Debian Multimedia :: Sometimes Phonon Is Listing So Many Devices

Aug 2, 2015

I've encountered this problem twice. Sometimes Phonon is listing so many devices like this: [URL] ....

Usually there are just two devices like this: [URL] ....

When there are so many devices listed the volume control by using volume keys is different. It's usually up or down by 5%, but if the condition is like that the volume not up or down by 5%.

I've never encountered this kind of problem in other KDE distros. I'm using Jessie.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Output One Playback Stream To Multiple Devices Simultaneously With The Current PulseAudio / Phonon Setup?

Jun 9, 2011

Is it possible to output one playback stream to multiple devices simultaneously with the current PulseAudio / Phonon setup? The PulseAudio mixer only has radio buttons to choose one device per playback stream. I believe the hardware is capable of this, since I remember doing that before we had PulseAudio. How can I duplicate an audio stream?

Here's one application scenario: I am travelling with my family, all crammed in small hotel room. My wife and me want to watch a movie on my laptop without waking up our kids. I just happen to have one analogue headphone available and one wireless USB headset with me. (Of course, the low tech solution is to bring an 3,5mm Y-cable to attach two analogue headsets, but I would really love to use the USB headset together with the analogue one.)

Another similar thing that bugs me is that my laptop's built-in speakers now always seem dead when an analogue headphone is plugged in. This is mostly what one wants, and before PulseAudio, one had to manually switch them off which was generally annoying. However, the downside is for example with notifications.

For example, before PulseAudio, I could configure Skype to always ring over the laptop's built-in speakers, regardless of whether the analogue headphones were plugged in. This is no longer possible, since PulseAudio does not distinguish between built-in speakers and built-in analogue port any more, while old Alsa did. So in my office, where some analogue headphones are plugged into the docking station, I never hear Skype ringing if I don't wear the headphones.

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Debian Multimedia :: No Sound In KDE With Phonon / Resolve This?

Sep 25, 2010

Sound works great for non kde programs such as firefox and vlc. Amarok and dragon player however refuse to play with sound. Sound doesn't work either when testing it in the 'Multimedia' section. I have no pulseaudio installed. Any ideas where I can look for possible solutions? code...

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Disable A Sound Device In Phonon?

Jan 10, 2010

I have two sound cards active on this machine and they both work fine. However I would like to blacklist one card from being used for audio capture in KDE, because I am already using it outside of KDE for timed recording. The problem is that when I start amarok while timed recording is going on, it attempts to probe the card and this causes the recording to abort.

In Configure desktop > Multimedia, I can see the two cards. I can alter the priority but the Remove button is greyed out. So I can't remove a card from phonon.

Searching around for where phonon stores its configuration led me to ~/.config/ This certainly looks like the info I was trying to edit, but it's encoded in some way code...

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Configure Phonon's Xine Backend?

Jun 24, 2010

I have installed smplayer, and configured it to use the code...

Kaffeine (and dolphin's video preview) seem to use phonon's xine backend, and I can't find out what video output it uses. I'm guessing its plain old xv as it seems accelerated but turnes into a blue square when I move the window.

How do I tell the xine backend to use the same vo as smplayer?

OS 11.2 64 bit, KDE 4.4.4 (Factory)

(ps: I have a 'legacy' ATI graphics chip, xpress 200M working with the opensource radeon driver, which is brilliant btw).

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: KDE 4 Phonon Xine-backend Configuration

Sep 6, 2010

So I have made an interesting Discovery with regards to using KDE4 Kaffeine version 1 and Dolby Digital 5.1. The basic problem seems that there is no way to configure the Phonon xine Backend in KDE 4 for use with Kaffeine version 1. There is however, a xine-config file located at:


There appears to be no GUI way to change the default xine configuration (for use with KDE 4 applications) and while you can do so manually, the options seem bewildering, at least to me.

When you run xine-ui or Kaffeine/KDE3 there is an option to adjust the xine audio configuration using a GUI. Any changes made here are ignored by KDE 4 applications. As luck would have it you can copy the old xine configuration (adjusted by Kaffeine/KDE3) over the new one for Kaffeine in KDE4. The old text file configuration is located at:


If you were to use the old Kaffeine/KDE3 to adjust your xine audio configuration and then copy this file to the Kaffeine Version 1 KDE4 location, those changes should be used by the new version 1 Kaffeine in KDE 4. After Kaffeine/KDE3 audio settings work as you desire, open up a terminal session and make the following file copy. You must overwrite or rename the old configuration file for backup.

cp ~/.xine/config ~/.kde4/share/apps/kaffeine/xine-config

Since this new xine configuration is in the new Kaffeine version 1 KDE4 location, it may only modify how the new Kaffeine works and nothing else running in KDE4, but it is still an interesting find.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Stuttering In Amarok From Phonon-backend-xine?

Mar 5, 2010

In Karmic's Amarok 2.2, when you pause and then play, the sound usually stutters a few times before it starts playing smoothly. I originally thought this was a pulseaudio issue, as stuttering problems have been reported with pulse, but that wouldn't explain why sound is fine in mplayer, audacious, vlc, dragon player, and virtualbox. Only amarok has this problem. I found the cause of the problem: phonon-backend-xine. These steps will get rid of the stuttering problem:

1. Install phonon-backend-mplayer. You can get it from Rog131's PPA: [URL]

2. In Multimedia and Sound Configuration, which you can reach through amarok's Playback settings, on the Backend tab, click the arrows to move mplayer up above xine.

3. Quit and restart amarok.

There are some tradeoffs for good sound. Amarok seems to have some bugs when the sound backend is not xine, and bookmarks and OSD are broken when this backend is playing the sound. When you quit Amarok, it can't bookmark your place so it doesn't restart from where you last were, and after the track changes once, the OSD when you hover over the tray icon only says "Amarok - No track playing." You have to open Amarok to find that info. Are there any settings I can access for phonon-backend-xine that could fix the stuttering issue? The problems with the mplayer backend are minor compared with xine's bad sound, but I would like nice sound, OSD, and bookmarking.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: VLC / Phonon Randomly Drops Audio Stream

May 24, 2011

I have an Asus EEPC that I use in my classroom whenever I want to show a movie. I normally keep all of my educational videos as ISOs, and then simply move one over to the netbook when needed. I normally use VLC for playback. With the latest upgrade, however, I'm having a few difficulties. No matter what DVD I choose to show with VLC, the audio stream will randomly drop every 10 minutes or so whenever I am using KDE as my desktop environment. In order to re-enable the audio stream, I have to either completely stop playback OR reconfigure the audio output in VLC.

(It does not matter if I change it right back to what it was, I will get audio for another 10 minutes or so). I've also noticed that if I pause playback, sometimes the audio will not re-enable when unpaused. Strangely, however, I do not have this behavior at all when I'm using Gnome as the desktop environment. I get seamless audiovisual playback and never have to fiddle with the audio. Is this a documented problem in Phonon somewhere? How I might better backtrace what's going on?

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Debian Multimedia :: Audio Devices Not Enabled?

Sep 18, 2010

On a fresh install of squeeze (with the exception of some installed video firmware and the latest updates from the repos) from the kde cd.

System is running an ASUS Sk8V motherboard with onboard sound, also a SB Audigy 2 ZS sound card. Speakers are plugged into the sound card.

Sound worked fine before in Lenny except I had to create /etc/modprobe.d/sound with the following to get the system to prioritize the SB card over the onboard audio

options snd-emu10k1 index=0
options snd-via82xx index=1

I've done the same with the new install, and still no audio.

I followed the troubleshooting steps from the FAQ forum, but am stuck on the end, which suggests doing the following:

The following string needs to be added to the /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf file
options snd-hda-intel model=YOUR_MODEL

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Latest Phonon Doesn't Work With Pulseaudio / Sort It?

Mar 18, 2010

After update to latest phonon (4.4.0-37) - with kde 4.4.1., it doesn't recognize pulseaudio anymore. I am using xine backend, but I can't find 'PulseAudio Server' device entry in phonon configuration

Is there special pulseaudio configuration so phonon will regonize it? code...

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Phonon Doesn't Accept Standard Capture Device

Mar 22, 2011

I have two sound devices, an internal audio device on my motherboard and an external USB devices, which came with my headset. After upgrading to 11.4, the microphone on my headset ceased to work with my softphone. As it turned out, the softphone used the standard input device, which was defined in the Phonon tab in the KDE System Settings. Unfortunately, when I put the USB Device on top of the default input stack, it doesn't stay there. When I apply the changes and leave the Phonon tab or even enable "Show advanced devices " the stack always resets to its initial order. I was unable to find any kind of config file where Phonon saves this settings.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Pausing Amarok With Phonon-backend-vlc Kills Sound?

Mar 29, 2011

Play a song in Amarok and then press the space bar to pause. Press the space bar again to resume and Amarok starts playing again with the status bar moving and the timer counting down, but no sound. If I move to the next song, sound starts working again. Or if I double click on a different song, sound works. If I use the xine backend, the problem goes away. I'm using Amarok-2.4 and KDE 4.6.1.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Phonon Crashes When Advancing A Track In Amarol / Solve It?

Jun 25, 2010

I have experienced that Phonon will crash occasionally when I advance to the next track in Amarok. After Phonon crashes, Amarok can't play sound. The only remedy appears to be restarting.

I would like to avoid the crashing. I have heard that Phonon and PulseAudio do not work well together. I would like to know how to disable PulseAudio when using Amarok. Any hints?

I am using the Xine backend in Amarok. In the Config Phonon window, I have configured Phonon's hardware preferences to work directly with the sound hardware on the MoBo first. I have deprioritized PulseAudio to the bottom of the hardware list. Unfortunately the "remove" button is grayed out in the Phonon config window.

I am running Ubuntu 9.10 - the Karmic Koala w/ Gnome so I don't want to uninstall PulseAudio.

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Debian Multimedia :: Banshee 1.6 - Android Devices Not Mounted

Dec 28, 2010

I have a sony x10mini and it is correctly seen in nautilus and shotwell. But nor in banshee 1.6 (testing and sid) nor in 1.9 (experimental) is mounted. Fact is that I know it works for sure in fedora and debian so I wonder if it a problem of some dependency missing, configuration or permissions. I use the testing distro by the way...

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Amarok With Phonon Gstreamer Backend Cannot Play Internet Streams.

Apr 29, 2011

Anyone else experiencing this problem?

I am on Kubuntu Natty 11.04 64 bit.

I try to play some internet streams but when gstreamer is used as the phonon backend, Amarok never plays them. With Xine or VLC backend looks like I have no problems...

Exactly below you can find two of the streams I am trying.



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Debian Multimedia :: Any Possibility To Adjust Gnome To Automatically Mount ONLY USB Devices?

May 27, 2011

i am trying to prevent Gnome from automounting my NTFS partition. Gnome uses for this package gvfs-mount. This package with other small one's is respnsible for automounting USB changeable media like USB sticks. That works fine for me. But I don't want Gnome mount my NTFS partition on my internal storage device, where Debian Squeeze is installed too. Since Squeeze Gnome works with gvfs-mount to bind smb, ftp NTFS in. For binding a whole NTFS partition I am guessing Gnome use ntfs-3g as well. But I don't know exactly. Is there any possibility to adjust Gnome to automatically mount ONLY USB devices?

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Debian Multimedia :: No Audio - Error Message - No Volume Control GStreamer Plugins And/or Devices Found

Sep 2, 2010

I'm brand new to debian and quite new to unix based systems in general.

I just switched to debian from ubuntu in search of something different and I want to find a system that works for me before I settle down.


just two problems I have with debian:

No sound

Error message: No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found.

When I try to open sound from the speaker icon at top right.

I think it's a driver issue but Its not as easy as ubuntu was lspci:

My trackpad also does not work so I have to open documents manually if I don't bring my mouse to class.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Sound / Phonon 'forgot' Sound Cards?

Aug 10, 2010

I recently had a brain cramp and told Phonon to forget my sound card(s). I have an on-board card and I have installed an old-school Sound Blaster CT-4832. I have followed the steps listed in the comprehensive sound trouble shooting, and still no luck!

gentle@Desktop:~$ aplay -l
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
card 0: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 0: ALC888 Analog [ALC888 Analog]
Subdevices: 1/1
Subdevice #0: subdevice #0


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: "reset" Sound Cards Setup? (Kubuntu, Phonon, XINE, ALSA)?

Feb 7, 2011

Have a couple of very annoying problems. I recently did a re-install of Kubuntu Maverick on my HTPC/fileserver box.It has an onboard (Realtek?) audio card, recognized as... I think, ALC888... Yeah, not sure, KInfoCenter lists a bunch:ALSA Sequencer DeviceUSB 2881 Device ALSA Control Device (my DVB-T stick)ALSA Timer Device

HDA Intel ALSA hardware specific Device
ALC888 Analog ALSA Capture Device
ALC888 Analog ALSA Capture Device


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Ubuntu :: Firefox Opens File Listing Instead Of Nautilus Opening File Listing

Jun 20, 2010

Firefox opens file listing instead of Nautilus opening file listing.When I access a folder via "Places" -> "Home Folder" or "Places" -> "Downloads", Firefox opens and list the contents of the directory.I have re-installed Nautilus, un-installed Firefox and then going to "Places" -> "Home Folder" or "Places" -> "Downloads" launches Nautilus and I can view the contents normally. Anybody else had this problem with Firefox ? Anybody know how to fix this Firefox problem ?Running Ubuntu Desktop 9.10 64bit.

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Debian Programming :: Vhost Listing Script?

Sep 23, 2015

I run a small shellserver for my friends, and added a few IP's for vhosts. I tried google, but found nothing so I wonder if vhost listing script for IPv4 and IPv6?

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Debian Configuration :: Proftpd-mod-mysql And No Listing Directories

Apr 20, 2011

Im having proftpd 1.3.3a standalone on squeeze with mysql backend. It all works fine with one little problem. When i log in to directory, there is nothing in it - knowing there is shed load of files. Directories are simply not being listed. Im logging in as group member and directory permissions are rwxr-xr-x. In addition to that when i try to create new directory connection is being lost and client attempts to reconnect. After successful reconnection, connection gets lost and over and over again until i abort.


i find Failed binding to, port 201: Address already in use. Check the ServerType directive to ensure you are configured correctly.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Phonon - No Sound After KDE 4.4 Upgrade

Feb 26, 2010

I was a happy user before I upgraded to KDE 4.4 in my Kubuntu 9.10. Basically I added ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports to sources list as it's said here: [URL]. After I refreshed the packages list, there appeared equally big two lists with new packages, normal packages and so named as "blocked", if I remember correctly. Anyway, I selected normal ones and did update.

Now every boot I get this kind of warnings:
No sound in any application, except in Multimedia settings:
Here I hear music if I select a device and press Test.
I decided to do another test, I installed Kubuntu 9.10 in VMware and upgraded to KDE 4.4, the same problem. I don't want to reinstall the whole system.

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Software :: Phonon Includes Not Found While Building KDE 4.4?

Feb 26, 2010

I've been trying to install a development version of kde 4 and when i attempt to install kdelibs it tells me that it can't find the phonon libraries. Does anyone know what the trouble might be? I'm using Debian Sid.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Sound Devices?

Jan 6, 2011

I just attempted to purge and reinstall ALSA (and all of it's related packages/utils) after disabling the on-board sound in an effort to use only an M-Audio Delta 1010 as the sole sound device. I've also tried to reinstall Envy24, as well as drivers for the ICE1712 chip... Now,I have no sound devices. alsamixer tells me there is such file or directory. When I go to /proc there isn't even an asoundrc file there.

I don't know what to do. I've spent the last 4 hours looking for a fix, and trying all sorts of things, even the comprehensive sound troubleshooting guide on this forum. Nothing. I got absolutely nothing. Everything goes exactly as the guide states, except after rebooting, and trying aplay -l and alsamixer, it says there's nothing installed?I have to have a sound, this machine is a DAW .End result I'm looking for is to use the Delta 1010 as the ONLY sound device.

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Fedora :: Phonon And ALSA DMix Doesn't Work (F11)?

Sep 2, 2009

I'm using F11, KDE4. I have uninstalled Pulseaudio as it's unusable for my configuration (2 souncards, one of them a M Audio Delta 66). In order to not have Phonon blocking my M Audio Delta 66 card I need to use DMix. The built in ALSA dmix support doesn't show up in Phonon (System Settings -> Multimedia -> Device Preference) but I found out after some research how to add your own dmixer in the ~/.asoundrc file. Here are a few links:


It might depend on the way it tries to access this device. When you hover the "DMixer" device it displays it will try the following devices: 1. ALSA: dmixer I think it should rather be ALSA: plug:dmixer But I can't figure out where you are able to configure this, does anyone know? I also wonder how I can remove the Pulseaudio entry in phonon. This is not important but still though PA is uninstalled. There is a Remove button but it's always disabled.

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Slackware :: Current - Phonon Applications Silent - Muted ?

Jan 2, 2010

I have a very strange problem with Phonon. I am running slackware-current with KDE-4.3.4 on an old PC with CS46xx sound chip. The Phonon backend is Xine. The system is newly installed.

Applications which use the Phonon layer are silent or muted. I am not able to hear anything. Affected is for example Amarok, Dragon Player, Minitube or the Kde Notification system (when playing sounds). What makes the situation strange is the fact, that everything looks pretty fine:

Alsa works excellent and is configured correctly.
KMixer affects the alsa system settings as expected.
Mplayer works, Xine works, mpg321 works.
Inside Kde's system settings -> Multimedia, the Test button works and i can hear the Kde start up melody.
Inside Kde's system settings -> Notifications, the play button for sound events works and plays the given sounds.

The problem appears with a newly created user account, too.

What i also tried was to compile [url]. The output looks ok to me, too. No errors and ogg and mp3 support is available.

Last but not least i tried the Python coding tutorial at [url]. The fact, that this works, unsettles me totally.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Sound Devices Found / Get That?

Feb 25, 2010

Up until about a week ago using Kubuntu 9.10, the sound on this computer was fine, but now every day when I turn the computer on I have no sound and I get a notification from Phonon saying:
The audio playback device NVidia (ALC883) does not work.
Falling back to.

If I turn the computer off and then back on, sound is working again. code...

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Outputing To Two Audio Devices At Once?

Jun 6, 2010

My band play with a backing track running out of my laptop. We have a stereo mix of the backing track running into the PA system, plus another stereo mix of the backing track with a metronome running into headphones worn by our drummer. This means that the laptop is outputting 4 audio channels simultaneously. The catch is, i only have a two channel USB audio device, in addition to the two channel built-in soundcard. The trick i found to accomplishing what i desire within Windows was relatively simple - i used the ASIO4ALL driver, which effectively allowed me to combine the outputs into one "virtual" ASIO audio device which has 4 output channels, which i could then send audio to using my digital audio workstation software (REAPER). Luckily this has worked perfectly every time we've done it on stage, however at rehearsals it has on occasion failed as Windows has encountered errors, etc. Naturally it would be devastating for this to happen on stage, and so i've decided to try Linux out, as it has the reputation of being extremely stable (i've heard stories about machines being switched on for years without crashing).

Now, i've tried for a couple of days to get this to work, messing around with JACK, ALSA, and PortAudio, and using a range of programs such as Qtractor, Ardour, and MusE; however, i've only ever been able to get stereo audio to come out of one device at a time. I do however know that it is possible to do what i want, because i found a little DJ application which allowed me to set a different audio device to be in "headphones", whilst my other audio device outputs the currently playing track.

I'm by no means a proficient Linux user, however if something has to be done through a Terminal, with adequate instructions i'm sure i could do it. What i'm after though really, is a simple and clear guide to accomplishing what i want, which to recap is:

A to simultaneously output audio to two separate audio devices at once from within the same program.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: MTP Devices Data Transfer Fix

Aug 1, 2010

For the past few days, i have been trying to fix a common error related to mtp devices such as creative zen. Because of the new updated libmtp8 library, it is impossible to transfer files into any mtp devices. However there is a fix that will remove this issue.

1. Get the older karmic version of libmtp8 from here: URL...
2. Install this package from terminal using: sudo dpkg -i libmtp8*.deb
3. Lock libmtp8 from the synaptic package manager, so it doesn't get updated.
4. Uninstall and then downgrade any mtp packages (through that become broken after step 2 to the karmic version.
5. Enjoy.

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