Networking :: Network Management Software

Jan 14, 2010

We are planing to Replace our Windoz Desktops to Linux.So, I am searching for an open source software apart from spacewalk that can install a software or a patch in all the systems that are under my network simultaneously.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Use Network Management Without Applet / Panel?

Apr 3, 2011

On my netbook, I'm experimenting with removing any panels or window navigators completely, and using synapse for launching applications. But I've encountered a quite annoying problem, as the only stable solution I've found for connecting to wireless applications is the applet used in the gnome panel. I've tried the Wicd Network Manager, but it keeps disconnecting without reason.

Is there another program for connecting wireless, or maybe a way to use applets without a panel/window navigator?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Network Adapter Power Management Settings

Jan 16, 2010

How do I set the network adapter power to maximum? In windows, this can be easily set under device manager --> hardware --> ..power management.

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Ubuntu Networking :: 11.04 Management Of Network Card / Wired/wireless Setup?

May 1, 2011

I am facing a problem with the management of my network card after installing Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit Desktop edition.

There are two Network Cards and one USB adapter which I'd like to drive:

- Ethernet controller Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5703X Gigabit Ethernet (rev 02)
- Ethernet controller Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ (rev 10)
- Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8187 Wireless Adapter

Actually I need the wireless adapter to connect to the AP, so both of the ethernet card should be disabled. Infact, when I try to access to the AP I must disable the eth0 card by using (sudo ifconfig eth0 down), otherwise the route assigns the default gw ( to the eth0 device and the network is useless.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Network Management Disabled After Start On 11.2

Dec 19, 2009

I tried connect to internet through iPhone (bluetooth tether), so I followed one tutorial... It said I have to change "networkmanager" to "ifup" in yast>network settings, and make some other changes... I did it, but I couldn't connect via iphone... OK... I put back all changes, also changed ifpu to networkmanager.

After reboot, Knetowrkmanager gives me "network management disabled" on startup, instead of list of my networks.

Of course, I google for solution, but without any luck. And then, I don't know why, I killed Knetworkmanager, start it again, and.. it worked!

But now, I have to kill it, and start again always, when I reboot my laptop...(HP Compaq 6720s, BCM4312, KDE 4.3.4)

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OpenSUSE Network :: Network Management Disabled After Resume?

May 21, 2010

I have an Asus EeePc 1001PX and on resume I have "Network Management disabled", neither wired nor wireless interface can be configured, the NM icon is greyed out. running ifconfig shows eth0 and wlan0 have disappeared completely.

I found 2 options:
2. Network management disabled after start on 11.2 - openSUSE Forums

but I don't have the /var/lib/NetworkManager folder at all

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OpenSUSE Wireless :: When Click The Button To Connect To A Wireless Network This Message Apears:Network Management Disabled?

Mar 23, 2010

When i click the button to connect to a wireless network this message apears:Network management disabled

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OpenSUSE Network :: Icon Only Gives This Message: "Network Management Disabled"?

Dec 6, 2009

I have a working wireless connection on OpenSuSE11.2 but after installing the KDE network manager, clicking on its icon only gives this message: "Network Management Disabled"

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: 11.3: KDE Network Management Failure?

Aug 2, 2010

I just changed my power settings so that my laptop would hibernate when I closed the lid... but now KDE Network Manager has decided that it will not allow itself to be enabled. I can get my ethernet connection working through YAST... but I *really* need the wireless to work as well... so can somebody *please* tell me why KNM is being so stupid, and how I can fix it? EDIT: I just realized that I should have put this in the Network subforum...

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General :: Best Server / Network Management Software

Jan 14, 2010

can some one advise either on linux or windows, server/network manage software.say each server we can watch the cpu,memory,network card in/out speed, overload etc, any warning.

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OpenSUSE Wireless :: Network Management Disabled After Freeze?

Aug 18, 2010

I just switched to opensuse from fedora. So far, I like it a lot (KDE FTW). However, I am having a couple issues concerning hibernation and restarting.Whenever I merely close my computer but don't shut it off, I am forced to reboot. When I open the computer after closing it, everything stays black and nothing seems to work aside from a restart (no good, I know).When I restart, network management is disabled and thus I am prevented from accessing wireless. The only solution I have found is to hibernate, which for some reason fixes the problem. A restart however does nothing. So I guess I have two questions:1) Why can't I close my computer without turning it off?2) Is there a more permanent solution aside from merely hibernating after a crash that will fix network manager

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Debian Multimedia :: KDE4 Plasma Network Management Not Connecting?

Nov 12, 2010

Got a problem with the plasma network management widget. Let's say I connect to a wireless network at my office called "Network A". I then go home and try connecting to my wireless network, "Network B". Assume each has WEP encryption. When I click on my home network, the wallet-manager pops up first. I enter my password. I then see that instead of adding a new network, it has "Network A" selected for editing. This happens every single time. What is going on here? I don't want a bunch of posts naming WICD either. I want to use the plasma widget because I like it. So what's up with it overwriting other network connections when you try adding a new one?

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OpenSUSE Network :: How To Create Central Repository For Patch Management

Sep 1, 2010

i want to create Central Opensuse repository for Patch management just like WSUS in windows,which automatically downloads Updates/Patches and distribute to the Clients locally.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Bandwidth Management Based On Ip - Manage Usage For Each Client?

Apr 30, 2010

I setup a server with vmware esxi 4. I installed opensuse 11.2 and I have successfully setup an internet gateway and I manually configured (static) my client IP. My question is, is there any software or commands that I could use to manage the bandwidth usage for each client? eg. only 5Mbps for, 10Mbps for, etc

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Ubuntu :: Install And Configure Network Data Management Protocol On Server?

Jan 25, 2010

I have installed Ubuntu Server x64 in a VM (VMWare workstation) but have limited knowledge. Does anyone have steps on installing and configuring NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) on an Ubuntu server? I would like to set this VM up like a NAS box so I can do some NDMP backup testing.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Replacing Home Network - Central User Management Setup?

Jul 22, 2010

I am replacing a home network - Windows Server 2003 and 5 PCs (XP Pro) with UBUNTU 10.4 LTS Server and client versions. I am keeping a couple of the PCs with dual boot until I can migrate everything over (Having some issues with iTunes, Family Tree Maker, Media serving, DVD decrypt and a couple of others, but that is for another post). It was great fun getting the server up and running using only shell commands. Took me ages just to get a folder shared! Migrating the data over from NTFS to ext3 was also fun given the limited space on the partitions.

I really only want to use the server for communal network type things ... central user account maintenance, shared folders for music, video etc and data backup. I don't need it to be performing server functions on the Internet e.g. web server etc although that may come later. How I set up central user management? All the PCs are currently setup with local user ids, and it is a bit of a pain to go round each PC every time I change something.

The server is not always up, so I need to be able to log into the local PC without it being active. I was using Active Directory on Server 2003, but I don't need anything that complex really ... just 3 or 4 users to manage. I have been looking at the setup tutorial at [URL] but am not sure how relevant a lot of it is. I have SSH setup so I can login remotely, NFS is working to share the folders, but that is about all I have done so far.

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General :: Focus On Command Line Machine System, Network Basics, And File Management Knowledge?

Feb 17, 2011

As a strategy for learning linux I have decided to adopt using a lean windows based approach. I want to focus on command line machine system, network basics, and file management knowledge. In other words find out how desktop manager does it's business, so I know how to master my machine, but by and large once I have made my choices, leave it alone to do just that.

I figure I should know how applications are internally configured etc., but I also figure an apps GUI and config choices should take care of installations, and program usage as in M$ windows. Surely taking care of an applications dependencies are the responsibility of the developer, are they not?

I am working my way through "Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition (Version 1.0.0)" right now for an overall viewpoint. Can anyone suggest a specific source for a point by point explanation of the command basis of a generalised "desktop management" application (KDE,LXDE)? Better yet would be if it had some parallel comparison of the varied approaches taken by different distributions of linux.

A secondary question, is that allowed? Up to a certain point in Ms windows, a thorough knowledge of DOS 6.xx would theoreticaly enable one to more or less duplicate the actions of the windows overlay. Is there a basic distribution (or subset in all of them maybe?) of linux that would be consistent with that paradigm? What would be analogous to DOS batch files, or GM-Basic? Oh! that's 3.I am certainly appreciating the depth of this forum, and the breadth of knowledge among you forumite's. Reading it is time well spent.

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Ubuntu Networking :: LAN Management GUI?

Jun 9, 2010

I've been using Ubuntu since 2006, and love it! I've even gotten a few others hooked when their Windows machines crapped out due to viruses or other problems. And Ubuntu has only gotten better.Now I'm trying to build a home network around a wireless router (Linksys). I'm set up with a desktop wired to the router, and two laptops regularly connect wirelessly. The wireless router is connected to a cable modem. Everything works fine (except getting the Ubuntu laptop to connect wirelessly using WPA).

What I would like to do is use the desktop as a server, so I can see who is connected at any given time, control security protocol, edit the MAC address list, boot off unwanted users, etc. I can do most of this by connecting to, but would prefer something on the desktop.
Looking through the Software Center, the only thing I can find is KontrolPack. Anyone use this? Will this give me the functions I want?

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Networking :: Bandwidth Management Between Different Departments?

Sep 25, 2010

I am Network Administrator in a Degree College managing around 2500 Comps. My ISP has terminated its Internet link (15 Mbps) to our Linux Server (Installed 2 NIC) from where Internet connection is extended to rest of the machines in network. I am supposed to send different bandwidth to different departments say 5 Mbps to Hostel, 2 Mbps to Staff room etc. I am new to linux and don't know anything about Bandwidth Management in linux.

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Fedora Networking :: Proper Management Of Iptables?

Mar 8, 2011

for quite a while inside of our organization we've been editing /etc/sysconfig/iptables directly without much issues. However it was suggested to us that by doing so we risk losing all those rules whenever some package decides to use lokkit or "system-config-firewal*"Doing a bit of analysis I can't really find any trace of code that would prevent us from maintaining iptables just the way we were (as long as *we* don't use lokkit or system-config-firewall*) since "service iptables save" is a valid technique and uses iptables-save script which is part of iptables package and *not* part of system-config-firewall*

So we've got some evidence that may confirm our usage as valid, however it would be nice to know if indeed this is *not* a recommended way of maintaining iptables and we should reconsider how we approach it.

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CentOS 5 Server :: Choose Eaton EX RT 11 Plus Eaton Network Management Card Minislot?

Sep 13, 2010

I have a couple of servers which runs CentOS 5.5 and CentOS 5.4. We have decided to buy a UPS and we choose Eaton EX RT 11 plus eaton network management card minislot. I have read on the site of Eaton that they have two applications which could gracefully shutdown my servers - LanSafe and NetWatch. My experience with UPS and those applications is zero so I`m here for some advises? Do you prefer NetWatch over LanSafe?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Get NIS Settings Back Into YaST "User And Group Management"?

Jan 18, 2011

After a disastrous foray into LDAP I restored NIS on a very simple network run by a very simple operator. Everything now works except for YaST on the NIS master. I can't manage NIS users in YaST any more. The option 'show NIS users' is now absent from the 'filter' button up in YaST "User and Group Management" So, after following the YaST route to LDAP there seems no way back...

These are OpenSUSE 11.3 boxes and the slave NIS server can't [obviously enough] delete expired NIS users on the master, although it sees them fine. Disabling or changing NIS server or client on the Master simply restores the 'wrong' settings - nothing is erased or cleaned. How do I clean up NIS controls so YaST sees it properly? or What do I need to do to restore NIS group & user control to YaST?

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Ubuntu Networking :: NFS Permissions Management Has Changed In Maverick 10.10 (2.6.35)

Oct 25, 2010

I recently upgraded from Lucid to Maverick, and I noticed that a new error message caused by a "cp" command call, including the hard links option. Fortunately, I kept the last Lucid kernel (2.6.32-25), so I could check the different behavior with booting successively on each kernel. Here are my configuration files:

On the server (
/etc/fstab :
UUID=... /mnt/Backup ext4 defaults,errors=remount-ro,relatime,async 0 2
/etc/exports :


If I check permissions of /net/Backup/Folder2 from the client, I get :

owner = nobody (Create and Delete files), users (Access files), others (Access files)

cp -alR /net/Backup/Folder1/* /net/Backup/Folder2

- under kernel 2.6.32-25: no problem

- under kernel 2.6.35-22: all the subdirectories are created, but all empty; moreover, I get as many messages as number of files from the source:

"cp: cannot create the link ...: operation not allowed"

I can copy manually any file to /net/Backup/Folder2 from the client. Why the behavior has changed from kernel 2.6.32-25 to kernel 2.6.35-22 ? Should I modify the permissions or the way the mount is exported with options like "(no_)root_squash", "all_squash", or "anonuid", "anongid" ?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Console Wireless Management Alternatives ?

Nov 6, 2010

I'm actually preparing a little storage server for implementing using the Bacula suite and as I'm using only wireless connections I've been trying to find useful console applications/methods to manage wireless connections of the two laptops I'm planning to use.(besides NetworkManager cause I need to save as much disk space as I can and NetworkManager has a lot of dependences to install) that could allow me to create and use profiles for different wireless connections when moving through different places?

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Networking :: Building Router Equipped With Firewall And Acl Management?

Jul 6, 2010

I am trying to do my graduation project, it's labeled under "linux secure router", and I should build a linux based router equipped with firewall and ACL management...Some people advice me to use linux ubuntu distribution todo this I try to do that but I don't know where to start form

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Networking :: Router - How To Find Port Number For Web Management

Aug 1, 2010

I enabled D-Link (DSL-502T) router web management (I am aware of security implication). I was able remotely to login to the router (by typing http://23.45.xx.6y) before changing the default number 80. Then I changed the port number from the default value 80 to 21908 (https option is not available) for better security, and when I tried to login to the router by typing this :


Yes I am aware that if I am physically near to the router then I can check that , but this is not the case with me. How can I make sure that I had changed port number form 80 to 21908? Does NMAP do a trick to reveal which port is used for web management ? or are there other better options?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Internet Working - Package Management Not Working

Dec 17, 2010

I use an internet connection with a proxy. I have set the proxy in Firefox and systemsettings so now I can browse the web and I can ping Google from Console. But when I start Software Management, it says "Cannot access installation media". Whats wrong?

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Networking :: Setting Download Limit And Bandwidth Management Using SQUID?

Feb 28, 2010

How to set download limit using SQUID? I want to specify the download limit for a particular list in MB. Is it possible to limit bandwith for some group of machines in network?

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Networking :: Bandwidth Management With It / Ubuntu - Filter Traffics Using Tc And Iptables

Jan 1, 2011

i wanted to do bandwidth management/traffic shaping on my Internet link(have two internet connections), but i have some questions to ask: I want to know how could i for example filter some traffics using tc and iptables (e.g Peer-to-Peer,IM,Download Managers,Flash videos..) i can do filtering for known services like http,ssh,... but since these applications doesn't use one port, i am confused a little bit. I also want to do some bandwidth allocations (based on protocol) thats why i need filtering.

The other question is that currently i am using tc for bandwidth allocation and iptables for marking packets to send to these classes, am i doing it right? I mean it does work, but is it better to use for example "U32" filters for filtering? P.S: i tried to use ClearOS in gateway mode, but it doesn't have bandwidth allocation functionality. Does anyone know if i could do bandwidth allocation in ClearOS/Endian.

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Networking :: Bandwidth Management Testing - Invalid Argument Error

Nov 29, 2010

I am trying to do some bandwidth management testing, so I have developed a small script for doing so. When I try to run it it gives the error <error> RTNETLINK answers: invalid argument</error>. I have searched the net, and so far they say it has to do something with the kernel support.

the script:
tc qdisc add dev eth1 root handle 1: htb
tc class add dev eth1 parent 1: classid 1:1 htb rate 2mbit ceil 2mbit
tc class add dev eth1 parent 1:1 classid 1:10 htb rate 600kbit ceil 2mbit prio 2
tc class add dev eth1 parent 1:1 classid 1:20 htb rate 1400kbit ceil 2mbit
tc class add dev eth1 parent 1:20 classid 20:100 htb rate 700kbit ceil 2mbit prio 0 #when running this command it gives the error
tc class add dev eth1 parent 1:20 classid 20:200 htb rate 700kbit ceil 2mbit pro 1

I am running this script on a virtual machine that has ubuntu 9.04 installed.

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