Ubuntu :: Programs Not Loading?

Jul 15, 2010

Ok I have been installing a few programs lately and some of them try to load but do not load.I installed Mixxx DJ software and when I try to load it for example it goes down to the task bar and sits there doing nothing then it just goes away.

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Ubuntu :: Password For Loading Programs?

Jan 5, 2010

I want to be able to password protect specific programs. So, for example, when you click on Thunderbird a box pops up and asks for a password.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Certain Programs Not Loading Up?

Dec 22, 2010

Just recently, I've run into a problem with VLC.Whenever I clicked on it, it never loaded up. Sometimes a tab of it would appear for a split second, but it would immediately vanish. I assumed it was something wrong with the program itself so I went to the Synaptic Package Manager to uninstall and re-install it, unfortunately, it seems to have the same problem! So I figured maybe I should just update Ubuntu and then discovered my update manager won't update anything, it's broken too.

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Debian :: Become Very Slow, In Loading Programs, Opening Documents?

Jun 26, 2010

i have debian Sid, for past 1 to 1.5 months, i have observed that it has become very slow, in loading programs, opening documents etc. Where should I start looking?Info:-System :- HP DV5 1215Tx Laptop, 2.1 ghz c2d , 500gb WD 5000 bevt harddisk, Nvidia 9600 GT, 2 gig ram .kernel version 2.6.32-4-686Drivers : I use NVIDIA drivers, version 190.53.Network:- I use wired DSL WIFI available but Not in use, nor is bluetooth etc.System is not connected to any other network .Use :- internet, music, movies.Display manager :- KDE 4.3.4Desktop effects :-None, Disabled.My question is , where and how should I start looking?PS I am a linux user for quite a long while.It has been my Only OS for about 4~5 years.But for last 1/2 years because of my studies, i have been out of 'touch' with its commands etc,but willing to dive back in and to stuff on my own, looking for direction here.

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Ubuntu :: Downloading Programs - The "Archive Manager" Comes Up And Says "An Error Has Occured While Loading The Archive"?

Jan 10, 2010

I'm new to Ubuntu, and everytime i've tried to download a program like iTunes, the "Archive Manager" comes up and says "An Error Has Occured While Loading the Archive". how to fix this or download programs ?

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Ubuntu :: Folder Keep Loading Forever And Sometimes It Shows Two Or Three Files And Keep On Loading

Apr 9, 2010

I've a folder named "lynx" in my desktop . It contains ebooks - pdfs,chms etc . The problem is sometimes when i open the folder in nautilus , the folder keep loading forever and sometimes it shows two or three files and keep on loading . But at some other times , folder contents are displayed just as any other folder(i.e normal ).

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General :: Ubuntu 10.04 Not Loading - Sticks At GRUB Loading

Oct 27, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 not loading. Sticks at GRUB Loading message.

Read the other threads re OS not loading and GRUB. The talk about code goes over my head.

Local techie says the hardware is good. Tried reloading Ubuntu from CD. Tried loading the unmentionable OS.

Tried using Spotmau Powersuite.

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Software :: Drupal Site Not Loading Properly On Internet While Loading On LAN

May 12, 2010

I installed Drupal and there is only one site. It I access the website [url] where Drupal is installed I can easily see it functioning properly. But on internet it is not loading properly the colors etc are not visible properly.

Following changes were made to all the sites


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OpenSUSE :: Can't Open Other Programs Or Install New Programs

Dec 29, 2009

can open the programs pe-install, but can't open other programs or install new programs

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Debian :: Grub Load Error "Grub Loading Stage1.5. Grub Loading, Please Wait... Error 15"

May 23, 2010

When I try and boot my Debian computer I get the messages: Grub Loading stage1.5. Grub loading, please wait... Error 15 Is there any way of recovering from this - or is it simply a fresh install? I was attempting an upgrade from Lenny to Squeeze and despite a few hurdles it looked like it was all happening. Got the new kernel loading, and the new grub. It looked as though grub2 was working so I ran the grub-remove-legacy-support command (something like that) and now my computer won't boot grub or Linux.

I'm assuming the MBR on my harddrive is lost, however I don't know what state the partition is in. I'm guessing that maybe this has been lost as well. I tried a few tools from the Ultimate Boot CD but nothing here was able to re-install my grub or boot from any partition or even mount my file-system. I'm fearing the worst but would like it confirmed before I blow it all away with a new install.

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Ubuntu :: Run Certain Programs Right In RAM?

Dec 22, 2010

Is there a way to specifically run certain programs right in ram when they load up? On average I usually have 2Gig ram free (out of 4gig total). For example, hulu desktop, usage hog, I thought that forcing it to load into ram whenever hulu desktop is started may improve performance of the app. So, is there a program in ubuntu that can specifically control what programs can load directly load into ram when started?

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Ubuntu :: X Isn't Loading Correctly

Jan 20, 2010

For 6 months I have used this computer as a ediacenter/seedbox on a decent TV. It crapped out and we got a new one. Hooked it up, had super messed up resolution. Ran some command (really don't remember) that ran you through the setup configuration asking for keyboard layout etc.

Didn't work. Deleted xorg.cong, didn't work. Blank xorg.conf, didn't work. What happens is it shows the Ubuntu name and loading bar, loads, then at 100% it shows 2 of them in purple around the screen. Obviously X isn't loading correctly.


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Ubuntu :: 9.10 Web Pages Not Loading?

Apr 18, 2010

after wrestling with several problems over the past few days of switching over to a portable version of Linux 9.10 (I'm running a Live USB created using Lili USB), and deciding between the UNR or the Desktop i386 releases (I eventually went with UNR because i386 will not load on my netbook and ends up corrupting itself), I now find myself with the interesting problem that Firefox will no longer load webpages.I'm using a wireless connection, and it worked about 4 hours ago, but doesn't any longer. It registers that it is connected (The network icon displays the connected information), but the webpages themselves will not load (And I don't know if any other web based application functions- I only bothered to check firefox).

And I know the connection itself is not to blame because I'm using it right now to post this message (Off of Windows 7).Any help that can be given would be appreciated. Except for these problems that come up I'm loving Ubuntu, and intend to use it inbetween classes and such.EDIT:No internet applications work, and the router does assign me an IP address while in Ubuntu. Also, the speed of the "Server not found" message indicates that it's not even trying to connect.

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 2 Different Ways Of Loading?

May 1, 2010

This is a clean install of Lucid sometimes I get the Ubuntu loading screen and sometimes just black screen followed by a flash of green across the top and some text. Sometimes its loads with a high resolution and that's when there are other problems no authorisation to mount other file systems and no shutdown or restart just takes me back to login. When it loads at the lower resolution it seems to work fine.

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Ubuntu :: Desktop Not Loading ?

Jul 3, 2010

Ive recently installed Ubuntu 9.10 on a 2.0 GHz Gateway computer (circa 2004) and have been having issuses with loading the desktop.

When the desktop would load on ever boot, it would load part of GNOME, and the cursor, but thats all... The background is black, and it does not respond when you click on anything. No icons, not all of gnome loaded. What should i do?

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Ubuntu :: Shows The Given Msg After Loading?

Sep 28, 2010

Last time my Pc was automatically shutdown due to problem in light,now when i turn it on,it shows me the given message after ubuntu loads,No init found,try passing inti=bootargwhat can i do now..?it don't take it to my login=screen..

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Ubuntu :: Nautilus Not Loading?

Nov 7, 2010

I've been using Linux Ubuntu for about 2 months now, and this is an interesting error...Anyone know how to fix it?When I loaded up the past two times, I've had issues...I get the following series of message:Quote:Could not update ICEauthority file /home/atmarsden.ICEauthorityThere is a problem with the configuration server./usr/lib/libconf2-4/gconf-sanity-check-2 exited with status 256)Nautilus could not create the following required folders: /home/atmarsden/desktop, /home/atmarsden/nautilus.Before running Nautilus, please create these folders, or set permissions such that Nautilus can create them.Followed by a blank screen with just my background... screensavers worketh not, and Alt-F2 only seems to run terminal, no apps.Running an example app in terminal (Chrome):

[1874:1874:900308257:FATAL:chrome/browser/browser_main.cc(881)] Check failed:


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Ubuntu :: Logon GUI Not Loading?

Dec 25, 2010

I recently decided to get back into Ubuntu and installed 10.10 on my Acer Aspire 7741Z. The live USB worked great but the installed OS won't load the GUI. The loading screen does not show but instead there is a ton of text. The logon is the 'standard' logon (Ubuntu 10.10 -computer name- tty1). I can logon using the account information that the graphical installation asked for. After awhile, the screen goes blank. Pressing the power button, the text comes back and Ubuntu the message "ppdev: user-space parallel port driver" has appeared. Using "startx" causes the screen to go blank, and the screen comes back when the power button is pressed before shutting down.

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Ubuntu :: Vidalia GUI Not Loading

Aug 16, 2011

I recently installed ubuntu 11.04(64-bit) and have been using it for a little less than a week now(absolutely love it). I've been trying to install all the basic programs I need, and up until now, with no problem.

I've had trouble getting vidalia to work properly. Whenever I start vidalia, both the tor and vidalia processes show up. The GUI for vidalia does not. A temporary solution I found was to login as root and run it like that, but I take it that isn't the greatest idea.

I've reinstalled multiple times, both from source, building deb packages, and the tor repository.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Is Not Loading

May 16, 2011

After I click my firebox browser button on my unity launcher (or in applications) it does nothing. If I click it from my launcher it blinks 6 or 7 times then, does nothing.I have had this problem before, but a simple log-off log-on fixed it. I have even tried to restart and nothing changed. Is there something else I should try? Sudo killall firefox, says no processes, but I dont think this would be necessary after a restart even. What else can I do? Should I uninstall, then re-install, or is this unnecessary?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Install Programs With 10.04?

May 24, 2010

I'm brand-spanking new to Ubuntu and so far am greatly enjoying this magnificent OS. Though, after attempting to install Wine, I now this error when trying to install any program: 'E:Type 'main' is not known on line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntu-wine-ppa-lucid.list, E:The list of sources could not be read.'

Here is the source list where I'm assuming the error is coming from:

# deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 10.04 LTS _Lucid Lynx_ - Release i386 (20100429)]/ lucid main restricted
# See http://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes for how to upgrade to
# newer versions of the distribution.
deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid main restricted
deb-src http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid main restricted


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Ubuntu :: 9.10 - Cannot Get Programs To Install

Jun 1, 2010

I started using Ubuntu a few days ago due to a classmates recommendation, and I simply cannot get this program I need for class to install. Or if it does, I don't know how to make it work.

I've got to install VMWare Server 2.0 for my class so we can make virtual computers and what not. But, no matter what I do I can't get it to install. Whenever I try to install it like I was told on various websites (here's one for examples sake [URL], I do this: sudo ./vmware-install.pl and get this: Can't install perl script "./vmware-install.pl" : No such file or directory

I've tried putting in stuff like home/computername/Desktop/vmware-install.pl, but I still get the same problem. I've racked my brain and my browser trying to figure this out, but I've had no luck.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Add New Programs

Jun 3, 2010

I am trying to add a program that will allow me to play wmv files on my computer. I'm not sure what version of Ubuntu I am using but I keep getting a message that says: E:dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run'dpkg --configure -a'to correct the problem. E:_cache->open()failed,please report. When I try to run this in the terminal I get a message saying I need to be a superuser.

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Ubuntu :: How To Add Programs To Applications

Jun 7, 2010

I have recently installed (& updated) Lucid.I have also downloaded & installed GNUstep and Beagle.How do I add these launchers to Applications->Programming, etc?I know the launchers are all in /usr/share/applications but there must be an easier way than editing a new .desktop file by hand?

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Ubuntu :: Moving Programs From KDE ?

Jun 24, 2010

Whenever I try to uninstall a program, package it up and move it to Ubuntu it won't reinstall. Can I just copy the file over? will it work?

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Ubuntu :: Remove Kde's Programs?

Aug 19, 2010

I don't like KDE's program (like Amarok or Vlc or kaffein and any KDE's program) cus i think KDE's programs are mane argument to slow down speed of my ubuntu.

I'd rather a absolute gnome's environment without any KDE efficacious.

I'd rather to remove all KDE's program from my source.list if possible.

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Ubuntu :: Run Programs From Server?

Aug 23, 2010

i have a server with 2.5T of hdd space, ram to boot, and a decent cpu. I also have a desktop made about 8 years ago... with a 20G HDD.

The server runs, ubuntu server, the desktop runs, ubuntu desktop, (how normal...). Anyway, i don't want to clog my desktop up with lots of programs, if they can be run from the server to save space.

Programs i had in mind:
OpenOffice -> Full suit

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Ubuntu :: Can't See Installed Programs

Oct 21, 2010

I have installed a couple of programs - nagios and zoneminder, but am unable to see them listed in the 'Applications' drop down.

anybody else seen this or have a resolution?

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Ubuntu :: How To Install Programs

Nov 15, 2010

i want to know how i can install programs in ubuntu 10.10.i try to open ubuntu software center then search about the program i want then press on install button but after that i can't know how i can find this program or how i can get it ?

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Ubuntu :: Remove Kde And His Programs?

Nov 19, 2010

i use ubuntu with gnome environment but i installed kde to try it , i find not interesting , i want to remove kde , i try to remove kde but not success , i want to remove it WIT his program ,OR What the best way to remove kde environment full with his program.

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