Ubuntu :: While Upgrading Everything Went Wrong Not Working Anymore

Aug 6, 2010

I have a double boot system in my comp. I tried to make some upgrade in Ubuntu but everything went wrong and It's not working anymore. I can login but nothing is working. What are your suggestions in this case?

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Ubuntu :: Upgrading To 10.04 - Killed Grub - Can't Boot Pc Anymore

May 24, 2010

I had just finished upgrading my system to 10.04 and it restarted my pc and now i can't boot my pc anymore All i have is this at the beginning


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Debian :: After Upgrading To Squeeze - Can't Mount My HDD Partitions Anymore

Oct 23, 2010

Actually, the /root- filesystem still gets mounted, for all the others I get the following message:

When I type

I get:

But this only happens when using my custom kernel ( When I use the kernel which was automatically installed (2.6.32-5-amd64), the problem doesn't occur.

Is there a kernel option I should have turned on?

I checked the UUID-numbers from the error messages with the output of "blkid" - they match. The rootfs is on sda2 (which gets mounted without error) - so I tried applying the fstab mount options of sda2 to the other partitions - same problem still. what makes the root partition so special? Is it because it's defined by grub.cfg?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrading With Least Amount Of Hassle - No Longer Supported Anymore

Aug 3, 2011

I would like to upgrade my linux distro, since I'm using Karmic Koala and it is no longer supported anymore. However, upgrading via the updater always breaks my system, so I want to do a clean install. However, I have a LOT of programs installed in this machine, including a good number of games. Otherwise I think most of my data is neatly confined to my home folder, which I can easily transfer via external hard drive.

How do I get all my programs over, however? Like my PDF printer, for example, or all my games, or Inkscape, or Skype, or any number of things that I have installed. Especially WICD. I can never get my wireless internet to work without WICD. I will make a list of my programs beforehand, just in case something goes wrong, but is there any kind of less painful and time-consuming way to do this than going back and installing every program all over again from scratch?

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Fedora Installation :: Upgrading From 8 To 10 - Wrong Architecture

Feb 12, 2009

I clicked on i386 instead of x86 64. The box is laptop AMD64, and I stopped the upgrade at this point: Should I continue it and change later? Or delete files and start again?

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Ubuntu :: Vmware Is Not Working Anymore

Mar 16, 2010

After long while Vmware is not working anymore.. I think because some upgrade a while ago.. but when I try to run the configure.pl then I get this error.. does anybody know what is wrong?


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Ubuntu :: Burg Not Working Anymore On 10.04 / Fix It?

Jul 24, 2010

I installed Burg and it worked for some time. I installed some apps that I can't remember anymore and closed my comp. I restarted my computer today and Burg does not work anymore, Grub just start like before. I tried to reinstalled Burg and it changed nothing. When I check Burg-emu it shows me the right thing, like if Burg was working. Did it happened to somebody else?

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Ubuntu :: Skype (sound) Is Not Working Anymore

Nov 21, 2010

You really have to love this fantastic Ubuntu system which destroys your setup and programmes with an update.

It seems as though one of the updates made a mess of Skype this time. well done.

Ok so here is what's happening.

First i have to say that to get my sound card working i needed to upgrade ALSA. Everyhting was running fine until....NOW.

I haven't used Skype in a while but now i thought lets use it a bit. I start up Skype there is sound. but then suddenly sound is gone. video is just fine. sound is gone completelly from Skype. mic doesn't work and neither do spekers, eventhough upon launch everything works. i can't even do a test call. in fact i could do it once but the sound was messy.

also the skype seems to have crashed as i can't exit it at all. it's just keeps running as process.

anyone had something similar? any solutions? i would post this on Skype forums, but since Skype worked before and now it doesn't anymore i believe it is Ubuntu issue.

I am running Ubutnu 10.04.

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Ubuntu :: Use Acidrip And K9 Copy But Their Not Working Anymore?

Dec 27, 2010

i used to use acidrip and k9 copy but their not working anymore. is there another good dvdripper out there?

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Ubuntu :: Network Manager Is Not Working Anymore

Mar 1, 2010

I'm a newbie in Linux (ubuntu) environment. Well my prob started as I tried to install several w-lan applications. I tried them out and deleted them again. Till (I don't remember the name of the prog) I finally shoot "network manager". I tried some things like:
Second installation of ubuntu to get back internet.
Downloaded some deb files and installed them in off-line mode.

But it doesn't work because some not satisfiable things happened now I tried to fix over USB live to fix it no chance. What I need is a possibility to install from USB on my first system or boot system one and USB on the same time to use the internet per switching or something like that. Maybe it's possible to update my system wile the USB system is running? Or is there a possibility to use the ubuntu CD and install all needet packages from there because network manager is already in Ubuntu. I think that all OS company's have to think about that , when they deliver a OS that you can choose or afterwords reinstall progs from the original source ...or what?

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Red Hat :: Yum Not Working Anymore - Cannot Set Attribute

Feb 24, 2010

After a update that has gone bad I can't use yum anymore, I have already reinstalled the latest versions of yum and python from the RedHat site but no luck.

My error:
Loaded plugins: rhnplugin, security
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/yum", line 29, in ?
yummain.user_main(sys.argv[1:], exit_code=True)
File "/usr/share/yum-cli/yummain.py", line 309, in user_main
errcode = main(args)
File "/usr/share/yum-cli/yummain.py", line 157, in main
File "/usr/share/yum-cli/cli.py", line 187, in getOptionsConfig
File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/yum/__init__.py", line 664, in <lambda>
conf = property(fget=lambda self: self._getConfig(),
File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/yum/__init__.py", line 253, in _getConfig
File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/yum/plugins.py", line 179, in run
func(conduitcls(self, self.base, conf, **kwargs))
File "/usr/lib/yum-plugins/rhnplugin.py", line 145, in init_hook
Repo = RhnRepo(channel)
File "/usr/lib/yum-plugins/rhnplugin.py", line 243, in __init__
self.metadata_cookie = 'cookie'
AttributeError: can't set attribute

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Ubuntu :: Hp Pavilion, Webcam Microphone Not Working Anymore?

Mar 23, 2010

I have an HP dv4 1313dx, pavilion notebook computer. The Built in webcam seems to work OK, but I have absolutely no sound registering when I speak over webchat , or over just sound recordings when I talk at the computer. I'm not sure if it's a software issue or not. I upgraded to 10.4 beta because 9.10 wouldn't let me run my wireless card. So upgrading to the new beta version solved that, but as I said I noticed the built in mic on my notebook isn't picking up any sound. This is whether I'm using Skype, sound recorder, or AMSN for webchats.

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Ubuntu :: Lucid - CPU Scaling Not Working Anymore (Powernow-K8)

May 9, 2010

In Lucid I cannot get CPU scaling to work anymore, in previous Ubuntu releases this was not a problem with the same hardware (AMD Phenom 9500 Quad). I used to load module 'powernow-k8' and 'powernowd' to make it work, but it seems 'powernow-k8' is not available in Lucid. Anyone who has cpu scaling working in Lucid?

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Ubuntu :: Numeric Pad Not Working Anymore On Sony Vaio

Jan 22, 2011

On my Sony Vaio VPCF12M1E I have a small but irritating problem: Since yesterday the numeric pad on my keyboard doesn't work anymore. I can use the numbers at the top, but not on my numpad. This happened out of nowhere when I was just setting up an access point. No idea what I did wrong, cause I only configured a static IP Reboot, and numpad was gone. I tried restarting the laptop, I tried disabling and enabling Numlock over and over again. Nothing works.

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Fedora :: Sound Is Not Working Anymore?

Oct 1, 2009

after a couple of updates... my sound is not working anymore

HTML Code:
alsamixer -c0

HTML Code:
killall pulseaudio
pulseaudio --start
didn't fix the problem (user member of pulse-rt)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Tweetdeck Not Working Anymore After Closing / Reboot - Fix It?

May 23, 2010

I was able to successfully install Tweetdeck and Adobe Air using the instructions here: http://www.technixupdate.com/install...-ubuntu-linux/

BUT after I closed the program, when I tried to re-open it, it wouldn't load anymore. It would show that it is "Starting Tweetdeck" but it would not lead to anything - it would just close.

So I tried to uninstall everything and re-install from scratch. But the same thing happened - the program would not load.

I tried to isolate the issue by trying to install another AIR application. When I double-click on the icon or click on install using Adobe AIR, it would not run. So that only means that the issue is with Adobe AIR.

Here's what I did code...

It will then load the installer. Go through the step-by-step process until it's finished.

Install Tweetdeck again (Just double-click on its .air file).

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Card Disabled - Not Working Anymore

Aug 5, 2010

Earlier I was in windows to do school that I had to do in windows. I shut my monitor to suspend my computer, which disables my sound card. Later on I went back into ubuntu and forgot about it. Ubuntu had updates to the system and since then I have not been able to get my sound to work.

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Ubuntu :: Transmission-remote To Media Server Not Working Anymore

Aug 29, 2010

This thread belongs in 'Networking' probably but that category seems to get less traffic.

Perhaps the mod will move it there after some discussion is generated...

Got this from transmission-remote x.x.x.x -l


I think I can figure it out, but I don't know where the config files go/are for transmission-remote.

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Ubuntu :: Natty Kernel Upgrade - Mouse Not Working Anymore?

May 4, 2011

since I just upgraded my Natty to the new Kernel my Logitech USB mouse won't work anymore. I checked it on another notebook and the mouse works fine Before the upgrade, everything was fine as well.

xaitax@w00t:~$ uname -a
Linux w00t 2.6.38-9-generic #43-Ubuntu SMP Thu Apr 28 15:23:06 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux


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Fedora :: Keypad Not Working Anymore In Gnome

Aug 19, 2009

A couple of weeks ago, my keypad stopped working. Not only the numbers, but all keys there. I heard it is a setting in Gnome, but I can't seem to find it.

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OpenSUSE :: After Updating Online 11.3 KDE Is Not Working Anymore

Oct 4, 2010

After a lot of work I succeeded in making my Icon 225 Mobile Broadband working under Linux, so I immediately took advantage of this by updating my system.But unfortunately not everything went well. I have to say something:in Linux when you solved a problem another one pops up. And this is what happened to me. The first problem was the following error message: PackageKit Error repo-not-available: File '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium [URL]

It seems that in the Online update system there is a error: or the address is wrong or something is not working as it should be. Anyway I got over it and the system started to download the updates and so on. At the end the system asked me to reboot and I did it. Unfortunately a cold shower was waiting me : the KDE interface did not work anymore, the only thing I could see was something like a fog all around the video. The mouse cursor was a dark square. I was still able to hear the welcome sound so I deduced that only the graphic interface was corrupted. I rebooted again and when the system show me the booting choices:

1) Desktop opensuse 11.3-
2) Failsafe opensuse 11.3-
3) windows 1
4) windows 2
5) Floppy

I chose this time the second one (I think it is like a safe mode)and fortunately it worked but the system looked like having lost brightness (I think this choice change the card driver). Now I do not know why the KDE inrface got corrupted, because I download everything from the opesuse website, so no strange repository has been installed. I checked in the little manual supplied with the DVD and I found the following suggestion: If the KDE interface got corrupted please try to remove the cache files of the KDE desktop using the following command rm -rf /tmp/kde-user /tmp/ksocket-user

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Webcam Not Working Anymore In 11.4

May 6, 2011

I have a webcam

:~> lsusb
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub
Bus 002 Device 002: ID 0a12:0001 Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode)
Bus 002 Device 003: ID 1c4f:0002 SiGma Micro
Bus 002 Device 004: ID 0ac8:301b Z-Star Microelectronics Corp. ZC0301 Webcam

I didn't use it for a long time. But the last time I checked it Under Ubuntu, cheese was able to read from it & gstreamer properties also tested it successfully.

But now that I need the webcam, I can't get it work

gstreamer properties says " Video for Linux 2 (v4l2): Could not negotiate format".

Is this webcam not supported now ?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Stopped Working - Won't Detect Networks Anymore

May 28, 2010

my wireless was working well in ubuntu. now it won't detect networks anymore. the output of iwconfig is no wireless extensions

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Ubuntu :: Gnome-Schedule Not Working Anymore - IndexError: String Index Out Of Range

Apr 19, 2011

When I start Gnome-Schedule, it opens and closed right away. Here's the output:


IndexError: string index out of range Also before this happened, I tried to add this command to G.S. but nothing happened when I clicked "Add":


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Debian :: Logitech Trackball Middle Mouse Is Not Working Anymore?

Feb 21, 2011

the Squeeze uprgade I also lost the middle mouse functionaly of my Logitech Marble Mouse. I do not remember how I set it up to be honest. I am not sure if it was by default middle was mouse was "pressing 2 buttons on eachside at the same time" or I did set up manually using Xmod or similar tool. I might have even set up in the hal settings. The reason I do not remember exactly is that I used multiple tuts and places to set this up long time ago and now that the functionality is gone I am kind of confused about how to go ahead about it.

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Debian Configuration :: Stylus Button Not Working Anymore After An Upgrade?

May 18, 2010

after today's upgrade, my Wacom stylus button stopped working.My xorg.conf is as follows:

Section "ServerLayout"
Identifier "X.org Configured"
Screen"Screen0" 0 0


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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Bison Webcam Uvcvideo Not Working Anymore

Mar 5, 2010

I have been able to make my webcam work some time ago, but it does not work anymore. (I installed xen kernel recently, but I don't know whether it's related or not).

I am using Opensuse 11.2.

My webcam is a Bison uvc compatible webcam. It should work with the uvcvideo driver which is intalled by default with the kernel. My kernel is

Linux linux-61le #1 SMP PREEMPT 2010-01-27 08:20:11 +0100 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
lsusb gives:
Bus 002 Device 004: ID 5986:0241 Acer, Inc
dmesg gives:


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OpenSUSE Wireless :: Atheros Card Not Working Properly Anymore?

Jan 12, 2011

A wifi card with the ath5k driver used to work properly until a couple of weeks ago. Now, if I ping the router the response times sometimes are okay but often fluctuate into the range of many hundreds or thousands of milliseconds. Occasionally the connection breaks down entirely.My laptop, which uses a different card, works fine (typical ping response times of 2 ms), so its probably not the router which is faulty.I use opensuse 11.3 x86_64, currently with the desktop kernel and knetworkmanager

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Ubuntu Networking :: IP Address Is Wrong /etc/hosts Not Working?

Jan 2, 2011

Something is definitely odd here:Quote:

[rena@mercury:~ 500]
$ hostname


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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Canon Pixma Printer Not Working Anymore After Installing 11.3?

Aug 4, 2010

I have a canon pixma mp640. Under opensuse 11.2 64 bit the printer worked (printing and scanning via wifi). I recently reinstalled my system with 11.3 64 bit, and after installing the canon rpms and creating the printer I get the following error in /var/log/cups/error_log:


Backend returned status 1 (failed)
printer-state-message="Illegal backend: Success"

In opensuse 11.2 I needed to create some links:


cd /usr/lib64/cups/filter
ln -s ../../../lib/cups/filter/pstocanonij
cd /usr/lib64/cups/backend


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