General :: Adobe Flash Player Can't Play Video In Open Suse 11.1?

Aug 30, 2009

i installed adobe flash player (install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz)on linux open suse 11.1. But it doesn't play vedio etc on you tube,it says that this is old version of flash player. I reinstalled it ,even then it says old version of flash player.

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SUSE / Novell :: Play Video By Banshee Media Player Under Open 11.2?

Feb 10, 2010

All the three files I downloaded can not been played by Banshee. I got the message like below when I use search the code, so I installed all the Gstreamer I can find.

* Windows Media decoder (GStreamer, 32 bit, i586)
* Advanced Streaming Format (ASF) demuxer (GStreamer, 32 bit, i586)

During that I also did some update, but the problem still the same.

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General :: Adobe Flash Player - Cant Open ?

Nov 4, 2009

My daughter bought a cnm netbook with linux, i have downloaded adobe flash player so she can play her games, but i cant open it, also i have connected wirelessly but i cant get a website to come up.

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General :: Flash-player - Firefox Crashes On Open - Adobe 64 Bits Plugin Simply Doesn't Work On Any Browser

Sep 18, 2010

I use slack 13.1 64 bits on my intel i7 machine. That is I can't find a flash-player plugin that works on all browsers. The firefox crashes on open. The release of adobe 64 bits plugin simply doesn't work on any browser. I use slack 13.1 64 plus kde. Anyone knows some that works?

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Fedora :: Unable To Play The Medias - Conflict Between Gstreamer And Adobe Flash Player

Sep 19, 2010

When system is playing a media ( e.g. sth.mp3 ) by a media player like Totem, then I open a browser and forward to a page that should play sounds, but everything is pretty normal except the sounds ( I mean there's no sound ).

When firstly open a browser to surf the pages. If there's sound played in the browser, I can't play a audio media in a standalone player ( e.g. Totem ) before I close the browser. But If there isn't any sound played in browser, the outside player will work normally.

The 2 situations happens between no matter Chrome or Firefox and a outside player. I guess there maybe a conflict between gstreamer and adobe flash player. But I am not sure what happened in my system.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Flash Player Installed But Cannot Play Video

Apr 3, 2010

I installed Flash Player, But when I go to play a video or something it says I still have to install it so go back to adobe to install but says it is already installed. Ubuntu v.9

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Ubuntu :: Install Adobe Flash Player 10 - When Go To Firefox And Epiphany Still Has Flash Player 9

Jun 1, 2009

I just installed Adobe Flash Player 10 and it says it's installed, when I go to firefox and Epiphany it still has flash player 9, Ive quited the browsers and everything Ive uninstalled/reinstalled still no luck.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Open Synaptic Package Manager And Can't Play Mp4 Vids With Video Player

Jun 10, 2011

When I try to open SPM I enter my password and I get this message: Unable to get exclusive lock. This usually means that another package management application (like apt-get or aptitude) is already running. Please close that application first.

I don't understand because I will have no other program running and I make sure of it.

Then when I try playing mp4 with video player I get this message: The required software to play this file is not installed. You need to install suitable plugins to play media files. Do you want to search for a plugin that supports the selected file?

The search will also include software which is not officially supported.

So I happily click search, it finds the required software and asks if i want to install, I click to install, put in my password, but nothing ever gets installed. It's just idle. I'm using Ubuntu 11.04

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General :: Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Firefox 3.6.6 & VL 5.8?

Jul 6, 2010

I cannot seem to get adobe 10.1 to work on my system. 9.0 worked fine until everyone stopped supporting it,

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General :: Adobe Flash Player Not Working?

Aug 17, 2010

I'm using Fedora 13 and have the Adobe Flash Player installed. Some websites I view tell me that I need to install the flash player to view or listen to the content?? How do I get the flash player to work?

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General :: Adobe Flash Player Tearing Or Shearing?

Jan 9, 2010

I make regular and ostentatious use of Adobe flashplayer.

It tears or shears badly, although is still usable. No tearing is obvious on computer TV like TvTime. is the flashplayer version. Debian Lenny backport .30.

Should vsync be enabled or something? Do not know if it's enabled at the moment. How is this done?

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General :: Adobe Flash Player Freezes In Fullscreen?

May 12, 2011

Flash player was working all right. Still works allright but when go to full screen the picture is still, not moving, but the sound keeps on going. It *may* have something to do with upgrading to Ubuntu 10.10.

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General :: Cant Install Adobe Flash Player For FEDORA 11

Nov 14, 2009

I have tried hard to install the flash player for FEDORA 11 but I couln't.

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General :: Cannot Seem To Download Some Versions O Adobe Flash Player

Jul 22, 2010

I have Linux/Linux etch and I cannot seem to download some versions o adobe flash player, when I go to some sites and the require me to download the latest AFP, my computer just stacks it in my downloads and I end up with 10 different versions AFP just sitting in my computer, I thy to open and it says cannot open program etc. also sometimes i go to sites and I cannot type in some comment bars, also some of the links in Yahoo won't work like my address book won't open...i cannot adjust my filters, I click and nothing happens.

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General :: Adobe Flash Player For Mozilla In Fedora 10?

Feb 15, 2010

My Fedora 10 is completely updated...But still my Firefox browser needs Adobe Flash player plugin to run internet videos...Although i clicked on install missing plugin but it was followed by a message of "failed to install use manual installation" after downloading the YUM package

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General :: Cannot Install Adobe Flash Player As RPM Package

Feb 7, 2011

I am trying to install Adobe Flash Player on my operating system, my vendor is Red Hat. Then, when I click the Dump File of where I archived the adobe flash player, it states "No Packages were given for installation".So Now it does not want to run itself on the kernel, but I also noticed that there is a "Adobe v10 Bug" right next to where the rpm package was archived. Is there something I might have overlooked?

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General :: Install The Adobe Flash Player On Puredyne?

Jul 10, 2011

know pretty much nothing about it. How do I install Adobe Flash Player on this operating system?

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General :: How To Install Adobe Flash Player For Fedora 14

Apr 13, 2011

1-> How to set directory on terminal?
2-> How to install adobe flash player for fedora14?

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General :: Install Adobe Flash Player In Ubuntu 10.10

Nov 12, 2010

i recently installed (wubi) ubuntu 10.10 on to a new hdd - i had trouble with my microsoft wireless keyboard & mouse - which ended in me replacing them.ubuntu is running ok but i can't install adobe flash player from the videos prompt? i get a message: package "adobe-flashplugin" is virtual - i just don't know what this is.
how do i download/install adobe flash player and what version do i choose? i am a complete novice when it comes to command lines?

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General :: Extracting And Installing Adobe Flash Player?

Jan 28, 2010

I'm on Slackware 13.0. I downloaded the tar file for Adobe flash player (install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz) to my /tmp.

But when I invoke "tar -xzvf install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz" all I get is a file in the same /tmp directory.

I was expecting a folder with the same name and more than the one file in it.

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General :: How To Put In Adobe Flash Player Into The Plugin Repositories Of The Browser

May 9, 2011

I am using Fedora 14 right now and i can't figure out how to put in adobe flash player into the plugin repositories of the browser.

Does anyone know how to get it working so I can view ..... videos and or any other media file? Maybe step by step from the start? I downloaded adobe flash player version all ready. I don't know if I should uninstall it then reinstall... Well enough of my rambling I'll let the veteran users have the final say.

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General :: How To Download Adobe Flash Player To Fierfox Running On DSL?

Mar 26, 2011

How do I download Adobe Flash Player to Fierfox running on DSL so I can view streaming video?

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General :: Synaptic Crash Trying To Download Adobe Flash Player

Nov 8, 2009

Moved to linux as I was assured it was "uncrashable" but I seem to have managed it after only 2 days. Running ubuntu 9.10 and trying to download adobe flash player. I get an error message :-
E: The package adobe-flashplugin needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.
E:Internal error opening cache (1). Please report.

Every time I close this window synaptic package manager also closes. When I try to download flash player directly from the adobe web page, synaptic refuses to cooperate. I am now stuck as I can't delete this or download anything else.Computer janitor won,t delete it either.Also when I go applications>ubuntu software centre, everything I try to download comes up with Not available in this critical data.I can see this is going to be a very steep learning curve.

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General :: Can't View Videos Anymore With Adobe Flash Player Installed

May 11, 2010

have fedora12 use to be able to view videos on all sites, no espn no you tube have adobe flash player installed seem to happen acouple of months ago

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General :: Adobe Flash Player Installation Worked Fine - Website Still Complains About An Old

Oct 11, 2010

I am running Mandriva Linux 2010.

It works beautifully.

Now I am running into problems with some websites; they complain the Adobe Flash Player is old.

It suggested downloading.

I obliged to them and downloaded. Everything worked fine.

However, those website still complains about an old Adobe Flash Player.

I just followed the instructions and installed it. Please read the following:

I am doing an online VMware certification course as a part of my education. I can't do it because of this prroblem. It complains about an old Flash Player.

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General :: Downloading Adobe Flash Player 10 On Acer Aspire One Limpus Lite

Dec 16, 2010

I have just downloaded Firefox 3.6.13 onto an acer aspire one which has limpus lite. On completion it told me to upgrade my flash player. Went to Adobe and I clicked on the drop down menu and selected .tar.gz (I have no idea what this means at all but it was the same ending as the stuff for firefox). So I've now got the flash player 10 thing in my 'downloads' but I don't know what to do next through the 'run programme window'.

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Ubuntu :: Downloaded Adobe Flash Player Multiple Times But Flash Movies Still Not Working?

Dec 20, 2010

i downloaded adobe flash player multiple times but flash movies still not working what do

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Slackware :: Update To New Adobe Flash For X86_64 - Flash Player - Square - Preview Release

Sep 18, 2010

You may know that there was a security release for Adobe Flash Plugin for Linux x86 but not for x86_64. There has been a development:

See :

It works fine here. I have a Multilib Slack 13.1 stable.

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Fedora :: Adobe Flash Player GPG Key?

Sep 12, 2010

I can't import the key, can anyone tell me why or what i'm doing wrong? I'm trying to install Adobe Flash Player and am trying to follow the instructions below.[URL]...

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Fedora :: Can't Use Adobe Flash Player

Oct 24, 2010

I installed Fedora 13. It seems, i can't use Adobe flash player, although i have install it. I cant look at movies from dvd and it seems the Empathy also don-t work. It shows i am available, but don't sows me my contacts. I want to use msn messenger.

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