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CentOS 5 Networking :: Can Ping Server Network But Cannot Share Resources

I have OpenVPN running successfully on a CentOS Linux server. All remote clients connect without a problem and can ping the server LAN ( . The server address is All network shares on the server are available to the remote clients via SAMBA shares and this works well.The problem is that I am unable to get the remote clients to access services on the LAN clients. For example, there is a webserver running on a Windows XP PC (on the server LAN @ with no firewall enabled. The remote VPN clients can ping this webserver at, but cannot browse the webserver at [URL]. All clients on the server LAN can however browse the webserver. The remote clients are using Windows XP and VISTA with OpenVPN 2.1.1.

I am new to VPNs and networking, but from my research, it seems as if this may be a routing issue. I would appreciate any help you may give in getting the remote clients to access the services on the LAN clients (other than the server @

The server configuration is:

port 1194
proto tcp


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Server :: Fedora - Samba - Cannot Share Cdrom Or Raid Resources?
I am trying to share a couple of resources from my fedora 12 box to a windows vista, using samba. It seems absolutely fine to share any folder but as soon as I am trying to share a folder which is used as a mount point windows cannot access this folder. I get the following message from windows:"the network cannot be found". This must be due to some permission, but I cannot find which one.

Note that windows can access the folder but as soon as the device is mounted I v#can see the folder in windows but cannot access it. Here is a copy of the smb.config file:

workgroup = workgroup
server string = GAIA
security = share
;guest account = nobody


Note that I have been trying to execute the same with mounting and sharing a raid1, but windows cannot see it.

Posted: 05-30-2010, 02:49 PM

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CentOS 5 Networking :: Cannot Ping Server From Outside?
I have configured (bind) my server with multiple static IP. I can ping the main IP from outside but not the other IP . I can ping all the IP from localhost but not from the internet. I do not have any external firewall or blocking device. server is directly connected via modem. If anyone could advice me for why i cannot ping other Ip's

Posted: 2009/5/20 10:44

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CentOS 5 Networking :: Can't Ping DHCP Server Even Was Able To Get An IP From It
I have installed Centos 5 on a virtual machine (esx4i). I set it to obtain an IP address from the DHCP sever, which is a broadband router, it has been given an IP address of the router is but I can't ping the router and I can't get any access to the network! I have a SCO Openserver server on the same physical box and it works fine so I know the network card & cable is ok.

Posted: 2010/5/7 16:02

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Networking :: Server Can't Ping Other Boxes On Private Network
I run a server that is connected to several other boxes in a private network ( I have had no problems previously, but upon a reinstall of Debian squeeze I have no connectivity to the private network: a ping of other addresses on that network fail. Ping and connection to outside world is fine. This box is configured similarly to another on this private network which connects successfully. I have quadruple-checked all my basic information. I post my ifconfig below of the malfunctioning device, then the ifconfig for equivalent nic on a box connected succesfully to the private network.


1.Could it be a cable problem? (I don't see how since the cables have not been changed I do not believe since my reinstallation).

2. What about the difference in the last lines of eth1 below and eth2 of the successful box. Is it significant that the bad eth1 reads Memory:fc3a0000-fc3c0000

Posted: 07-27-2011, 02:07 PM

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Networking :: CentOS-5 Server Cannot Ping Default Gateway
I posted it on another forum, but could not get response,So I have this cenOS, Ubuntu and windows operating system running on virtual machines.Now I gave them manual ip address, both ubuntu and windows machines can ping the default gateway, but not the CentOS.It should forward to my cisco router address(,

Posted: 07-02-2010

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CentOS 5 :: Server Resources Are Slow?
I am not an expert and have only been managing my server not too long. My server is running kind of slow so someone suggested running the 'top' command via shell, and I found a few things using major resources, but I don't know what they are or how to fix them. can someone suggest some things.

Posted: 2011/3/1 0:40

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CentOS 5 Networking :: Lost The Ability To Ping/ssh/http Remote Server?
Some time yesterday, I lost the ability to ssh my remote server, or even visit any webpages it hosts.

I've explored hosts.deny, /var/log/secure and even turned iptables off to see if it would fix anything. To no avail. Here's what my ssh login attempt looks like:

localhost ~ $ ssh -vv x.x.x.x
OpenSSH_5.2p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8l 5 Nov 2009
debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh_config
debug2: ssh_connect: needpriv 0


Posted: 2010/12/21 21:23

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OpenSUSE Network :: Setup VPN Server With IPSec For Connecting To Local Resources Via Internet?
On the local network at my work I installed opensuse11 in minimal configuration - without KDE, and I need to setup VPN server with IPSec for connecting to local resources via Internet.where I can find documentation for how to install and configure the service.

Posted: 28-Oct-2008 02:59

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Networking :: Can't Ping Past Gateway / Can Ping Server From Outside
So, I have an Virtual Machine running CentOS 5.4. It sits behind a hardware firewall which also does NAT'ing. I've set up plenty of these, so I know for sure the firewall and NAT rules are set up correctly. From the host, I can ping anything in my subnet and the gateway. But I can't ping anything else beyond the gateway. I can perform DNS queries and when I try to ping, it finds the appropriate IP address.But from the outside, I can ping the PUBLIC address (It's a 1 public to 1 private address NAT, not 1 public to multiple private). I've tried it with IPTABLES on and off, with no change.

Posted: 04-29-2010, 01:25 PM

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Networking :: Cannot Ping With Command - Ping IP - Address But Can Ping With - Ping IP -I Eth0
I am using an virtual machine. where I need to ping from one machine to another. earlier I was able to ping. But after going to once, I cannot ping back to this machine.

But if I gave ping -I eth1 <IP> then I can ping.

I cannot install any package, so tell me solution which includes not installing any package.

Posted: 07-15-2011, 05:01 AM

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CentOS 5 Networking :: VMware Server 1.0.8 - Cannot "send" A PING To The Virtual Machine
I have Linux server with VMware Server 1.0.8. When I creating a virtual machine, I can not "send" a PING to the virtual machine. In the virtual machine, I have installed CentOS 5.3 (32bit). In the virtual machine I have defined the addresses IP. So, whey I can't "sent" a ping to the virtual machie? I have to set something on the Linux server?

Posted: 2009/11/14 13:53

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Server :: Can't Ping To Other Network On Redhat 6
Why my redhat can;t ping to other network( if ping to gateway is ok) and than i can use internet and resolve to dns. selinux status is disable and iptables is flush

Posted: 06-10-2011, 05:22 AM

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CentOS 5 Server :: Ipt_Sysrqd To Reboot A Server By Ping
I see this site: [url]

That explain how to reboot a freeze system by remote with only make a ping in other machine.

Well I want to know if that module is compatible with my centos 5 because it appear that run in kernel 2.6.X. is compatible ?

Posted: 2009/4/26 15:06

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OpenSUSE Network :: Network / DNS - Can't Access Any Internet Resources Or Router
I'm having a strange problem with my network connection/DNS. I turn computer the on and it recognizes and connects to wireless or wired but I can't access any Internet resources or my router. If I ping the default gateway, I get no response and I get DNS errors from any network services that run at start up. If I stop and start the network daemon then it all works fine until the next time I turn on my laptop. It does this for both wireless and wired connection.

I've tried to edit the network interface information in YaST but it says that configuration is handled by knetworkmanager and I have no idea where that information is accessed. I should point out that it all worked fine until I tried to connect to open WAP at my school and couldn't so I connected to the wired network. Next morning I had this problem when connecting to my home network. My questions are 1. What could be the cause of this error and 2. where does one configure the network interfaces when using knetworkmanager

Posted: 30-Jul-2010 07:20

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OpenSUSE Network :: Nmblookup Resolves But Cannot Ping Netbios Names Or Ping FQDN
This applies to my 2 opensuse PC's, my Windows PC is fine.I can ping a hostname, say "PC1" but I can not ping PC1.domain.local (even the host PC can not ping it's own FQDN). When I ping just the hostname the ping stats even list the FQDN.Onto the next issue, since all my PC's, have the domain prefix domain.local, my Synology can not. I can ping it's IP and that is it. I can resolve it's name with nmblookup just fine tho and that is what is killing me. How is this not resolving.Even weirder, I can browse to "Synology" in Network Servers under places on the slab.

Posted: 23-Feb-2011 00:17

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Fedora Networking :: Internet Lag And Windows Network "failed To Retrieve Share List From Server"?
I'm running Fedora 14 and when I'm surfing the web, it seems to lag in between pages. I don't think its my net connection, I just wiped windows 7 off my system for Fedora and it did not suffer from the same lag issues.I've tried adding in google's alternate dns server but it didn't seem to fix the issue. I ran into this issue a couple years back on Ubuntu 8.1 or something like that, and I never could find out what I needed to configure.My second problem is that when I try to connect to other Windows systems on my wlan or wired connection, it gives the error "failed to retrieve share list from server". I'm not experienced in networking, can someone explain this to me?

Posted: 29th April 2011, 02:17 PM

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Networking :: Cannot Ping Internal Network
cannot ping internal network

I am a new user to Linux but in the last couple of months gained some Idea about it,I am trying to set up a small network in my office having 3 windows xp PCs, two fedora10 PCsI have an adsl router with 4-port hub connecting to the internet, one switch (say sw1) and one linux PC (say linux1) is connected directly to the router, the three win xp PCs are connected to switch sw1.all the above is working fine, I am able to get connected to Internet In all the systems, and able to network among all the above four.Now I want to make the linux1 as a proxy server for, hence I added another network card into it connected it to another switch sw2, which is connected to another linux pc (say linux2).

I have tried a hundred things, and googled an equal no. and finally posting it here.In order to reduce confusion I have disabled DHCP in all machines, and given static ips insteadNetworkManager was not happy about it, hence to fix my static IP i disabled NetworkManager ('chkconfig NetworkManager off')

Posted: 01-28-2009, 08:17 AM

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Ping Outside Of Network
I can ping the router, but I cannot ping anything outside of the network. The ping just sits there and eventually times out, no error message. I cannot download updates and it is the only box inside the network having any issues accessing the internet. I am running 10.10 server. I can get a list of packages on the update server, but not download them, it appears to be in an incoming issue. I'm using a motorola Netopia router in bridge mode with a netgear SRXN3205 as a router. Again every other system can download fine. I have tried running on one nic, no help dhcp, static again does nothing. I can pulls host [URL].. and I get


It may be worth noting that I set the box up at home on a dlink router and it worked fine, however I am confused why it is the only system on the network having these issues every other box can ping just fine.

Posted: April 30th, 2011

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Ping Outside Network
i have problem ubuntu server network! internet works but #cant ping [URL]... and outside ip?

Posted: July 14th, 2011

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Networking :: How To Disabled Ping In Network
Is there a way to disable ping in the network instead ping of IP addresses must be hostname or a name.

Posted: 08-27-2010, 07:29 PM

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CentOS 5 Server :: Webserver Not Able To Ping Or Browse To One Particular Website
I have 4 centos5 apache webservers all on the same network, recently, 2 of the webservers have stopped being able to ping or browse one particular website where feeds are obtained from this site. I have checked and firewall and selinux settings are disabled. The two webservers are able to ping and browse other sites. Dns settings are the same for all 4 servers. traceroute for working and not working webservers are the same.

Posted: 2010/11/11 16:25

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CentOS 5 Networking :: Ping -I On 5.2 Versus 4.7
I have two CentOS servers on the same LAN. One is CentOS 4.7 the other 5.2 They both also have a WAN interface to the same remote network. On CentOS 4.7 I can ping the remote network through the CentOS 5.2 server. i.e. ping -I eth0 remotehost On CentOS 5.2 I can NOT force the ping to go out the CentOS 4.7 server without over riding my routing tables to make eth0 a more direct route than the eth1 route.

On 5.2 If I do the ping -I eth0 remotehost, and a tcpdump on eth0, the outbound ping will not be going out eth0, he overrides it and sends it out eth1. In fact, on CentOS 4.7 if I do not have a route to the remote network through the other server (turn proxy arp off on the 5.2 machine), I will get "Destination Host Unreachable". I would ideally like to get the 5.2 machine to behave the way the 4.7 machine does.

My real life application for this is that I have a CentOS server in a location that controls access to the Internet. There is another router on the netowrk that handles traffic back to our corporate office. the CentOS server also has the ability to get to the corporate office. I ping the corporate office through eth0 to find out if the link through the other router is indeed up and active. I want to make this a CentOS 5.2 server but alas, I can not tell if the other route is up or not.

Posted: 2009/2/12 16:55

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CentOS 5 Networking :: Can't Even Ping To My Router
just finished installing Centos5 and I had no problems installing it. But when I tried to connect to the internet, the trouble began.My network card is installed and the status is "OK". The network card is a "Realtek RTL 8168C(P)/8111C(P)".The status of the device said "Inactive" and when I tried to activate it, it came with an error: Failed; no link present. Check Cable?Now the cable is connected as it should be.So next step I did is put in a static IP. Now the activation works fine.However I still have no internet. I can't even ping to my router!I need some new drivers for my graphics card too, but first I need the network to work, than I can download other stuff..

Posted: 2009/10/2 17:53

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Networking :: Network Has An Intermittent Fault - File Share Network Stops Working
Sometimes my file share network stops working,and will then work again.I'm lost with this problem. The server pc is a Zenwalk pc.The other pc is a win7 pc. This error only occurs on Zenwalk. When i run puppy from the live cd the file shares are always visible,without fail.Under puppy i use pNethood. When the ping command is used there is no problem, and the pc name can be pinged.This is shown below:


Posted: 05-07-2011, 04:51 AM

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