Red Hat / Fedora :: Server Unable To Read File Systems At Boot Up

Mar 4, 2010

I restore tape backup on my Linux server. At the time of booting the server it cannot able to read the filesystems.

I am getting the following message,
Code: Your system appears to have shutdown uncleanly
Forcing file system integrity check due to default setting
Checking root filesystem
fsch.ext3: file system has unsupported features (S) (/)
e2fsck: Get a never version of e2fsck! (FAILED)
*** An error occurred during the file system check.
*** Dropping you to a shell; the system will reboot
*** when you leave the shell.
Give root password for maintenance (or type Control-D to continue):

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Debian :: Cups Not Starting With The Server / Getting Error Unable To Read Configuration File '/etc/cups/cupsd.conf' - Exiting?

Feb 24, 2011

cups does not start with the server. When I try to start from the terminal I get the error message

cupsd: Unable to read configuration file '/etc/cups/cupsd.conf' - exiting!
cupsd: Child exited with status 1!

The log files show nothing. cupsd.conf exists. It is user - root and group - root with permissions set at 0644.

My interpretation of this is that the program is not launching from either boot or terminal for a fundamental reason. I do not quite see what that reason is .

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SUSE :: Unable To Boot Properly - System Is Unable To Read Startup Information From Hard Drive

Jan 19, 2011

I am running the latest suse release downloaded directly from their website. I ran the installation after buring the dvd and everything seemed to be working fine. after the installation i ran updates and used it for a little bit. When i shut it down that night and went to restart it I got an error that stated the OS wasnt there. I then went through the installation and everything and it retained the information from the installation before (web history etc.) but for some reason every time I reboot or shut it down the system is not able to read the startup information from the hard drive and will not come on without me re installing it.

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Server :: Accessing Other Linux File Systems?

Jun 19, 2010

I have 3 linux systems configured for running applications in each, named system1, system2 and system3. I have around 100 GB of space in system3 under /usr but not much being used. In System1 very less space is there but mostly hits coming here and need to have proper backup, as the system1 is quite old and not planned partitons properly. So I want to use a disk having more space for backup requirements.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Create Trashing Info File: Read-only File System

Jul 21, 2010

I plugged in my USb drive into my computer yesterday and tried to delete a folder. I was unable to do so and got the following message

Cannot move file to trash, do you want to delete immediately? The file "my file" cannot be moved to the trash. Show Details Unable to create trashing info file: Read-only file system

So when I click on delete I get another error message:

Error while deleting.
There was an error deleting Case Study Database. Show Details Error removing file: Read-only file system

At this point I can only click on Skip, Skip All, or Cancel.

I have not changed anything on the stick recently so I dont know what is causing the problem.

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Server :: How To Monitor That CIFS File Systems Are Mounted

Jan 14, 2010

We recently had an issue with "cat /proc/mount" telling us that a CIFS file system was mounted, even though the mount was not working correctly. So we're not sure if we can trust linux to report malfunctioning mounts, so we're planning on adding a specific file on the mounted file system, and verify the mount by reading this file from the client side (linux). If linux fails to read it, we know that the mount have failed. But before we go ahead doing this I thought I'd just hear how others are doing this sort of thing - how do you make sure that mount points are up and working?

- kenneho

EDIT: I just saw that I've posted in the security area, not in the server area. How do I move it?

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Server :: Using Separate File Systems For Swap And / While Installing Servers?

Dec 16, 2009

I am still puzzled by IT guru who still install a server version of Linux using the default partition system. I am curious about what the IT guys in this forum think about this, even when the server is part of a cluster.

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Fedora Installation :: Unable To Install In System As One Of The Multiple Operating Systems

Mar 13, 2009

I am unable to Install Fedora10 in my system as one of the multiple operating systems and it gets hanged after probing for Hardware devices and so ...I get fedora trademark sought of symbol and even after waiting any amount of time it doesnt go further..neither the keyboard works nor the mouse pointer moves... I am stuck at this screen shown in the installation screenshot...I get this screen however I dont get the options back or next or its that I am unable to see this options on the screen at all and mouse gets hanged and even keyboard doesnt work...


Initially after booting with the media it doesnt even prompt me to press any key to boot from CD or Dvd or I get any screen to select the option for the mode of installation like text based installation or graphical hardly shows me this screen for even a fraction of second as well...

It takes me to the screen

1) Install or upgrade fedora
2) rescue existing installation...
4) Memory test

when I click on install fedora I am taken to the fedora splash screen and nothing goes ahead... I tried in rescue mode as well... In rescue mode it asks me for language selection...keyboard layout... later it doesnt go ahead as well... I have checked the installation media and it confirmed that the installation media is good... I use Redhat 4.1 version and It works fine except for the message drivers/usb/hid.c core message received at :75 while trying to restart shutdown or access a virtual console... Along with Redhat and while trying to install fedora I have windows server 2008,Windows vista on that harddisk...

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Fedora Networking :: File Sharing Between Two Systems ?

May 26, 2010

I have fedora12 on two pc's, i want to share some files between them which i was not able to do with nfs, so let me know the whole procedure to do that n also let me know where my shared files will be visible

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Fedora :: Mounting Other File Systems Takes A While?

Jan 31, 2011

during the boot process mounting other file systems takes a while. Although it ends up resulting [OK] it was not like this before and it used to be was very fast. I took a look at /etc/fstab file which is posted below, and suspected that devpts is the problem. So I commented it out and reboot, but it wasn't helpful.


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OpenSUSE :: Unable To Read Chinese File Names?

Jul 19, 2010

How do you install a Chinese character set on the computer so that I can read Chinese file names?

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Read CD ROM File System / Enable This?

Jan 16, 2010

I insert a certain cdrom into my DVD drive, the cd is mounted meaning I do can see the cd rom icon on my desktop. The cd rom icon name is the correct label of the cdrom but when I try to open the cdrom it results to be empty.

Then on the same computer I have installed Virtual Box and the Windows 7 image does read the content of the cdrom.

How can I read the content of the cdrom with ubuntu 9.10?

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Ubuntu :: Installing WoW - Installer Is Unable To Read File C

Jan 12, 2010

I have downloaded WINE and I have downloaded the WoW install.exe file and all goes good during installation (after i simply double clicked the install.exe file) but about half way through I got an error message that "installer is unable to read file C:/commen files/world of warcraft. I tried teh same thing on Z: and it did the same thing. What can I do to fix this or how else can i download/install WoW? i'm not running windows and linux, just straight up Ubuntu, nothing else.

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Fedora Installation :: Error: "You Need Mor Espace On The Following File Systems

Oct 5, 2010

after reading a lot I was finally able to run the upgrade interface (no more root errors) but I get a new error:"You need mor espace on the following file systems:346M on On / I have 760mb free. I dont know what else to do to install, I though I just needed 250mb to upgrade. Post added at 08:37 PM CDT Previous post was at 07:20 PM CDT Well after unistalling a lot of apps I managed to free 900mb in total.I dont know why my / is so full, I arranged a 9gb for it, and apparently I need more space, Im not using it more than sharing and downloading files, some hosting (nothing right now). How can I now what is getting so much space? Or maybe is the hole update process, from 8 to 11 and now from 11 to 13...

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Ubuntu :: Samba - Windows Read Files From A Home File Server With An Ext4 File System?

Jan 28, 2011

Can windows read files from a home file server with an ext4 file system? or do I have to partition the drive with the server (ext4) and an ntfs partition with the files on?

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Read Japanese File Names From FAT32

Jan 28, 2010

Ubuntu 9.10 is on ext4, XP is on NTFS and the data to be accessed by both OS is on FAT32.

Both systems have Japanese language support enabled, but I am unable to read the Japanese file names from the FAT32 partition when using Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Stop Drive And Read Only File System

Oct 19, 2010

Every time when I right click the USB drive icon and select "Safely remove drive" I always get this error message

FAILED: No such file or directory
even though the icon does disappear from the desk top. I have been ignoring it since the USB drive seems working fine.Now I have a more serious problem. When I tried to copy files onto the USB drive it says "read only file system" and doesn't let me. I tried unplug and plug the USB key but that doesn't help.

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General :: Windows Access The File From Ubuntu Got Read Only Even Though Have A Full Permission To Read, Write And Execute The File?

Feb 4, 2010

What are the possible problem when Windows access the file from Ubuntu got Read Only even though have a full permission to read, write and execute the file? Ubuntu to Ubuntu accessing the file there is no problem only Windows got a problem.

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General :: Good Book / Manual To Read To Learn More About OP Systems?

Mar 25, 2011

What would be a good book/manual to read to learn more about linux o.p. systems? and how to use them.I have to add I may not have such a good internet connection I might end up with free dial up (Bummer)so I'm not sure if a link will do.I will end up at the library anyway. so if you could suggest something that would be good, I'm not really looking for the history but more like how to use, maybe the terminal and such?.

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Fedora Installation :: Reuse The /home Partition On Multi-boot Systems?

May 5, 2009

Having already borked my system once while deciding to nstall Fedora 10 under the influence of a false sense of bravado, alcohol induced, I thought I should ask for a little insight before trying things again. Once I get my system fixed and before consuming alcohol that is.Short version:I thought Id be smart and mount the /home partition I use for openSUSE as /home for Fedora, I mean that why I made /home it own partition right? Well, thatwhen the alcohol took over and I thought I be rilliant(not so much) and just use my SUSE username for Fedora too, since, you know,e already got all my files and settings stored there.

Thus my request for the answer on how to correctly use the same /home partition across multiple OS installations; with the preferred goal of retaining access to email folders, various files, games (WINE) and such no matter what distro I�m using. Would it really be as simple as just not using the same user name for more than one distro? What addtional issues does that solve/create

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OpenSUSE :: Htdig Error: Unable To Read Word Database File

Oct 13, 2010

I built the indexes, but when I search I get this: Top-Level Documentation Application Manuals

openSUSE Documentation (en)
Htdig error: Unable to read word database file '/home/philip/.kde4/share/apps/khelpcenter/index//opensuse-manuals_en.words.db'


the UNIX manual pages work, the Application Manuals show nothing, and the openSUSE Documentation shows the same error. This is the same no matter what I search for.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Read ICE Authority File /home/mylogin/.ICEauthority

Oct 24, 2010

After update i cant log into my login account. I cant go into home/mylogin directory.

Unable to read ICE authority file /home/mylogin/.ICEauthority

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Server :: Mounted UFS Ro Under But Unable To Read All Folders?

Jul 1, 2011

I have a low maybe medium experience with linux and no experience with unix and migrating from freenas to Ubuntu.I'm trying to transfer 12 TB of data from UFS file system to ext3 file system under Ubuntu 10.04. The server has two 16TB virtual disks (raid10) and one 4TB virtual disk (raid10 too).I mount the UFS virtual disk in Ubuntu with this command:

mount -r -t ufs -o ufstype=ufs2 /dev/sda1 /home/ufsdisk
I am able to read only 6TB of data instead of 12TB. The missing folders can be seen in


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Ubuntu :: Udev[488] Can't Read File On Boot?

Jan 11, 2010

In Ubuntu 910 on my Asus EEE-PC1005HA, I notice that during boot, when the screen is dark between the plain Ubuntu logo and the animated purple screen, there is a brief message:udev[488] cannot read file (rest of message goes by too fast for me)This doesn't seem to hurt anything. My system has been working just fine for a long time. I don't know how long the message has been there. Perhaps it merely lengthens boot time? Should I care? If I should care, where might the message be logged (so that I don't have to photograph the screen)?

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Server :: Ubuntu 8.10 - Unable To Read Configuration Data For Ventrilo

Mar 5, 2010

I am running ubuntu 8.10 on an old gateway as a server. I have vent up and running just fine. I went to configure the ventrilo_srv.ini file and now that I have made the changes, I need to restart the server program, which I am having problems doing. The following command returns the following:

sudo /home/taylor/ventrilo/ventsrv/ventrilo_srv restart
Ventrilo Server - Public - Version 3.0.3
(c)Copyright 1999-2008 Flagship Industries, Inc.
Unable to open configuration file 'ventrilo_srv.ini'.
ERROR: Unable to read configuration data. Exiting.

What am I doing wrong? Did I change something that shouldn't have been changed. I only set the name to something other than default and set the admin password.

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Fedora :: Cannot Create Regular File Read Only File System?

Jun 16, 2009

All my torrents go to my home/username/Download/ folder, I could read/write yesterday but now I cant even copy the files to a flash drive.The error i get is "Cannot create regular file '/home/username/Download/file' : Read only file system.

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Fedora Installation :: Boot Any Current Kernel Without The Nolapic Flag On ICH8-based Intel T7300 Systems?

Jun 16, 2009

Is there a way to boot any current kernel without the nolapic flag on ICH8-based intel T7300 systems? This system works fine with the last 2.26 kernel from FC8, but due to EOL of the security updates I tried to install FC11 and FC10. The first sign of trouble is that their installation only works with acpi=off or nolapic options. As those options disable either fan-control or the second cpu-core I consider them undesirable. Is there a recent correctly working kernel available? Or do I have to downgrade to a distribution that uses a 2.26 kernel?

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Red Hat :: Unable To Boot RHEL 5.2 And Unable To Mount Root File System In Rescue Mode

Jan 28, 2010

Environment: A 32-bit kernel RHEL5.3 system running on a virtual machine. The root(/) filesystem is on an LV.

Issue: Unable to resize the FS after extending the root LV since it is mounted. After extending the LV, online resizing of the FS was not supported and the root filesystem could not be unmounted while it was in use. On rebooting, I got a kernel panic error. In runlevel 1, I couldn't run chroot, couldn't find the /etc/fstab, root FS could not be mounted, fsck did not run (tried block 31 for second copy of superblock using dd count=1 bs=4k skip=31 seek=1 if=/dev/sda2 of=/dev/sda2), couldn't find any rpm on installation media to install unix-utils rpm. On running commands in runlevel 1,

I got the following output.

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Server :: Concurrent File Read Limit

Jul 12, 2011

More of a "Knowledge" question... Is their a limit to the number of reads a single file can take? Say for example I have a file named config.xml in an htdocs directory and a XMLReader function from PHP reads some value(s) out of this file for every connection of Apache or NGinx. Now suppose my site receives a gigantic spike in traffic (but Apache stays opertational through it all)... Is their a point at which the underlying system would simply not be able to open+read config.xml anymore??

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Fedora :: Unable To Re Read Sda When Gparted

Jan 21, 2010

I have the following problem on fedora 12, x64 amd; I have installed fedora 12 from a live cd, whit custum partition tables (no lvm or somting like that). my sceam is (on a single 80 gb maxtor sata disk only 1 system, clean install):


Notitng more (not needed also). The installation was successfully. No problems on the install part. ALs no problems on the ugprade part. I installed the rest using yum groupinstall. When i want to add the extra 4 disks (all samsung 1 tb spinpoint sata) that i have for my backupdata, non of the partiotionprograms can recognise. If i do; moun /dev/sdb1/ /media/sdb1, it says that i need to add the file system. well, by some sort of misstake, i could find a workaround for this. When start gparted, select on of the samsung disks, select any of the flags in gpart, remove the flag and give it a ok, gpart can read the amount of data thats used. After that i ame able to mount whit a simple mount /dev/sbd1 /media/sdb1 command. When i use this command: hdparm -z /dev/sdb1, i can mount the disk afterwards, whitout problems. Of course, i need to add them als to my /etc/fstab file, so they automount each time at boot.........

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