SUSE :: Firefox Download Manager Faster Than KTorrent ?

Apr 10, 2010

Friend of mine without broadband asked me to download the latest stable release of Mandriva. I started the download with KTorrent and after about 45 minutes came back to check progress and found that the ETA had gone up to around 10 hours for a 4.3 odd GB .iso. Wow thats a long time., I checked network utilization using the graph is System Monitor and we were running around 80 KB/sec. Paused KTorrent and opened Firefox, telling it to download the .iso from the ,edu site. I was very surprised when network utilization went to around 1000 kb/sec and the time to finish was much less (according to the Firefox download manager I have 13% of the file on hand and time to go is 1 hr 11 minutes). I had always been under the impression that any torrent client would be a lot faster than a straight download.......

The ISP here is Comcast. We pay for 6 mb down and around 2 up and routinely get it. The machine is a core quad with 2 GB of RAM. OS is OpenSuse 11.2-64 bit.

So what gives here. Is the torrent site that much slower than a straight download?? Or or could it be something the ISP is doing with torrent activity? I dont know enough about network protocol to know but I found the time difference and the amount of network utilization very surprising.

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OpenSUSE :: Use Ktorrent To Download Something

Jan 14, 2011

i am new to linux, i have installed opensuse 11.3 can anyone please tell me how to configure ktorrent so that it can download things???

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Addon Download Manager Filter?

Jun 10, 2010

I need a Download Manager which filters files for instance When I download a oga, mp3 file it downloads it to Music folder or if I download a zip, tar.gz file it downloads it to Archives folder etc.

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Ubuntu :: A Timed Download Manager For Chromium Or Firefox ?

Dec 22, 2010

Does anyone know of any download manager that allows you to time your downloads to start off at certain times / hours et cetera? I currently use DownThemAll! as an extension in my Firefox, but I don't think that has such a capability. I would prefer a browser extension, but if there's an application that would do I'd be thankful if you could name it.

I need this so that I time my downloads at certain hours and have them run automatically, due to the fact that my ISP allows some uncharged hours at night which I basically never made use of (but now I have to, as my free data download limit is close to being used up).

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Fedora :: KTorrent Client Showing Different Download Size?

Nov 9, 2010

Right now I am using Fedora 10. and I am downloading Fedora 10 by torrent. My problem is that if my system monitor show me that I have downloaded 90 MB then ktorrent showing 30 mb so I am loosing lots of MBs. When I as using windows and utorrent that problem never happens. How to over come that?

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OpenSUSE :: Ktorrent Stops Seeding After Download Finishes?

May 8, 2011

After I finish a download in ktorrent, the torrent stops seeding.

A couple of notes: my download speeds are fantastic (~6mb/s), while my seeding during download is about 60kb/s. However, this seed speed seems to fluctuate a lot from about 3kb/s. Once the download completes, the seed goes to 0kb/s, and the torrent doesn't find as many leachers. For now, after I finish downloading, I re-download a portion of my download at a limited rate of 1kb/s so that the seed continues.

Lastly, I am currently running through a VPN server, however I this issue happens even if I'm running a normal connection.

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General :: Windows Download Manager Such As DAP Or Internet Download Manager With Wine

Feb 24, 2010

Which download manager i can use for linux and how...kindly let me know can i use windows download manager such as DAP or internet download manager with wine in linux...

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Ubuntu :: Distro With - VLC - Oprea - Firefox - Freenet - KTorrent - Proxy Programs

Jul 8, 2010

I'm looking for a distro that has the things i want in it like VLC, Oprea, Firefox, freenet, KTorrent, proxy programs. Only problem is i searched everywhere and can't find anything. I checked out livedistro, reconstructor and a few other places that make the ISO on site but they dont have the options i want. Does anyone know of a place that has an ISO for liveCD with all the stuff im looking for or a place i can make what i want with the items i want? Any info would help thanks for taking your time out to read this.

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 Lucid - Make Transmission Download Faster?

Mar 23, 2011

I want to make transmission download faster. I have noticed transmission is a slow bittorrent.

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Ubuntu :: Faster Download Speed - Utilize Internet Connection Better?

Jun 24, 2011

So I switch between Ubuntu and Windows alot, because some games I can only get to run smoothly in the windows environment. Anyways, one thing I have been noticing ever since I got Ubuntu but never really questioned, was about my download speeds. When downloading a torrent in Windows, I topped out out about 2.0 mb/s. Where as in my Ubuntu install, running the same torrent program (utorrent) and downloading the same file, I was getting 3.0 mb/s. I was wondering, what is it about Ubuntu that is utilizing my internet connection better? Only a hand ful of times have I ever reached 3.0 in my windows install (such as right now while I am downloading a game through steam).

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Ubuntu :: Windows Loading Pages Faster Using Firefox?

Oct 1, 2010

Two very simmilar laptops connected to the same WiFi router loading the same web pages. Firefox on Windows does that for 3 secons, while Firefox on Ubuntu needs 1-3 minutes to load the same page. What could be the reason for this? Any idea how to fix it? The laptop with Ubuntu runs 10.04 LTS (lucid), Firefox is 3.6.10 and on any other WiFi network it loads the web pages really faster but why is much slower than Windows now?When testing the speed on URL...Ubuntu loads times faster than Windows. The WiFi router has been reseted. Firefox has been started in -safe-mode, both didn't help.

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Ubuntu :: Download Open Suse But It Takes Up To An Hour To Download The 600mb?

Jan 21, 2011

I want to download open suse but it takes up to an hour to download the 600mb .iso, my internet speed aren't that slow though. Im downloading the Live KDE, Direct Link 32-bit, all the other types of download have strange torrent or metalink fileformat. Is this just me

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Ubuntu :: Alternative To Internet Download Manager To Download Movies From Any Website?

Mar 17, 2011

Alternative to Internet Download Manager (IDM) to download movies from any website.Ok, so one of the cool things about IDM was that i was able to download movies from ..... and other sites that have video clips on their site, but now that i have switch all my computers over to ubuntu linux, i now need an alternative to this problem because IDM will not work with the firefox on ubuntu linux.So my question is, do you guys know of an alternative software for downloading movies from any site such as ..... and other sites?

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SUSE / Novell :: How To Switch Network Manager From YAST Back To Efault Network Manager?

Mar 2, 2010

I had trouble connecting to a wireless network with openSUSE, so I tried the YAST network manager to see if that fixed it. Not only did it not fix it, but now I cannot connect to any network, wired or wireless. I tried to open the default network manager and it said "Network management disabled". How do I re-enable it?I also have set YAST settings back to their originals with no luck.

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Ubuntu :: Using Firefox With Dwm (window Manager) Crashes Firefox?

Jan 14, 2011

I have installed dwm as window manager and whenever I start firefox it crashes after a few seconds. When I use the gnome window manager everything works fine.Anyone has a hint for me what I can do?

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Ubuntu :: Using Firefox With Dwm (window Manager) Crashes Firefox

May 20, 2011

I have installed dwm as window manager and whenever I start firefox it crashes after a few seconds. When I use the gnome window manager everything works fine.

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SUSE :: CVS Server Installation - Cannot Find Packages To Download

Dec 15, 2010

I am new in Linux and don't know much thing about it. Because of this fact, I cannot install a CVS Server in my SuSE. Where I can find a CVS Server download file and explain how am i going to install this on my Linux? Actually I searched on Internet but I couldn't find any packages or files to download?

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SUSE / Novell :: Session Manager ?

May 9, 2010

I installed OpenSUSE and it seems to have installed multiple desktop environments. I only need one environment and don't much care for the flexibility of others as it is a drain on my HDD space.

Problem is that uninstalling one seems to conflict with anothers dependencies and I'm unsure if removing configuration packages with one environment is going to adversely affect another environment. Said packages being like gnome keyring manager or like programs that pertain to interfaces for hardware settings and configuration.

I began to uninstall Gnome, and it just started trying to change everything about Kde4, and when it said Yast and keyring manager I was unsure if I should continue, even letting Yast decide what to do. Numerous of the programs I installed also would have been broken such as gstreamer codecs, google programs, gimp, everything had to change from attempting to remove the Gnome Desktop.

I would prefer to have no remnants of any environment except for KDE.

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OpenSUSE Install :: What Download Method Is Best For Downloading Suse 11.3 From Website?

Nov 20, 2010

I searched the faq, I did a search online for this etc. The reason I ask is that suse on the download page of 11.3 states don't download directly since it is very slow and has no check sum. Therefore the iso may be flawed and you have spent 10 hrs trying to download the iso. My "fast" internet through qwest is at 1.5 mbps download so I assume that is why it is so slow to download the iso of 4.7 Gb.Now for the question the download page suggets you use bit torrent since it does the checksum but will download the iso no faster than the direct method. Second is to use check metalink with the addon in Firefox downthemall. I did this and had quite a time getting the iso link for 11.3 to start downloading. I would start downthemall from the Firefox toolbar and I thought wow!!! it downloaded that iso fast, how cool. Well it was not the iso but the website for the download page! At one point I got it to start downloading the iso but came in this morining and it was still going after 17hrs and showed several hours to go. I gave up and deleated it.

This afternoon I just gave in and started the download again using the bit torrent and I am waiting for the download to finish. I did eveything the site indicated but after and hour I noticed under logger it said **** openSuse-11.3-DVD i586 iso: PIECE 2206 FAILED HASH CHECK. It shows this same message from the begining of the download 7hrs ago to the last few minutes on each section. It states it is 75% complete? Is this normal or am I wasting 10 more hours? Sorry if this is not the place for this question but I never had trouble with downloading 11.2 and burning it to the disk. I think I just used the Directlink method and crossed my fingers. It did download ok!

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OpenSUSE Install :: Getting A Link To Download A Version Of Suse With Either Kernel 2.6.26 Or 2.6.28?

Jul 21, 2011

Is there a link to download a version of Suse with either kernel 2.6.26 or 2.6.28? For some reasons I have, I need one of these kernel versions. The newest download here, 2.6.37, won't work for me.

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Ubuntu :: Best Download Manager With Gui ?

Jul 7, 2010

I have one problem with linux all distribution that is i don't have best download manager to download files efficiency

I know download managers for linux like : downloadthemall, wget, aria2c, jdownloader but they arent best how to to chose best download manager with gui

IDM is best download manager but it is for windows i can install IDM with wine in linux but it can,t work properly in linux. choose download manager like IDM and it's features for linux.

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OpenSUSE :: Task Manager Restore In Suse 11.2 (KDE 4.3.1)?

Mar 12, 2010

I am using Suse 11.2 with KDE4.3. Unfortunately i deleted the Task Manager on footer by uclicking the "Remove this Task Manager". But i am unable to get it back. It looks really weierd to see monitor withiut that. Formated the PC to get back that task manager.

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SUSE :: No Sound From Firefox?

Oct 22, 2010

when i am in firefox, i do not get any sound when playing embedded videoes (like videos). but, i do get sound when playing videoes using vlc or when starting up or shutting kde.

what do i have to do to get sound in firefox?

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OpenSUSE :: Download Manager For 11.2 - Recommendation?

Sep 1, 2010

I need a download manager for my OpenSUSE 11.2. Do you have any recommendation?

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OpenSUSE :: What's Favorite Download Manager

Feb 19, 2011

I personally use GNOME gwget, but what is your favorite? I'm creating this thread out of curiousity to see if there is a better download manager. I generally use a download manager because of the better resuming support than just Firefox's download manager, as I have an unreliable internet connection.

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Ubuntu :: Looking For A Download Manager With Acceleration?

Feb 4, 2010

I am looking for a download manager with acceleration, pause/resume support and browser integration with firefox or konqueror. And the ability to easily download embedded videos would be a plus.

Internet Download Manager is the ideal for me in Windows.

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Ubuntu :: How To Find A Download Manager

May 22, 2010

I've desperately been trying to find a download manager for premium rapidshare download and Downloader For X seems to be the most popular solution around. I've tried DTA and Flashgot, they do the trick but not exactly a Flashget (Windows) equivalent.In Downloader For X, I can't get to download anything because of the additional slashes and numbers and stuff. For example, the URL [URL] becomes [URL]I checked the forums and it seems I'm not alone. There is even a working solution [URL]but the date is quite old (I'm using Lucid) and I couldn't find the main/ file .

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Ubuntu :: Is There Any Effective Download Manager

Dec 30, 2010

Is there any effective download manager for ubuntu 10.04 (like Internet download manager for windows)?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Download Manager Accelerator

Jan 31, 2009

From where i can download manager accelerator for fedora.

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General :: Download Manager For Fedora?

Jul 5, 2010

I recently made fedora as my primary o.s before that i was using windows xp,so to download any file in xp i used to have internet download manager,i was wondering if there are any softwares that are similar to internet download manager?

I downloaded internet download manager to my fedora and used wine tool to install it but unfortunatley it dint work!

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