Slackware :: Setting Up USB For PIC-programming?

Mar 9, 2010

reading through the documentation for pk2cmd, required for using the PICkit2 programmer. I aim to install using the source, and thus libusb-dev is needed. The docs says that the runtime is usually included with the distro but the dev-part is not. Well, to be on the safe side, I downloaded the source for libusb (0.1.12), which in turn should contain libusb-dev.One step down, a few more to go. pk2cmd should be pretty straightforward to compile, but ...

Now I am asked to set up USB so that it can be used by users other than root. A document is filled to the brim with instruction for cases old and new. It makes my head spin and that's why I am asking. The programmer shows up fine with lsusb,I see it as/dev/bus/usb/001/006So, basically, as I understand it, the device need the proper rights to be used by a regular user. But how do I do that?

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Slackware :: Setting Up WPA Wireless In 13.37?

May 21, 2011

I am trying to set a wireless connection up. I have uncommented the ath9k module for my card. I have configured rc.inet1.conf :



AS you can see, everything seem fine when I start wlan0, but I can't connect to the internet through firefox.

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Slackware :: Setting Up Scanner In 13.0?

Mar 5, 2010

I'm having problems getting my Canon MP-210 printer/scanner recognized as a scanner device in Slackware 13.0.CUPS setup was a breeze - in less than two seconds it was installed and within 10 more seconds it was printing a test page.Its URI is here, according to CUPS:

usb://Canon/MP210%20series (Printing works flawlessly).My non-privileged user account is a member of the 'wheel', 'scanner', and 'plugdev' groups in /etc/group (among the others recommended by the adduser script. I've tried running xsane as root (Still no devices found) with no success, and the CLI 'scanimage -L' doesn't produce anything either.They just report that there is no configured device.

I've run 'sane-find-scanner' and it reports the following:


found USB scanner (vendor=0x04a9 [Canon], product=0x1721 [MP210 series]) at libusb:001:003 Rebooting and unplugging/plugging in the scanner produces no positive results. /etc/sane.d/dll.conf has the following canon lines in it:


I believe the appropriate entry is the canon630u.

/etc/sane.d/canon630u.conf contains the following:


# Options for the canonusb backend
# Autodetect the Canon CanoScan FB630u
usb 0x04a9 0x2204


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Slackware :: Setting Up System To Act As VNC?

Nov 26, 2010

I'm trying to set up my system to act as a vnc so I can access it remotely via a vnc viewer on my android phone. I've never tried this before but from what I've found online, with KDE4 a lot of the usual vnc server programs won't work correctly. Anyone have any tips for getting it to work? It doesn't necessarily have to be vnc. If there's an alternative method to remote control of a computer, that will work too.

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Slackware :: Setting The JAVA_HOME Variable ?

Jan 10, 2009

I have problems with setting my JAVA_HOME variable. I am using Slackware 12.0, bash shell. This is a question for the 'Linux Newbie' forum (not slackware-specific).

I have set JAVA_HOME in my /etc/profile, like this:

But when I login in with my user name and type env on the command line, I get for JAVA_HOME the following:

Also, in my /etc/profile I have put the path to my java in the PATH variable, like this:

And when I type env when I login, then the PATH variable contains correctly the path to the jdk (as I have put it into /etc/profile).

I expect that after I have set everything as I want in /etc/profile, and restart the computer then what I have set will be relevant and when I login and type env, I will get values to the variables equal to those I have set in /etc/profile. Why it does not happen?

I have particularly a problem with a Java application, which I want to run. When I type ant, I get:
error: JAVA_HOME is not defined correctly. We cannot execute /usr/lib/java/bin/java.

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Hardware :: Setting Up Wireless In Slackware 13?

Apr 3, 2010

I am a fresh in linux world, I don't know how to set up my wireless in slackware 13

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General :: Setting Up The Sound In Slackware 13.1?

Sep 17, 2010

setting up the sound in slackware 13.1 i have tried a few things such as alsaconf but when i try alsamixer nothing comes up its showing i have no device.

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Slackware :: Setting A Static Ip From Dhcp?

Apr 30, 2010

I tried to setting a static ip from dhcp, I changed lines in /etc/rc.d rc.inet1.conf as follow:

# Config information for eth0:

and then I run "/etc/rc.d/rc.inet1 restart"

after that, can't access net, and couldn't ping the gateway[], I have to change it back

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Slackware :: Setting Up HP Deskjet D2660 In 13.0?

Sep 12, 2010

I tried setting up my printer, HP Deskkjet D2660, using CUPS. I enabled the CUPS service and configure the printer through it. But when I try to test print, my printer wont print.
Now, i tried to look at the net for possible answer and somewhere, I read that my printer needs the newer version of hplip than the one included with the default slackware 13.0 install.

1. Do i really need to update hplip just to make my printer work? Do anyone uses the same printer model and make it work without updating the said package?

2. If i really have to update it, is there any Slackbuild script I can use to make the hplip-3.10.6.tar.gz into slackware package? I prefer creating package than installing using make.

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Slackware :: Setting Up A Little Security On Xfce4?

May 9, 2010

First and foremost please give me your opinions on what I want/should to do for security. I would like to set up my system sp that the session times out and requires a password to unlock the screen. Also I would like a firewall and maybe virus detection just in case. I want to set up a guest user with minimal to no privileges. How should I go about doing this?

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Slackware :: Setting Up Pppoe Over Router ?

Feb 9, 2010

How can I setup pppoe over the router on Slackware current? I have setup a WAP network on the other computer through the easy setup tool that linksys provides, but it can't find the internet connection. I am using a linksys WRT54G router.

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Slackware :: X Uses The Wrong Keyboard Setting (s)?

May 28, 2010

After i have reconfigured my X setup in Slackware 13.0 i have wrong keyboard settings. I get the standard us keyboard instead of german layout. I checked /var/log/Xorg.0.log and found this:

(WW) AllowEmptyInput is on, devices using drivers 'kbd', 'mouse' or 'vmmouse' will be disabled.
(WW) Disabling Mouse1
(WW) Disabling Keyboard1


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General :: Setting Up A Dual Boot With Win XP And Slackware 13.1?

Nov 13, 2010

I am having some trouble setting up a dual boot with Win XP and Slackware 13.1. Lilo lists both Linux and Windows, but when I select Windows, all I get is a black screen. I have two hard drives, sda1 and sdb1. I first installed Windows on sdb1 (it is a smaller, older drive). I then installed Slackware on sda1 and selected to install Lilo on the MBR. I'm guessing that by doing this, I wrote over the Windows information that was already there. Could this be my problem? I feel like this should be an easy fix, but I just don't know where to start in order to fix it. If it helps, here is the end of my lilo.conf file.

# Windows bootable partition config begins
other = /dev/sdb1
label = Windows
table = /dev/sdb
# Windows bootable partition config ends
# Linux bootable partition config begins
image = /boot/vmlinuz


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General :: Setting Root Password In Slackware 9

Jul 1, 2011

i booted into linux single mode thru lilo but i can't use any commands in slackware that changes the root account or user account using passwd root command

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Slackware :: Airmon-ng Not Setting Channel Correctly?

Jan 5, 2011

I recently installed slackware-current (not the most recent one) and since then I have not been able to get airmon-ng to set the channel of my network card correctly. I don't think it's a driver issue because the kernel from my previous install was the same as the current kernel ( and it worked fine on my Atheros AR9285 Wireless card. Now every time I try to deauthenticate, it says the card is in channel -1 and won't work. One of the differences now is that I ran netconfig (I never ran this before). Sometimes when I run it, it complains about dhcpcd service.

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Slackware :: Breezed Through Setup And Missed Setting UTF-8 In 13.1?

Aug 3, 2010

I just updated to Slackware 13.1 last night (clean installation). However, when it came to setting up LILO, I chose "no" to the UTF setup when I usually choose "yes." I think choosing no put the line below in LILO.conf:


append = "vt.default_utf8=0"

What's the LILO setting if one chooses "yes" instead of "no"?

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Slackware :: How To Change Xine Media Setting

Feb 4, 2010

My DVD player is on /dev/hdc but when I put 'xine /dev/hdc' on the command line I get an error saying 'There is no demuxer plugin available to handle /dev/hdc'. If I use the mount point /media/DVD instead of /dev/hdc it works fine. I am trying to get DVDs to play automatically but I can't see how to get xine to look for /media/DVD instead of /dev/hdc. I have tried changing the location on the Settings -> Media tab, and the line which says 'directory a media in dvd device will be mounted' in ~/.xine/config but neither worked.

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Slackware :: Setting Permissions When USB Devices Plugged In

Jan 25, 2010

When I plug in a USB GPS device, using cypress_m8 module, is creates /dev/ttyUSB0 with read/write permissions for owner,root, and group, dialout. My question is really just where are the rules for setting these permissions and how exactly are the owner and group names set when /dev/ttyUSB0 is created, i.e. a serial USB device is plugged in.

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Slackware :: Setting Up Network Manager In Fluxbox?

May 26, 2011

I'm running Slackware 13.1 with fluxbox as my wm. I want to set up network-manager along with the pptp plugin. So far I've installed the NetworkManager and the network-manager-pptp plugin along with all the dependencies specified in the slackbuild packages which I downloaded from [URL]. I could use some help configuring the network-manager so that I can launch it as a regular user rather than as root and I want it to come up in the fluxbox toolbar if possible.

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Slackware :: Setting Timezone On A Per User Basis For Xorg?

May 23, 2011

Slackware: 13.0

After having some problems with iptables not picking up automatically (without restart) the transition from winter time to summer time, and on advice from the iptables/netfilter mailing list, I've decided recently to go down the Unix way and set my hardware clock time to UTC/GMT instead of local time. I am, however, having some difficulty reconfiguring my entire machine to cope with this change.

1. I've used /usr/sbin/timeconfig - which took care of system wide timezone. After that, if I opened a terminal, du "su root" - and then check the date - it looks good. Doesn't affect though the logged in (non-root) user. Running "date" in bash window for logged (non-root) user returns wrong time (UTC) instead of local time.
2. I've added an export statement in ~/.bashrc, to set the timezone for the user account I use. That fixes the time for the logged in user, but only in the terminal. The time in fluxbox/X is still the UTC time.

Where is XOrg taking it's timezone for the logged in user? Do I amend/add to XOrg.conf? At the moment there is nothing about time zone in Xorg.conf (only contains few tweaked settings I've added to it - as I believe most of the rest is autoconfigured). I've searched - but couldn't find how Slackware configures timezones for individual users - aside from the timeconfig utility used during setup.

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Slackware :: Getty/virtual Console Prompt Setting?

Jul 12, 2010

How to change the console login prompt settings in slackware 13.1 x64? I tried googling but couldnt find anything, maybe I dont know what it's called.. I mean when the system boot and boots into console asking login info, how to reset the console to new page/clear screen(clearing all the boot up info lines) before it prompts to login. Like for example if after logged into a tty I type exit, I want the screen to refresh(reset?) such that all screen info is cleared and only login prompt is shown on the top left of the screen, like in fedora shell prompt.

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Slackware :: Mutt Doesn't Recognize Mailcap Setting?

Jan 7, 2011

After the new year I updated my -current to the latest, and now mutt doesn't recognize my mailcap setting for text/calendar attachments. In ~/.mailcap, I have

text/calendar;korganizer -m %s

and in mutt, .ics attachments are recognised as mime type text/calendar. It's always worked like that. Now, however, mutt is just paging the .ics attachment to the screen.

I've checked the content of all other mailcap files listed in mutt's mailcap path, and ~/.mailcap is the only one with an entry for text/calendar (in fact, ~/.mailcap is the only file in the path that exists). Mutt does recognise my image mime types (eg. image/jpeg;mutt_bgrun geeqie -t %s).

I can import the .ics attachment by hand by saving it to /tmp and running 'korganizer -m /tmp/file' manually. That takes a slight moment to respond (KDE bloat? :-)). When I try opening it from mutt, there is no delay before it pages the file, so I don't think it's even trying korganizer first.

I can't remember changing any configs recently, which is why I'm suspecting something in a recent Slackware update must have affected it.

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Slackware :: Setting Nofile Kernel Parameter Using Initscript

Jul 20, 2011

I'm trying to increase hard and soft limit of nofile kernel parameter by putting the following initscript into /sbin

export PATH
# Increase the hardlimit for open files


But the limits still don't change as if the script is not run during startup.

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Slackware :: How To Stop Message Asking To Select Vga Setting On Every Boot?

May 27, 2010

How do I stop the message asking me to select a vga setting on every boot or press enter or space to see the various settings available? running slackware 13.1 on an aspire one netbook

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Slackware :: Steps In Setting Up A New Kernel With Nvidia Driver?

Oct 25, 2010

I'm running Slack64 13.1 and I'm in good shape with the 33.4 kernel, but if I upgrade the kernel to 35.x what do I need to do to get it working with my Nvidia 7300GT? I have the nvidia installer, Do I just do from the stable repo

slackpkg upgrade
then boot to run level 3 and run Thanks for your help.

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Slackware :: [slackware64-current] Cfdisk Setting Partition Type?

Jan 28, 2011

I've just synchronized my slackware64-current mirror, iso burned, booting, starting cfdisk, creating a partition, and I'm not able to set the partition type to `Linux Raid Autodetect` (FD) or any other, that needs 2 characters to be entered in cfdisk -> Type.Cfdisk alows only one character to be entered ("F" or any other).

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Programming :: Setting Variables In C-shell?

Jul 12, 2010

I'm running into a problem when I try to set a variable to an awk output in c-shell. Right now my command is Code: set STR_MSG_TYPE = `awk -F{ '/msg_type/ {print $2}' <filename> | tr -d }'/''*' ` I then run echo to see what the output is and it returns blank, however, when I run the same awk command from the command line, I get an actual output of "MT-715". Am I setting my variable incorrectly? I do something similar using the date command to set a STR_DATE variable earlier in the code and it works fine and I use the same syntax.

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Programming :: Setting No Case Sensitivity In As?

Jul 9, 2011

GNU assembler 2.17 (invoked as 'as').

Is there a way of setting no case sensitivity in as?

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Programming :: Setting Variable At Tcshell

Jul 11, 2011

how can i set variable by following Quote: >> ./kuku -u a b c d -n ga go gi how can i set variable at tcshell... Quote: user = a b c d num = ga go gi

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Programming :: Overwriting Setting Due To How Close They Are In Name

Aug 16, 2010

I have a configuration file I put ndd commands into for servers settings and I'm running into and issue where they are only off by one character so I keep overwriting the setting.

The file has these two lines in it:

As you can see the only difference is the q0 on the one entry. With the code below I just keep changing/adding a line to the file and not just finding and fixing the each line. I cannot seem to find the right "terminator" for an exact match. I do understand why it's doing it, I just don't know what to do to fix it. What am I missing?

In the end I just want to search this file and make sure these two lines are in there and set properly.

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