Software :: No Xine Executable After Installing Xine-lib And Xine-ui?

Jan 8, 2009

fc-9-live-usb i installed xine-lib then xine-ui using:

./configure --prefix=/usr && make && sudo make install
but it didnt create a xine executable


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Slackware :: Xine Back End, Shutdown, And Logout / Getting The Xine Error?

May 30, 2010

I have just installed Slackware 13.1 32bit. My hardware is a P-4 3Ghz with a gig of ram. Intel on board graphic and sound.

This is the best implementation of Kde I have used so far. Slack 13.1 is amazing. The install went very well and everything we configured properly.

My problem is when I start Kde or try to shut dowm or logout I get the same error for knotify: Unable to use the Xine Multimedia Backend:Could not find plugin 'Xine' for application 'Knotify'

I get this same error with the application name at the end of it. If I open amarok I get the same error message with amarok at the end. If I try to click a misic file in dolphin same error message.

When I try to shut down or log out from menu I get the xine error and nothing happens. The only way I can log out is Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to get to the KDM log in screen and then I am able to shut down from the menu.

I have been looking on the forum and using google but have found nothing useful.

The error pops up when I try to play a cd or music on the hard drive.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Choppy Sound In Gnome - Installing Xine Backend ?

Jul 23, 2011

In Gnome and XFCE I always have a choppy music playback. The music is never played smoothly. There is always hesitations in the playback, as if the CPU is running on 100% and cannot cope with the system load.

One of the reasons for that is (in my case) Pulseaudio.

Another reason is Gstreamer. When I choose Gstreamer as backend in KDE, I get the same choppy musicplayback as in Gnome or XFCE. With Xine as backend in KDE, everything is fine. So my conclusion is: with Xine, the sound would be fine in Gnome too.

So, I wonder if it is possible to use Xine as backend in Gnome too. Does anyone have experience with running Xine in Gnome and/or XFCE? What do I need to do to set Gnome/XFCE, so that it uses Xine instead of Gstreamer?

Or is there maybe a special setting, I have to apply? In gstreamer-properties I have tried all possible settings, but this didnīt change anything to the quality of sound.

My experience is also: this choppy sound is hardware-independend. It doesnīt matter which hardware I use, the sound is choppy. It is also distro-independend. The sound is choppy in openSUSE (gnome and in KDE with applied Gstreamer backend), in Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Fedora with Gnome, Linux Mint with Gnome.

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Fedora :: Xine Not Playing ANy Files ?

Jan 23, 2010

I've been using Xine for a while now, and all of the sudden when I try to play an audio file I get this message saying ( The stream " There is no Mrl" uses an unsupported codec:

codec: MPEG 1/2 (0x0) Star Playback Anyway?)

Anyway it will not play any video or audio files. Has anyone seen this type of message before?

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Fedora :: No Sound .mov Files - Xine

Jul 12, 2010

It seems that i have to install the win32 codec package in order to play .mov files with xine !! how can i install these codecs ?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Xine Cant Find Dvd?

Jan 28, 2010

I a trying to get DVD playback working on 11.2 64 KDE 3.5I did the one click install.Kaffeine is now broken)I launch xine from the command line and get this when I select DVDYou can see the DVD STRAWBERRY_MARSHMALLOW_VOL1 udf 4.3 GB 0.0 KB in under "my computer" in the image and it shows up under /mediaI have disk and cdrom enabled under my user account. What else do I have to configure so xine can access the DVD drive?

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Fedora :: Use Xine As The Backend For Totem

Jun 22, 2010

I want to use xine as the backend for totem and I am advised to run totem-backend:

[root@june tim]# totem-backend -b xine
Command not found.
[root@june tim]#

how to install totem-backend

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General :: Xine Not Recognizing DVD Format?

Jan 15, 2011

I am trying to get my DVD to view on my Dell D610 laptop running Fedora 14 LXDE. Error messages:

Xine engine log console:
lirc: cannot initialise - disabling remote control
lirc: maybe lircd isn't running or you can't connect to the socket?


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Software :: Skins For Xine - Download?

Mar 29, 2010

Looking for skins for xine

Using Debian Lenny
xine version:
This is xine (X11 gui) - a free video player v0.99.6cvs. (c) 2000-2007 The xine Team.

I would like to try a different skin for xine. Is there a package I can download? I would like something besides black. It gets hard to see things at times.

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Software :: Trying To Play ASF Files In Xine

Mar 13, 2010

Using Debian Lenny. I downloaded a video and am trying to play it in xine.

It is an ASF file and I get the following error:

codec error:

I also got the same error using Mplayer, and ffplay It starts playing the video and I get sound, but then it stops.

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Slackware :: XINE In 64-13.37 - No VDPAU Driver?

May 18, 2011

As the title says, I don't see a 'VDPAU' option for video driver, in XINE config? I have installed Nvidia proprietary drivers (260.something) and XINE user level is set to 'Master of the known universe'...

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CentOS 5 :: Xine Installation Using Yum Fails

Apr 22, 2009

I am not able to install xine using yum. Please let me know what needs to be done to resolve this issue

[root@star ~]# yum -y install xine
Loading "installonlyn" plugin
Setting up Install Process


I have to make any changes to /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo file

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Fedora :: Totem / Xine Freezing System

Sep 25, 2009

xine freezes completely and totem freezes when I resize video. Sounds like a library problem.

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Fedora :: Xine Can't Find MPEG 1/2 Codec?

Nov 13, 2009

I am having some trouble with xine, and because of this I cannot get any media player to work. When I try to play mp3's in Amarok, nothing happens and the song does not play. When I try to open xine, it opens a window that says

The stream 'There is no MRL' uses an unsupported codec:
Video Codec: MPEG 1/2 (0x0)
Start playback anyway?


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Fedora :: Unable To Install Xine Plugin?

Jun 26, 2010

after installing xine, i tried to install the rpm plugin in order to play mp3 files but i got the following problem:

# yum install xine-lib-extras-freeworld
Loaded plugins: presto, refresh-packagekit
Setting up Install Process


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OpenSUSE :: Xine And GStreamer - Sliders Not Working

Apr 18, 2010

I have a couple of audio problems that are bugging me.
The first one:
I have two backends for phonon: Xine and Gstreamer. :
Xine has the following devices listed:
And GStreamer has the following:

Almost everything works good with Gstreamer except that I cannot skip through song length in amarok (cannot do Fast forward or rewind). I have some long songs (non-stop remixes) and I want to play at different positions. If I select Xine backend, skipping works, but I get a new problem. The PCM slider (which I use as the main slider to work for both Master and LFE (subwoofer) I have) won't work. It won't respond to PCM slider. and The master channel works only if I lower the volume all the way to a little value (around 5%-10%). From withing amarok. If I don't use PCM slider, I cannot lower or raise the volume with one slider. I have to do it manually for both LFE and Master. (See the working sliders below):

Second problem.
My kmix will show these sliders everytime my computer boots.and everytime it works. Working sliders: But each time I "logout" and log back in, I get these sliders instead. I tried creating a new user, but the problem persists. And the problem is that I do not get any sound at all, regardless of sliding every single sliders all the way up.
not_working sliders (which I get ONLY but everytime I logout and log in):
Here is my alsa-info: [URL]

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Xine Plays Dvd's But Thinks It Can't (8.04)?

Jan 21, 2010

In Hardy Heron, after installing xine and the usual stuff, and setting xine as the default dvd player in /etc/gnome/defaults.list in the usual way, and also linking /dev/dvd to /dev/dvd2, when I pop in a commercial dvd for autoplay, or select xine from the context menu to play it, it starts to play fine, but also produces the "source can't be read" messagebox, which goes away after being OK-clicked 10 (exactly!!) times.Launching xine directly from the application menu does not produce this problem.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How Put Totem -xine In Lucid

Jul 7, 2010

How put totem -xine in lucid

I try [url] but I get error. Any other way?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Play Dvds On Vlc Or Xine?

Jul 22, 2010

I'm trying to watch a dvd on Lucid, but not vlc or xine can open it.I have the libdvdnav, libdvdcss and libdvdcss libraries from the medibuntu repositories installed.Here is the log I gget from vlc when I try to play the dvd. It seems as if cannot decode the format.

libdvdnav: Using dvdnav version 4.1.3
libdvdread: Using libdvdcss version 1.2.10 for DVD access


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Xine DVD (iso) Playback Broken In 10.10?

Mar 23, 2011

I recently updated all my desktop/laptop and MythTV boxes to 10.10 and now Xine freezes if I hit any key or try to exit. No error message or anything, just freezes. It happens on ALL my machines. I can watch the movie fine as long as I don't hit any keys

sample launch:

xine --no-splash -V Xv dvd://mnt/mserv/DVD/ZATOICHI.iso

Everything worked fine in 10.04. I would love to eventually switch to MPlayer, VLC, or something else but I haven't found one that reliable supports menus, chapters, multiple audio tracks, 5.1 surround output, etc. from an ISO file. Why has no one caught up to Xine?

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General :: 'Player' Won't Play CD In Centos - Xine Does

Apr 29, 2009

emachines W3115; CentOs 5.3 multiboot, KDE. Sound and video in general has worked fine on this machine. I have played MIDI files, converted them to WAV, and played them with one or more players, including noatun. When I install an audio CD, it brings up a window KDE Daemon which asks if I wish to:

Open in New window Extract and Encode Audio Tracks Play Do nothing. This is standard these days. The problem is, if I click on Play, it brings up a player called "player" which starts running smoothly, but no sound comes out of the speakers. I have no idea what 'player' is. There is no menu on it anywhere. DVD videos work fine, at least the Bonanza one I tried. If I open the CD rom, and right click a .wav file, either 'audio player' or 'mplayer' will play the file. Other choices don't.

*****If I go to the main menu ==> Multimedia and open Xine, then I can click on the CD button on Xine control and it will happily play the entire CD. *****

There are two ways to go on this. Unless someone has an idea what 'player' might be, and some idea how to fix it, another solution which I find suitable is to open XINE, when I click on that window choice stated above when CD is installed, which means I can select ALWAYS.I went to Configure on that mount window, and nothing seemed like it would actually let me configure anything at all. I figurer there is a script file which selects the command when PLAY is selected.

The problem is with a zillion Googles, I get all kinds of player information; all kinds of Centos information; etc., but nothing useful that has anything to do with my problem. how to change PLAY when it asks my choice on an installed CD, so it will run Xine? Note Centos forums does not allow a search on less then 3 characters, which makes it difficult to search for CD information.

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Software :: Install Xine Player In RHEL 5.4?

Oct 29, 2010

how to install xine player in RHEL 5.4

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Slackware :: How To Change Xine Media Setting

Feb 4, 2010

My DVD player is on /dev/hdc but when I put 'xine /dev/hdc' on the command line I get an error saying 'There is no demuxer plugin available to handle /dev/hdc'. If I use the mount point /media/DVD instead of /dev/hdc it works fine. I am trying to get DVDs to play automatically but I can't see how to get xine to look for /media/DVD instead of /dev/hdc. I have tried changing the location on the Settings -> Media tab, and the line which says 'directory a media in dvd device will be mounted' in ~/.xine/config but neither worked.

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Ubuntu :: Xine H.264 Just Play Video And There Is No Audio?

Jan 10, 2011

I recorded a video from my DVB-T device Xine (and other Xine based players like Kaffeine) just play video and there is no audio (While other video formats has no problem! I tried with xine-ui , gxine and Kaffeine). But that video has no problem in mplayer or VLC! this is gxine report on video meta info:

Audio Codec: AAC 2.0 (libfaad)
Audio Format: 6 Channels, 32 bit, 44.1kHz, 54000 bps
Video Codec: h.264/AVC (ffmpeg)
Video Format: 720x576, 25.0 fps, 1.36:1, 0 bps
System layer: MPEG_TS

I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)

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Debian Configuration :: No Video In VLC / Banshee - Xine Not Playing MKV

Sep 2, 2010

I have been using Lenny for about a year now, but for some reason Xine has suddenly stopped playing mkv files. It plays everything else including flash. I only started using xine because the mkv files for some reason suffer from a lag between the video and audio in mplayer. I tried installing banshee and vlc but neither of them show video. So I was left with only Xine and it worked perfectly then it suddenly stops playing mkv. Is there something I need to install or remove, reconfigure? Do I just delete the Xine config folder in my home-folder? Lenny being what it is I can only install what is on the out-dated Lenny repos trying anything else like the unstable releases simply wants to uninstall my entire system.

My machine specs are:
Acer Aspire 8930
Intel Centrino 2
NVidia geforce 9600m GS 512mb
I have the proprietary nVidia graphics drivers installed. So it is powerful enough.

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Fedora :: No Sound With DVB-T Mpeg4 - H246 - Totem And Xine

Jul 3, 2010

I have a USB dongle to watch tv (Asus U3100 mini) that supports DVB-T. I live in portugal and DVB-T here uses MPEG4 h246 codec. Until now the only app I can have image and sound is VLC. However with VLC I can't schedule recordings and other features that totem + gnome-dvb-daemon has (or mythtv, also no sound with it). I have all related gstreamer plugins, ffmpeg, x264 libs and I've tried to install everything related with mpeg and aac. i don't know what I'm missing here, Video with totem is also a little jerky compared to VLC and xine.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Amarok And Xine Crash Upon Startup

Feb 18, 2010

I am running openSUSE 11.2 KDE desktop. (Also use LXDE as an alternative desktop because I am running on a P3 with 512 of RAM.) I originally had followed the guidance at Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums and had Amarok and Xine both working satisfactorily for several weeks. Now, for some reason, both apps begin to load and then crash.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Vlc Plays CDs And DVDs But Xine Or Mplayer Won't

Feb 23, 2010

I have recently installed openSuse 11.2/Gnome. I am having some woes. Vlc plays CDs and DVDs but Xine or Mplayer won't.


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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Configure Phonon's Xine Backend?

Jun 24, 2010

I have installed smplayer, and configured it to use the code...

Kaffeine (and dolphin's video preview) seem to use phonon's xine backend, and I can't find out what video output it uses. I'm guessing its plain old xv as it seems accelerated but turnes into a blue square when I move the window.

How do I tell the xine backend to use the same vo as smplayer?

OS 11.2 64 bit, KDE 4.4.4 (Factory)

(ps: I have a 'legacy' ATI graphics chip, xpress 200M working with the opensource radeon driver, which is brilliant btw).

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: KDE 4 Phonon Xine-backend Configuration

Sep 6, 2010

So I have made an interesting Discovery with regards to using KDE4 Kaffeine version 1 and Dolby Digital 5.1. The basic problem seems that there is no way to configure the Phonon xine Backend in KDE 4 for use with Kaffeine version 1. There is however, a xine-config file located at:


There appears to be no GUI way to change the default xine configuration (for use with KDE 4 applications) and while you can do so manually, the options seem bewildering, at least to me.

When you run xine-ui or Kaffeine/KDE3 there is an option to adjust the xine audio configuration using a GUI. Any changes made here are ignored by KDE 4 applications. As luck would have it you can copy the old xine configuration (adjusted by Kaffeine/KDE3) over the new one for Kaffeine in KDE4. The old text file configuration is located at:


If you were to use the old Kaffeine/KDE3 to adjust your xine audio configuration and then copy this file to the Kaffeine Version 1 KDE4 location, those changes should be used by the new version 1 Kaffeine in KDE 4. After Kaffeine/KDE3 audio settings work as you desire, open up a terminal session and make the following file copy. You must overwrite or rename the old configuration file for backup.

cp ~/.xine/config ~/.kde4/share/apps/kaffeine/xine-config

Since this new xine configuration is in the new Kaffeine version 1 KDE4 location, it may only modify how the new Kaffeine works and nothing else running in KDE4, but it is still an interesting find.

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