Fedora :: $PATH Is Repeating Directories

May 13, 2010

I'm running Fedora Core 12 x86_64. I started out using the default bash shell (and customized the .bashrc, etc. as necessary) but had to switch to csh for this one scientific package that requires that shell.

The issue is that my $PATH has unwanted redundancy and I can't figure out how to fix it:


The csh shell was completely new to me so I'm sure I made a mistake somewhere.

Below are the files that might be relevant for diagnosing this problem. I don't think I touched /etc/csh.login or /etc/csh.cshrc but I might have accidentally done so.



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General :: Rsync Directories By Path / Filename Only?

Aug 22, 2010

Is there a way for me to rsync two directories comparing only filenames (and not file size, date modified, or any other criteria)?

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General :: Why Is An Internal Table Of PATH Directories Maintained

Aug 2, 2010

I was looking for what rehash command does and found this:

The rehash command re-computes the internal hash table of the contents of directories listed in the path environmental variable to account for new commands added.

I never knew about any internal hash tables. Why and how are they maintained?

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Programming :: Return The Directories In Subject Dir, But Only The Directory Without Path?

May 21, 2010

Very new to this shell scripting/Linux scripting.

for subject in `ls $subject_dir` ; do
if [ ! -d $subject_dir/$subject/feat/glm2010/doublegz/SRRTA.feat ] ; then


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Fedora :: Repeating Font Problem With Letter 'r'

Apr 30, 2010

I have a weird font problem that occur from time to time on fedora 12,I suspect gdm-user-switch-applet to be the culprit,but I can't say for sure.notice the weird 'r' letter.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Appending A Path To PATH Variable Permanently?

Oct 21, 2010

how to add a path to PATH variable permanently so that it remains persisent even after closing shell and rebooting the system when i added a path, to variable it remained there as long as i didn't closed the shell. but when i reopened it ,changed were undone.

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General :: Difference Between PATH=$PATH:$1 & PATH=$1:$PATH?

Jan 16, 2011

I found the following function in /etc/profile file.


1. I dont undestand what "if ! echo $PATH | /bin/grep -qE "(^|:)$1($|:)"" this if statement actually comapres??

2. Also what is the difference between PATH=$PATH:$1 & PATH=$1:$PATH

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Fedora :: Add Path In .bashrc By Commenting Out Old Path And Adding New One - Command Source ~/bashrc

Jun 14, 2011

When I add some path in .bashrc by commenting out old path and adding new one like this:

#EXPORT HOME_PLAY=/home/gem/old_play
EXPORT HOME_PLAY=/home/gem/play

After saving above changes, I enter the command: source ~/.bashrc Now if I do echo $PATH, the path shows both the old PLAY_HOME and new PLAY_HOME. This is really bad and messes up a lot of things in my project. This problem only goes away if I logout or reboot, a rather very long process. What is happening is that the old path is added to new path element and the old path includes the old path element you want to remove.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Restrict Users To Their Home Directories And Allow Admins To Have Different Home Directories?

Jan 20, 2010

Is it possible to restrict users to their home directories and allow admins to have different home directories? Essentially I want users to have a folder in /var/www/html/$USER and admins to have either unrestricted access or have their root directory be ./ or /www or /etc. I have is set now so users have access to thier home direcotry but I need to upload web files as admin.

So far I have created:


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Fedora :: 12 And VMTools - The Path "" Is Not Valid Path To The Gcc Binary

Mar 23, 2010

running Windows 7 64bit with VMware Workstation 7.01-build 227600. I have some knowledge of Linux, I have installed f12 and have updated the system as of 03/22/2010. All updates completed successfully.

1) How do I install VMTools on the f12 (after mounting the CD/DVD tool package)

2) How do I update the gcc files it says are dependencies?

Here's what I get on installation:Before you can compile modules, you need to have the following installed...

kernel headers of the running kernel

and then I am prompted for this input from the install script:

Searching for GCC...
The path "" is not valid path to the gcc binary.
Would you like to change it? [yes]

and this is where I get stuck. How do I get around this or satisfy the requirements for the install?

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General :: Repeating The Command After One Execution?

Oct 13, 2010

I have seen command like $rm aa dd cc bb ee then something like $ >> zz // it removes zz also Where aa dd cc bb ee zz are the files in my directory. Do not know exactly.

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Debian :: Create File With Repeating Pattern?

Jul 22, 2010

I want to create some files of a specific size containing a repeating pattern. I did some research and found that I can create a file and fill it with (fairly) random data by using dd like so: dd if=/dev/urandom of=myfile.dat bs=$(( 1024 * 1024 )) count=100 (Creates a 100 MB file.) I found that here: Quickly creating large files.

Rather than fill a file with random data, I'd like to use these patterns: 0xaa, 0x55, 0xff, and 0x00 (one per file). Is there a simple way to accomplish this?

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General :: Why MemTest Repeating Single Test

Jun 20, 2010

Bought computer 11 months ago, immediately there were problems. What would happen is, when I logged in after a long period of shut down, the system would BSOD. Then I would restart and everything would be fine, until the next time I shut down for a long time (8ish hours) and got back on. I sent the laptop in (a couple times) and they eventually replaced the RAM and the BSODs went away. This is all on Windows 7 (well started on Vista, switched to Windows 7).

I recently set up a dual boot with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04. I'm experiencing crashes on Ubuntu (the whole system just freezes, can't operate mouse, keyboard, or anything) and the behavior is similar. When I log on after a long period of shut down, the system will crash, but if I restart (actually I have to wait 10 minutes before I restart, if I restart immediately it will crash again) then it is fine, until the next period of long shutdown.

So I'm thinking it's bad RAM, so I downloaded Memtest and am testing each of my sticks (they are each 2GB) individually in the same connector thing (don't know what it is called, whatever the sticks attach to). The test for the first one passed with flying colors. However, the second one is having problems. On test #2, the memtest repeats itself, continuously looping through 0-32767 errors on the right side.

My laptop is an Asus G50VT
The 2 most interesting lines...
Highest Error Address: 000fffffffc - 4095.9 MB // does this make sense? 4095.9 MB on a 2GB stick?
Test 2: 32767 // the 32767 loops back around to 0 and repeats

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Ubuntu :: Continually Repeating Kernel Error ?

Mar 28, 2010

I have a kernel error that repeats itself every few seconds that Ubuntu is up. After a couple of hours my /var/log file is up to 625M. It doesn't seem to hurt anything, but I would like to know what's going on.

Here it is in my kernel log:


Here is its first appearance in dmseg. It repeats mixed in with other stuff untill the end of the log.


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Ubuntu :: Repeating GUI Login After Latest 10.04 Updates?

Aug 24, 2010

I have an MSI U100 Winbook with Ubuntu Workstation 10.04 LTS newly installed (about 4 days ago).

The update manager displayed about 15 or so updates for my 10.04 installation which I installed. Upon reboot, I can not successfully login to the desktop. It will take my username/password, the screen will go black for a couple of seconds, then the error sound, and back to the login dialogue.

A tail on /var/log/messages displays:

atkbd.c: Unknown key released (translated set 2, code 0xf7 on isa0060/serio0)
atkbd.c: Use 'setkeycodes e077 <keycode>; to make it known.
composit sync not supported

These messages keep repeating. I am able to login at the console just fine. I have enabled root login but get the same issues logging in as root. I have googled and found several articles and postings involving these messages but they are all in reference to upgrading from 9.x to 10.04. I did not upgrade and did not experience the freezing of applications as noted in those posts.

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Programming :: Wordlist/hex Generator Without Repeating Letters.

May 18, 2011

i could find is crunch2.9 password generator but at the moment it does not suport the function that i am looking for. My aim is to generate : 10-character combinations of the following characters (lowercase) 23456789abcdef with no more then 3 same letters repeates no metter side by side or within one line (sequence) so lets say

abcdef1234 accept
fabcde1234 accept
ffabcd1234 accept
which is probably permutation with repetable string ( where abc is not equeal to cba etc .so ti speak position does metter)
fffabc1234 not acceptable -----(3 same characters)
ffabcf1234 not acceptable -----( 3 same characters event thought not side by side)

so generally we dont want 3 same characters apper in same line.

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Slackware :: When Yu Played An LP With A Scratch, The Track Keeps Repeating?

May 28, 2010

I have 13.0 installed, everthing works OKI installed 13.1 on a separate partition, and dualbootWhen I use 13.1, there is a problem with sound.It's like in the old days when yu played an LP with a scratch, the track keeps repeating.When I move the mouse, sound will continue OK for a few seconds, then same problem.There is no difference, if I use KDE, XFCE, or just boot in runlevel 3 and use the command lineOnly thing I can find in the logs:Quote: May 28 06:37:10 cannabis kernel: hda-intel: IRQ timing workaround is activated for card #0. Suggest a bigger bdl_pos_adj.In 13.0, there is not such a line in the logs.Some info:Quote:

00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)
Subsystem: Fujitsu Technology Solutions Device 1107
Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 22


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General :: Create A Backup Directory And 3 Directories Within That And Some Files Within The 3 Directories And Then Back Them Up Ot Restore Them?

Dec 19, 2009

i am in need of linux help. iam at college and i need this back/restore script to pass this final part of an assessment. i require a backup script that will not only backup but also restore files to the relevent directories. e.g. users are instructed to store all wordprocessor files in a directory named wp. so i am needing to create a backup directory and 3 directories within that and some files within the 3 directories and then back them up ot restore them. l know i should/have to do this myself by been trying to get/understand info for the last few days and came up with zero.

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General :: Multiple Users To Create Directories Over SFTP So The New Directories Keep The Same Permissions?

May 15, 2011

I want to make a webserver with multiple users allowed to login through SFTP to a specific folder, www.Multiple users are added, lets say user1 and user2, and all of them belonging to the www-data group. The www directory has an owner www-data and a group www-data.

I have used chmod -R 775 on the www folder, but after I try to create a folder test through my SFTP server (using Filezilla) the group of the directory created has only r and x permissions, and I am not able to log in with the second user user2 and create a directory within www/test due to a lack of w permission to the group.

I also tried using chmod 2775 on www directory, but without luck. Can somebody explain to me, how can I make it so that a newly created directory inherits the root directory group permissions?

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Debian :: Wine Application Repeating Mute And Back Again And Again

May 27, 2010

Mainboard: ASUS A8N-SLI. X window manager:GNOME. When in wine application,such as starcraft or "Plants vs zombies",Sound is on for several seconds then mute several seconds then repeats......

Audio Controller info from Device Manager:
ALSA Capture
NVidia CK804 with ALC850
NVidia CK804 with ALC850

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Ubuntu :: Count The Largest Number Of Repeating Characters?

Jul 12, 2010

I'm trying to find a script that will return me the largest number of repeating characters. Say, I have the following line in a text file: 12345AAAAA6789AAA

I want it to return 5, because "A" is repeated 5 times in this line (more than 3 at the end).

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Programming :: Generate Alphanumeric Characterlist - No Repeating More Then 3 Times?

Apr 5, 2011

i have spotted that script (something similar that i am looking for)


and i just dont know how to use it.I am not a programmer myself and probably no need for learning that just to create one script! modify "wje_lq" script and run it. thing like : "Just redirect standard output to a file in the normal manner" ? and all this

I.Comment out the first definition of *character-set*, by adding a semicon at the beginning of the line.

II.Uncomment the second definition, which just uses "ABC", by removing the semicolon from the beginning of the line.

III.Comment out the first definition of *word-length*.

IV.Uncomment the second definition, which uses a word length of four.

i would like to generate :

10-character combinations of the following characters (lowercase) 23456789abcdef with no more then 3 same letters repeates no metter side by side or within one line (sequence) so lets say

abcdef1234 accept
fabcde1234 accept
ffabcd1234 accept

which is probably permutation with repetable string ( where abc is not equeal to cba etc .so ti speak position does metter)

fffabc1234 not acceptable -----(3 same characters)
ffabcf1234 not acceptable -----( 3 same characters event thought not side by side)

we dont want 3 same characters apper in same line.

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Programming :: Java Applets - Timed - Repeating Activities

Jan 14, 2010

So, when I program my Java applet I am expected to use an event based model, where I run functions in response to mouse clicks and so forth, and I am supposed to return quickly so that the applet can continue looping. But what if I want certain functions to run by themselves on a regular schedule (like every 200 ms or so) without blocking mouse events, repaints, and so forth?

I looked at the source code of one Java applet I found, and it accomplished this by creating extra threads. I was wondering if creating extra threads was the only way to accomplish that, or if there was some more proper way to do it built into the Applet somehow.

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General :: Move A File To Some Path And Create That Path When It Doesn't Exist?

Oct 8, 2010

I use this command:


find ./ -atime +360

to figure out the files that haven't been accessed since 360 days. The command above will return results like this:


... etc

I'm taking here about tins of directories, thousands of files. I'm looking to find a command that makes me able to move the results above to another path, and to create that path once it doesn't exist like below:


mv /uploads/2010/02/some-file-name.ext /old-files/uploads/2010/02/some-file-name.ext

But I want the executed command to create this path



If it doesn't exist.

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Programming :: Java Applet Not Loading Image With Relative Path But With Absolute Path / Resolve It?

Jul 17, 2009

Java applet not loading image with relative path(e.g. images/1.jpg) but loads image with absolute path(i.e. from /root/user/images/1.jpg) . This is a problem when i want to host the applet on web server

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General :: Forcing An Absolute Path Where A Relative Path Is Expected

Feb 21, 2011

I have a program that takes a relative path as input appends it to a some path string to get the actual path.

Now all I can input is the relative path. So if I want to go one level above my input will be ../mypath.

If I know the depth of the path used internally, I can use .. as many times to go to the root directory and then give the absolute path. But suppose I do not know the depth of the directory, can I construct a relative path string such that it considers it as a relative path. One way could be to have enough .. in the path string so that I can force an absolute path for some maximum depth of path.

Is there some path string syntax that I am not aware of but can achieve this?

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General :: Deleted Path Variable - How To Return To The Original Path Value

Apr 26, 2011

Experimenting with shell variables, accidentally deleted the path variable how could I return to the original path value. What kinds of problems will I have if I don't have a path variable.

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Ubuntu :: Repeating - Random Total Freeze - New Install - Troubleshoot

Oct 17, 2009

Ubuntu 9.04, all updates
Latest firmware, etc
abit SG-95 motherboard
2 GB Ultra DDR2
Intel Celeron 360 cpu
PNY GeForce 9500 GT video

Started 2 weeks ago, random and total freeze of system (video, keyboard, mouse).

Nothing useful in th log, other than it occurs at the same time syslogd restart show up in the log.

I don't even know where to begin, or how to troubleshoot the issue if nothing shows up in the log... could use some help, please.

Problem occurs with or without the nvidia drivers installed. Ubuntu or windows, same thing..connected or not connected to the internet

I've ran every memory test I can find, with no issues reported. HD seems OK. No other symptom that I can find, other than it croaking, usually when I'm in the middle of a broadcast or recording.

Is the only machine I have for now, I need to figure out what's wrong and replace it as quickly as possible, so I can get back to work.

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General :: Change Windows Path To Unix Path?

Sep 14, 2009

I have a path c:windowsackup I need this string to be changed into /windows/back/up I used the command -bash-3.00$ echo windackup | sed 's/\//g' but the output is windbackup

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General :: Change Absolute Path To Relative Path?

May 31, 2011

Current script:-

find . -depth -type d -name .git -printf '%h�' | while read -d "" path ; do (
cd "$path" || exit $?


How shall i go about changing the absolute path to relative path, so that /home/git/mirror/android/adb/ndk.git gets converted to /mirror/android/adb/ndk.git //echo <command> "$prefix$PWD.git" ?? - anything for relative path?

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