Ubuntu :: No Menu With The Right Mouse Button In Lucid?

May 5, 2010

I was using lucid since beta 2 without problems, but since few days I can't get a menu when I click on the right mouse button. Doesn't work on the desktop or when for example I want to rename a file using the right mouse button. Is this a bug from gnome or a new properties?

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Ubuntu :: Right Mouse Click Freeze / When Right Mouse Button To Open Options Menu It Freezes And Does Not Open Menu?

Oct 14, 2010

just want to report "Right Mouse Click Freeze" on Ubuntu 10.10. When I click on anything with my right mouse button to open options menu it freezes and does not open menu. Sometimes when I shake my mouse left/right a bit it opens that menu, but this does not work always. It seems like xserver issue, but I'm not sure since I'm not expert in linux yet. It's very annoying issue that I would like to resolve asap.

My System Specs:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
Western Digital 250 GB Hard Drive
Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit (Kernel Linux 2.6.35-22)
(Used Desktop Install CD)

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OpenSUSE ::add Some Items Under Mouse Right Button Menu?

Mar 13, 2010

I really like to add some items under mouse right button menu. For example when i right-click on the desktop i like to have as first entry "open konsole".

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Debian Configuration :: Disable Middle Mouse Button Paste Action-not The Whole Button?

Apr 1, 2011

While searching the net I found how to complete disable the functionality of the middle mouse button but I need this button for many other uses.I want to disable only it's paste action.

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General :: Multi-button Mouse On X11: How To Configure Several Buttons To Act As The Middle Button

Mar 17, 2011

I know how to make another button act as the middle button but how can I map several mouse buttons to the middle button? xmodmap complains if I repeat button numbers in the pointer option.

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Fedora Hardware :: Mouse Middle Button Mouse Paste No Longer Works In FC14?

Jan 4, 2011

I just upgraded to FC14 (64) from FC13 (32) and the mouse middle button (simultaneous left+right button) paste function has stopped working. I tested it with 3 makes/models of different mice and trackballs. For some reason (left+right) mouse returns the same code as the single right-button ('xev' value = 3). This worked in all previous FC and RH distros I've used in the past. Did a default setting get zonked somewhere? System: Toshiba laptop w/ USB mouse.

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Debian :: Need To Record Mouse Location When There Is A Mouse Button Event

Sep 15, 2015

CNEE(1) General Commands Manual says this. RECORD OPTIONS --first-last Print only first and last of multiple successive MotionEvent. So I try this. my test window is Calculator 3.14.1 cnee --record --mouse --keyboard --time 5 --store-mouse-position --first-last --stop-key h -o xnee.xns -e xnee_record.log -v;The result is, xnee.xns lists every mouse movement.But I only need to record the mouse location when there is a mouse button event. it seems --first-last does not work. How can I make it work?I use

hardware HP pavillion 20.
The only avalible resolution is 1600x900.
/etc/debian_version 8.1
GNOME Terminal 3.14.1
xnee 3.19

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Ubuntu :: Get Mouse Button 4 Working?

Jan 28, 2010

i got a razer diamondback 3G and button 1,2,3+weel up/down works.. but the button 4 (previous) not.

instead the button 5 (next) do previous, and button 4 don't work.

i tried modify xorg.conf but do nothing..

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Remap Mouse Button 3?

Jan 26, 2010

wondering if any other ppc users have had the issue whereby, after the first unsuccessful power down (or sometimes the second or third) of a fresh ubuntu 9.10 install, mouse button 3, which is normally mapped to F12, becomes function (fn) + F12.? This is really annoying as you now have to use two hands to activate the little drop down menu. So i tried remapping mouse button three to that strange little key beside the left arrow on an ibook keyboard that looks like a picnic table and which, under os x, renames stuff.

I ran "gksu gedit /etc/sysctl.d/10-arch-specific.conf" and edited it accordingly: mouse button 3 from keycode 88 to 104. It works, but i still have to press function to activate it and fn + F12 still works simultaneously (though it is no longer defined in the conf file), and my new key doesnt offer the same functionality (eg, it doesnt give spell check options in firefox where fn + F12 does). Arg. Anybody know how to make it so that i can activate mouse button three without having to press function?

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Ubuntu :: Mouse Button No Longer Working

May 19, 2010

I have a 'Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000'. In addition to the regular left/right click and scroll wheel it has an extra button on the side. In previous versions of Ubuntu I was able to remap this button to act as double-click using 'xbindkeys'. However, in Lucid this no longer seems to work. X seems to know about all of the buttons on the mouse since 'xinput' lists the device as having 13 buttons and labels button 8 as 'Button Side'. However, 'xev' does not show a button event when I press the button. Instead it shows:


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Ubuntu :: Epiphany Mouse Back Button?

Oct 12, 2010

I have been trying out several newcomer browsers (using webkit) as alternatives to Firefox, which seems increasingly slow to me.Midori and Arora both allow the back button of my mouse to work, as does Firefox.However, Epiphany, which would be my first choice, does not, and I can't find any way whatsoever of configuring it to do so.I can't see why such a 'flagship' app should lack such an essential feature.

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Ubuntu :: Left Mouse Button Cannot Work Sometimes

Oct 16, 2010

While Login into ubuntu, open firefox for sometime, my left mouse button usually cannot work, while right button is OK and keyboard is also OK. Mouse pointer can be moved,however left click shows no reaction(when i move the mouse pointer to some certain icon, the icon can be highlighted just as usual but left click still shows no reaction).

I doubted this may be firefox's problem, but when I kill firefox-bin and firefox process through the terminal(keyboard is ok and i can use ALT+F2 to enter gnome-terminal), Left mouse button still cannot work. And then I have to Ctrl+Alt+Delete and reboot the system. My ubuntu is 10.10, updated several days ago(this problem has been existed before the update)

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Ubuntu :: Mouse Thumb Button Configuration?

Nov 5, 2010

Running Ubuntu Studio 10.04 with an MS wireless notebook optical mouse 4000. By default, my thumb button is acting as a "Forward" button, but I want it to be my "Back" button. I have not installed anything like imwheel, nor do I want to, especially because the button support is obviously already there, it just needs to be configured to a new command. My xorg.conf looks like this (at least the parts of it that I think are relevant,


I have tried messing with Emulate3Buttons and the ZAxisMappings, but there were no changes. Please tell me if I am in the right place? Or is there another program or something running already that is controlling my mouse.

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Ubuntu :: Drag & Drop Using The Right Mouse Button?

Mar 20, 2011

can nautilus be set up in a way, that it has the same right-click drag & drop behaviour like windows ? i mean, i want to drag & drop using the right mouse button, and then i want a pop-up menue like the one i get using the left mouse button and ALT.

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Ubuntu :: Power Button Missing In Lucid?

Jan 11, 2011

I've installed lucid on two computers now and have been using or a few months.Overall, it's pretty good and everything just works. However, every now and then (seemingly random), the power button in the indicator appletsion panel widget randomly disappears, so I'm unable to shut down my computer without re-adding the widget, or using the command line to shutdown the computer. Now this is acceptable for me, an advanced user. However, this is not acceptable for my parents and family, who also use ubuntu computers. Today, my mother called me to ask why she couldn't turn off her computer. I was dumbfounded, and had to walk her through turning it off "by hand."

Now this is not me accidentally removing the indicator applet session panel item. No, I can still see the user name bubble with availability information and I can still switch users. It's just that the power button is completely missing (sometimes the place where it used to be is occupied by a corrupt graphic). Additionally, if I login later, the power button magically returns without me having to do anything with regards to the panel. This is disappointing indeed.

Honestly, this is why ubuntu and linux in general still have the reputation they do of being non-user-friendly. At least in windows or mac, when I get fed-up I can turn it off. But not so in ubuntu. No ubuntu tortures me continuously and I marvel that such a simple thing has escaped the minds of such advanced programmers. I wish Canonical would focus on letting us TURN OFF the computer instead of adding crazy features that I'm not going to use. I mean how can a real operating system fail at such a simple task

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Ubuntu :: Low Level Way Of Listing Which Mouse Button Does What In Gnome

Jan 23, 2010

Is there some low-level way of listing which mouse button does what in Gnome? It seems my middle mouse button is mapped to something besides a middle mouse click (button 3). For example, to move or pan in apps like Xmind or blender, you need to click on hold the MMB. The app will work like expected for a split second then stop, making it useless.

This is one of the most frustrating issues I find with Gnome/Linux/etc. There is a million places to set global inputs, but no place to find them. I have been through every control panel, every compiz plugin, xorg, gconf etc, and can't find what the MMB is set too (or any other input for that matter). I know that somewhere MMB on a window title bar will send it to the back, but can't find where that is either

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Ubuntu :: Configure Multi Button Mouse In Kubuntu

Mar 11, 2010

Does anyone know how to configure a multi-button mouse in kubuntu in order to use the back and forward keys?

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Ubuntu :: Logitech Mouse Volume Control Button?

Apr 21, 2010

I'm using the Logitech MX1100 mouse which has a quite a few buttons. (10) I would like to use 2 of them for volume control (as I do for Windows) but have no idea how to in ubuntu 9.10. Is there any way I could map the buttons to control volume? I'm a minor noob so keep it simple.

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Ubuntu :: Key Mapping For Shift-mouse Button Click?

Jun 21, 2010

I have successfully mapped the plus-minus key on the keyboard to emulate the Wheel/Middle Mouse Button click with this shell script run at startup:

xmodmap -e "keycode 49 = Pointer_Button2"
xkbset m

This is so I can rotate the view in Blender without clicking the wheel, because the wheel also zooms, and it's too easy to zoom inadvertently. The remaining problem is panning, a Shift-MMB combination. Now I'm lost - how can I map a key (or better still, a Shift-key combo) to the Shift-MMB click?

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Ubuntu :: Emulate Right-mouse-click With Hardware Button?

Jul 25, 2010

I would like to assign right-mouse-click behaviour to a hardware button. I can associate a keypress, or a combination of keypresses with an "xdotool click 3" command via the Gnome keyboard shortcuts.

I have the scancode of the hardware button so can use

setkeycodes scancode keycode

to mimic any key of my keyboard. However, I don't want the hardware button to mimic a single key of my keyboard that is already in use, since then the keyboard key will also activate xdotool.

So I think I need:

- either a way to associate that particular scancode with an (outlandish) keypress combo rather than a single keypress;

- or a keycode which is not currently in use, to bind to the scancode. Are there any like that and how would I find out? In the Gnome Keyboard Shortcuts list there is stuff like "XF86AudioMedia" which I'm not using -- but does that correspond to a numerical keycode value which setkeycodes understands?

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Ubuntu :: Left Mouse Button Stops Working In 10.10?

Sep 15, 2010

I'm having a problem with gnome. When I press a multimedia key on my keyboard (or obstensibly other hotkeys although I haven't figured out exactly what). My left-mouse button stops responding. The right mouse button works fine and the mouse tracks fine. I can go into the mouse control panel and switch it to a left handed mouse and the left mouse button works, but not the right. I ran 'xinput test "HP Mouse"', and I can see the left mouse clicks coming through. So X11 at least thinks it's coming through. I've got nothing interesting that I can find in /var/log. This is really generic USB hardware. HP Mouse and Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard.

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Ubuntu :: Left Mouse Button Has Stopped Working?

Oct 1, 2010

After upgrading from 10.04 to 10.10 I have a big problem that makes ubuntu unusable. It seems like my left mouse button has stopped working. Left mouse clicks are not registered (although right clicks are). I've tested with 3 mouses (all USB, 1 wireless, 2 wired) and all show the same problem. All three mouses work fine under Windows 7 on the same computer and under ubuntu on different computers.

Right now I can't do anything, does anyone have a good suggestion how I might go and start troubleshooting this?

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Ubuntu :: Settings To Witching The Desktop By A Mouse Button?

Dec 12, 2010

I have a mouse that have left and right move clicks on its scroll so I want to set these two to switch the desktop to left of right one accordingly. Thus, do you know any way to do that. I guess, need shell command to do that and then I need to bind these commands with the button but how?

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Ubuntu :: Holding Down Left Mouse Button Has No Effect?

Dec 18, 2010

About a week ago I did a fresh install of Maverick on somebody else's laptop. Everything was fine at first, but a couple of days ago the person contacted me saying that they weren't able to move or resize windows anymore. (The only thing that does work with respect to moving a window is initializing the action by pressing Alt+F7.) Later we found out that they also can't drag and drop files or use the mouse to drag scrollbars up and down. So basically, they can't do anything that is usually done by holding down the left mouse button and moving the pointer. I've already tried the following things to make it work again:

- playing around with the mouse settings

- checking in CCSM whether the 'move window' and 'resize window' plugins were enabled

- setting desktop effects to NONE in the visual effects tab in 'appearance'

- using compiz fusion icon to (1) reload window manager and (2) switch from compiz to metacity for window management

- deleting folders containing GNOME settings from home folder (.gconf, .gconfd, .gnome2, .gnome2_private), logging out and back in afterwards to automatically create new configuration files

I've been doing a lot of googling about this but I'm running out of ideas. Most people (there don't seem to be that many) that have had a similar problem are saying that it's got something to do with compiz, and disabling it solved the problem for most of them. But in my case - no dice.

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Left Mouse Button Doesn't Work?

May 5, 2011

I installed a fresh copy of 11.04 which worked fine until you first login and then the left mouse button fails to work so I can't left click anything. The right ones is fine? this worked fine on 10 and for the 11.04 installer.

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Ubuntu :: Way To Change Work Space With Mouse Button?

Jun 1, 2011

Is there any way to change work space with mouse button? In gnome 2 I was using Compiz manager but in Gnome 3 I guess it is not possible.

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Ubuntu :: Back And Forward Mouse Button In Opera

Jul 1, 2010

why these buttons would not work in opera but work in nautilus and firefox? I've tried to change the mouse settings in opera and nothing works. thoughts?

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Hardware :: Map Mouse Button To Modifier Key

Sep 19, 2010

I have a MX 518 which as 5 additional buttons, I'm trying to bind the thumb button to Control or Shift. I'm fighting against it since yesterday, I tried many things : easystroke, imwheel, xbindkeys/xvkbd. I'm a bit new to Linux so I can still miss something very important. I read a tutorial about that mouse, all went well but it isn't explained how to set up what I wish.

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Software :: Mouse Button As Modifier?

Apr 20, 2011

As I'd like to be able to fully control my desktop with both my keyboard and my mouse, I wrote a .xbindkeysrc.scm script to make two of my eight mouse buttons work as modifiers. For instance, b:9 + wheel now changes volume.

Only problem is, I accomplish this by emulating a key press with a modifier held, and the modifier seems to stick randomly after the mouse buttons have been released.

I would be very happy if anyone could point out the errors in the script below (or with the software used, I don't know how reliable xvkbd is).

(define (display-n str)
"Display a string then newline"
(display str)


The first part declares some base functions for the keystrokes to be sent with xvkbd. Also, the function to reset the bindings on relesae of the modifier is here. (As you may see, I already tried to put in some code to specifically reset the modifiers, with no results.) The second part contains the default bindings for buttons 10-12 when no modifier is held. The third and fourth part specify the actions when modifiers are held, usually to send a keystroke or to run a command. The fifth part performs the bindings for the first, second and third level.

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Software :: Using Keyboard Key As Mouse Button?

May 7, 2010

The mouse buttons on my machine are frustratingly loud, unreliable and hard to press down. (the touchpad thingy that *moves* the mouse works great though)

I would like to map a certain (unused) keyboard key I have, to do the job that the left mouse button does (i.e. the opposite of what tons of mouse-keyboard mapping programs do).

I'm open for suggestions on how to accomplish this, but I would prefer using xmodmap, possibly in conjunction with xdotool. Thus, I need someway to map events as follows: (button1=leftmouse; keycode123=keyboard key alternative)

KeyPress 123 ---> ButtonPress Button 1
Keyrelease 123 ---> ButtonRelease Button 1

Compiz is also a great way to map stuff to xdotool commands, but it doesn't handle separate KeyDown/KeyUp event.

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