Ubuntu :: Mysterious Frozen Box In Corner Of The Screen?

May 31, 2011

In the upper left corner of my screen, under my the applications menu, there's a small square that remains frozen no matter what I do, when I click on it, it responds as if it's not there, ie my desktop or current maximised window responds instead.

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Ubuntu :: Xbuntu Shutdown Screen - Takes To The Logon Screen And Then At The Bottom Right Corner

Mar 24, 2011

I am using Xubuntu 10.10 64bit . When I press the quit or logoff buttons on the desktop it takes me to the logon screen and then at the bottom right corner it allows me to shutdown or reboot. I would like to bypass this screen entirely,and just shutdown reboot from the desktop. Only I use this machine at home ,no none else needs to log on. Is there any way to do this?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cannot Boot / Hangs On Black Screen With A Flashing White Dot In Top Left Corner Of Screen?

Jun 1, 2010

After succesfully installing Ubuntu 10.4 x32 and rebooting pc hangs on black screen with a flashing white dot in the top left corner of my screen, i've tried installing it twice with the same results.

my setup is: Asus p5q-e,
4 gig of corsair dual ram,
ati 4850 graphics,
onboard audio.
ahci mode
win 7 installed on intel ssd, and xp on a samsung 320 gb sata 2,
i had this configuration running fine for 2 months without boot loaders,
on pc start up i choose from which hdd to boot from.

i installed ubuntu on the samsung drive where it was recognised fine, wiped it all and installed automatically.

pls let me know if there is anything i missed, and advice if possible in what to do.


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Ubuntu :: 10.10 - Login Screen Frozen

Nov 3, 2010

A few days ago I tried installing Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition on my laptop, since it doesn't have such a large screen. I installed it, restarted, and got presented with the login screen. I typed my username and password, waited for a while, sice it seemed to have frozen, and got presented with an error message saying something about "unity drivers" (the window didn't have a windows border, so metacity didn't seem to have loaded yet), and sorry, but I don't remeber the exact message anymore. I clicked the OK button, the system froze for a while again, and I got presented with the login screen again... This repeated itself 3 times, and then I came on the idea to set the session to Ubuntu Desktop Edition. It was slow, but it loaded, but it seemed to have loaded only half of the environment...

Today I decided to just try again, but with the Desktop Edition this time. I booted the CD into a live session, but all I got was a wallpaper with 2 icons jumping up and down. After waiting for quite a long time I got 2 error messages saying Metacity and Gnome-Panel had crashed. When I switched to command line mode (CTRL+ALT+F1), i got a command line interface wich was adding 2 new error messages every second...

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Ubuntu :: Bootup Usually To Frozen Screen

Dec 30, 2010

Have installed Ubuntu 10.10 on a couple of Dell Inspiron 2650 laptops (both 512M memory) and when they run, they're great, but they only successfully boot up maybe 10% of the attempts. Most of the time, the touchpad and keyboard are inoperative, but I recall sometimes the enter key gets me past my user Id to input password. Trying to enter recovery mode isn't any better, but once into recovery, I'll boot up in safe graphics, but it is probably only running because it succeeded in entering recovery, anyways. I have elected to to boot up in safe graphics, but they still both freeze. No error messages, just a frozen background/icons screen.

Ubuntu has searched the hardware and reports there's nothing requiring proprietary drivers installed.

After reading all the other problems posted, I figure my laptops are doing pretty darn good, but it sure would be nice not to set around starting up and shutting down, over and over.

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Ubuntu :: White Screen In Corner After Boot / What To Do?

Jan 26, 2010

I have been using Netbook Remix 9.10 and it's been great until this morning.

Today when I turned it on, after Grub and the loading screen, the system brought up a smaller white screen in the corner with my username@machinename"~$ as the first line.

This looks like a terminal window. I can see my folders and use the system but I get no GUI anymore. Not sure why this is happening.

Tried booting into Recovery and updating the system, but to no avail. I've also searched the forums for the last few hours but have not found anything similar.

Anyone have any idea what to do? code...

Not sure if this is relevant to my problem or not. However, I do remember this happening on my desktop version of 9.10... that was solved by installing 9.04.

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Ubuntu :: White Box In Top Left Corner Of Screen?

Feb 28, 2010

I have an Acer Aspire 5220 with and AMD processor and 1 GB of RAM. I had Windows vista and now have Dual Boot Vista / Kubuntu 9.10 clean install. Recently a blank white box appeared in the upper left corner of the screen. About 10-20 minutes after I log in it appears and disappears after 1-2 hours.

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Ubuntu :: Mouse Jumps To Corner Of Screen?

Oct 10, 2010

For about a month now, my mouse has been jumping to one of the corners of my screen every few minutes (normally the top-left). I also had a problem where the right mouse button would double-click 90% of the time.

I just replaced my mouse a few minutes ago, and now the right button works fine, but the cursor keeps jumping to the corner of the screen.

I'm fairly certain this is not a hardware problem, since switching mice did not fix the problem.

Both were PS2 corded laser mice.

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Ubuntu :: Black, Frozen Screen After Booting Up?

Mar 15, 2010

If I choose to boot Ubuntu, the splash screen appears, but right when the login screen should appear, I get nothing. This is how it started: While update manager was installing updates, I hit ALT+F2 to get to the TTY. I did this because ubuntu now refuses to mount any usb devices whatsoever. (for more on that, see this link: [URL] Once I got to TTY3 or whatever, I hit ALT + F7 to get back to the GUI. All I got was a black screen and a mouse. The computer froze and I restarted. All I have now after booting is a black, frozen screen. ALT + any F key to get to TTY doesn't work.

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Ubuntu :: Screen Frozen On Resuming From Hibernation

Apr 15, 2011

I bought a laptop from ZaReason (zareason.com) with Ubuntu already installed. I am currently running 10.10. The machine has worked great but recently has had problems coming back from hibernation. This is a new problem and did not seem to coincide with an update or new software. When I try to "wake up" my laptop, it shows a bunch of text (I am not that computer-literate, so I don't understand the text) and becomes unresponsive. I will insert an image of my screen when it is frozen: DSCF7055.jpg

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Ubuntu :: Frozen Full Screen Application?

Aug 6, 2011

I am working on a "media center" project. It is basically a Ubuntu (or variant) computer with the output going to a TV and home theater system.I would like to know if there is any way to deal with a frozen full screen application with Ubuntu? Occasionally the media center software freezes, Ubuntu seems to still be running fine but I am unable to get control back from the frozen app, and have to kill it with the power button.

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Ubuntu :: Screen / Kernel Frozen After Login

Dec 2, 2010

I am using ubuntu 8.04. I built the latest stable Kernel (with ext4 enabled in .config as I needed to use some ext4 commands).Every thing looked fine and rebooted the machine. After entering username and password the screen is frozen before the desktop screen appears.I can log in and work in the fail safe Gnome though on thenew kernel. Any idea how to fix the problem? Or what I might be doing wrong?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Screen Frozen While Installing OS System

Mar 20, 2011

I am reinstalling ubuntu mavericks as I could not get the first install to work right. I installed from a CD that I burned. 3/4 of the way through the "installing system" process the screen went dead. The cursor does not respond nor does anything happen with the keyboard. Be aware that I don't know very many things about what a keyboard can do. The screen has been frozen for about a half hour now.

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Ubuntu :: Black Screen On Startup Then Frozen After Working For Sometime

Dec 10, 2009

Not beeing an expert on Ubuntu, but loving it running on my old Dell Dimension 2400 Series, I do have some issues after the upgrade to 9.10.

1) Frozen screen after a while working with the system. Cursor moves, but frozen
2) Black screen at startup.

Retyping this message again on my Mac Laptop as Ubuntu froze again. I took the following action: Followed directions as listed here [URL]

1. Select recovery mode from the boot menu.
2. Select login as root from the menu in recovery mode.
3. Type this at the prompt
# sudo apt-get remove xorg-driver-fglrx
# sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg
4. Exit
# exit
5. Now select Resume normal boot from the menu.

Every thing should be OK by now. This seemed to work, but after another reboot, black screen again. System Specs: [URL]. Running with 1 GB of Memory and 320Gb Hard Disk /w 2Gb Swap and 318 Gb Extended.

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Ubuntu :: Get The Screen Corner Clickable To Close Maximized Windows?

Jun 22, 2010

Before I go any further let me make it perfectly clear that this post is not in regards to Shuttleworth's recent decision to move the "titlebar buttons". I honestly don't care and in fact it saves me time since I've always moved the close button to the left side and then removed the minimize and maximize buttons anyway.This problem is made even more annoying because I thought we were all done with it. I've been back and forth between distros, KDE, and GNOME since 2000. . . I would run head first into this issue often out of nowhere. . . I feel like I'm back in 2003 again.

According to Fitt's Law, corners and edges have infinite width as far as the user is concerned, one of the reasons I have loved GNOME for so long now is because of the use of corners, so imagine my surprise when I can no longer simply throw my mouse cursor up into the corner and simply CLOSE the maximized window that I'm currently using, instead it drags the window. This is obnoxious and useless. I can already grab at any other part of the top edge of the screen outside of the far corner in order to drag a window, why is this happening again? It is SO frustrating particularly since GNOME is supposed to be so damned concerned with usability.

I think this change might have something to do with that monstrosity known as gnome-shell. I guess they were figuring that with the proposed 2.30/3.0 switch over to this new window manager, they could simply do whatever they like with metacity. . . or maybe gnome-shell USES the same configurations as metacity (seems plausible), all that I know is that this truly pisses me off.It may seem trivial but it's a daily use factor for me and I have no way of changing the behavior. I just want to be able to throw my mouse in a corner and click, it never seemed that big of an issue in the past, I don't see why the developer(s) saw the need to change this.

And to forestall all those that would ask me to switch from metacity to compiz or vice-versa, it's with both and I am NOT going to use compiz's own digusting window manager themes, I like my metacity themes.My other choices are KDE, enlightenment, openbox or Xfce, Well the first two are travesties since I'm used to my GNOME applications and they don't look good in those DE's, the third looks like crap (to me) and Xfce has corner close button functionality only per theme (some themes do and some don't)

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Ubuntu :: Goes To Black Screen With Underscore In The Upper Left Corner?

Aug 9, 2010

I have a Windows XP Dell laptop that completely froze the other day. I cannot start it up, and cannot even access safe mode -- it just goes to black screen with underscore in the upper left corner.

So, I did some searching and saw a recommendation to create a Ubuntu Live CD to run and access the info on the hard drive, at least. I have most of it backed up, but not the drivers and I know that will be a pain to redo. So, I am mostly hoping at this point to recover a little info off the drive before reinstalling the OS. Of course, if I could just fix it, that would be better...

I get an error message when I try to access the hard drive through Ubuntu that says it is in hibernation mode and I need to start windows and shut it down properly before Ubuntu can mount the drive. Since I can't get into Windows, this is impossible. It also said something about being able to mount it read-only.

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Ubuntu :: Machine Started Back Up - Frozen On Splash Screen

Oct 3, 2010

I installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS onto a blank hard drive with the prospective goal of running WoW on it. I installed Wine and all my security updates and restarted; everything worked fine, but I noticed that the system was suggesting that I get some "proprietary" drivers for my HD Radeon 4550 card. I proceeded to install them and was told that the the OS needed to restart to make the changes. I clicked the close button, restarted from the menu in the top-right hand corner, and when my machine started back up -bam!- frozen on the ubuntu splash screen.

I'm reinstalling now (after trying everything I could think of) and I just want to know how the hell this happened, and how I can avoid it in the future. I'm trying to make the switch from Linux to Windows, but this isn't making it any easier. Also: is there any way I can set up ubuntu to look and interface like a windows clone.

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Ubuntu :: While Reading Web Site In Windows / Computer Screen Becomes Frozen

Dec 18, 2010

Very strange happenings going on here. Have three computers that dual boot with Ubuntu and WindowsXP. All three have failed in the identical manner!While reading a web site in Windows,the computer screen becomes frozen then a messege flashes momentarily stating "A problem has occurred" then the computer shuts down and will not reboot. Attempting to reboot results in a black screen with an unresponsive cursor in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Keyboard And Mouse Frozen At Login Screen

Jan 15, 2011

I let the update manager run overnight on my netbook because it was taking a while. When I woke up, my netbook was off. It may have shut off during the updates. Now, when I turn it on, it gets to the login screen but the keyboard and mouse don't work. Is there anything I can do without a Live CD? Unfortunately I don't have a flash drive or anything with me.

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Slackware :: Frozen Screen After Running Xlock ?

Mar 28, 2011

I upgraded from 13.1. I'm using Xfce4, I've been using a button on my lower panel to launch xlock. Been working fine the last month. Upgraded to 13.37rc3.pi this morning.

Used my computer today for several hours today (after the upgrade). No problems. Hit my xlock launcher a couple hours ago, animation started. Turned monitor off. Then a few minutes ago, when I turned my monitor back on, black/blank screen, no password prompt. Killed xlock (had to use -s 9); no change. Saw xscreensaver was running, killed that too. No effect on my locked screen.

I then killed kdm and logged back in to an Xfce session. Back to normal now. I hit my xlock button. Got an animation up, typed in my password, and got back to my desktop no problem.

Here's something for starters:


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Ubuntu Installation :: Goes To A Screen That Has GRUB In The Upper Left Corner And Does Not Load?

Aug 16, 2010

I have Windows XP, Vista and Ubuntu (10.04) all installed on my single hard drive. I re-installed XP and then ran the Vista CD to repair the Vista bootloader so that I could boot into XP and Vista. I can't figure out how to boot into Ubuntu now. I tried using EasyBCD (I believe an older version, maybe 1.72) to add Ubuntu to the Vista bootloader but I didn't have any luck. Ubuntu is in the menu, but when I select it, it goes to a screen that has GRUB in the upper left corner and does not load Ubuntu.

If it helps, before I re-installed XP and re-installed the Vista bootloader I was using GRUB for XP, Vista and Ubuntu because Ubuntu was the last thing to get installed.Boot Info Script 0.55 dated February 15th, 2010 ============================= Boot InfoSummary:===============================> Windows is installed in the MBR of /dev/sdasda1: _________________________________________________________________________File system: ntfsBoot sector type: Windows Vista/7B

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Ubuntu :: Mouse Stuck In Upper Left Corner -screen Dark

May 6, 2010

I recently installed Kubuntu 10.04 on a Toshiba Satellite 5205 laptop (which is prone to overheating, if it helps - it was on a platform in the back for airflow, though), which worked great for about 4 days.

Recently, I picked it up (looking for a USB port) and rotated it around a little bit. However, after this, the screen was darkened (not fully), and I could move the mouse for about half a second, after which it jumps back to the upper left corner of the screen. Rebooting doesn't help.

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Fedora :: Minimize A Window It Disappears Into The Right Corner Of The Screen?

Jan 21, 2010

Whenever I minimize a window, it disappears into the right corner of the screen. There is no sign of it in the panel(bottom) also. What should I do so that I can relaunch the windows from the panel.

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Debian Multimedia :: XFCE Screen Frozen In New Jessie

Sep 16, 2015

In trying to get openbox running in new Jessie installation, I followed an instruction in openbox.org: Help: XFCE/Openbox.

" If you want to use the Openbox root menu instead of Xfce's, you could terminate Xfdesktop by running the following:"

Code: Select allxfdesktop --quit.

That eliminated everything on the desktop except the Debian8 background image and the panel clock and made it impossible to do anything other than log out via a right click on the panel. Shutting down and rebooting just brings back the same situation. No terminal available.

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Fedora Installation :: Booting 11 To AMD PCS - Screen Frozen - Compatibility?

Sep 10, 2009

Tried to install Fedora 11 from CD Live, CD, DVD, USB. In all cases installation (actaully, the boot) hangs up with the screen suddenly frozen and getting into weird greenish-bluish-whitish colors (see screenshots attached). The laptop is Cameron Maxmedia with AMD PCS.

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.4 - Boot With Frozen Screen Right At The First Second - Repeatable?

Jun 23, 2011

I have a repeatable and annoying problem that seems to be connected with the graphics card driver of nvidea. I had another card before (7900 card) and I have after having had a malfunction now a nvidea 430. Mainboard Gygabyte with AMD 790 Chipset, GB Ram. The opensuse system is fully patched and updated, newest kernel but the same error occurred with another graphic card and with the precedent kernel and with the precedent nvidia video driver.

Now, the problem is as follows:
System is dual boot with options:
openSUSE 11.4 64 bit


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Fedora :: Frozen Screen While Playing Urban Terro On F13 XFCE / Fix It?

Jun 26, 2010

My system is Fedora 13 XFCE spin on DELL laptop Inspiron 1440 (1st column). Urban Terror was installed by Yum.
While playing, the screen suddenly freezes, nothing moves. The sound seem to work but very very slow (eg. the normal sound is A B C D ... now the sound becomes AAAAAAAAA BBBBBBB CCCCCCCCC DDDDDDDD .....................). The mouse don't response but the keyboard seem to response: I try press '~' key, then press 'q' and 'tab', finally 'enter', the sound stops, the mouse cursor appears (so I think I quitted UT) but the screen don't change (still game screen).
So I try "Ctrl + Alt + Backspace" to execute "xfce4-session-logout --halt" (this shortcut is set by me. Default there is not this shortcut. I try to set a shortcut to restart X server but find no way. So I set it to this command, this seem to log out rather than to restart the X server.). The screen become clear (black) and the log in screen mouse cursor appears (the mouse cursors on login screen and on desktop are different), but nothing more displays. As you know, on login screen there is a panel at the bottom with a button on the right. When we click this button, it shows a popup menu from that we can restart or shutdown. So I try to click on the bottom right of the screen on position of this button, then click on above it a little, the system shuts down (or restarts) with the splash screen (the blue screen with the Fedora logo) => the login screen still works but not displays
What is my problem, how can I fix it?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Boot Sometimes Ends With A Frozen White Screen?

Jan 25, 2011

I got a problem with my opensuse 11.3 machine. Sometimes it doesn't boot up correctly and ends with a frozen white screen. It's not just x that is broken the whole pc is frozen as I can not ping or ssh into my machine

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dvd - Goes To Black Screen With Flashing White Bar In Upper Left Hand Corner

May 12, 2010

i thought i would give ubuntu 10.04 a try. So i downloaded the iso twice from two differant sources and burned to 2 diff dvd with diff burners and get the same problem. When i boot off of the disk i get the menu but whether i choose install are run live cd it just sits there for a sec are 2 then goes to black screen with flashing white bar in upper left hand corner and thats all it does. even tried my 9.10 disc which i know works. but it does the exact same. I have purchased a new video card since i last ran ubuntu and its the nvidia gtx 260 core 216. would that be whats causing my problems?

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Ubuntu :: No Boot After Update \ Goes To A Black Screen With A Solid White Line In The Top Left Corner?

Mar 3, 2011

Today brought some new updates. I did the updates and while not required I did a restart. Then it goes to a black screen with a solid white line in the top left corner (flashing). It does not boot. I held down the power button to shutdown. When I press the power button, I get the Dell splash screen, then it goes to a black screen with a solid white line in the top left corner (flashing). Nothing like this has happened before

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