Slackware :: Konsole Does Not Recognize Keypad Arrow Keys On Slackware 13.0 / Fix It?

Jan 18, 2010

Konsole does not respond to the following keys on my stand-along usb

Both of the other terminal emulators on slack do recognize
these keys (xterm and xfce terminal emulator).

I can also confirm that xev, if launched from konsole will recognize
these keys.

Konsole is my terminal emulator of choice and it is really nice to
be able to use my left hand for navigation and command retrieval.

Also, keypad arrows work in X apps.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 Grub Wont Recognize Arrow Keys On Wireless Keyboard?

Jan 29, 2011

I have dual boot (winxp) which has been working for over a year now.But for some reason recently, grub wont recognise the keyboards arrow keys. ie cant change menu selection. in fact it wont recognise keyboard at all it seems. Pressing enter wont work either. I have to wait for the timeout.

The arrows work before hand (like in bios settings) and after once ubuntu has booted. Just not in the grub menu

Its something to with the USB wireless keyboard. If i replace it for standard PS2 kybd it works.

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Slackware :: Slackware Doesn't Recognize An Executable

Jul 27, 2010

there's a program I have that doesn't really install, you extract it to its folder, cd into it, then ./filename to start it. It works fine on my Debian install. But when I do this on Slackware, it just says 'no such file or directory'. The file most definitely is there, since ls shows it. the filename is only three letters long so I know I'm not mistyping it. I've tried in user and su. Any idea why it won't run?

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Slackware :: No Close-tab In Konsole?

Apr 3, 2011

[SOLVED] in current Tue Apr 5 06:35:07 UTC 2011kde/kdebase-4.5.5-i486-3.txz: Rebuilt.Patched kconsole to fix closing tabs.[/SOLVED] In current:close-tab in Konsole is greyed-outnew tab = okno probs in SW13.1

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Slackware :: Vim Not Compatible With Konsole?

Sep 29, 2010

Nobody else seems to be reporting this, so I guess it's down to my setup in some way, but when I run vim from a konsole window under KDE 4.3.3, I find that the konsole screen messes up during the session (feels as if it is writing with background colour on the background or something) and even when you leave vim by typing the right exit commands, display remains upset (most often confined to leftmost 20-30 columns). Konsole "clear and reset" does not help, I have to close the session and start a new instance.

Maybe connected to the konsole settings I use which are "black on light yellow"?

Should I have something in by .vimrc or konsole configuration to fix this ?

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Slackware :: Slackware 13.1 Doesnt Not Recognize Vim?

Dec 12, 2010

here is my /etc/profile file:

# /etc/profile: This file contains system-wide defaults used by
# all Bourne (and related) shells.
# Set the values for some environment variables:
export MINICOM="-c on"


Note: i downloaded the tar.gz package vim, and did :configure, make , make install, all went well. what else can i do ?

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Slackware :: Konsole - Terminal - In Kde After Update

Jan 31, 2010

At yesterday night i run a slackpkg update and then slackpkg upgrade-all. i deselect all kernel related entries,and all others ( dont remeber precisely, but approx 15 - 20 packages, i e kde related) i get to update.

After that i shut system down and going to sleep. today i start my eeepc 900 with slackware 13.0 after that update and see i cannot run "Terminal" link on desktop. ok, go to "start", "system", "konsole terminal". from first look in konsole window i see whatever not ok - window background is grey, not black as usual.
when i run mc in this window, look like a monitor contrast is set to minimum, and brightness to maximum - very hard to see files, etc. all is very much light and small contrast.

I check kde windows - all its ok, brightness and contrast in konkueror windows and overall is ok -as same as previously times. i switch to ctrl-alt-f6 to native console - again, all is ok - background is black, all is ok.

i e problem is only with Konsole-Terminal under KDE. looks for configfiles / etc - nothing faund. no man entry for terminal nur console.

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Slackware :: Kde Konsole And Aliases Not Working

Jul 18, 2010

I am running KDE and currently using Konsole as my terminal emulator. I am finding that if I start a konsole from the menu list I can type alias and see a list of default aliases plus the ones I have define in my .bash_login file.

The problem seems to occur on restarting KDE. I generally leave everything open and when KDE restarts everything comes back. Saves me having to do it myself.

Unfortunately when the konsoles pop up they no longer have the aliases. There will be none of the predefined ones, nor the ones that I have defined.

Would I be better off using a more standard alternative like xterm in this case or is this something that has a simple explanation?

I suspect it has something to do with not being a login shell. If I look at the Profile in the menu for the konsole it specifically says "/bin/bash -l" for the command on the new one that I opened up, but "/bin/bash" for the one that was automatically brought back.

Is there some reason KDE would do this? Running Slackware 13.1 64 bit. KDE 4.4.3

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Slackware :: Konsole Configuration Not Persistent ?

Mar 1, 2010

This issue has been a thorn in my side since -13.0 was released. I cannot get the konsole configuration to "stick". If I start konsole, then click Settings->Edit Current Profile, then change the font & font size, click "Apply", then "OK", the changes work during that session, but when I close the program, then open it back up, I am back to the default settings. If I make a root profile, the foreground & background colors will persist, but not the font settings or the initial command. This bugged me so much that I moved to mrxvt, which is working nicely, but I would like to get konsole to behave as well. NOTE: I have recently installed -current on this laptop & put on Alien Bob's KDE 4.4 packages. I cannot get konsole to work right here, either.

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Slackware :: 12.2 - Firefox 3.5.6 - Go Into A KDE Konsole Xterm

Jan 1, 2010

I'd try here first, since I am running slackware, though it's a firefox problem ... To verify bug, just go into a KDE konsole xterm, and do

[13:35 ~]$ mkdir ~/ffbug
[13:35 ~]$ touch ~/ffbug/_$'31'_
[13:35 ~]$ firefox file://$(echo ~)/ffbug &

(This assumes you didn't already have a ~/ffbug directory, and you have firefox 3.5.6 installed -- the prior firefox id not have this problem) What you will probably see is firefox trying to display a listing of the ~/ffbug directory, but instead showing an error message: XML Parsing Error: not well-formed. I posted this in the mozillazine forum, where it got read 20 times, but no response.

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Slackware :: KDE Terminal Emulator / Konsole Bitch

Mar 1, 2011

I know this is strictly a KDE problem, but I don't want to create another account anywhere and get the KDE spam, etc.

But if anybody who reads this list has the ear of (or is) a KDE person, a minor bitch with KDE in 13.0 and 13.1 is that if you were using Konsole terminals at the time of shutting down KDE, when next you start KDE, it replaces them with Terminal Emulators.

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Slackware :: Display The Full $PROMPT_COMMAND Environment Variable In The Konsole Title Bar?

Mar 18, 2011

IN 3.5.10 I am able to display the full $PROMPT_COMMAND environment variable in the Konsole title bar. Kind of handy and I did not need to display that information in the $PROMPT variable.

In 4.5.5 I am having trouble figuring out how to make that work correctly. The title bar displays only the directory name rather than the full path and user name.


history -a;echo -ne "33]0;${USER}@`uname -n`: ${PWD}07"

All I see in the title bar is:

dirname: bash

I should see:

username@hostname: full path to present working directory

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Fedora :: Left And Up Arrow Keys Not Working?

Apr 6, 2010

I just installed fc12 on a Dell Latitude E6500 laptop. Everything is fine except that my Left and Up arrow keys are inactive so .e.g. I can't review bash history.

In the "keyboard preferences" GUI the keyboard model is "evdev-managed keyboard" (although I have also tried without success the model specific for this laptop) and the only layout is "USA".

Have done an update of all packages without fixing this problem.

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Fedora :: Using Alt + Arrow Keys With Inkscape On 15 (GNOME 3)

Jul 3, 2011

I'm using Inkscape on Fedora 15 and when I try to use ALT + [arrow key] to adjust the space between letters, nothing happens. Is that key combination assigned to some other function in GNOME3?

how I might get Alt + [arrow key] to work with Inkscape and Fedora 15

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Ubuntu :: Scrolling Using Arrow Keys In Firefox?

Jan 30, 2010

When using firefox, if I use my arrow keys in the keyboard to scroll through the Window, it works only if the mouse pointer is inside the window. Otherwise, the scroll doesn't work. Is there any way to solve this problem?

It's not just the arrow keys, even the TouchPad scroll on my laptop also.

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Ubuntu :: Tab Key / Arrow Keys Not Working When On Firefox

Aug 14, 2010

This is a weird problem I am facing right now. I am using Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid) Firefox 3.6.3. The tab key, the arrow keys and the page down / up keys dont work anymore. They're working fine in any other application, like Chrome.

The keys were fine till yesterday and suddenly they have stopped responding.

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Ubuntu :: Remap Arrow Keys To Win+ijkl ?

Nov 20, 2010

How can I remap arrow keys to windows key + ijkl? I can do this easily in Autohotkey on windows, but I'm struggling on Ubuntu.

I'd really like the solution to work independently of whether I'm using a window manager or not, and to involve modifying as few files as possible; I work on a lots of different machines and am always building new ones, so would like to minimise reconfig effort.

I've tried to understand .Xmodmap, but couldn't make it work (was hard to find detailed docs on modifier keys). Am also considering win+hjkl!

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Ubuntu :: How To Disable Arrow Keys On Laptop

Jul 6, 2011

I am having a lot of problems with hitting the arrow keys while typing. At least, I think that's what it is. Maybe the page up/down/back buttons, too. Is there a way to disable one or more keys on the keyboard via software, other than going into BIOS? It's getting annoying having to retype stuff over and over. I guess maybe I'm just not used to my new keyboard, is all. But I never use those buttons and likely never will.

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General :: Bash : Echo Arrow Keys?

Aug 12, 2010

Is it possible to echo the arrow keys (up, down, left, right) in bash?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Arrow Keys Don't Work In GRUB

May 26, 2010

I bought a fancy new keyboard a couple of weeks ago, a Logitech illuminated one, and it works great in openSuSE 11.2 . . . after it's booted up. It's a dual boot system, however, and today I needed to get into Windows to do some CAD work, and couldn't! That's when I discovered that the arrow keys didn't work in GRUB. It's the particular keyboard, because I can plug the old one in and the problem goes away. Both are USB keyboards. And it must have something to do with loading a keyboard driver of some sort prior to the GRUB screen, because the new keyboard works fine once the bootup is completed. In fact, I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and didn't notice a problem until today.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 9.10 Arrow Keys Locked In Gameplay?

Jan 2, 2010

Recently did a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.1. Great OS. One minor issue with the keyboard.

When playing games, both for Linux and through wine, the game will respond as if the up and left arrow keys are being constantly held down.

It acts like this in Cave Story (Linux version), Sonic Adventure DX Directors Cut: Demo A Version (Wine), and Star Trek Legacy (Wine).

This does not occur when using any non-game applications on my system, such as Open Office. This does not occur when using anything on the Internet, such as simply typing or Internet games.

Other Info, may or may not be helpful: Used ubuntu 8.04 previously, erased old ubuntu partition when upgrading. Arrow Keys responded fine for all applications listed above. Have a Microsoft Windows XP partition as well, only use it for applications that don't run in wine.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Left / Right Arrow Keys Not Working?

Oct 21, 2010

Just did a fresh install of maverick and out of the blue the left and right arrow keys are no longer working. the arrows on the numerical pad work.

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Ubuntu :: Arrow Keys Not Working In Nano / Sort It?

Feb 16, 2011

When using nano in the terminal, I can't seem to navigate text using the arrow keys - everything I have read about nano says I should be able to do this.

My Ubuntu installation has no GUI, so I can't use the mouse for navigation.

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Ubuntu :: Way To Get Arrow Keys To Control Mouse Pointer

Jun 6, 2011

I was just wondering if there is any program/script/code/trick/way to get the arrow keys to control the mouse pointer and, well basically, the keyboard to do stuff you would do with the mouse..?

And i know about keyboard shortccuts

P.S.: Anyone wanna go searching for 'The Beach' in thailand?

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Ubuntu :: Stop Remote Simulating Keyboard Arrow Keys?

Oct 11, 2010

I have updated to 10.10 and now my ir remote is simulating keyboard arrow keys which is causing problems in applications like Boxee. The weird thing is if I stop lircd it still simulates the keyboard arrow keys.

Does anyone know how to stop the keyboard arrow keys from triggering when the ir remote up, down, left or right buttons are pressed?

(Here are all the IR config files)


# /etc/lirc/hardware.conf
#Chosen Remote Control
REMOTE="Streamzap PC Remote"
REMOTE_MODULES="lirc_dev streamzap"


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Ubuntu :: Screen Orientation Switched / But How To Rotate The Arrow Keys

Aug 19, 2011

So, I have my trusty ol' Aspire One ZG5 running with Natty. I like changing the screen orientation (sideways) to read comic books and books. I've learned how by this page: URL...So, I have no trouble changing my screen orientation with a quick key-combo, but I still need help,I'm trying to figure out how to change the "orientation" of the arrow keys along with the screen. So when i have the screen oriented to the left, the left key works as the up, the up down as the right, etc.

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Fedora :: Arrow Keys Won't Work In Boot Menu / Resolve This?

Oct 26, 2010


When rebooting and in Boot Selection Menu , the Arrow keys won't go down through kernel selections. They just won't move.

Is this a Linux or CMOS problem ?

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Slackware :: Home And End Keys In A Terminal

Apr 22, 2010

I am having trouble using home and end keys in a terminal, to go to the end or beginning of a line. With xterm it will only work with the bash shell, while under zsh nothing is output. With urxvt, mrxvt and aterm pressing the keys in either bash or zsh always just results in a tilde being printed. Is this perhaps because urxvt, aterm and mrxvt are emulating a different terminal type to xterm by default?

Why does xterm work for bash but not for zsh? I don't just want a solution, I want to understand why it doesn't work by default. As a side question, is there any way to press alt+enter within a terminal? I tried to use wicd-curses where you have to use alt+enter to save settings, and it didnt register in any of the terminals, even xterm.

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Slackware :: Make Special Keys Run Commands Without X?

Jun 6, 2010

I'm installing Slackware 13.1 on a Samsung N150 netbook and am stuck trying to make the special keys do their normal functions when using a virtual terminal, that is not under X. Under X + Xfce it can be done via Menu->Settings->Keyboard->"Application Shortcuts".

In essence the question is how to make a special key (example Fn+Up to increase screen brightness) run a command in the background.

Changed title and text to make clear that the command should not run in a virtual terminal but while the display is being used for a virtual terminal, that is after Ctrl+Alt+F2 for example.

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Slackware :: Generate The Public / Private Keys?

Feb 27, 2011

I'm trying to set up my laptop to ssh into my home server, but I'm trying to find how to generate the public/private keys. I was able to do it in Slack 12.2 by just running ssh-keygen, but that command is not in 13.x.

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