Ubuntu :: New Items On Desktop And Menus Does Not Appear

Jun 6, 2010

i got this problem new item on my desktop and menu's such as files folders new installed application will not appear unless i go to Nautilus and click on reload. i had a clean ubuntu 10.4 on my system and regular programs that i install from ubuntu software center.

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Debian Configuration :: Delete / Disable Kde4 Kickoff Menus Items?

Oct 16, 2010

Does anyone know how to delete or disable kickoff menu items? I need to disable or delete the SLEEP and HIBERNATE menus as they don't function properly causing the system to crash.

I searched the internet and local configuration files without success.

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Ubuntu :: No Menus Anywhere On Desktop

Apr 29, 2011

I installed 11.04 last night and, when I found that I was having a tough time working with unity I tried to follow some of the online advice and revert to the classic desktop.

Unfortunately when I logged out, the login screen didn't have the expected menu allowing me to choose between unity and classic gnome. Then I made a big mistake. I logged in and opened the system settings menu from the drop down menu in the top right hand side of the screen (at the foot of the menu listing logout, shutdown, hibernate etc.). In there I found an option allowing me to choose my desktop environment at login. Instead of choosing Gnome, like an idiot I chose 'user defined' as my preferred environment, hoping it would allow me to choose between unity and classic at login so that i could get used to unity gently.

Now that I've restarted I'm left without any menu at all anywhere. The only way I've been able to get access to firefox is by creating a launcher on the desktop, I can't open a terminal and I'm such a ubuntu newbie that I can't think of what else to try.

All my usual files are there on the desktop, just nothing giving me access to any programmes or options.

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Ubuntu :: Changing The Order Of Desktop Items?

Jan 28, 2010

I just started using the Ubuntu Netbook Remix (9.10 Karmic) a couple weeks ago. I've added my own and removed a few of the default icons in the simplified, menu-driven desktop interface. However, the icons are in the order in which they were added (particularly in the "Favourites" tab. How can I rearrange or sort these icons?

I've tried right-clicking the tab and desktop, but no sort option appears. I've tried dragging the icons to the desired spot in the window, but that doesn't work either. Is there a control panel in the "System" tab that will let me sort the icons, or is this not possible in the netbook remix?

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Ubuntu :: Customize The Desktop Menus?

Feb 12, 2010

How do I rearrange or otherwise customize the desktop menus and icons in the Netbook Remix? For example, I wish to combine the System Tools and System menus, and I want to rearrange the icons in the Favourites menu. There is no Control Panel (that I can find) which will let me do this.

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Ubuntu :: Change The Side Of The Default Desktop Items Appear On?

Oct 1, 2010

I recently switched to Ubuntu, but wanted it to have an OSX feel, since I really enjoy the style of OSX. Hate all you want, but I can happily state I prefer Ubuntu as an OS, but much rather prefer the style of OSX's desktop. I'm still finishing it up, and there are a few things that I am still to change.

As you can see, I have placed a shortcut to my HD on the right side, but whenever I download something, it appears on the left. I was wondering whether or not you are able to change the side of the desktop items appear on?

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Ubuntu :: Remove Kubuntu-Desktop Items Added To 10.04?

Jul 10, 2010

I added Kubuntu-Desktop components to my Ubuntu 10.04 system using Synaptic Pkg Mgr, with the mistaken expectation that I would then be able to toggle between Ubuntu and Kubuntu Desktops. Of course, when adding Kubuntu-Desktop components, the dependencies feature brought in around 8 or 10 items.

I tried to undo all of this, but I fear I may have removed one or two Kubuntu named packages which may be part of the original Ubuntu installation.

Also there remains a gaggle of applications, such as Dolphin, KNetwork Mgr, Konqueror, just to name a few.

The two-fold question is, (1) How can I get back as closely as possible, to my original, pure Ubuntu installation, short of a complete re-install; and (2) Is there a document out there which lists all of the packages that come standard with the Ubuntu installation.

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Ubuntu :: Desktop / No Menus Or Control Panels?

Nov 6, 2010

I have done something to loose access to my Contol panels and menus I have logged into another user and all seem to work fine. I have logged in under GNOME safemode and it just scrolls stuff on the screen and brings back to main login screen. I have started to reboot to recovery mode only to find I have no clue as to what to do here as I am Command handycapped..

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Ubuntu :: Desktop Menus Colors Changed?

May 2, 2011

It just happened now, I didn't notice if was changed on reboot or now (most likely) but I should have black menus with orange selected area.SOMETIMES (2-3 times now) I get this silver color menus with blue selection.What is the deal there?? Anybody know. I like it black w/ orange!(Running in classic mode in Ubuntu 11.4) I checked my Compiz Icon and Iam still under Compiz in Window Manager. I didn't change anything. On my reboot it will be black menus with orange.

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Ubuntu Installation :: When Turn Off PC And Then When Its Turned Back On There Are Items On The Desktop That Were Not There Before?

Oct 20, 2010

I am having this weird problem when I turn off my PC and then when its turned back on there are items on the desktop that were not there before (they had been previously but been moved to another folder).Also partitions that I dont want to mount are suddenly mounted and I have to umount as root. I think I have some problems in my grub2 installation since installing 10.10. I ran the boot info script, and can see that there are problems but I get nervous messing with grub

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Ubuntu Installation :: Desktop Displays Home Folder Items?

Oct 21, 2010

long ago when i upgraded from jaunty to lucid, everything was fine when suddenly one day i found my desktop flooded with my home folder contents. i was trying a lot of juglery but no result. finally i went to gconf-editor and unchecked the show desktop menu on apps > nautilus > preferences.recently i upgraded from lucid to maverick. felt the problem will b resolved but it is still such.

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Fedora Installation :: Desktop Items Gone After Upgrade?

Jul 11, 2011

I used 'preupgrade' to upgrade from Fedora 13 to Fedora 15. After some problems during reboot, Fedora 15 finally finished the "Upgrade to Fedora 15" step and I was able to successfully boot into Fedora 15.

But my desktop items from Fedora 13 are gone. While the new GUI is nice I would like to recover my desktop items from Fedora 13. How do I do that and put them on the main Window desktop of Fedora 15 ?

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General :: New Items On Desktop Aren't Showing Up Right Away

Apr 21, 2010

Recently, I'm having a problem with items not appearing on my desktop (at least not right away) after just being saved there, forcing me to either find them in a Konqueror window (they do show up there) or do some other unusual thing to make the desktop notice them. They used to, and as far as I know, they always should. For instance, I just took two screenshots with Ksnapshot, and told it to save them on my desktop. It saved them, but they didn't show up on the desktop. When I noticed that, I opened the desktop folder in Konqueror, and mainly to see what would happen, tried to drag the screenshot files from the Konqueror window onto the desktop (copying the files onto themselves). That made the desktop notice the files--they appeared. But of course I shouldn't have had to do it. What could be wrong?

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Ubuntu :: Translate Automatically Desktop Menus In Another Language?

Jun 10, 2010

I have 2 machines running under Lucid Lynx (one a 32-bit laptop, the other a 64-bit desktop). I created on both an account for my wife, and she wants a french environment. Now, when I installed the language packs (using Language Support from System), and I logged into her account for the first time, I selected "language = french" on the login screen, and on the desktop, there was a popup window asking me whether I wanted to translate the desktop menus to french. I said yes, and that happened.However, I did more or less the same thing on the laptop, and although the keyboard is french, and the date and so on is french, I didn't get this popup window asking for a menu translation. Changing the login language, and then changing again to french, didn't trigger this.

Is there a way (command line ?) to trigger this automatic menu translation tool?I think that the language packs are all installed.

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Ubuntu :: Left And Top Menus And Desktop Not Displaying / Show That?

Nov 18, 2010

I've been using Ubuntu for several years, and wanted to try the netbook remix on my old Acer Aspire 5050 laptop.

I tried to install and switch from desktop 10.10 to netbook 10.10, and the home page and menus didn't display properly. I took this as being due to some conflict with an exiting bit of software (I use it as a LAMP server and dev machine, so it had a lot of stuff one it). Keen to try the netbook edition, and clean down my laptop, I installed in from scratch, formatting the HDD etc.

Anyway, the issue is still the same.

It is quite hard to describe what is displayed. The left menu is just empty, with no icons. The top bar is also empty. When you mouse over the left menu, blank pop-outs appear. Also, some icons are blank or mangled. Occasionally, when I close a dialogue, or do an alt-tab, the left menu icons appear, but only for a split second.

Anyway, screen dumps (reduced to half size) will explain this better, so here are a couple...

Top and left menus showing as empty semi transparent bars.

Same with an app running

with mouse over a left menu item, and a blank pop-out with black surround. code...

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Ubuntu :: Desktop Menus Are Not Initially Visible After Boot Up

Jul 31, 2011

I'm experiencing a two or three problems with (I think) the Unity desk top. I'm not sure they're related so I'll post them as separate threads. Here's the second.

When I boot up Ubuntu the initial desktop related menus, which should appear at the left hand side of the top menu bar, are not visible until after I've launched and then minimised an application (doesn't appear to matter which application). Once I've done that the menus reappear.

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Ubuntu :: Edit/add Menu Items Of Maverick Meerkat Unity Desktop?

Nov 2, 2010

Few days ago, I installed ubuntu notebook Maverick Meerkat with Unity Desktop on my Fujitsu A530 Laptop.My question is that:Q. How can I edit/add Main Menu items for this Unity Desktop?Additional Details:I edited the Menu Item from 'System>Preference>Main Menu' but change is not reflected in Unity Desktop Item and Default Menu List of Application is displayed.

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Ubuntu :: Deleted All Desktop Menus / Panels - Cannot Open Terminal

Apr 30, 2011

I've basically gone and messed up my entire desktop. The curious (idiotic) me was experimenting with the desktop, and went and somehow deleted all the panels. After 3 days of frustration, I've been unable to recover any form of menu or panel. So far, I've tried restoring the defaults from the terminal. Unfortunately, I can't open a terminal window. I can run it using Ctrl+Alt+F2, but it refuses to open any windows or run any programs. Most commands give me some form of 'cannot open display.' I can't minimize windows without losing them so my workspace is a mess, I can't run nautilus as root so I can't access Synaptic, and the list basically goes on and on.

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Fedora :: 14: Gnome Desktop : Sometimes Menus Are Not Clear

Nov 24, 2010

Recently I have upgraded from Fedora 13 to Fedora 14 using preupgrade. Everything is working fine except menus on Gnome desktop. Sometimes menus are not cleared. They just hang on the desktop infinitely.

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Debian Configuration :: Remove Item From Desktop Menus

Feb 7, 2016

I am using Wheezy 7.9, Gnome Classic, gdm3 . I have two menu instances of Master PDF Editor, one instance in the Graphics menu and the other in the Office category. I have tried using Alacarte to remove one of the instances. Alacarte shows that the item has been removed but in fact it still shows up in the menu. The procedure I used was to open Alacarte as root user, delete the item, close Alacarte and re-start the computer.

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CentOS 5 :: Ext4 And Moving Items To The Trashcan In Gnome Results In Nothing Showing In The Desktop Trashcan

May 21, 2010

On my home test 5.5 VM, after converting to ext4, moving items to the trashcan in Gnome results in nothing showing in the desktop Trashcan. Looks like a bug in gnome-vfs' support (or lack of it) for ext4, or have I got some other more subtle corruption going on? It's of little importance to me as I'm rarely in the GUI, but it would be nice to see confirmation or otherwise.

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General :: Desktop Right-click Also Have The Same Menu-items As Start-menu?

Nov 14, 2010

i have java app. i want make my Linux dedicated to that application.such that,when Linux load it start the app, start menu have Shutdown,reboot and my application luncher, only one window , desktop right-click also have the same menu-items as start-menu.

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Ubuntu :: To Many Items At Boot Up?

Sep 9, 2010

I have asked this question several times but I think that I am not asking it correctly. I have umbutu 9.04 and Windows 7.0 on my C: drive. When I start my machine I have approximately 9 or 10 items on my boot list and I would like to have 2.It has been suggested that I determine what version of grub I am using and I am using /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.28-19 generic. I have no idea what that means.It has been suggested that I install some various items of software and I am sure that it would solve my problem but to me it would be like looking down a cows throat. Please, don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the input but its like when you go to the doctor you kind of wonder "just what the heck is he talking about". Maybe someone could just tell me how to accomplish what I want to do so I can understand!My daughter uses this machine and she goes to places that I didn't know I had.

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Ubuntu :: Add Items To Panel

Mar 6, 2011

I am missing the are on the top bar that u can click on to get to chat and email and inbox and compose a message it just went missing all of a sudden and it was a super help to have because im always sending mail and getting chats and now i can look at picture.

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Ubuntu :: Arranging Items On Top Panel?

May 3, 2010

i can't seem to move around applets along the top panel. everything seems strangely fixed ever since i upgraded to lucid.

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Ubuntu :: USB Items Are Not Working In Virtualbox?

May 30, 2010

So I have virtualbox with a fresh install of Windows XP running in it (no service packs) and when I plug in a USB Item it shows up on the device list and it is not greyed out, but nothing happens I cannot access the device through windows XP. It was greyed out before but then I logged in as root and started virtual box and it is not greyed out anymore but nothing happens when I plug in a USB item.

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Ubuntu :: Panel Items Rearrange Themselves

Jul 3, 2010

I have a bit of a minor niggle with ubuntu 10.04. The items in my top panel seem to rearrange themselves at random whenever i logout and then log back in again. For example, i normally have indicator applett session in the top right hand corner of my screen, but if i logout and log back in again it has occasionally jumped across to the left of the active panel items.

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Ubuntu :: Move Items On Panel

Jul 12, 2010

Is it possible to move items in panel? Look at screen shot.

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Ubuntu :: Add Items To Netbook Panels?

Jul 27, 2010

i want to add a "Network" access to the "Files & folder" panel, so i dont have to click a folder and then inside nautilus click on network.Is there any way to do this? Also after installing UNR, the hard drive where i have UNR installed doesnt appear anymore under "volumes". However if i stick an usb memory it appears there... any workaround?

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Ubuntu :: Edit The Menu Bar Items?

Aug 13, 2010

I installed a dual boot Windows 7 / Ubuntu netbook remix 10.04 yesterday.So far so good, everything works fine.

However, i would like to get rid of the little enveloppe in the menu bar, more precisely in what i think is called the notification area. i have found some stuff online about how I'm supposed to delete a package and restart, quite unsuccessful method really, since the envelope is still there.

Plus whenI right click on the menu bar to pin / unpin items, it doesnt work, all the submenus are greyed out.

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