Ubuntu :: Random Hard Freeze ?

Jun 15, 2010

I've been getting a random hard freeze, in both windows and linux, so I'm pretty sure it's not a software thing. I've run memory diagnostics in windows and it came out fine, I'm not sure what other diagnostics I can run. what tools can I run in linux that might help me further diagnose the problem? I haven't installed any new hardware, and I blasted the inside with some compressed air to err on the side of caution, but I still have problems. i'm running the latest ubuntu ver btw

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Ubuntu :: Random Freeze Requiring Hard Restart ?

Apr 26, 2010

I was opening up a ODG doc and then my pc froze up. I powered it down, but now its telling me upon trying to open up the document again that someone else is accessing it so its locked.

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Ubuntu :: Random Freeze On Startup ?

May 27, 2010

This has been confusing me for a while. It usually takes about 4 or 5 times of hitting the power button for it to start up to the login screen. All it does is go to the Ubuntu splash screen and that's it. The colored dots don't change or anything. It just sits there. I ran the memory test to be sure it wasn't RAM and it ran fine.

System specs:

OS: 10.04
CPU: E8400
GPU: 9600GT
Hard drive: 250 GB Seagate
Mobo: 780i SLI FTW

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Ubuntu :: Random Freeze Of Natty?

Jul 5, 2011

I had installed Ubuntu Studio Natty from scratch onto a fresh partition, keeping Ubuntu Studio Maverick on another partition until I was sure Natty was working right. But whenever I tried using Natty the system would totally freeze, or so it seemed. Everything would freeze except the mouse pointer. Even the clock, which I have displaying seconds, would stop counting. I searched all over and there seemed to be little agreement about the cause of this, but a lot of people seemed to be experiencing it. It seemed to me however that there was a trend toward blaming new 3D features, and some tips suggested starting with 3D display features disabled; I forget now how to do that, but I do know that it didn't work for me.

After sort of giving up for a couple of months and going back to Maverick I had the idea to try installing (actually "activating") the Nvidia proprietary driver---and the problem seems to have been totally fixed. That's literally all I did, and for at least a few weeks, maybe a month or more, no freezes.

I should add that after a while the symptoms revealed that it wasn't necessarily that the computer was freezing, it was that it would rev up to maximum CPU usage and stay there, with a restart the only solution, until it would start again, seemingly at random, after several minutes to a half hour usually.

I have a Sony Vaio VPCF116FX laptop.

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 LTS Random Freeze - Hang-up

Jul 20, 2011

My problem is that my server randomly hangs. If I remember right it started after an kernel update (can't really remember if it was a kernel update specific, but I did install new updates before this problem occurred), and then I noticed my server was down one day, after that the problems/random freezes continued. And there are no pattern/interval between the freeze ups.

I think that all this started for about 3 weeks ago, so I've never had this problem with Ubuntu 10.04 before.

At first, I thought the source to my problem was an old IDE which I accidentally left in when installing Ubuntu at the first time, so GRUB was sitting on that one. So I backed up almost all of my data, reinstalled Ubuntu 10.04 (downloaded from the website) but this time without the old IDE drive. Everything seemed to work, had no crashes or freezes. I do have to mention that the same thing happend to the live CD before I removed the old IDE.

But now the fresh install of Ubuntu seems to hang too. And the worst part of this is that I can't really do anything about it to test or look up what may cause the problem, as I have to access it remotely because I'm on vacation right now (I'll have to get my friend over there and restart it).

When the computer hangs it comes inaccessible from the network, can't even see that it is up in my router. But I do know it is running, else it would have been shut off and then started up again and work.

Before I re-installed it, this problem could be reproduced by surfing the web and watching flash videos in either chromium or Firefox.

And I do know it sounds silly to run a server with the desktop edition installed, but if I don't have any other computer accessible, I use my server instead.

My server specs:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.5 GHz
GFX: XFX Nvidia Geforce 8600GT
Mobo: EVGA 750i FTW
RAM: Corsair Dominator 2GB
HDD: Western Digital 500 GB

I also have no special effects nor do I use any proprietary drivers (I did before I re-installed).

Any ideas of what it might be? Is it a bug which came with the updates, like a bug in the kernel?

I've noticed that there actually are alot of threads like mine around here, but none have provided a working solution.

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Fedora :: 12 Random Freeze ?

Dec 18, 2009

I just installed Fedora 12. Now i've seen a few other threads but they seem to have all the conclusion that its the Nvidia drivers at fault. Well i have an ATI Mobility Radeon 3400 series. I can login, and navigate for a little bit, then it just randomly freezes. I've booted to both gnome and KDE, kde freezes almost immediately w/o letting me navigate much. Gnome takes a bit and then freezes on me. I managed to login once and go like 6 minutes then i thought it was worked out, rebooted and boom, froze up again. I can still move my mouse but can't click or use keyboard. Ctrl+Alt+Backspace doesn't work either .....

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 Random Freeze On A Single Core CPU?

Oct 1, 2010

As this thread [URL]... reached over thousand posts, it's obvious that these freezes (which actually boils down to keyboard and mouse not being listened to by X server, so "not working") hit large numbers of Ubuntu users. As that thread is already very large and hard to read I'd like to advance a hypothesis here : This problem occurs only on multi-core CPUs.

I've installed 10.04 on two machines: and old box with a Duron and new one with quad core. The old box runs just fine with 10.04. The new one - you know Has anyone exeprienced this problem on a single core machine?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Random Freeze After 10 Minutes In 10.10?

Oct 14, 2010

I am a Ubuntu user since a few years (Breezy Badger was my first) now but I still don't know much about computers or commands so please bear with me. I used 10.04 on my HP pavillion PC of two years old without any problems. Now I upgraded to 10.10 with update manager. And it boots fine, but whatever I do, after aprox. 10 minutes everything just freezes. And I don't remember the magic phrase for soft reset, so I hit the power button.

I have searched the forums and could not find a satisfactory answer to my problem. I found this thread [URL] but have no idea how to do what's requested. Could anyone please tell me what to do?I know how to open a terminal, and type a command or two but that's basically it.

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Ubuntu :: 2.6.35-23 Random System Freeze / Crash - Fix It?

Nov 29, 2010

I seem to be having a problem on the new Kernel (2.6.35-23) with the system randomly freezing.

I have installed a number of things in recent days leading up to this problem, but when i boot with the old kernel i don't seem to have any issues. From this i am guessing its the new kernel.

The freezing seems (although i am not sure) to be worse when Rhythmbox is running. When it happens everything freezes, the playing song skips, replaying the same one second of music over and over. All the hotkeys stop and the mouse cursor stops responding.

I have seen people talking about system logs to look at system crashes but i don't know how to show those. I also doubt my ability to interpret them.

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Ubuntu :: Random Kernal Freeze On Laptop?

Nov 30, 2010

Keep having random freezes on my laptop.. Its a Dell Stdui 1558 running Ubuntu 10.10 however i dont get the freezes on 10.04.01

So i might have to revert back to 10.40.1 #

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General :: Random System Freeze ?

Mar 2, 2010

I'm running Fedora 12 with GNOME on an old Toshiba Satellite A15. From time to time I get a system freeze, where everything stops working besides the touch pad (I can move the cursor, just can't click on anything). When I boot up, I see an error message that it skips past before I can read anything, although I have spotted the snippets 'pci' 'error' and what appears to be the 0x at the start of a memory address. When I try and shut down the system (going either by command line or the System->Shut Down part), I get to the part where it says "Unmounting filesystems..." and then it stops right there. When I boot it back up, I get an error that says "A crash in package kernel has been detected."

The same happens when I boot up after the hard freeze. It seems more frequent when I have a heavy load on system memory, but for the most part it seems random. I've seen it crash after 5 minutes with only Pidgin or gedit open, I've seen it run for weeks with over 100 Firefox tabs, Pidgin, 3 documents, and GIMP running, but it seems more likely in the second scenario. It also seems to have a chance of freezing again within 5 minutes of rebooting (even if I don't touch anything after login). I ran Fedora 8 and Fedora 10 on this computer just fine, with most of the same system settings (copied my /home folder for each upgrade). I have a dual-boot system (XP/Fedora), with a third partition for data and a 200MB partition for the boot loader. The partition with Fedora is encrypted, and the crashing while trying to unmount the filesystem implies to me that might be the problem, but whatever it is, it wasn't in Fedora 8 or 10 (at least as far as I could tell).

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 - Lucid Lynx - Random Freeze - Hang-up

May 10, 2010

It seems that my Ubuntu 10.04 (clean install) to randomly freeze / hang (mouse/keyboard unresponsive, only a hard reboot is available as option) but with no garbled screens/windows/etc. There's no pattern why or any application that could be responsible. It could happen ten minutes after it is started or after 2 days but at some point and suddenly the system will become totally unresponsive, freeze and hang up. I used the same PC with Karmic Koala and releases before that (sometimes on for days) with no such problem so it shouldn't be a hardware problem.

I thoroughly check system logs after the hard reboot (System > Administation > Log File Viewer) and there's no entry around the time of each freeze / hang to pinpoint me to something.

The only thing that is certain is that the following errors / warnings always appear in .xsession-errors file:

Here is also some info about my system:
CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
Graphics: ATI Radeon 9100 IGP

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Ubuntu :: Random Freeze - Neither The Mouse Or The Keyboard Will Respond

Jun 14, 2010

I am running Ubuntu 10.04, randomly while working in gnome with no particular application I get a freeze periodically. Neither the mouse or the keyboard will respond. I am running it on a lenovo Z61m laptop. I have had previous experience with Posix systems but I am a recent migrant from XP as my primary operating system. I never had such an issue with this computer which leads me to believe that it is not a hardware issue.

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Ubuntu :: U10.04 Random Freeze When Using Shortcut Keys / Sort It?

Jul 22, 2010

Everytime I use keyboard shortcut such as Alt-Tab to switch windows, my whole ubuntu freezes. I can still move mouse pointer but I cannot click anything.
Anyone has an idea?

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Ubuntu :: Random System Freeze / Lockup - Nothing In Logs

Jun 3, 2011

Running updated 11.04 on a older Dell Precision 360n. Been having random system freezes for the past month that requires a hard restart (REISUB doesn't work) each time. Sometimes the caps lock and scroll lock LEDs blink, other times not. sometimes it happens during boot, other times during normal usage. There hasn't been anything in any of the logs (except once, which I'll post below). This happened running 10.04 and 10.10 as well. I've run PC-check a few times and all hardware diagnostics have passed. Until today, i've been able to boot and run Trinity Rescue Kit 3.4 to mount the disk and examine the logs (and do backups), but now TRK won't boot and spews kernel panics when loading.


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Ubuntu :: Random Mouse/keyboard Freeze In The Login Screen?

May 1, 2010

I downloaded and burnt the Kubuntu 10.04 release to a CD. I tried to install it. First time, couldn't find the disks and eventually it froze. Ok, second try, when it's contacting the "time server" (or whatever) another freeze, but this time I notice everything is running fine and then get a nice little image with the current time (increasing seconds and all). Third attemp, clicked the "update this installer" and it went fine. "Yay!" I thought. Well, a few minutes in my beautiful 10.04 system and again, another freeze. Hit the power button and to my surprise a "Shutdown" dialog shows up with a countdown. After 30 seconds it logs out and mouse is working again. I log back in and come here to write this long post, and as I was writing the title "Random mouse/ke..." guess what? Yeah, it froze again. And the little bar that goes after the writing continued happily blinking. Hit the power button but this time mouse and keyboard were still frozen in the login screen.

Short version: mouse and keyboard randomly freeze while the rest of the system apparently work fine.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Lucid & 2.6.36-1 Kernel: Random Freeze After Boot

Oct 26, 2010

I am using Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 (64 bits) in my Asus U30JC laptop (Core i3 M350, intel 4500MHD + nvidia 310M with nvidia Optimus, 4GB RAM). I am content with Lucid and I don't want to upgrade to 10.10 for now. However I read that the new 2.6.36 kernel has some good improvements, such as improving system interactivity while intensive I/O (such as copying large files), and improved energy management for i3/i5 processors (which I hope translates into more battery time, which is a problem of Ubuntu vs Win7 in my laptop).

I discovered I had 2 options: compile the kernel myself, or use the Ubuntu Kernel PPA (maintained by the Ubuntu Kernel Team). I decided to use the PPA, so I added it to my software sources and installed the generic"linux-lts-backport-natty" kernel (2.6.36-1).

Package installation went fine, and after reboot, I could log in to the desktop no problem. Everything seemed fine, but after a few minutes, the system freezes completely: mouse did not move, none of the indicators moved, even Ctrl + Alt + F1 did not work.Where is the log file where there might be a message related to the freeze? Do you think that the kernel developers would try to fix a bug that probably only affects people running the 2.6.36-1 kernel on a distribution that was not built around it?

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Ubuntu :: Repeating - Random Total Freeze - New Install - Troubleshoot

Oct 17, 2009

Ubuntu 9.04, all updates
Latest firmware, etc
abit SG-95 motherboard
2 GB Ultra DDR2
Intel Celeron 360 cpu
PNY GeForce 9500 GT video

Started 2 weeks ago, random and total freeze of system (video, keyboard, mouse).

Nothing useful in th log, other than it occurs at the same time syslogd restart show up in the log.

I don't even know where to begin, or how to troubleshoot the issue if nothing shows up in the log... could use some help, please.

Problem occurs with or without the nvidia drivers installed. Ubuntu or windows, same thing..connected or not connected to the internet

I've ran every memory test I can find, with no issues reported. HD seems OK. No other symptom that I can find, other than it croaking, usually when I'm in the middle of a broadcast or recording.

Is the only machine I have for now, I need to figure out what's wrong and replace it as quickly as possible, so I can get back to work.

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Debian :: Squeeze - Freeze Or Kerneloops At Random Time After Suspend

Jun 3, 2010

I'll start at the beginning. The problem i am about to describe occured in ubuntu 9.10 for the first time (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/480850) and is ironically partly responsible for my switching to debian. which i don't regret, but it seems i can't run from the bug any longer because now it's in squeeze, so i want to fix it or make a proper bug report:

Steps to Reproduce:
1: Suspend Laptop to RAM
2: Resume from Suspend
3: Wait and see, preferably monitoring top:
At some random time, ranging from immediately (black screen after resume) to several hours later, the system will become unresponsive. Switching to tty1 or Alt+Print+K does not work, Alt+Print+REISUB does work. Each freeze is anticipated by a random process (this time it was mandb, was installing something) hogging 100% of CPU, then the System becomes gradually unresponsive within a minute or so (panel, metacity, finally mouse cursor freezes too).
Alternatively, in case of a black screen immediately upon resume, Alt+Print+K works (EDIT: or not), and the system remains usable.
Additionally, i don't know if this is related, i noticed one process using 9999% of CPU for a second according to top, just thought i'd mention it.
This bug constitutes a regression, suspend does work flawlessly on this Laptop in Lenny.

The above is how it presented itself at the beginning on a fresh squeeze install, however, after two days of trying, i additionally get kerneloops messages i did not get before (again, after at least one suspend to ram) and after that the system becomes generally unstable (random applications won't properly open or terminate, including nautilus, evolution, iceweasel). Can this be due to secondary damage from the freezes and alt+print+reisubbing repeatedly?

The good news is, apart from this probably already damaged squeeze install, i have another one on one of my playground partitons, where i avoided suspend so far, so i can still try things out there. (it's kde, but i don't think it's related to the desktop environment).

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: After Adding RAM Modules - Random Screen Freeze/lockup

Jan 11, 2011

Basically when I add more than a single 2gb RAM module, my computer starts randomly crashing every half hour or so, the screen freezes with no response. I have tested the RAM with memtest 86+, it only happens when there is more than one module. The system is openSuse 11.2 64bit and it had a single 2gb RAM module when I first installed it, and removing all but this seemingly fixes the issue. The following is the error message I get when the system crashes, It seems to continue messaging after the initial visual lockup.

Jan 11 16:34:50 eddie kernel: [ 3129.580690] SysRq : HELP : loglevel(0-9) reBoot Crash terminate-all-tasks(E) memory-full-oom-kill(F) fGldbg kill-all-tasks(I) thaw-filesystems(J) saK show-backtrace-all-active-cpus(L) show-memory-usage(M) nice-all-RT-tasks(N) powerOff show-registers(P) show-all-timers(Q) unRaw Sync show-task-states(T) Unmount show-blocked-tasks(W) dump-ftrace-buffer(Z)


I don't know what the problem is, but from searching the web it could be a number of problems, the memory is not being allocated correctly or it maybe there's some conflict no between my ATI HD card/driver (latest driver from ATI repo).

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Ubuntu :: Random Freeze And "Unrecovered Read Error" In /var/log/messages

Apr 3, 2011

System is Acer 5020 laptop with 32 bit Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid. I have following "smallish" problem. System freezes suddenly for a few seconds and after the freeze if I run following command to prompt

tail -n 100 /var/log/messages
I can find a following possibly related error


Apr 3 08:18:09 acer5020-laptop kernel: [ 1383.202090] ata1.00: configured for UDMA/100
Apr 3 08:18:09 acer5020-laptop kernel: [ 1383.202113] ata1: EH complete
Apr 3 08:18:13 acer5020-laptop kernel: [ 1387.568764] ata1.00: configured for UDMA/100
Apr 3 08:18:13 acer5020-laptop kernel: [ 1387.568786] ata1: EH complete


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General :: Arch On ARM - Random USB Drive "freeze"?

May 6, 2011

I'm running a Linux Box on a Seagate Free Agent Dockstar, very limited machine but more than able to do what I need, which is true most of the times. I have the operating system on a flash drive and use an external USB 2 "classic magnetic" Western Digital 1,5TB hard disk for massive storage. Not seldom it happens that the wait for IO % suddenly goes up to almost 100% and the system is on its knees, to the point that is very difficult to even ssh in it; a typical 'iostat -x' in those situations gives output like:


I really think that the drive has hardware issues; I noticed that when it is busy 100% without load it makes a repetitive noise which reminds me of the old day Amiga floppy disks - they made a similar noise like they were going around without a goal. For this reasons the suggestion to move /var and /tmp to the magnetic disk only worsened the situation. I guess the only way to solve this is to buy a new hard drive and backup valuable data ASAP.

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General :: Ubuntu Server - Random Hard Drive Corruption

Feb 28, 2010

So I built a new system few months to act as a development/"mess around with" server with an Asus Mobo and a Q6600 processor and 8 gigs of ram. Along with file, web and app hosting, I also do some virtualization on it... or atleast I had hoped to.

Ever since the first install, I've been randomly getting crashes and lockups. Sometimes it would just dump an error to the screen but stay alive, and sometimes it would dump an error and then lock up fully. The error mentions something about "kernel not tainted" etc. I will post the detailed error once it comes up again, as I have just formatted it again.

Other problems include downloaded files becoming corrupt. Files downloaded through any means (wget, torrents, ssh, ftp etc.) seem to randomly get corrupted (ie: the hashes are wrong).

I currently have one WD 150GB raptor as my primary OS partition, and 3 WD 1TB greens as my storage in an mdadm raid 5 array. At first, I had thought it was the raid array or it's drives causing issues. After painfully transfering the data off of it, I took the drives out and tried to run ubuntu with just the OS drive for a while. This still had the same issues. I then put in only one of the 1TB greens and had the same issue...

I downloaded WD's hardware diagnostic tool and ran full scans on all the drives. They all check out fine.

I left memtest running overnight and it had no errors either.

Most recently, ubuntu would not even install. It would get stuck at the stage of partitioning, and the keyboard lights would flash. After much googling, I tried popping in "noapic nolapic" to the end of the grub string, and it managed to install.

Now, I'm in a fresh system and just wgetted vmware server. However, it wont untar, I just realized the MD5 hash doesn't match!

So definately not the memory or the hds... I'm assuming it has to do with the APIC? From what I found on google, it seems as though this is only needed for the install.

Do I really need this to be on the boot string too? From what I understand, APIC allows processes to be divided out to the least loaded CPU. Having a quad core, I'd rather leave this on since it seems somewhat beneficial... I have yet to try putting this into the grub yet since I'm offsite and need

As a side note, this latest install is using just the WD Raptor as an OS drive.

And I'll post up the dumped errors if I get them again. There were none dumped out when the vmware download corrupted. The message format is very similar to the one here: [url

However, sometimes it mentions ext3 (or one of the other filesystem types I had tried with thinking it was a problem with ext3) Again, the error message is not the EXACT same, however the format is very similar...

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Ubuntu :: Hard Freeze During Or Shortly After Boot?

Mar 3, 2010

My problem is that within a few minutes of booting the machine, it freezes. The keyboard and mouse do nothing; the keyboard LEDs do not light up. Whatever is on the screen stays there - X or a console. Ctrl-Alt-Del does not work; neither does Alt-SysRq-REISUB. The machine stops responding to ping and won't accept any remote connections. I have to do a hard reset with the power button.

Sometimes it happens during the boot process; sometimes it's a few minutes afterward, and I get to look at log files for a while until it stops responding.

Here's what I've tried:

It happens in recovery mode as well as a regular startup. It happened when I booted from an Ubuntu Server CD and did rescue mode. I ran memtest86+ and it completed successfully with no errors (and it didn't freeze) It doesn't happen if I just sit in the grub menu for a while. I've looked at what log files I can; there's nothing that looks like a severe error, and it fails at different times during the boot process, so it doesn't seem like whatever's going wrong is getting logged. It happens with the latest kernel I have (2.6.31-19-generic), as well as the oldest (2.6.28-16-generic) It seems like there must be some hardware issue, but I'm not sure where to start looking.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Freezes At Random Points - Copy Files To Hard Drive

Nov 20, 2010

I'v been trying to install Ubuntu (and actually all other dists of linux (in hope of succes), but running ubuntu on my other machines and prefer it) on my old laptop. Laptop Acer Aspire 1312XC. Have just run a 24 hour RAM test it turned out ok. Have tried with other RAM blocks in aswell. The install freezes at random points in the installation. Mainly when trying to copy files to the hard drive. The only thing i've succeded in installing was Ubuntu server and windows XP. I have tried with ACPI off and all the other special atributes. No success so far.

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Security :: View Random Data And Zeroes On A Hard Drive?

Mar 9, 2011

I want to view a hard drive and see if it has all zeroes, how would I do this? I want to view a hard drive and see if it has all random data, or random data mixed with zeroes. How can I do this? I prefer to do all this in linux if possible without a gui...so looking for any cli tools to view with.

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Ubuntu Security :: Fill In Random Or Zeros In Deleted Files Without The Hard Drive Filling Up?

Oct 17, 2010

I was using dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/user name/wipe.conf however i got a message that my hard drive is full.

lots of this is scary - dangerous. what is the best way to fill in random or zeros in deleted files without the hard drive filling up ?

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Fedora :: F14 Kernel Crash And Hard Freeze - Hang

Jun 9, 2011

I have a fresh installation from the demo ISO image of F14 running on an Acer TravelMate 4200. The system is a Dual Boot with win Vista. Windows Vista runs without any problems but when using F14 a kernal crash constantly occurs and it then hard freezes or hangs and the machine needs to be cold booted. There is nothing in particular that I am doing either, the problem happens when the machine is idol or when I am working in various apps.

The F14 system is completely up to date running kernel version The following error below is from the automatic bug reporting tool and I have reported this using the tool:

Package: kernel
Latest Crash:Sat 04 Jun 2011 14:55:00
Command: not_applicable
Reason: BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 000000f8
Comment: None
Bug Reports:

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Debian :: Jessie Screen Freeze - Requires Hard Reset

Apr 26, 2016

I'm running Jessie 64bit, and after installing the latest image and fully updating it, I get screen freezes using gnome, most oftenly when i press the start button to access gnome app grid. System becomes unusable and I have to hard reset. Just in case, I installed linux firmware from nonfree repos, but the issue persists. I don't use any exotic hardware:

Code: Select all00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core Processor DRAM Controller (rev 06)
00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core Processor PCI Express x16 Controller (rev 06)
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 06)
00:03.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core Processor HD Audio Controller (rev 06)
00:14.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation 8 Series/C220 Series Chipset Family USB xHCI (rev 04)

[Code] ....

I'd say it's related to graphics, but I don't know how to get around it...

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Fedora Hardware :: Nvidia - Dual GPU - Hard Lockup - Freeze ?

May 16, 2010

I've been running F@H on my system for a while now, these specs:

ASUS Rampage Formula
Q9450 @ 3.6Ghz
8800GT 512MB
Fedora 12

Running various different nvidia drivers, with working 3D, and running the latest nvidia drivers with cuda for GPU2 folding + SMP folding.

I decided to add a 9800GT to the machine for more folding PPD, and I've run into some issues.

Firstly there were problems starting X, it would hang as it started or even before it started, so I switched to RPMFusion's repo drivers which have the VGA_ARB patch applied. This now gets me into X and working 2D.

The problem I have is, although the system is completely stable running folding on all four cores, SMP, 24/7, as soon as I start anything involving 3D (such as glxgears) it will run for 3 seconds then hardlock the machine. I mean seriously lock it, no switching to terminals, and an ssh session into it from another PC dies.

Its the same with any other driver that will boot into X with the VGA_ARB patch (talking nvidia binary here).

Both cards work perfectly individually, AND both cards work, including full 3D in Windows 7 when together, which would tend to rule out a hardware fault.

Here is my xorg.conf


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