Debian :: Uninstalling OO - AbiWord

Mar 14, 2011

I've just moved all my machines from Ubuntu to Squeeze and am currently trying to remove Open Office. When marking for removal and uninstalling OO the package manager requires that AbiWord and associated suite of office apps be installed as a replacement. I would like to completely purge both as I have little to no need for them, and the little I do use a word processor for I tend to use cloud based solutions. Is there a way to resolve the dependency that seems to exist that requires one or the other to be on the system at any given time?

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Debian :: Abiword Comes Up In Every Session Of Mate?

May 15, 2015

Abiword comes in every session of mate window manager. How to shut it down for good other than purging and removing it.

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Debian :: Abiword And Gnumeric Not Working After Upgrading Libgoffice-0.8?

Mar 1, 2010

If you find Abiword and Gnumeric are not working after upgrading libgoffice-0.8 a quick fix is by creating the following link:


cd /usr/lib
ln -s
Abiword and Gnumeric are now working as before.

I found this from the following bug-report:[URL]

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Debian :: Uninstalling - Get The Files On The Drive Back

May 4, 2009

I installed Debain onto my computer onto my second harddrive. every thing worked well until i ran windows and saw that second harddrive disapeared from My Computer. i tryed using a short cut on the desktop to link to it but it said it could not be found. How to uninsall debain or at least help get the files on the drive back.

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Ubuntu :: How Do I Get Abiword In 9.10 To Stop Crashing

Mar 21, 2010

Every time I try to do anything with Abiword it crashes. I installed everything for it and in versions of Ubuntu before 9.10 it worked fine. How do I get Abiword in Ubuntu 9.10 to stop crashing?

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Ubuntu :: Line Spacing In Abiword?

May 11, 2010

Pt.1: Is this the right place for a question about Abiword? Pt.2: How does one set the line spacing in Abiword, wherever? Pt.3: . . . on an Asus eee netbook running Windows?

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Ubuntu :: Abiword Word Wrap

May 13, 2010

Abiword is splitting words at the end of sentences. If I go to the end of the line and nudge the word, it will wrap but I get an extra space. I can usually delete the space. Sometime, the word will wrap correctly if I continue typing but this is not the typical case.

I know this is not a problem with OpenOffice but I don't want to install 70MB of program just to get a simple word processor.

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Ubuntu :: Can Customize The Abiword Toolbar

May 13, 2011

Is it possible to drag and drop the icons you want from the standard and formatting toolbars onto just one toolbar? then I can claim some more vertical space?What do most people here use on ubuntu? Abiword or Writer?

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Software :: Abiword Scrolling Slow, Even After FAQ Fix?

Apr 10, 2011

I love abiword but this laggy scrolling is driving me nuts. The FAQ solution did nothing. The custom section of Abiword.Profile looks like this:



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Software :: How To Abiword Working Nowadays

Jun 9, 2010

i was wondering how good is abiword right now for word processing? last time i tried it, it was really buggy and didn't work at all. but it was while ago, maybe one year and a half.

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Slackware :: Abiword Broken After Upgrading 13.0 To 13.1?

Feb 25, 2011

After upgrading I also updated abiword and wv from slackbuilds.It complains it can't find, although exists.Making a symbolic link gets it to start, although then it complains about libpng and hwile it starts the toolbar icons are not displayed, instead with red X's in their place.What is needed to get abiword easily working on 13.1?

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Fedora :: Scrolling In Abiword Is Extremely Sluggish?

Sep 26, 2010

Click on scrollbar. Drag down. Watch text crawl by in fits and starts. Don't even think about using the scroll wheel. And this, on a one page RTF document. With no special characters or images or anything.

I tried the instruction here: [URL] It did nothing. How can I make Abiword usable? It doesn't have to be lightning fast, all I want is for it to scroll at the same speed and with the same responsiveness as all my other applications.

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Fedora :: Abiword Program Window / Set To Maximsed?

Jul 25, 2011

I suppose this is a Gnome 3-specific question as with Ubuntu 10.04 I had a way of getting the word processor AbiWord to open larger than it does in Fedora 15. True enough it's not a great loss, the extra two seconds it takes to manually maximise the window, but as other programs open how you last had them I'm wondering if I can alter things for Abiword.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Additional Dictionaries In Abiword?

May 19, 2010

I have installed Xubuntu in English on an older laptop and it works beautifully. Xfce offers Abiword as word processor with an English dictionary. Owing to fact that I live in Europe I require further dictionaries in particular German.

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General :: Abiword Spell Checker Does Not Work?

May 9, 2011

My ubuntu (lubuntu) installation came with abiword, which I like, but I can't get the spell checker to work.
I've tried various suggestions from Google but am floundering.

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OpenSUSE :: AbiWord And OOwriter But It Doesn't Display In Firefox

Feb 17, 2010

I have tried, and I think succeeded installing this font. Geneva Font It seems to work and scale fine in AbiWord and and OOwriter, but it does not display in firefox, it is horrible. The above link shows a sample which is really very bad at all levels of zoom. This site (I think this is the same problem) is also terrible, until I zoom to a very large size, when it smooths out. GNF - Gambling Network Forums I have set the firefox smoothing to 0, so it is not that. (browser.display.auto_quality_min_font_size;0) Here are screenies, if your browser shows the pages OK: The last one is magnified in an image editor. But here it is, zoomed with Firefox [ctrl + +], it goes smooth at a certain level of zoom. Here it is magnified:

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Ubuntu :: Programs (Abiword) Not Staying Open On Launcher?

Jun 16, 2011

I've found that Abiword, which I prefer to Libre Office, when minimised does not remain arrowed on the launcher in 11.04, so it effectively can't be minimised. Can it be made to do this? I've clicked a few icons on the launcher like Brasero's and Synaptic's and found that they still all behave properly but I'm guessing there are other programs that have the Abiword glitch.

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Debian :: Uninstalling "Software Center" Wants To Remove Gnome?

Sep 18, 2010

Been using Debian Squeeze for a few days now and I think it's a SUPERB distro. Everything works perfectly.

To my topic: "Software-center" hangs forever when I try to browse non-installed packages. A search on this forum shows that it's probably a non-solvable bug. No problem, I use Synaptic and am very willing to learn CLI apt-get commands. But for now, uninstalling software-center through Synaptic also wants to uninstall gnome (I assume "all of it"?), and I'm not going to agree on that!

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Fedora :: Spell Check Function In AbiWord Doesn't Seem To Work?

Jan 3, 2010

The spell check function in AbiWord doesn't seem to work. Is there a package I should download in order to get it to work?

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Ubuntu :: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Word Processor, Kword, And AbiWord?

Dec 21, 2010

I am a graduate student writing a dissertation in modern history. More than half of my computer work takes place on a word processor.I take notes, make outlines, and then write drafts of papers, chapters, presentations, etc. I regularly have to share these files with others who use operating systems other than Linux.I have just switched from OS X (after 5 years and half of using Mac) and I am still figuring out how to write my next dissertation chapter in Ubuntu.

There seems to be no consensus on what is or what are the best word processing softwares -- especially for academic writers -- in Ubuntu or Linux for that matter.I have read a number of posts on various forums and I find them either dated by several years or not dealing with the problems I am facing :

namely writing a serious, book-length academic work in the humanities and desiring to work with a user-friendly and fast word processor that would also be powerful enough to accomplish most or all academic tasks such as footnotes, style change, bibliography, accessibility, etc. There are people who suggest using LaTeX (LyX, Kile, etc.) but it seems to me that they're mostly based in the exact sciences and benefit from the math and science features that exist in LyX or another LaTeX editor. LaTeX is moreover not very accessible to those who do not know the LaTeX language or do not have an editor and work primarily with a word processor: meaning that when I share a LaTex document with my colleagues they have difficulty editing my work. See for instance this discussion which took place 5 years ago on this forum:

I wonder if those of you who are in similar fields (i.e., humanities, social sciences, law, etc.)could chip in and talk about your experience as academic writers working primarily from a Linux (specifically Ubuntu) platform. What are the word processing applications you use to write your serious papers?What are the advantages and disadvantages of Word Processor, Kword, and AbiWord? How easy or difficult is it to share your documents with others who do not use Linux? In what format/s do you share your documents? Can others easily modify and edit your texts? Do you use LaTeX at all?Opinions may vary with respect to discipline,which word processor to use for writing their articles, dissertations, or books.

My own personal experience with has not been very positive. It's pretty slow and has problems with multiple language input. Switching from Nisus Writer Pro and Mellel (both OS X softwares), Word Processor seems also not very user-friendly. It seems to follow the design of MS Word (or what MS Word used to be) and feels above all *cluttered.* I am however trying to like it as I understand there's probably no other word processor better than in Ubuntu. Am I correct to assume this? I also downloaded Kword which in terms of interface and egronomic design seems quite nice. It is also a bit faster -- although I don't know how powerful Kword is at the moment and whether it can accomplish all that my academic work requires from a word processor. I have also read somewhere that AbiWord is really not all that powerful. It is meant to be a fast but "lean" word processor which would do basic things quickly.

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Debian :: Uninstalling Sun-java6 Automatically Adds Default-jre (openjdk) And OpenJdk Automatically Installs Sun-java

Nov 4, 2010

how do I uninstall Java? Tried with Synaptic and apt-get remove, but uninstalling sun-java6 automatically adds default-jre (openjdk) and uninstalling openJdk automatically installs sun-java ... but I don't want ANY Java on my machine - am I missing something? Already thought I maybe have a package that requires SOME kind of Java, but how do I find out?

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OpenSUSE :: Uninstalling The KTTSD From The 11

Apr 5, 2010

How do I remove KTTSD from my system. I installed it some how, cannot remember how, and now I get no sound at all. Previous posts to this forum suggested that the KTTSD was the problem. Yesterday I got an error message saying that KTTSD had crashed, I then got my sound beck. I used YAST to remove the KTTSD but now I get an error "Could not find service 'kttsd' - Plasma"

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Ubuntu :: Wine Not Uninstalling

Feb 12, 2010

I'm trying to uninstall wine. I did everything i could to get it uninstalled, and I think it really is unintsalled, but the problem is when I go to "Applications" the Wine tab is still there, just without the logo. I even deleted the whole .wine folder. now what? how do I get rid of everything? oh and along the way I might have accidently deleted some web fonts? I was't even sure if i did, but more and more things are times new roman, and I know that they are not supposed to be. how do I restore that?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Reinstall - Just After Uninstalling ?

Mar 23, 2010

I just uninstalled ubuntu using wubi In control panel/add and remove programs. and removed it.

Because i wanted to add more space, So i reinstalled Wubi, The wubi installer came up i filled it out adding the gbs i wanted name and new password and when i click on istall about two seconds in i get an error,

An error occured; Cannot install into C;ubuntu there is anotherfile or diretory with this name. Please remove it before continuing

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Ubuntu :: Uninstalling Opera In 11.04?

Jul 5, 2011

I have a problem with Opera 11.10. I can't seem to uninstall it. There is no package related to it in Synaptics Package Manager. It isn't listed in the Software Center.

When I search for "opera" in Unity search it shows up and I can launch it. The launch command is "application://opera-browser.desktop/." but there is no file like that in /usr/share/applications folder.

Also, when I install Opera 11.50, then it installs separately and still launches 11.10 from the Unity search.

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General :: How To Uninstall Without Uninstalling ALL

Jul 23, 2011

I just installed Linux Mint Debian on my computer and I (heart) it! Everything works perfect but two thing bothers me.

After I updated my system I have some programs I want to uninstall like Evolution, but when I try to, gnome-core and gnome-control-center is deleted too. Is there a way to make it NOT remove those, like a general method?

The next thing thats bothers me is when I uninstall Firefox, another browser is automatically installed. How do I remove firefox without something else is automatically installed?

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Slackware :: Uninstalling A Font ?

Nov 21, 2010

installed a couple things with Winetricks and it told me to uninstall the Samyak/Oriya font because it causes problems with some .net applications. It told me to use


But I'm not sure if I should install dpkg specifically to do this, or if there's a native slackware way to remove this.

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CentOS 5 :: Uninstalling Gnome From 5.5?

Jan 23, 2011

I recently installed gnome in one of my cent OS machine. Now, I'm finding that it is using more memory and hdd than what I had expected. how do I uninstall gnome completely, without hampering other software and OS ?

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Fedora :: Uninstalling Java An .rpm File

Dec 1, 2009

I am using Fedora 11, and I installed Java using .rpm file, now I want to uninstall Java. How can I uninstall Java?

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Fedora :: Uninstalling Or Removing Updates On F12?

Feb 11, 2010

I have three questions regarding software updates 1. Is there a why to remove or uninstall several updates simultaneously?2. Is there a way to remove or unistall updates withouth knowing their package names?3. Is there a list or log showing which updatesave been applied?

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