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Ubuntu / Apple :: Install With REFIt On MacBook Pro: Grub Apparently Messed Up My Windows 7 Boot?

This seems to be a variant of a problem many people have had, but after several hours trawling through various forums, I haven't seen a reliable match for my situation.In brief:Adding a third boot partition (of Ubuntu) to my existing dual boot of OSX 10.6 and Windows 7 seems to have crippled the Windows boot from working, because Grub apparently takes over the process. Yet Grub does *not* appear to be on the Windows partition.

More verbose:I have an older MacBook Pro (3.1, running Snow Leopard) that I recently refitted with a new 240GB SSD HD. With the extra space (it was previously only 120GB) I decided to add a dual boot with Windows 7 using bootcamp. This all went swimmingly well.Encouraged, I decided to follow this Lifehacker article's suggestion and triple-boot the machine with Ubuntu (I'd never used Linux before):So I now have the nice rEFIt boot partition selection screen, and, indeed, I'm up and running in Ubuntu, and enjoying it.

Only one problem: I can't get into Windows any more. If I try to go in through rEFIt *or* by holding down OPT at startup and selecting the windows partition directly, the result is the same: I get thrown into Grub's selector, and selecting the Windows partition from there leads to an error message and a dead end.Having read through numerous postings, I get the impression that Grub is doing something or living somewhere that it ought not to be, but in most cases I've seen, people had accidentally installed Grub onto the Windows partition (or indeed onto EVERY partition). So far as I can tell, this isn't the case with me. Here's my boot summary:

Boot Info Script 0.55 dated February 15th, 2010
============================= Boot Info Summary: ==============================


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Ubuntu / Apple :: Refit AND Windows Both Boot To GRUB?
First up, assume i know nothing about computers. I have a MBP 5,5, and choosing the logo for windows brings up the grub menu, as does choosing ubuntu's logo. I've read a lot saying i need to install GRUB natively under ubuntu, but I've had no luck doing so. can anyone essentially walk me through this step by step? or offer alternatives?

MBP 5,5
OS X 10.6.4
Win 7
ubuntu 10.04

Posted: August 3rd, 2010

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Ubuntu / Apple :: REFIt Won't Boot The Windows
My friend has an older Macbook Pro (circa 2006) and she installed Ubuntu 11.04 on it but the Appleloader wouldn't boot it directly (to boot to ubuntu I had to use super grub disk 2 to load grub2). I never got it to work correctly. She just updated rEFIt and it displays all the icons for windows and linux now, but she can't boot either of them, it just gives her a black screen with a blinking cursor up in the left-hand corner.I suggested the easiest way to fix it would be to wipe everything and start over, but she doesn't want to. I barely know anything about macs and all the triple boot guides I've found are for fresh installs.

Posted: June 29th, 2011

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Refit - Want To Change Windows Icon To Penguin On Boot Up
I got ReFit installed on my macbook but I get two icons: the apple and a grey windows sign. I want the penguin, so any ideas on how to change the horrendous Windows icon to the cute much-wanted penguin?

Posted: January 24th, 2010

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Access Partitions From Windows On ReFIT-based Triple Boot?
I have installed reFIT-based triple boot. Here is the partition scheme:1. GPT Protective Partition (GPT and MFT). Mac OS X (GPT and MFT)3. Windows 7 64-bit C: (GPT and MFT)4. Windows 7 64-bit D: (GPT and MFT)5. Ubuntu 10.04 / (only GPT)6. Ubuntu 10.04 swap (only GPT)Windows only supports MFT and thus sees last two partitions (5 and 6) as unallocated space. Can I somehow make it see these partitions to be able to access files from Ubuntu?P.S. I know this is rather Windows problem, but I don't know any good forums where I can ask that, because mostly on these forums the answer is "Why would you need anything but Windows?".

Posted: March 24th, 2011

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Windows 7 Not Showing Up Under Grub For Macbook Pro
I am trying to triple boot osx, win7 and ubuntu 10.10 on my macbook pro. This is the way I did it:

-Installed osx and created 2 partitions in disk utility, one for osx and another formated as dos fat to manually hybritized my drive and allow for windows installation (the new bootcamp is currently messed up, so can't do it that way).

-Installed win7 by bio booting the cd, and deleting the formatted partition (dos fat) and creating a new one via win installation.

-Installed ubuntu by bios booting the cd and creating its own partition in setup.

Now, when I turn on my macbook and press alt, 2 icons come up, mac and windows (so good so far!). But when I go into the windows option, grub loads and I see 5 entries:

-Ubuntu safe mode
-OSX 32 bit
-OSX 64 bit

Obviously osx is not going to boot under bios boot. But where is win7 that should be in the list?

Posted: January 23rd, 2011

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Remove GRUB And Just Use REFIt
I have OS X, Ubuntu 10 x64 and Windows 7 x64 installed on my Macbook Pro new unibody. Right now when I choose Windows or Linux in the rEFIt boot menu both options take me to the GRUB menu, and I can boot everything but it's a bit redundant and annoying.

Posted: July 21st, 2010

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Grub/rEFIt Can't Run A Live CD
I decided that I wanted to take Arch for a spin for the next week or so (I've had Ubuntu installed for a while) and so I thought the logical thing to do was to erase my partitions and start over with a new live cd...

Well.. that didn't work. I tried to do it from Disk Utility in OS X which succeeded in deleting most everything... EXCEPT grub is still in the mbr (or whatever it runs from through rEFIt). But all I see when I start up in the non-OS X partition is:


At any rate, no Live CDs work, I can't delete the partitions from OS X (including after booting up from the OS X Install disk).

If I hit F1 I can get the "grub>" prompt. But I can't figure out how to launch a live cd. To my knowlege, there's not a "bios" for rEFIt where I can force it to boot from CD, is there?

Posted: March 16th, 2010

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Macbook 8,1 - Natty / Grub 2 Does Not Install?
I am able to install 11.04 (64bit) on my MBP, but after installation I cannot boot into it.[URL]...


This information will not work for iMac (11,1) users installing recent versions of Ubuntu (e.g., Maverick). The presence of the bios-grub partition that the Ubuntu installer creates by default (e.g., sda3) causes a conflict that prevents syncing the GPT and MBR partition tables. Deleting sda3 does not help since grub2 requires that bios-grub partition, nor will it use either sda or sda4 aborting with the error: "This GPT partition table has no BIOS boot partition; embedding won't be possible!". So installing Ubuntu with the bios-grub partition fails and installing without it fails. See "Single-Boot". And this seems to be the problem, as trying to re-install grub from the live-cd results in that error message. Looking at this forum there are a lot of people running ubuntu on the same laptop, so my question is: How??

Posted: June 20th, 2011

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Ubuntu / Apple :: REFIt Wont Boot On USB?
I have installed Kubuntu (10.10) on top of OSX (10.6) on my MacBook (7.1). When I start the computer, rEFIt asks me if I want to boot on OSX or Linux. When a USB key is plugged in and bootable, rEFIt also asks me if I want to boot on it. However, if I select the USB key, rEFIt still boots Linux on my HDD! What did I wrong?

Posted: November 10th, 2010

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Long Delay On Boot Before Loading Refit
I have a 5,2 macbook pro, and I use refit to boot my ubuntu partition. I do not have an OSX partition on the local drive at all. The only partitions that are on the drive are the EFI, ubuntu and swap. Refit lives on the EFI dos partition.I am experiencing a very long delay on power-on before the system will load refit (probably 20-30 seconds) Once it loads everything is normal.

Posted: April 23rd, 2010

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Install Mac Os X On Macbook Alongside Existing Single-boot?
I have installed Ubuntu 10.10 as the only OS on my Macbook 2,1's entire hard drive (used Live CD to reformat and install). Now I am wondering if it is possible to add a partition and install Mac OS X Snow Leopard alongside Ubuntu, for dual boot purposes. I have seen a lot of documentation for doing this the other way around--adding a Ubuntu partition to an existing Mac OS X installation, but I haven't found an answer for adding OSX to existing Ubuntu. If anyone knows anything about this

Posted: November 2nd, 2010

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Macbook Pro Sees Ubuntu As Windows, Won't Boot?
I have a Macbook Pro 3,1 (2007, Santa Rosa) and I'd like to install Ubuntu 10.0.4 LTS which I downloaded from this site and burned to CD on an Intel iMac.urn seems fine, as CD appears as Ubuntu 10.0.4 on the iMac desktop. Upon trying to boot my Macbook Pro from the Ubuntu CD, whilel holding down the Alt key, my boot options are the Macbook Pro hard disk and a CD icon that says Windows. (Why does it say Windows?)After selectinghis CD as the boot device, the CD starts to load, the screen goes almost darkyou can faintly see the desktop), then after about a minute the screen goes black. Throughout this time I can hear the CD spinning up and down

Posted: November 20th, 2010

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OpenSUSE Install :: Upgrade 11.1 To 11.2 Messed Up Boot/grub?
I just did an upgrade from 11.1 to 11.2 and can not boot to OpenSUSE any more. That happened when the first reboot was starting after finishing the upgrade from the DVD. I tried to find the issue and use the repair system with no luck yet. Now I get no gfx for grub

The only thing I managed is to add the windows boot section for windows but I can not seem to boot to opensuse.



Posted: 27-Nov-2009 13:26

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Macbook Pro 5,3 Boots To Cursor, No Grub?
I've just successfully installed Ubuntu 11.04 on my macbook pro, but when I boot, I just get a blinking cursor. I've tried the following to try to fix it, with nothing working:Press "Shift" to boot into GRUB (result: doesn't respond)Using liveCD, edit grub settings to allow for this (result: same as before).Chroot using liveCD to install required video packages (result: updates work, but installing new or upgradingexisting packages fails because it can't properly start jobs. I assume this is because it wants to use resources that would exist if the system were truly booted from the HD but the resources don't exist in the LiveCD environment)Chroot using LiveCD and try using jockey-text to install NVidia drivers as suggested on by command line instead of by GUI.Can't connect to certain sockets (the device files don't respond because they're not in the active system, I guess).

Posted: July 11th, 2011

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Single Boot On Macbook Pro ?
I've recently wiped by hard drive of mac osx and installed ubuntu. My problem is that i have no proprietary drivers and i cant get internet (wired and wireless) to work. I was wondering if this problem could be due to the fact that i dont have drivers for my ethernet.

I also had a slight problem when installed ubuntu. The install itself when through fine, but after completion, i received a prompt saying that I needed to restart. after clicking ok to restart, i received a string of error, and my cd ejected. when i retstarted after that, ubuntu loaded fine, but no wired or wireless internet for me.

I've reinstalled a few times and i have the same problem. Everyone i talk to says its strange that ethernet doesnt work.

Posted: June 16th, 2010

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Ubuntu / Apple :: MacBook Pro 8,1 Cannot Boot From LiveCD
I've got a Macbook Pro with rEFIt and Windows 7 installed (I'm not sure if this is relevant), and I'm running into an issue when I try to boot from the LiveCD or a USB (64 bit, due to 4GB RAM).

If I boot from the CD, the Ubuntu splash shows fine, but I run into the error message:
"(initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system"

I tried then to boot from the USB using rEFIt, but it just gets stuck at the grey screen with tux. The disk images both are OK.

Posted: June 18th, 2011

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Successful 10.10 Boot On MacBook Pro 5,3
Thought that I would share my story of trying to get a USB thumbdrive to boot ubuntu on my MacBook Pro. I originally bought a 32Gb flash drive thinking that it would be as simple as throwing ubuntu on and pressing go. I soon found out the hard way that Apple won't let you boot BIOS(Legacy) OS's from a thumbdrive. A long learning curve later, I could successfully boot the ubuntu Kernel from my thumbdrive alone. I partitioned my drive into 4 partitions an EFI boot partition(1) a fat32 boot partition(2) an ext4 filesystem(3) and a HFS+ rEFIt partition(4).

After following the steps put forth on [URL] I was able to configure grub to properly load the ubuntu kernel, however, it would crash every time I tried booting. I edited my grub.cfg file to load /bin/sh on startup, and that got me to boot into an SH shell, but nonetheless startx would not properly load. A headache and a half later, I discovered that ubuntu does NOT like being booted from EFI. I could have continued these shenanigans and tried to get ubuntu to boot using EFI, but I took the lazy route out.

Apple does not let you boot USB from BIOS, but it does, however, let you boot CD's from BIOS. I burnt a copy of the "Super GRUB2 Disk" from [URL]. Poped it in my CD tray, held 'C' when booting, grub2 loaded, pressed 'detect os' and it booted. Everything works great, video drivers, usb drivers, everything is exactly like if ubuntu was on my HD, and to be honest the speed is GREAT - I would almost go far enough to say that it is faster than booting from a HD, the only issue is that without a SWAP partition, the memory fills up rather fast, and sometimes you have to wait for that to catch up.

To recap:
Step 1: Install Ubuntu to a thumbdrive just like you would a HD
Step 2: Burn the "Super GRUB2 Disk" from supergrubdisk
Step 3: Hold 'C' when booting -> detect OS's
Step 4: Boot from Ubuntu on you Flashdrive, Enjoy!

Posted: April 12th, 2011

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Macbook Just Refuses To Boot?
Have a 4.1 Macbook. Tried to install Ubuntu 10.4 on it. Looked at everything I can find to no end. Downloaded rEFIt, didn't help just comes up with black screen and blinking line.Then tried to boot it through Virtualbox, get an error about my Intel core not being capable of 64 bit, called apple they said that it is and the version i downloaded was the Ubuntu 32 bit anyway

Posted: October 2nd, 2010

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Macbook Won't Boot From Installation CD?
I have both a bootable USB install of 10.10 Desktop, which I've confirmed on my netbook (which runs Ubuntu) works fine, and a CD install disk, and my MacBook will not boot the USB and the CD isn't working right. I have a flaky superdrive, which is why I'm attempting the USB approach as well. I burned the CD from my son's computer and I'm sure it's fine.

I'm running Leopard 10.5.8.

Posted: December 2nd, 2010

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Ubuntu / Apple :: 10.04 CD Doesn't Boot On MacBook 5,2?
I downloaded and burned the 32-bit desktop edition of Lucid Lynx (ubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386.iso) but can't boot it on my MacBook model 5,2. I've installed rEFIt. When I boot from the CD holding down the C key on hearing the boot chime, Ubuntu doesn't boot. A purple background with a keyboard and the accessibility icon shows up, then the screen goes black with a blinking underscore at the top left corner. After a little while, the marker disappears and the screen goes black. After that, nothing happens. I left my MacBook that way for a couple of minutes, but still nothing happened. Any clues about what the problem may be? Should I wait longer at the black screen? I burned the CD at low speed (16x) and verified the disc after burning.

Posted: May 14th, 2010

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Ubuntu / Apple :: MacBook Pro Boot Time Very Slow
How do I speed up the Macbook Pro boot time? In OSX when I boot it goes directly to the mac logo. In Ubuntu there seems to be a 10 second or more hesitation before it access my hard drive. Is there anyway to change some settings in the BIOS / EFI?

Posted: November 4th, 2010

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Macbook Air 3.2 Doesn't Boot Usb Installer?
Trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 on new Apple Macbook Air 3.2 with USB key. I'm able to partition and install REFIT fine, but when I tell REFIT to boot from the USB key, it goes to black and says "boot error".I then tried dd'ing the USB key partition to a local partition on the Macbook Air and booting that via a suggestion from another thread. It actually started loading the purple Ubuntu bootsplash-looking background then went straight to black even before the screen to select "try" or "install". Anyone know how to get the install USB to boot?

Posted: November 2nd, 2010

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Installer Failed To Install Grub Boot Loader - Trying To Finish The Install NOW
Toward the end of installing Ubuntu 10.10 32bit (Alt CD) on my iMac 11,1, the installer asked me to type in the location for installing the grub boot loader.

I told it to use /dev/sda3 and it immediately failed. I'm still in the installer. Can anyone suggest a solution?

Here are my partitions on sda:

...from the shell in the installer, there is no grub.cfg in /target/boot/grub.

Posted: October 16th, 2010

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Macbook 7.1 - Single Versus Dual Boot?
I have a Macbook 7.1 (the white one)
2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
2GB DDR3 memory
250GB hard drive

I'd like to install Ubuntu on it because I really love the way Ubuntu is developing and becoming much more user friendly. My use will mainly be for browsing, working with wordprocessors and maybe downloading series from torrents. My question is, should I dual boot or single boot? My personal preference is to single-boot, I just like the idea of having one OS running on the machine. What are the cons of doing that? Also, If I want to dual boot just to keep the firmware updates. How much space should I designate for Ubuntu and how much for Mac OS?

Posted: March 10th, 2011

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