emulator which defeats the point of Debian anyway. Also my Epson V500 will not work on Debian 7.1 and I have tried everything, been to Epson, installed drivers etc..

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Debian Installation :: SEFI Boot After Install

May 19, 2015

Another update

/boot/efi/EFI/debian looks like; grubx64.efi initrd.img-3.16.0-4-amd64 vmlinuz-3.16.0-4-amd64
I tried the following
Code: Select all# efibootmgr -c -g -L "Debian (EFI stub)" -l 'EFIdebiangrubx64.efi' -u 'root=UUID=$UUID ro quiet rootfstype=ext4 add_efi_memmap initrd=EFIdebianinitrd.img-3.16.0-4-amd-64'
efibootmgr: Could not set variable Boot0005: No such file or directory
efibootmgr: Could not prepare boot variable: No such file or directory

When I start the computer with the "Refind media" it gives me 3 options where the first is"Boot EFIdebiangrubx64.efi from 510 Mib Fat Volume" If I choose this option it takes me to grub via eufi(?) and then I can get into my computer as usual.How can I make my computer understand that it should recognize and boot from EFIdebiangrubx64.efi, 510 Mib Fat Volume?

The installation of the latest stable on my Lenovo G505s went just fine in UEFI mode but when the installation finished I never reach grub during the bootup process. I put Refind media onto a usb stick and boot into my computer using it after that I tried to follow this guide URL...

Code: Select all[ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo "EFI boot on HDD" || echo "Legacy boot on HDD" EFI boot on HDD and Code: Select allĀ apt-get install --reinstall grub-efi went just fine and I have /dev/sda1 mounted on /boot/efi but when I try grub-install I get

Code: Select allgrub-install /dev/sda
Installing for x86_64-efi platform.
efibootmgr: Could not set variable Boot0005: No such file or directory
efibootmgr: Could not prepare boot variable: No such file or directory
Installation finished. No error reported.


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Debian Installation :: Can I Only Boot In With Gujin After Sid Install

Sep 30, 2010

I net-installed Sid with unetbootin. Nothing special, I used the whole drive for the partition, no customization, said yes to grub and the mbr, and rebooted after I was told to.

Nothing but a blank blinking cursor after the BIOS readings. really nothing. I assume this means that something is not beginning grub. I'm pretty naive with booting, so that's all I really understand.

I put Gujin on a thumbdrive, and that enables me to boot into the system, and all works fine from there. It's just that I have no idea how to fix it so that I don't need to use my gujin thumbdrive every time. I figure it has something do with grub and chroot, but I really have no idea.

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Debian Installation :: Won't Boot Install Disc

Jul 3, 2011

I am trying to install debian on a compaq presario 6000. When I try to boot off of the first dvd it just won't do anyting most of the time; one flat line keeps blinking. The first time that I booted it, there was that line that starts with isolinux, but that was only there the first time. now nothing shows up.That first time, I got several error messages: EDD: error 8000 reading sector 1360652 and the same thing 5 times over with different numbers at the end. Do these mean that the disc is corrupt in some way, or that the dvd reader is broken or something else?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Stop Hoarding Everything And Share Boot Screen With Windows Xp?

Mar 18, 2010

I installed windows xp on my tobisha satellite l305, then installed ubuntu friend's laptop had vista and was SOOO bogged down from viruses, so he wanted to try ubuntu. We installed ubuntu, leaving the other half of his hard drive unallocated.Afterwards we installed xp, on the unallocated space, but it wouldn't let me dual boot... it would boot directly into xp, however, the ubuntu partition was still there because through the file system in xp we could find it.So then run gparted on a live CD, delete the ubuntu parition, leaving it unallocated, then installed it over that unallocated space.

now, when i dual boot it shows on the grub page the option to boot to ubuntu, ubuntu (recovery) and these two memory test things that when i ran it just shows a BIOS looking screen.testing my memory. However, on the desktop i have mounted 79gb which has all the windows files in how do I tell ubuntu to stop hoarding everything and share the boot screen with windows xp?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Can't Boot Correctly Without Monitor

Oct 20, 2010

I have a few machines set up to run off in the corner without monitors attached. I installed 11.3 (32-bit) on a couple of them and they run fine during setup but then I move them to the corner with no monitor attached and they won't boot correctly.

By this I mean they still run some apps I setup to run automatically from daemon scripts, but I can't ping or access the machines at all. It's almost like they aren't booting all the way up. Hooking a monitor up fixes this but I don't have enough monitors to keep these hooked up like this.

I have a couple of other 11.3 systems that are setup almost the same way but I put graphics drivers on those and they work with or without monitors attached. I don't want to have to put graphics drivers on those systems.

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Debian Installation :: Screen Goes Black On First Boot After Install

Aug 22, 2014

I thought I'd breathe some new life into my aging PowerMac G5 desktop computer by installing debian. I burned the CD and ran the installer and everything installed okay, but when I went to boot it up for the first time, the screen blacked out after a few seconds of scrolling text and shows no signs of life after that. The computer just stops sending video to the monitor, and the only thing I can do is shut it down by holding down the power key.

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Debian Installation :: 8.1.0 Won't Boot From M5a97 Mobo After Install

Sep 27, 2015

I am a real debian noob. I may be too old for this (things have changed a bit since I first started hacking fortran in 1971), but will try one more time.I am editing this original post to clarify: my debian install will not boot to GUI. It will boot to a shell under the advanced option.I have tried loading debian 8.1.0 from DVD. The system will install, but will not boot after the install.On a regular reboot, the last command is fsck. Then it hangs.

On a recovery mode reboot, the last output is:[7.940682] FAT-fs (sdal) utf8 is not a recommended IO charset for FAT files (my handwriting is bad - may not be 100%). - then it will hang.The problem may well be the result of UEFI and the m5a97 R2.0 mobo I am using with my amd 8230E processor. I've been doing some research on UEFI and archlinux. It is a bit of a challenge for me.

I've managed to load ubuntu on this drive. I burned a debian 8.2.0 live DVD, but it will hang also. debian live will hang before it gets to a GUI. The debian live will run the GUI desktop environment with the amd64 fail safe option. When I install debian from the live DVD (the 1.4gb DVD, vs the regular 4.0 gb DVD), it will hang before it gets to the GUI.

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Debian Installation :: Windows 7 Won't Boot After Lenny Install

Apr 9, 2010

I installed lenny and now my windows 7 won't boot. When I select it in Grub the machine just restarts the bios after a few seconds of black screen. The machine I'm using is a very vanilla intel p4.

I'll paste my /boot/grub/menu.lst below. All of the drive options look correct. I properly shutdown Windows 7 before installing lenny. I'm sure I can reinstall the mbr and get my windows back, but I would like to dual boot with grub.

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