Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade From 7.10 To 8.04 Hardy Heron

Sep 16, 2010

I want to upgrade from Ubuntu 7.10 - the Gutsy Gibbon to 8.04 hardy heron. Will I have any problems after installation using the update manager. Will I lose any programs or files (mp3's movies) on my computer after installation? Are there any serious bugs that will my machine useless afterward?

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Ubuntu :: Port 80 Closed After Upgrade From Hardy Heron To Lucid?

May 24, 2010

I had an install of 8.04 running Tomcat 6 on port 80. I did a marathon upgrade session to 8.10, then 9.04, then 9.10, and finally to 10.04. My website no longer loads (from Internet, LAN, or local), and a port scan shows port 80 is not open. I have removed and reinstalled Tomcat 6, to no avail.

Could it be that the 10.04 upgrade saw an existing Desktop install and locked this port down? The /etc/Tomcat6/server.xml shows it is using port 80, so that much appears to be correctly configured. Before this would give me the ROOT webapp. Anything else I can check? Does this sound like a Tomcat problem or something Ubuntu is doing?

As a side note, I have installed the Tomcat 6 Docs and Manager apps as well. These also worked before the upgrades, and do not now.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installing The Karmic Koala Or Hardy Heron?

Sep 16, 2010

Given that 10.04 fails to work on my old pc, where do i find installs of hardy heron (which i know works) or karmic koala (which may work).

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Ubuntu :: Hardy Heron With LCD Laptop?

Apr 1, 2010

I'm Just a newbie here my OS is ubuntu 8.04 LTS I tried to install chrome9 driver chrome9.83-242-u804 on my laptop after i have installed that my laptop is umm. like this picture..

but when i use external monitor the external monitor is fine but my laptop still no change what does i should do?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Hardy Heron - Usb Wlan Connection Came And Went?

Jan 3, 2011

After days of trying to get a TL-WN321G usb driver to install in Hardy Heron, it finally arrived in the proper place. In trying to then set it up, I got as far as enabling roaming mode, and the icon showed that the system had made a connection to my Belkin-ASDL-G router. I launched Firefox, which momentarily showed Google home page(where I'd been last when using a wired lan), then it changed to "Server not found".
I've tried rebooting several times, but it remains the same. Each time the dongle led lights up, the icon shows it trying to make a connection to the correct network, but it fails to do so.

On another pc on this network, I looked in the router settings for DHCP client list, and this client has now vanished from the list where it had been showing before. Possible complications may come from a setting in the client list that still shows up with the same host name, generated by an earlier attempt with a different usb dongle.

So two questions - do I need to find out how to remove the old client first, if so how ? And secondly, does anyone recognize the symptoms and can offer a solution ?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Cannot Setup OpenDNS FamilyShield On 8.04 Hardy Heron

Jul 3, 2010

I am having trouble setting up FamilyShield on an Ubuntu 8.04 system. The setup instructions on this (opendns.com) site are for newer versions of Ubuntu. Network Manager settings are different in 8.04 and don't correspond to the instructions. However, given the age of this computer, it cannot run a newer version of Ubuntu, and 8.04 is an LTS supported until 2011,

Complicating matters is I am living as a guest, so do not have the option of setting FamilyShield on the router. It must be done on my computer.

Here's what I've tried:

go to DNS Tab and add the FamilyShield DNS numbers. BTW, there are two DNS numbers from the internet owner's ISP (Roadrunner) automatically in here already, along with "socal.rr.com" in the Search Domains field. If I try to delete them, they reappear when I reboot. If I add FamilyShield DNS numbers here, either along with, or in place of the ones that automatically appear here, they do not take, and on next boot FamilyShield DNS numbers are gone, but "socal.rr.com" DNS and search domains reappear.

I've also tried:

sudo gedit /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.com
and added following line at the end:

prepend domain-name-servers,
When I reboot the system, I'm still using the assigned DNS numbers from "socal.rr.com".

I was able to try a newer version of Ubuntu (on a different machine) on this network, and it worked fine with the setup instructions. So this appears to be a problem specific to how Ubuntu version 8.04 handles DNS number changes.

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Ubuntu :: Hardy Heron Kept Dropping Network Connection (both Wired And Wireless)?

Apr 30, 2010

using Hardy Heron on a old Thinkpad T41.This is a fresh install system and I noticed it kept dropping wireless connection. After google around, seems like this is a common problem? Then I switched to wired network, and turned out the same thing happens again. Looks like doesn't matter wired or wireless, it kept dropping itself from time to time.
fter checking syslog, I found something interesting...it kept complain eth0 is invalid, then it said it found a better connection?I found that extremely weird..

Apr 30 06:24:32 support kernel: [ 961.236895] e1000: eth0: e1000_clean_tx_irq: Detected Tx Unit Hang


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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Install A PCI Wireless Adapter TRENDnet Model TEW-623PI In Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS

Jul 10, 2010

I can't install a PCI Wireless Adapter TRENDnet model TEW-623PI in my Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS.

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Hardware :: Huawei EC 1260 To Work On Hardy-Heron - Device Doesn't Create Any Entry In /dev/ttyUSB

Apr 20, 2010

I am having trouble with my new Huawei USB modem. It gets detected and lsusb shows me the vendor id and product id as 12d1 : 140b Huawei Technologies Pvt Ltd but the device does not create any entry in /dev/ttyUSB* am i missing something?

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Ubuntu :: Reconfiguring - Reinstall Hardy Heron On A New (smaller) Partition From The Free Space Partition

Jun 15, 2010

Currently, my partitions are set up as such:

83GB ext3 free space
~10GB ntfs HP/Vista Recovery Partition
~93GB Ubuntu (Hardy Heron)

I tried to just have two partitions (recovery and ubuntu), but because of the different file systems, and the placement of the hp recovery partition, it has to be right in the middle. This is basically what I want to do:

1) Reinstall Hardy Heron on a new (smaller) partition from the free space partition.
2) Once it's working properly, format the rest of the hard drive (getting rid of the recovery partition) and create a single ext3 partition.
3) Install another distro on this new partition.

Does anyone foresee any complications with all this slicing and dicing of my hard drive for which I should/could prepare?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade Hp MIE 8.04 Hardy To 10.04?

May 2, 2010

I am trying to upgrade my Hp MIE 8.04 Hardy to 10.04, how to do this.

It is the original install of HP MIE but when I use something like:


update-manager --devel-release

I install updates, but when i re-check it does not display upgrade available.

The update manager looks different due to the MIE interface. Is there another, better way to do this?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cannot Upgrade From Hardy

Jun 15, 2010

I am using a dell mini with Hardy and do not seem to be able to upgrade at all. I have tried following the instructions in the ubuntu documentation but the upgrade manager finds no new releases to upgrade to. Does anyone have any suggestions on what my be preventing me from upgrading? My goal is to get to 10.04.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Black Screen After Kernel Upgrade In Hardy?

Mar 3, 2010

Yesterday I upgraded the kernel from 2.6.24-26-generic to 2.6.24-27-generic (I'm still using Hardy Heron). After upgrade I uninstalled the previous Nvidia driver installation:

sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-96.43.13-pkg1.run --uninstall
and did a install with


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Ubuntu Installation :: Gutsy To Hardy - Extracting Upgrade Failed

Mar 29, 2010

# do-release-upgrade
Checking for a new ubuntu release
Failed Upgrade tool signature
Failed Upgrade tool
Done downloading
extracting '/tmp/tmpDtqG4L/hardy.tar.gz'
Failed to extract

Extracting the upgrade failed. There may be a problem with the network or with the server.

# cat $HOME/.update-manager-core/meta-release
Dist: hardy
Name: Hardy Heron
Version: 8.04 LTS
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 12:00:00 UTC
Supported: 1
Description: This is the 8.04 LTS release
Release-File: [URL]
ReleaseNotes: [URL]
UpgradeTool: [URL]
UpgradeToolSignature: [URL]

Changing this to ...old-releases.ubuntu didn't help, either.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade From Hardy To Lucid Cannot Start Nevernote

Feb 22, 2011

After in place upgrade from Hardy to Lucid cannot start Nevernote. Removed existing version/reinstalled/removed and upgraded. No love. However, System Monitor shows that nevernote.sh is sleeping.

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Ubuntu :: Why A Hardy/Hardy Dual-boot Shouldn't Work

Jan 5, 2010

I've had issues with the later versions of Ubuntu, so in an effort to road-test Firefox 3.5 on Hardy I'd like to change my Karmic/Hardy dual boot to a Hardy/Hardy dual boot, and follow the instructions in [URL] to put the Mozilla build of 3.5 on the new installation.

I can't see any reason why a Hardy/Hardy dual-boot shouldn't work, but does anyone know of any issues with this I might not be aware of?

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Ubuntu :: Lost Xp In Duel Boot After Hardy Upgrade / Get That Back?

Jun 6, 2010

I've just had a phone call from an 8.04/win xp duel boot user who has lost the boot entry to xp after a 8.04 update. I guessed at a system upgrade but she checked and is still on Hardy. They write and only have the xp for printing as there is no Linux support for the cannon printer. Using the printer is important. I've said I'll pop round and try to sort it out. Any ideas how I can do this. Update grub in recovery mode maybe or if I need the command line what should I try? I'd like to know before calling as though I'm not quite a novice this isn't a problem I've had to cope with since grub 2 beta ( didn't solve it then either an am still using 9.04 ). Hacking legacy will be new to me. As this is a writers machine with all her work on it I'd regard it as a critical pc, don't want to mess things up for her.

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General :: Slow And Poorly Working Karmic Koala After Upgrade From Hardy

Jan 21, 2010

I reinstalled Ubuntu on my HP pc-40 computer. I used to run Hardy Heron and am now running Karmic Koala. The cd drive which had had issues for a while, broke after finishing the install, when I tried to get the cd out.I dont know if this has anything to do with it, or if my computer is too old for Karmic Koala, or if possibly the harddrive didn't appreciate being overwritten a second time - but the graphics are not working well (small squares of previous windows linger in my present browser window*)everythin is much slower, and many applications come up without a border, or their windows cant be moved with the mouse.

To top it off, while I tried to fix a bug with the terminal (no border) and uninstalled it, I couldnt install it back. So no terminal, which really makes even a newbie like me sad.If I cant solve it in a few days I will probably try to install a smaller distro via USB - I think Slax can be installed straight to USB without a live cd?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install Software On 8.04 LTS Hardy?

Mar 21, 2011

How can Install this program on Ubuntu 8.04 hardy



Located in:


media/FreeAgent drive/Fedora/Ubuntu

Terminal code I have to use:


sudo apt-get install winzip140

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Ubuntu Installation :: Make Hardy Recognize A CD Of Deb Files?

Jan 31, 2010

I'm using Hardy Heron. I'd like to keep using it. I mean forever.

I have several old PCs, and in the past few years I've installed 8.04 several times. Every time I install, it downloads about 184 updates... a slow process.

I would like to put all the .deb files on a CD (or flash drive) so that future installs won't need to download these updates.

Question 1: How do I get a newly installed version of Hardy Heron to recognize that there are files on the CD, and so use them rather than downloading the files. I think that maybe just copying the files to /var/cache/apt/archive might work.

Question 2: I once loved version 7 of Ubuntu like I love 8.04 now. But when I try to install it, it won't update anything anymore and it seems unable to find any additional software for version 7. Now I've abandoned version 7, but is there a way to download hundreds of deb files for Hardy Heron, save them to a CD, to ensure that I can continue to use Hardy Heron in say, the year 2012, and have access to all of its non-standard packages, and still be able to install other packages which are located on CD?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 8.04 Hardy To 9.10 Koala - Server Hosted

Mar 8, 2010

Made an account specially for this. I have a server hosted with iWeb and obviously cant just stick the CD in and fresh install. Im looking to upgrade the entire server to 9.10 all through SSH or within 8.04's GUI all the while not having to reboot until its ready to run and configured otherwise im left with an inactive server...

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Ubuntu Installation :: Hardy Libboost 1.38.0 Cant Find Even After Install?

Apr 16, 2010

My error was and still is

error while loading shared libraries: libboost_thread-mt.so.1.38.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
I updated repositories from this Launchpad user
-> boost1.38 - 1.38.0-6ubuntu2~hardy1


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Ubuntu Installation :: Hardy 8.04 And Windows Xp Dual Boot - Get Nothing?

Apr 20, 2010

I have Hardy Heron 8.04 already on my comp and loving it, however I would also like to have Windows xp on as well, I try to install but get nothing, just directed to the sign in page for linux.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrading From Hardy To Karmic In The Presence Of RAID?

Jan 24, 2010

I really want Python 2.6, which is not part of the standard Hardy packages. I just tried installing the Python 2.6 Linux distro direct from python.org. While I didn't see any error messages during the installation, I'm still defaulting to Python 2.5, and 2.6 installed to a different folder than 2.5.

A secondary wish: I would also like GROMACS 4.0 instead of 3.3. Again, Karmic has it as standard, Hardy doesn't.

I'm running dual hard drives in a software RAID1 configuration. My system is Linux only, so I have no Windoze compatibility issues to worry about.

Still, I've gathered that upgrading in the presence of RAID is different, and more problematic, than a standard upgrade.

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Ubuntu Installation :: No Internet Connection When Upgrading From Hardy To Karmic

Apr 17, 2010

I did an upgrade over the internet and on rebooting after it had completed there was no internet connection. I wired in an ethernet cable and although I can access the router and ping another machine on the network, there is no internet connection.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Hardy - Lucid: Wireless Not Ok For Added Users

May 8, 2010

After installation, I had no problems using wireless. Next, I added a new user (with administrative access). Now, when I log in as the new user, nm-applet doesn't appear in the panel and there is no wireless access. I've tried adding the Notification Area (nothing appears), making sure that the new user can connect to networks, etc with no success. System Monitor shows that nm-applet is sleeping. When I restart and login as myself, everything is still working fine. Computer: Computer: Dell Latitude D600

- Ram: 1 GB
- HD: Hitachi ATA HTS541680J9AT00
- OS: Win XP Pro & Ubuntu 10.04
- OS: win XP pro 32 & Ubuntu 10.04
- Network Controller: Broadcom BCM 4306

What additional info should I provide to assist diagnosis?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Lucid / Hardy Triple Boot Query

May 28, 2010

I'm currently running Hardy and XP in a dual boot setup. I want to install Lucid but don't want to overwrite my working Hardy partition and am worried by the number of reported problems with Grub2. XP is currently taking up all of my first hard drive. Second hard drive is : Hardy, then swap, then separate /home. After a bit of research, does this sound like a good plan ? ...

- Use gparted from the Live CD to shrink my Windows partition (then make sure XP still boots OK )
- Create a new partition after XP on drive 1
- Install Lucid in this new partition, using Advanced option, and tell it use my existing swap and home partitions on drive 2 (with no format, of course)
- Write Grub to this new partition
- Boot Hardy, and edit grub manually ( or use StartUp Manager, will it detect Lucid and add it as an option ? )
- Reboot and get options for Hardy, XP, and Lucid.

Does that sound correct, especially the Grub bits? When I'm happy that Lucid is OK I'll probably install Grub from it to the MBR.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Lost Power While Upgrading To Lucid From Hardy?

Aug 8, 2010

I tried to upgrade my kubuntu 8.04 LTS to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS as given here. Actually I wanted to upgrade to kubuntu. The download completed successfully. However,while upgrading the power went off and left the computer in bad state. Now I see multiple two entries for both

kubuntu 8.04.4 LTS, Kernel 2.6.24-28-generic
kubuntu 8.04.4 LTS, Kernel 2.6.24-28-generic (recovery mode)

in grub. Since I am not that familiar with ubuntu(in general linux), I would like
When I tried to boot in first two of these I get the following error message and it remains in command-line mode.

libudev: udev_monitor_new_from_netlink: error getting socket: Invalid argument
[ 20.839013] wait-for-root[946]: segfault at 00000030 eip b774bf2b esp bfb33340 error 4
Segmentation fault


However, the mount points are not having anything. It is like nothing got mounted. I would suspect there should be some way where I should be able to locate the downloaded upgrade stuff and apply it afresh again from start. Is this something possible?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Non-existent URL Updating Hardy - Can't Find Certain Deb Files

Aug 18, 2010

Updating Hardy using Update Manager. It complains it can't find certain deb files: with good reason, the whole directory level is missing on the archive. For instance: archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-image-2.6.24-28-generic_2.6.24-28.73_i386.deb

There is no directory /ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux on archive.ubuntu.com. The ls-lR.gz file, however, claims that there is such a directory and that it contains the deb file I'm looking for. Am I not seeing straight or is something really whacked on the archive?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Inspiron 1501 WinXP/Hardy/Karmic Unintentional Quintuple Boot?

Feb 23, 2010

I've just had to reinstall WinXP on a Dell Inspiron 1501. An ideal opportunity to try out Ubuntu. First I tried a WinXP/Hardy Heron dual boot - all seems okay. Next WinXP/Karmic dual boot - all seems okay. Then, why not, WinXP/Hardy/Karmic triple boot - all seems okay. Playing with each OS I noticed that Hardy had a couple of update notifications. So I opened Update Manager, went on-line, hit [Check] and was informed that there were 200+ Important Security Updates - I installed these. Better check Karmic too - similar story, installed 200+ updates. Everything still seems okay in WinXP, Hardy and Karmic. However, I've just noticed that the Grub2 boot menu now displays eight "Ubuntu" lines, as opposed to the four lines I had originally

Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31-19-generic
Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31-19-generic (recovery mode)
Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31-14-generic
Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31-14-generic (recovery mode)...


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