Networking :: How To Use DNS Server To Reduce Netbios Broadcast And Speed Up Browsing?

May 11, 2011

I am on a 172.16.x.x network with about 60 Windows XP home and Vista home clients in a peer-to-peer workgroup that uses DHCP to assign addresses. About half the traffic on my LAN is netbios broadcast. I do not want to do a WINS server because I do not want to have to manually change the registry on every machine. This is only for local name resolution and I do not have any web servers or e-mail servers. I do not have access to a Windows server to use as a DNS server. I am on Debian and using BIND but am open to other suggestions.

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General :: Turn Turtle-speed Browsing Into Penguin-speed Browsing?

Oct 17, 2010

I've just installed Slackware 13.1 in two different laptops for first time. I have some strange internet browsing behaviour in one of the laptops. I've installed 2 internet browsers(firefox,opera) using the directions from and there is also konqueror pre-installed. Moreover I installed Wicd network manager.

I can browse some pages e.g. ..... with firefox very slowly but NEVER facebook. I can browse almost any page, even facebook, with OPERA but very very slowly. The same goes with konqueror... Wicd shows that i am always connected with my WPA wireless network

Laptop details:


Toshiba sattellite a100-209
Processor Intel Celeron M 370 / 1.5 GHz
Databus-Speed 400 MHz
Installed RAM 512 MB
Technology DDR2 SDRAM - 533 MHz


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Ubuntu Networking :: Low Browsing Speed Using USB 3G Huawei E1550?

Jun 2, 2010

USB 3G Huawei E1550 modem is used for connecting to the internet.When I'm connecting to the internet modem light is blue (it means that I'm connecting using 3G network)I have issues with speed when browsing internet (using Firefox and Google Chrome) or updating software using apt-get (download speed around 1.5 - 6 kB).At the same time I can download files using Transmission with 60 - 120 kB.

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Server :: PPTP Traffic - Gre Traffic Is Being Generated During The Browsing / Reduce Traffic

Sep 27, 2009

Recently I notice that when I'm connected to an vpn server (pptpd) and I'm using it as a default gateway my download and upload speed decreases almost to the half of the usual speed. I made a test using iptables in order to count how much GRE packets are generated (except the real traffic itself) in that way:

iptables -I INPUT -p gre -j ACCEPT
iptables -I OUTPUT -p gre -j ACCEPT

iptables -I FORWARD -s -j ACCEPT
iptables -I FORWARD -d -j ACCEPT
The first 2 rules match all GRE packets between the pptpd server and client, and the next rules - the traffic between the server and the client.

When I turn the counters to zero and begin to generate traffic (to browse, to download etc.) I see that the GRE packets are even more than these in the FORWARD chain.

So, my question is first of all is my test correct and is it true that so much gre traffic is being generated during the browsing (it becames clear that the traffic is double than if the pptpd wasn't used as a gateway) and if yes - can that traffic be reduced?

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Server :: Begin Online TV Broadcast - Can't Directly Broadcast From Country

Apr 1, 2010

Friends i have an idea to broadcast few local TV channels to the world via internet.But friends i can't directly broadcast from my country because of bandwidth.friends is there a way to do this through a remote server server? i just need to input my stream to a remote server and then broadcast it from the server.I can stream channels to the server from my country through a 10mbbs connection.

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Server :: Reduce RAID5 Partition Sizes / Reduce The Size Of Md1 And Grow Md0?

Feb 14, 2010

I have a rack of four 1TB drives all partitioned identically with three primary partitions. On each drive

- the first partition is only 64MB;
- the second is a large 900GB partition and
- the last holds all the remaining space

mdadm has been used to set up
/dev/md0 - RAID1, comprised of /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1
/dev/md1 - RAID5, comprised of /dev/sda2, /dev/sdb2, /dev/sdc2, /dev/sdd2
/dev/md2 - RAID5, comprised of /dev/sda3, /dev/sdb3, /dev/sdc3, /dev/sdd3

OK, so it was a silly mistake to make - but I am now need to increase the size of /dev/md0. My thinking is to reduce the size of md1 so that I can grow md0.

On md1 I have two logical volumes. I've successfully reduced the size of the volume so that I can reduce the size of md1. Now I'm at the nervous stage; I can find little written on the topic of shrinking RAID5 arrays - and even if I do this I'm unsure if I can move partitions around to regain the space I so desire.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Share Out Samba Shares - Multiple Netbios Showing From Server

Nov 30, 2010

I have a fileserver that I want to share out samba shares. However, i configured samba to have another netbios (SAN) and my windows box still sees whoopn-SAN which is the name I gave to my server when i installed it. Now I am using 9.10 and I know that i can create a share from the gnome gui in nautilus and that appears to be a windows like share. How can I turn OFF the windows like shares that ubuntu does out of the box and use ONLY samba? I ask because there appears to be a conflict of permissions b/w samba and this stuff.

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Debian :: Reduce Fan's Speed - Noise Level ?

Aug 23, 2011

I have a multiboot system with Windows Seven and Debian Squeeze installed.

When i run Windows, the fans in my PC work silently, but when i run Debian they making extremely terrible noise (looks like they working at full capacity).

I have 4 fans in my chasis, 1 CPU, 1 GPU and 1 PSU, 7 total.

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Ubuntu :: Does Dual-Boot Reduce The Speed Of My Computer

Sep 1, 2011

I have a laptop and I would like to ask if I have installed more than one OS on my laptop, will the speed be reduced?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Broadcast Using VLC / Apache Server

Oct 28, 2010

I need to configure network. I have configured a labtop "1" as a wireless Access point. And connected 2 laptops. I want to broadcast from a labtop "2" a video and read it on labtop 3. This broadcast will be done first time using VLC server then using apache server.

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General :: Browsing Speed On Wubi (Ubuntu 10.10) Slow Compared To That On Windows?

Feb 18, 2011

I have installed Wubi (Ubuntu 10.10) recently. It takes more time to boot than Windows. But my main concern is that my browsing speed is much slower compared to that on Windows 7. How can this be resolved?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Increase Browsing Speed \ While Loading Pages It Takes A Lot Of Time?

Apr 17, 2009

I' have FC10,firefox3.0.4it take ages to load any page.the d/l speed is good .but while loading pages it takes a lot of time!while on XP everything works fine even though the the firefox version being an earlier one than FC10

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Networking :: Get Netbios Name From Ip Address?

Mar 1, 2010

At the CLI, I want to know how to get a netbios name from an IP address. It seems that every solution that I have found is windows based, or requires me to install something beyond samba. is a simple "prog-x -somearg" or similar to get the netbios name - and that it doesn't require a reconfiguration of my server?

For instance, I would like this to be usable on a desktop system in an ad hoc without having to be run from root.

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Fedora Networking :: Can't Ping Netbios Name FC-12-64?

Apr 29, 2010

I have been beating my brains out the last few days trying to get my linux box to ping my Pc's via the netbios name. (ping pc_name) I have read post after post with no luck at all. What i do know is that my pc's can ping the linux box via netbios name with no problem. Samba works from the pc's but not the other way around. I have added wins to my host in the nsswitch.conf fileMy smb.conf file:Quote:

workgroup = OFFICE
server string = Samba Server Version %v


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Networking :: How To Block Netbios Broadcasts

Oct 8, 2010

I've a server in an European data center, My server is receiving a lot of UDP Netbios Boradcast packets (I've sniffed them via tcpdump )

I've block the sender IP via iptables but tcpdump again shows the packets that are receiving.

an example tcpdump output 16:35:25.829592 IP SENDER-IP.netbios-ns > MY-SERVER-IP.255.netbios-ns: NBT UDP PACKET(137): QUERY; REQUEST; BROADCAST

How can I block those broadcast packets?

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Ubuntu Networking :: NetBIOS - Addressing Computers By Name

May 6, 2010

I'm having some trouble addressing computers by name. I've just upgraded most my my box's to Lucid, and it was all working fine, but suddenly stopped - not quite sure why, or what I did, but I need it to come back! At first I thought it was my old router dying (which it was) but a new router hasn't helped.

I've now moved DHCP from the router to my server, and that's working fine, giving out static IPs from MAC addresses, and so forth, but I still can't address anything by name. My server is on and called myth-server, if I


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Networking :: Automated Way Of Loging Into Servers By Netbios Name Instead Of Ip's

Sep 18, 2010

In recent days, (today is September 18, 2010) I've been surfing the web trying to learn how to access nodes in my soho lan by netbios names instead of having to connect through the ip number, because ip's change every time according to DHCP assignments. I do not know what has happened to the "new" command mount.cifs, but things seem to have become a bit more complicated with the new version. Security problems, they say, and surely that's the reason.

I show here an automated way of loging into servers by netbios name instead of having to resort to the use of IP numbers, hosts files, wins servers and all that jazz. This is especially useful if your soho lan have five or more network nodes, and you do not want to go finding out the ip numbers assigned to the machines you want to connect to (temporarily or permanently).

This output is piped to gawk to isolate the line containing <00>, and gawk outputs the first element (print $1) of that line, which happens to be the ip of the server ServerName. I tested the script in my soho network, which now has Linux, Windows XP and Windows 7 nodes, and it worked perfectly for both tipes of servers.I'm using GNU's gawk, but I'm pretty sure that awk would do the job just as well.

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CentOS 5 Networking :: PING From 5.5 To Windows Hostname/NETBIOS Name?

Jan 28, 2011


CentOS 5.5
Windows 7 machine (hostname/NETBIOS name: AwesomePC, LAN IP:
Workgroup: Cake
No WINS server
No Domain


From CentOS 5.5, have

# ping AwesomePC

resolve to a ping on


# ping AwesomePC

resolves to some random public IP that seems to be coming from my WAN DNS (openDNS) servers


Have edited /etc/nsswitch.conf, edited line: hosts: files wins dns Have edited /etc/resolv.conf, added line: search CAKE Have installed samba (# yum install samba) and run (# service smb start), with /etc/samba/smb.conf, workgroup = CAKE, name resolve order = wins host lmhosts bcast

Does # ping even care about samba? How can I get this to work?

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Networking :: Throttle Client Connection Speed From NAT Server

Sep 5, 2010

I have about 5 computers on my network that get their internet connection from a Linux NAT server. is a Linux server that has a NAT set up to share the internet connection. is a download server that is almost always downloading - is assigned by DHCP to users.

I want to make it so that the download server runs at full speed but is throttled only when someone from the user IP addresses range tries to use the NAT server.I think I'm looking for some way to set the download server's packets to have a lower priority than the client's packets. Is there a way to set this in the Linux server?

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Server :: Broadcast To Darwin Streaming Server

Dec 27, 2010

please I need a Linux or Windows broadcast software to broadcast live audio / video streams to Darwin streaming server.

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Fedora Networking :: F14 Samba Server With Slow Write Speed

Aug 4, 2011

I had a F14 samba server working flawlessly now for a quite time. Unexpectedly about a month ago the write speed slowed down around 64kbit/s and that's really slow. I haven't changed any configs, only updated the server. I've troubleshooted this from many angles:
-It is not a network issue because sftp writes are good.
-It is not a RAID1 issue because write speed from another directory (locally) are good.
So basically samba is the only thing left.

Here's example from smb.conf:
comment = My share
path = /mnt/RAID_share
writeable = yes
browseable = yes
writelist = +smbuser

Here's a snip from logs today:
[2011/08/04 09:04:27.509273, 1] smbd/server.c:267(remove_child_pid)
Scheduled cleanup of brl and lock database after unclean shutdown
[2011/08/04 09:04:47.526336, 1] smbd/server.c:240(cleanup_timeout_fn)
Cleaning up brl and lock database after unclean shutdown
[2011/08/04 09:17:57.634660, 1] smbd/server.c:267(remove_child_pid)
Scheduled cleanup of brl and lock database after unclean shutdown
[2011/08/04 09:18:17.635196, 1] smbd/server.c:240(cleanup_timeout_fn)
Cleaning up brl and lock database after unclean shutdown .....

There's a restart that is not software related.

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Fedora :: Managed To Reduce The Logical Volume To Free Some Space But Cant Seem To Reduce The Physical Volume

Jan 1, 2010

so i have f12 installed on my hd with lvm using the whole extent of the HD , i want to reduce it so i can dual boot it with a windows system, i managed to reduce the logical volume to free some space, but i cant seem to reduce the physical volume, is this possible and how ?

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Fedora Networking :: Cbq - Restrict Upload Speed From Ftp Server To Internet (eth1)

Dec 1, 2009

I have a Fedora 11 system and cbq.init-v0.7.3 in it. Now I want to restrict upload speed from my ftp server to Internet (eth1). According to docs I've made a simple file /etc/sysconfig/cbq/cbq- 00.inet_upload_restrict:


So as you can see I want to limit outbound traffic on eth1 from my ftp port 20 to any to the 800Kbit/s (100Kbyte/s). Now I do cbq start, it says: find: warning: you have specified the -maxdepth option after a non-option argument (, but options are not positional (-maxdepth affects tests specified before it as well as those specified after it). Please specify options before other arguments.

find: warning: you have specified the -maxdepth option after a non-option argument (, but options are not positional (-maxdepth affects tests specified before it as well as those specified after it). Please specify options before other arguments. but it starts and works. Now I check the speed and it is...

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Slackware :: Broadcast Messages From Server To Clients

Jul 6, 2010

I am searching for a way to broadcast a simple message from a server to the other machines (clients) on my local network every day at 22:30 (10:30pm) to warn users that the server will shutdown in 30 minutes (energy saving strategy). Basically, I was thinking to add a cron entry ion the server crontab to do so. before I go ahead with that, I tried several ways to accomplish this action. Then I tried simply "wall" and got a text promt to type in my message. At the end I pressed CTRL+D and got a popup displaying my message. So it worked but it was on the server's monitor. How can I send this message to a remote machine? Is wall the proper command to do so?

I also tried using paswordless ssh..It doesnt work. Basically I can login on the remote machine using passwordless ssh but when I issue either kdialog or xmessage, I get error "cannot connect to X server on diaplay 0:0" (or something similar).I tried also ssh 'wall 'message'' but it also says "cannot connect to X server on diaplay 0:0"So far I have several ways but nothing really works..There must be a real way to to that?All machines are Slackware 13.1 based.

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Server :: Broadcast A Message To Different Computers Using Wall Command?

Feb 4, 2010

With wall command, we can just broadcast a message to all the login users in only system, how to broadcast a message to all the systems which all are in same network

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Ubuntu Networking :: What Is The Use Broadcast Address

Feb 28, 2011

all I get is the broadcast address can be used to send packets of information to all computers on a network simultaneously. Can that be used during MPI programming or anything of the such? What is the day to day use of the broadcast address?

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Networking :: Converting IP Multicast To MAC LLC Broadcast

Mar 5, 2010

This is not a linux specific question more of a general network issue with the hope that someone may have already done this under linux.My problem:I have a red hat linux machine transmitting IP multicast packets onto an ethernet gigabit network (cisco switch).Wireshark (running on a different red hat linux box confirms packets on network.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Install A DLNA Server On My Home Server - Photo Browsing On PS3 ?

Nov 24, 2010

I want to install a DLNA server on my ubuntu home server. It will primarily be used for photo browsing on my PS3, but general media support would be nice. (I use Squeezebox server for music.) What are my options, and what are the main difference between them.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Calculate Broadcast & Network?

Jul 13, 2010

i m setting up a linux server and i have to setup ip , in static mode. so i know everything except those two things. how do i calculate them?

example ip:

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Ubuntu Networking :: How To Calculate Broadcast Address

Dec 13, 2010

How do I calculate broadcast adrress if the address space is then what would be broadcast address.

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