Ubuntu Multimedia :: RecordMyDesktop Is Taking Forever - When Stop The Video ?

Oct 31, 2010

I like to make tutorials on several different things, and since I'm a ubuntu user now, I found Record my Desktop. The thing is, When I stop the video, the encoder takes FOREVER! I left it there for over 5 minutes and it's still at 0%.

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Ubuntu :: 10.4 Slowed Down To Crawl - Actions Taking Forever

Oct 5, 2010

I am a newbie to Linux, and so just installed Ubuntu.. for the first week all was fantastic, but now, everything has slowed down. It seems to run fine for a few minutes and then everything slows down. I try and drag a window or open a menu, type, anything, and it takes forever! Also the internet seems to stop working on a regular basis. I have checked processes to see if there was anything happening and one of the processors was sitting at 100%, but no actual processes in the list seemed to be using any processing power at all!

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installing 10.10 From Usb Stick Taking Forever

Oct 31, 2010

I am attempting to install 10.10 from a usb stick after a disc installation failed, but it is taking forever. I am stuck on the screen which says 'Ubuntu 10.10' and has four little orange dots flashing as if it is loading. It has been like this for over 20 minutes now. Is this unusual or is it normal? Anyway, I am restarting my PC and trying again.

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Slackware :: K3B Taking Forever - Burn An Iso Image To A DVDRW

May 4, 2010

I've been tring to burn an iso image to a DVDRW using K3B and the progress has been setting a 99% for almost an hour. the iso image is only 2GIGS. why is it taking so long?

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Fedora :: How To Stop Gtk-recordmydesktop

Nov 14, 2010

Recordmydesktop sounds great. I installed it in F14 with both the gtk and the qt gui. Both of them start the recorder, but I can't find any way to stop it.

I really thought something like this would have some reasonable controls, like a time I could set for it to stop, on some way to stop it manually, but the only way I can find to stop it is to kill the process. If this were true then it would be junk, so surely there is some way to control it.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Taking Video Screenshots Using Command Line

Mar 11, 2010

I want to take consecutive screenshots of a video using command line operations but I can't seem to find accurate documentation on different websites.Does anyone know how to do this using vlc, totem or another program?I've used ffmpeg as well, but then reencodes and splits the video file. I just want to take consecutive screenshots.

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Ubuntu :: Video Playback Very Fast With Gtk-recordmydesktop

Aug 28, 2010

I've been hunting around for some screen capture software in Ubuntu, for future screencasts and out of the handful I've tried I've gone with gtk-recordmydesktop. After initial problems with recording quality, I have managed to get everything working but have noticed that on playback of any captured video, is played back at a crazy speed, the frame rate is not the issue as it is on the default 15 FPS setting but still the play back is very fast.

I noticed before my tweaking that playback was normal speed, but the quality was garbage, and I found that this was because of Compiz being enabled, and I have to run gtk-recordmydesktop with "Encode on the fly" and "Full shots at every frame" enabled in order for the video playback to not be all cut up, however ever since encoding on the fly has been enabled, this has caused playback to be hilariously fast.

I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 with Compiz enabled. With an nVidia GPU (8200 M)

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Fedora :: Error When Encoding Video With Gtk Recordmydesktop

Jan 4, 2011

I use record mydesktop to record what i do in mydesktop. But when i stop record. This box appear. I wait... wait... and wait. But the process encode never complete .

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Ubuntu :: Video Editting (Recordmydesktop) - Stick Some Text And Some Sound On This Clip

Dec 17, 2010

Either recordmydesktop produces corrupted files or nothing (mencoder, ffmpeg, kdenlive, pitivi) can open it. (How come totem can?) I need to just stick some text and some sound on this clip but nothing works.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Boxee Audio Clicking In Video / Stop It To Do So?

Sep 23, 2010

Some (not all) videos I have on my hard drive play video fine but have a loud and fast clicking sound for the audio. I have noticed the problem only on .avi files.

also, I am noticing that the picture on mp4 files is jittery and the video and audio slowly become more and more out of sync

This is happening on my Media Center running Boxee. When I run the same avi file from my PC it is perfect. MP$ files are still out of sync

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Software :: RecordMyDesktop Output Video Shows *massive* Artifacts Else Plays Too Fast?

Oct 21, 2010

I recently tried out recordMyDesktop (not the GTK+ frontend, just the CLI program, I wanted to Keep It Simple this time ), and found that the videos it records/encodes show massive motion-smearing artifacts when played back. This is without the "--on-the-fly-encoding" option; with it, the video looks fine (i.e. has no artifacts other than the typical ones found in any compressed video), but it plays back too quickly (the time-step between frames is too high, thus making everything go too fast when the video is played back, even though the frame rate is low). Here's a screenshot of the video playing, showing what the artifacts look like (they're nasty!).

I've searched Google and LQ about this problem to no avail: either there were no relevant results, or it was just a post on a different forum asking basically the same question, but with no answer. So apparently this problem is either really rare, or it's something specific to my configuration, and mine alone (highly unlikely).

System specs:
CPU: Intel� Core� i5 430M @ 2.27 GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce� 310M w/ 512 MiB VRAM
RAM: 4 GiB

Command used to record:


recordmydesktop --fps 30 --no-sound --no-frame --overwrite -o /home/mrcode/Videos/capture.ogv

I've tried different options, such as --quick-subsampling, as well as tweaking the video quality and bitrate settings (--v_quality and --v_bitrate), all of which did nothing to change/get rid of the artifacts.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: RecordMyDesktop For 9.10

Feb 28, 2010

So i just upgraded to ubuntu 9.10 and unlike ubuntu 9.04 its able to connect to my wireless N router. BUT if im making tutorials for ubuntu ill need a desktop recorder. unfortunately on the ubuntu software centre it wont let me install RecordMyDesktop.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Flash Player - Video Streaming Seased - Wouldn't Load It Stays Searching Forever

Jan 20, 2011

I have been using this thread for a couple of days and just getting exposed to the vast world of ubuntu after succesfully partitoning the hard drive through a live cd. (a copy of linux for dummies book)So naturally after getting adjusted to the new os I started seeking for downloadable media and applications.Started with flashplayer last night and installed after watching some videos.But when I tried the same thing with vlc through the terminal command; sudo apt-get vlc

The video streaming seased because they wouldn't load it stays searching forever! Now ..... doesn't work.I am afraid that by tampering with the command it also affected the flash player file.This is an ethernet connection , 100 mb/s, netgear router.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: GTK-recordmydesktop Mic And Computer Sounds

Feb 10, 2011

I've been playing around with my settings for ages now but I cant get GTK-recordmydesktop to record anything other than my mic. Ideally I need the mic and the computer sounds to be recorded, any ideas how this can be done? I've googled around but nothing really helpful comes up. Also, if you need my hardware info, just tell me the command and i'll post the results.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Apply Hot Keys To The Application Recordmydesktop?

Apr 10, 2010

Does anybody know how to apply hot keys to the application recordmydesktop, Hotkeys being - Press F5 to start recording etc

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Recordmydesktop File Size Limit?

Apr 21, 2010

Does Recordmydesktop have a file size limit? I'm considering using the Zero compression setting to keep CPU usage down, but I don't want to run up against a 2GB or 4GB file size limit. While I know some filesystems impose this limit, most screen recorders I've used have a 2GB or 4GB limit when recording, regardless of the filesystem.Is this an issue with Recordmydesktop

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Using Gtk-recordMyDesktop And Xvidcap For Recording Videos

Jun 3, 2010

I am going to cover these four problems in this thread.

1.)Using gtk-recordMyDesktop and xvidcap for recording videos
2.)Saving files in ogv format
3.)Converting ogv to avi or wmv or ?
4.)Uploading ogv video to .....

First, I am using Ubuntu 10.04 and have installed gtk-recordMyDesktop and it works great. Save a nice clear video with good sound. I can play it right from my system and also from my server but I can not upload it to ...... Maybe I should say I can't upload a good video to ...... It uploads OK but it is un-viewable. Just to make sure it wasn't a Ubuntu problem I tried uploading it from Windows 7. Same thing. The next thing I tried was to convert it to another file format and even before I uploaded it, it was un-viewable. (looked the same as when it was uploaded to .....). I tried the conversion in a Windows program called AVS and I also tried doing it with VLC in Ubuntu. VLC just give me a blank file after converting. I don't think the problem is with ..... but with the file itself. To be honest with you I believe the video is high quality but I don't see how I can put them on ...... Has anyone converted ogv files to another format which looks good and can be uploaded to .....? Has anyone uploaded a ogv file to ..... and have it look good? Does anyone know anything I can try to get a good viewable file up to ...... I tried recording a video with xvidcap and get a good video and it looks good on ..... but I can't get the sound to work with it. All I get is clicking in the video. File is in mpeg format.

Here is a youtub video to show you the un-viewable video.[URL]..

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Gtk-recordMyDesktop Not Recording System Sound?

Jun 14, 2010

I've been trying to make screencast, but I also want it to capture the sound coming from the computer; In other words, I do not mean the microphone. I tried changing the sound device from DEFAULT to pulse with no avail

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Install Gtk Recordmydesktop In 11.3 Gnome?

Jul 21, 2010

I have the packman repostory added, but I can't find recordmydesktop when searching for software....

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Gtk-recordmydesktop - Could Not Open / Configure Sound Card

Jan 13, 2010

I've just downloaded gtk-recordmydesktop and when I press record a split second later this message comes up: Recording is finished recordmydesktop has exited with status: 768 Description: Could not open/configure sound card. if I need to download anything extra from the repos or something I have to do in system settings.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Recordmydesktop Can't Recognize Any Window When Compiz Effects On / Fix It?

Jun 24, 2010

I am running Ubuntu 10.04 as a guest on virtual box installed on windows 7. I have installed gtk-recordmydesktop(rmd) using synaptic package manager. rmd do not recognize any window when I use the 'extra' visual effects i.e. compiz effects.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Installed The Screencaster RecordMyDesktop - Program Isn't Working Fine

Jan 4, 2011

I've installed the screencaster recordMyDesktop, but the program isn't working fine.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Record Audio Card Output And Mic Input Gtk-recordmydesktop?

Feb 13, 2011

I am currently trying to start doing some screen casting and having a problem with audio recording in gtk-recordmydesktop. The problem is that I need to record both; my computers audio card output, and my mic input at the same time. As of now I am able to record one or the other.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Audio With Recordmydesktop - Input Source From The Command Line?

Jun 17, 2011

I'm using recordmydesktop for screencasts and currently use pavucontrol to select the monitor as the input source, as shown in many guides across the Internet, but I can't find anything on how to do it from the command line. How can I select a monitor as the audio input source for recordmydesktop from the command line?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 10.10 Banshee Ipod Syncs Forever?

Dec 10, 2010

I am running 10.10 and using Banshee. When I go to sync my Ipod Touch 3rd Gen (8GB), it syncs fine in Banshee or appears to but on my iPod, it still shows the "Sync in Progress" for hours afterward. If I cancel the sync from my iPod, some of the music won't show up.

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OpenSUSE :: Finding A Program For Taking Desktop Video Clips?

Feb 13, 2009

I am trying to make a demo of Sauerbraten for a friend of mine. I would like a short video clip of playing Sauerbraten, however I don't know how I can do this. Is there a program you download?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Gtk-RecordMyDesktop - Capture On-screen Audio And My Webcam Audio At The Same Time

Jan 10, 2011

How I would capture on-screen audio AND my webcam audio at the same time.(My webcam seems to rely on pulse).

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: VLC Is Taking Over System?

Jun 1, 2011

I am using VLC 1.1.9 on a Dell Latitude D600 with Ubuntu 11.04 and it is taking over my system. Every time I try to open a folder or a file VLC opens instead. I can dig down from "computer" to the folder or file but every other item from the "places" drop down menu will open VLC even if the folder is empty or contains non media files. I uninstalled VLC and the problem disappeared - naturally - but reappeared as soon as I reinstalled VLC. This doesn't happen on my AspireOne which also runs Ubuntu 11.04. Other than hardware,the only difference in the two machines that I can think might affect it is that the Dell has an upgraded version from Maverick whereas the netbook has a clean install of Naty. My only other thought was that is this an Intel / AMD thing as the Aspire has the netbook standard intel gfx chipset whilst the D600 uses an old ATI 9000 series gfx chipset and I did have to install some AMD 2d libs to get it to run smoothly. However I think that might be grasping at straws.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Cheese Closes Before Taking A Picture?

Sep 1, 2011

I was trying to use Cheese today to take a picture using my built in web camera on my laptop. I am able to start the program and when it goes to take a picture, the program counts down and then quits.

When I run from the terminal the error I receive is:


cheese: ../../src/xcb_io.c:140: dequeue_pending_request: Assertion `req == dpy->xcb->pending_requests' failed.

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Ubuntu :: How To Stop Tearing In Video - Intel G41

May 1, 2010

I have Embedded Intel G41 Graphics on my computer, but have noticed that under window I have no tearing in video, but in ubuntu I do. The ubuntu version I am using is the new 10.04 LTS. I recently had to stop desktop effects due to a change in resolution larger than allowed in metacity. In compiz I have it set to Sync to Vblank but during video playback there is alot of tearing.

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