General :: Check If A Website File Has Changed?

Jan 18, 2010

I have a site that I login to to check updates. It does not have RSS because users need to authenticate themselves before getting access to the page. Is there a way to write a script that can login to the page and check whether the HTML has changed and then send me an email?

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General :: How To Monitor Changed File

Jul 3, 2010

How do I monitor which files have been changed after, say, I run the passwd command? (I know, depending on the options used, it changes /etc/shadow and/or /etc/passwd). But I would like to if there is any clever ways of monitoring this. This is how I do it which is a bit crude, and I have to know which directory to monitor. Before running the command, I run


for i in $(ls -A) do; md5sum $i >> /tmp/before; done

And after running the command, I run


for i in $(ls -A) do; md5sum $i >> /tmp/after; done

Then I do a diff to see if any file has been changed


diff /tmp/{before,after}

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Ubuntu :: Ping With The Terminal To Check A Website's Availability?

Mar 26, 2011

When I try to ping with the terminal to check a website's availability, it always just keeps going on and on and on... How do I get it to stop after a set amount of pings? Is there some type of command?

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Fedora Servers :: Check In Dates Getting Changed / Updated To System Time

Jun 21, 2011

I am using the default CVS available in Fedora 9. I initiated the CVS server by
cvs -d /usr/local/cvsproj init
To check-in and check-out the following exports commands are used
export CVS_RSH=ssh
export CVSROOT=:ext:swathi@SERVER:/usr/local/cvsproj

I shall explain problem by taking an example. A project was checked in long before (for example the checkin date is 25 Feb 2010). And today (i.e. 21 June 2011) I checked out the project from the repository. After checkout, the date of the project in the repository is changed from 25 Feb 2010 to 21 June 2011. This date is set to all the subfolders in that project. But the files in the project retains the checking date i.e. 25 Feb 2010. Why the check-in dates are getting updated/changed to the system time after doing check-out.

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General :: Tool To Run A Command When File Changed?

Sep 16, 2010

Does anybody know of tool for Linux that can watch a custom subtree of the filesystem for changes, and executes a custom command when a change occurs ? Such a tool would be very useful to quickly setup automatic building or uploading of source files.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Finding A Website To Check Wireless Lan Support?

Jun 5, 2011

Found about this website in vector linux site,you can check before you buy if the wireless adapter works with linux or not, so I think is a good tool to check wireless adapters by manufacturer, interface or chipset, it even have links to the drivers websites,


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General :: File Privileges - Check And Set Who Can View Or Open A Given Folder Or File?

Jul 30, 2010

How can I check and set who can view or open a given folder or file?

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General :: Moved File Partitions - File System Check Failed On Fedora, Windows Will Not Boot

Dec 16, 2009

my partitioning layout was as follows

Vista Recovery
Windows 7
-->Fedora 12 (ext4)

so, I shrunk my recovery in Windows 7 successfully, and booted into my Fedora 12 live cd to run Gparted, and move the partitions so that the free space could go towards fedora, I did such, and then I couldn't expand the partition to my dismay. Next, I woke up this morning, tried to boot to fedora to run SSH, grub loaded, but when I tried to boot fedora, I got the "File system check failed" error, and when I tried 7, it just went to a blank screen with a single "_" in the top left-hand corner.

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General :: Change A Line In A Rsync Script And Send The File Changed?

Nov 19, 2010

I'm configuring an rsync between 2 machines, A_Server --> B_Server, using the following script:

# Script de backup a trav�s de Rsync desde RMP-1 hasta RMP-2.


The Rsyn is working OK. What i need is to change one of the lines of the /tmp/prueba.txt before sending it to the remote machine (obviously not changing the file in the local machine), i mean, send prueba.txt to the remote machine deleting one line and adding another can i do this?

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General :: Curl - Download A File From A Website In Command Line?

Aug 9, 2011

I need to download a file from a website which has a URL formatted like:


This redirects to a .zip file which has to be saved. There is also a need to authenticate based on username and password.

I tried to use wget, curl and lynx with no luck.


wget doesnt work with redirection. It simply downloads the webpage instead of the zip file. curl gives the error "Maximum redirection exceeded > 50 " lynx also gives the same error.

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General :: Check File Exists

Feb 20, 2010

I have scenrio where i have to check first whether the files exists or not then count of records should not be equal to zero and file should be of current day not the previous day then only process my next task.There are three files totally.please let me know how to write script to achieve the same.

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General :: Check If Two Paths Are Pointing To The Same File

Oct 6, 2010

I've got a script to recursively create symlinks in my home directory to my settings directory, to keep the files under version control. I would like it to skip files which are already symlinked via a parent directory. That is, if I have these files/directories:

~/foo/ -> ~/settings/foo/

, how do I check that ~/foo/bar and ~/settings/foo/bar are the same file?

Edit: D'oh, another few minutes of searching revealed the answer: readlink -f $path

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General :: File Type Check In Perl?

Oct 12, 2010

I am witing a file upload program in perl where i need to upload a wav or a gsm file and save it as a gsm file.How can i make sure that the uploaded file is a wav or a gsm sound file and not an executable malicious script or something.

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General :: Check The Output Of Assembly File?

Jan 14, 2011

I have a small doubt regarding Assembly file compilation. I have two .s files. When I compile two .s files I am getting corresponding .o files. But when I compare the both .o files with diff command, it is resulting that two files are differing. How could/ what are commands we should use to understand the difference between two .o file's output.

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General :: Run A File Check From Terminal In Ubuntu 10.10?

Dec 22, 2010

Occasionally Ubuntu runs a file check, and I assume repair if necessary, at start-up. what do I type into Terminal if I want to run a file check without waiting for the automatic file check to start? The reason I ask is that my system wouldn't boot last week and after several attempts to reboot, the automatic file check came into play and corrected whatever was wrong. This process of rebooting my system several times before Ubuntu fixed itself was very time consuming and frustrating. I dare say that there is a command line to trigger this file check.

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General :: Smbclient Check File Modified Before 'get'

Oct 28, 2010

I checked the smbclient man but could not find any switch to us in combination with 'get' to check if the file has been modified before download.

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General :: Can I Do Integrity Check When Tar.gz File Is Created?

Mar 25, 2011

create one tar.gz file that contains my /home, /etc, /root directory.

a) The process ended with a 88GB file size (which is ok) but with the following message.Code: tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors.I have searched a little but I could not find what went wrong.

b) What are the limitations of tar and gz for backups. Of course I fully understand that they can not be used for differential backups (if it is called like that)

c) Let's say that my backup will be a file of 100GB and I want to see the contents of the .tar.gz. In kde there is a program called ark. Can ark handle so big files? Does it use my hard disk (eg. /tmp) to uncompress the file so to show me its contents? It might be the case that might be the compressed file is much bigger than the left space on the hard disk?

d) How can I do an integrity check when my tar.gz file is created?

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Ubuntu Networking :: File 'path Omyfile' Has Been Changed On The File System?

May 28, 2010

I have asked this over on Launchpad and have found bugs filed on the eclipse bug tracker but it seems to be going nowhere so I guess ill ask here.

I am using Eclipse for some development work and having saved a file, defocus the eclipse window (to test changes in a browser) when I refocus the eclipse window I get the following error...

The file 'path omyfile' has been changed on the file system.Do you want to replace the editor contents with these changes?

I have searched and searched and this seems to be a CIFS/SAMBA problem. I even found one solution suggesting that changing his mounts from cifs to smbfs fixed his problem however that would appear not to be an option for me since using smbfs in the fstab causes cifs mounts. This problem would seem to occur in Bluefish as well as some other IDE's so it is not an Eclipse issue.

---------- LINKS TO RELATED ----------
Launchpad Question
Eclipse Bug

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General :: List Of RPM In Text File - How To Check Installation

Dec 16, 2010

I have a text file with a long list of RPM's. I need to check if each RPM is installed. I'm sure I can cat out this file and run "rpm -qa" against it, but I'm having trouble with the syntax right now...

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General :: Bash Script File Access Check?

Dec 10, 2010

I have been using linux for a bit of time but would still class myself as a noobie. I dont know excatly what I am looking for but I can best describe it in a sanario. I have started creating bash scripts which are looped indefinetly which checks afor files to process. my problem is, is there any way to check if the file is complete, as if the file is large and is being coppied from a different volume the file may still be copying or if the file is being uploaded by a user over samba/nfs, and if the file is still copying the process will most likely fail.

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General :: Error Occurred During The File System Check

May 18, 2010

i have problem during boot my F11 , the problem is :


checking file systems
/dev/sda7 : superblock last time ( etc... )
/dev/sda7: Unexpected inconsistency ;run fsck manually (i.e,without -a or -p option)
***an error occured during the file system check
***dropping you to shell:

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General :: Run Command Through Ssh But Also Run A If Check In Bash To See Ifa File Exist?

Aug 1, 2011

So I want to run command through ssh but also run a if check in bash to see ifa file exist. I know that to run ssh commands you do ssh user@server YOURCOMMANDbut if i need to run an if statements, how would this work??

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General :: Check To Which File A Given Symbolic Link Points?

Feb 26, 2010

How can I check to which file a given symbolic link points?

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General :: Check Quality Of A Specific Column In A Tab-delimited File?

Mar 8, 2010

shell commands for such two goals?

In a tab-delimited file,


1. How can I find the non-unique values in the 1st column (1, in this case)?

2. How can I find the non-integer values in the 5th column (abc, in this case)?

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General :: Check Small Chunks Compared To Original File?

Feb 21, 2011

i want to upload my iso collection to adrive(.)comi have a slow upload and i want to split each iso file in chunks of 100 MB so they upload while every browsing session of mine.i figured i should use split and cat commands to do that.but i cant afford to upload some corrupt archives, so how may i go about checking the small chunks to the original file before uploading

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General :: How To Check For Https In Commands Config File For Nagios

Jul 29, 2010

I have a few questions to ask, so please pardon me

1) How to check for https in commands config file for Nagios? I only know how to check for http, not sure for https.

2) The log file in Nagios, is it possible to extend Nagios's plugins (or are there already have plugins existed) so that we could actually make use of the log file to check for status of each and every services in different hosts, instead of looking through the log file manually which can be very time-consuming if the list is very long.

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General :: Pcfg_openfile - Unable To Check Htaccess File - Ensure It Is Readable

Jul 8, 2010

After moving a website folder on my local development machine to another drive, then moving it back, I got a 403 error. Most of this problem had probably to do with rights that got messed up. After deleting the code and restoring it from SVN, the rights seemed allright. The error stayed however.

The setup is a bit complex, as follows:

I have Ubuntu 10.4 as development machine, trying to mimic the server as much as possible We use Eclipse + SVN and I create all projects in a local folder under my user account In /var/www-vhosts I create folders for each vhost, like this one: test.localhost test.local/index.php: includes the index file of the project
test.local/.htaccess is a dynamic link to the htaccess file in a project subfolder

I get the following error in the apache error log:

The problem seems to be the .htaccess file, or the link to it. When I empty the htaccess, nothing changes When I remove the link, the index-include produces some output (in the apache error log) When I remove the link and replace it with the actual file, I get another error:

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General :: Write Shell Script To Check The Modified Date Of A File ?

Jun 17, 2011

I have two linux servers, they are backup together.

1. Server 1 have 3 files with name: file1, file2, file3 in the path: /etc/sysconfig/network-script/.

2. Server 2 have 3 files with name and path are the same as server 1.

- How to make a script to copy 3 files at server1 to overwrite on server2. But before overwrite, this script will check and compare the last modified date of these 3 files(on server1 and server2). if the modified date of file1, file2 or file3 on server1 is newer than 3 files on server2 then overwrite process will do, if not, will do nothing.

- see my script as below: it works find now but just overwrite. not check last modified date.

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General :: Remort Loging - Check For A File Existince And Display A Message - If Condition

May 31, 2010

I want to ssh and check for a file, I hve came up with following, and its not working,

Is this possible or do I have to do this in a another way.

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Debian :: TAR - File Has Changed While Reading

Dec 17, 2010

I am using a backup system with cron + tar. Since the server is very busy, I get often the cron-email: "The file XYZ has changed while reading". This message is a bit annoying and I see it as critical point in my backup system. I believe that this file is then not in my backup. (Is that correct?) Let's imagine the hard disk dies and I have to recover the system and my personal data, and in the night the mysql-table XYZ was not in the backup, because it was in read-usage. I would then have lost this table forever. Is there any way to tell TAR, that it should force the file to be included (if in read-usage, then wait 2 seconds and try again)?

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