Ubuntu :: Transfer ITunes Bought Music?

Aug 10, 2011

I have found simple ways to transfer my downloaded music from Windows (file uploading and then downloading, the non-technical easy way), but iTunes doesn't really allow you to download your music - from what I know (non-technical person here).

I have wubi because this is a family computer, and my sister's a gamer (once I convince them to use this, I will find a way to make those games to work here). I also will start buying music from Amazon soon so it'll work here.

How do I first of all download the bought music from iTunes?

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Ubuntu One :: Bought Music Does Not Show Up

May 28, 2010

I bought some music (first time) a few days ago and am still not seeing it in my "purchased music" inside Rythmbox. When I access my Ubuntu-one account from the web-interface I can see that everything's there, but the music simply doesn't show in Rythmbox or in my Ubuntu One folder. I don't use ubuntu-one for anything else then this music, so it might be some global problem

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Ubuntu Servers :: Mdadm Music Corruption - Link ITunes Library To The Music Files Via A Samba Share?

Dec 19, 2010

I've been building my digital music collection for some time and used to house it on a local drive with no quality issues. A while back I built myself a file server using ubuntu and mdadm in a raid1 configuration to protect against potential drive failure. I link my iTunes library to the music files via a samba share and everything works great on the surface. I've started to notice that random songs are becoming corrupted with pops clicks and silent pauses. I'll even re-download an album and notice that it's corrupted a few weeks later. Now I'm at a loss to what is causing this issue; I ignored it at first but it seems to be getting worse and more widespread as time goes on.

Do you think this could be caused by mdadm? It reports that all is fine via 'cat /process/mdstat' but I wouldn't know where to look or what to look for if there were syncing issues. The other possibility is that I have iTunes set to keep my music folder organized for me, but I've never heard of it actually corrupting the files it shuffles around. The bottom line is that my library is getting crappier as time goes on and I cannot stand for that!

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Ubuntu :: Transfer Windows ITunes Library ?

May 3, 2009

After recently converting my old pentium 4 pc into a linux machine because of being sick with viruses and malware I was very happy with how robust Ubuntu is. The only problem I had when converting it to Ubuntu was that Apple doesn't have iTunes for linux. In the meantime I had been using my netbook pc with windows xp for my itunes needs, podcasts etc. Because I have 2 iPod's I wasn't going to bother with the hassel of getting iPod's sync'd to Ubuntu as well.

So today I finally decided enough was enough and was going to figure out how to get iTunes working, I had been using Wine since I installed Ubuntu to run uTorrent because it enable schedule downloading.

So enough blabbering, here is a quick explanation of how to get your windows music library onto your Ubuntu machine.


1) First off, you need to install Wine which you can find at winehq.org
2) You will need to make sure you know EXACTLY where all your songs are. I suggest putting them on an external hard drive to transfer them over to your windows machine.

3) On your windows machine go to File > Library > Export library. And you cant put that file onto your external harddrive as well.

4) So now you have a copy of your itunes library and you have installed Wine, you now need a windows version of iTunes which you can find at any old apps related site. So far iTunes 7.2 works with best for me with Ubuntu 8.10 you can get this from many sites that still host old apps. The latest version of iTunes does not work at all for me, but this doesnt really matter.

5) After installing iTunes you may get an error explaining how you cannot burn discs to itunes, click OK.

6) Now you are ready edit your itunes library xml. Right click on your itunes xml and click 'open with text editor'. Click 'REPLACE' at the top of the screen and type the file path for the song in the 'FIND' field. {For example if the song was 8 Mile by Eminem then in the itunes XML it will say something like C:/my documents/my music/eminem/8mile. You would now type in the FIND FIELD C:/my documents/my music/.} Now that you have typed in the file path for your old music library it's time to time type in the path of the location of your new music library. {For example if your new music is on a external harddrive it will be /media/western digitaldrive/} You now type in the REPLACE field the path of your new music. Then click REPLACE ALL. Then click save as and call it the date of the library in case the xml you typed is wrong you wont have to go and get another copy of your itunes library xml.

6) Now you saved your library, open iTunes and click File > Add file to library and add your itunes library xml by clicking Open.

7) Now go for a walk outside and have a cup of coffee while you wait, this can take some time. For all my 8,802 songs it took 15minutes to import.

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Ubuntu :: Best Way To Move Music From Itunes?

Feb 9, 2011

I want to move all my music from my mac to my ubuntu laptop and change the format to ogg. I am looking for advice on the best(best=easy) way to do this. My music is in MP3 and AAC formats now.

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Ubuntu :: Download Music From ITunes Without Installing Their Software?

Oct 31, 2010

Can I download music from iTunes without installing their software? If so, HOW? I don't mind paying for the songs.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Connect To An ITunes Music Server?

Apr 14, 2011

He recently set up an iTunes music server over the local network with lots of music and all the Mac users in the lab are now happily listening to the streams from their laptops. I tried to look around but I can only find howtos to create an iTunes-compatible server on Ubuntu, while I simply want to know what should I do in order to connect to an iTunes music server from my Ubuntu machine.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can I Get Access To ITunes Music Store?

Apr 18, 2011

I fully intend to use Ubuntu One, Amazon, or another music store to purchase music from now on, but the problem is that I still have $11+ in my iTunes account and I don't feel like letting it go to waste. So my question is, is there any way I can use the iTunes Store on Ubuntu? I looked at PyMusique, but it no longer works with iTunes, as well as many other things. Would it be possible to install an older version of iTunes that worked with WINE and use the store from there?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Get Music Which Was Originally On ITunes Into Banshee

Aug 25, 2011

I am trying to get music which was originally on iTunes into banshee, such that I can transfer "ownership" from a Mac onto Ubuntu, and still sync with my iPhone 3GS. Every piece of this music came from CDs which I still own and have collected since CDs were something most people hadn't heard of, but I seriously do not want to sit there and scan in hundreds of CDs again when I already have them in digital form.

I've tried several things, including dragging and dropping from a USB stick. So I've been getting duplicates, and in the process I deleted an album in order to start over. Now I can't get that album back no matter what. It's like it's black listed or something. I can try to load it from the USB stick, I can copy the containing folder from the USB stick to some place on my hard drive, anything. It knows I deleted it once upon a time and it refuses to touch it.

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Fedora :: Unable To Stream Music From F12 Box And Access It Via Itunes 9 On Mac OS?

Jan 6, 2010

I had mt-daapd working fine and was able to stream music from my Fedora 12 box and access it via Itunes 9 on Mac OS X until I edited my /etc/fstab file, so that the Windows vista partition (where my mp3 files reside) would auto map so I would not have to authenticate to map the NTFS drive each time I logged in, the NTFS mount directory is set to /mnt/windows and updated this in /etc/mt-daapd.conf now when I access the Daap share using Itunes 9 via Mac OS X the list of songs loads and I can select the song but it never plays and when I connect to the Daap share using Banshee an X appears next to the song.


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Software :: ITunes Similar Music Manager And Player

Apr 24, 2011

There are three things keeping me from using Linux as my main.
Games, Adobe PhotoShop, and iTunes.

Does anyone have a music manager similar to iTunes for Ubuntu? Being able to import iTunes playlists and ratings and such would be great, but I'm not going to use an inferior program just because of that. I still hate all Apple computer products. And their business practices. Mobile is ok though. Linux Ubuntu 10.10

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Ubuntu Servers :: Can Server Serve Music/pics/video To ITunes, TiVo, PS3

May 7, 2010

Does Ubuntu Server 10.04 give me a good/easy way to upload music, photos, and videos and automatically have them available to a TiVo, a PlayStation 3, and Macs/PCs running iTunes on the network?I'd additionally like it to be able to transcode the videos into formats that the PS3 can handle.

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Ubuntu :: Transfer Music Files To DVD?

Aug 10, 2010

I plan on getting a newer/larger hard drive.

My music file is about 10gb, all lossless,cd quality

The dvd`s I have are memorex 4.7gb 16x

Can I Just drag each file over to cd-dvd creator and burn it, or do I have to open each file first?

I read that transferring music can cause a loss of quality. Is this true?

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Ubuntu :: Nokia N8 Music Transfer Mtp?

Jan 7, 2011

anyone got the Nokia N8 device working with Rhythmbox or anything else? or maybe some mtpfs thing ?My N900 seems to work fine, although the N8 is a newer device.

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Ubuntu :: Transfer Huge Music File To XP?

Feb 13, 2010

Seldom use windows, but need to transfer huge music file from Linux to XP

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Transfer Music To IPhone?

Jun 4, 2010

Since we both run ubuntu, we've run into some problems; we can't get any music on the iPhone. I've installed ifuse and can browse the contents but i cannot transfer any music in a way that the iPhone frecognizes it and is able to play it. I've seen a couple of comprehensive (very long) guides to sync iphone wireless w ubuntu, however im only interested in connecting the iPhone with usb and copy music to it is there any quick/easy way to do this? (Rhytmbox is compatible w iphone it seems, it recognizes it as an iPod but cant sync)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Transfer Any Music Into N900

Aug 18, 2010

I'm using Rhythmbox on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid). I've got the N900 connected via USB in Mass Storage mode. Initially, it failed to detect the N900 as a media player, but I've added a .is_audio_player file to the root, with a single entry of audio_folders=.sounds/That's now finding the existing music on the N900. However, I can't transfer any music into the N900 - it's just doing nothing when I drag files over. (I'm trying to copy .mp3 and .wma over). If I copy the music using the File Manager on the desktop, it appears in the N900 Media Player and plays fine.

So it seems like it's a problem with the way Rhythmbox is seeing the N900.The audio format description string for the N900 is extensive, and it looks like Rhythmbox can't parse it properly.How do I correct the audio formats supplied by the N900 / in udev so that Rhythmbox reads them correctly, removing the need to have an output_formats line in the .is_audio_player file.What do I need to do to get Rhythmbox to just copy .wma and .mp3 files directly to the N900?

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Ubuntu :: Transfer Music That Have On My Ipod To My Laptop

Jan 6, 2010

I want to transfer the music that i have on my ipod to my laptop with linux on it

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Ubuntu / Apple :: IPod Shuffle 3rd Gen - Getting "Please Use ITunes To Sync Music" While Unplug

Jun 5, 2010

I have recently bough a 2GB iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation. I have loaded music into it via rhythmbox, and I can listen to it in the computer. The problem is that, when I unplug the iPod it tells me to "Please use iTunes to sync music". The music IS IN the iPod, I don't know what's happening.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Cannot Transfer Music: Rhythmbox To IPod

Jan 8, 2010

I started having problems with my Rhythmbox a few weeks back. I cannot transfer my music to my iPod when I can before. I don't know what happened. It won't even pop an error message.

Did this problem ever occurred to anyone? I even installed gtkpod but it's the same, the songs cannot be transferred without an error message whatsoever.

5th gen
Ubuntu 9.10

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Fedora :: Transfer Music From Computer To The Iphone?

Mar 19, 2011

I need to know what software is able to conect Fedora 14 and Iphone ?I need to transfer music from my computer to the Iphone.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Transfer Purchased Music From Ipod Touch

Jul 4, 2010

I'm running Lucid and so far I've been really pleased with how easy it is to access my ipod. My only problem is transferring music I purchased from the itunes store from my ipod touch to my ubuntu box. Neither Rhythmbox nor gtkpod shows that I have purchased music. If I browse through my ipod using Nautilus I can find my purchases but they have numbers for names and their metadata is in plist separate plist files.
The files aren't DRM'ed. If i hover my mouse over any of them in Nautilus, they play fine. Is there an easier way of transferring them than copying them and tagging each file individually?

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Ubuntu :: Not Enough Space On Device To Transfer Selected Music / Playlists

Mar 25, 2011

Well I recently tried syncing music to my iPod touch with rhythmbox and it keeps telling me the following: There is not enough space on the device to transfer the selected music, playlists.This is not true as I only have 3.2GB of music and 5.7GB space remaining on the ipod as shown below:Can anybody explain what is going on and why it wont let me sync ipod?

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Ubuntu :: Connect Samsung Sch-u640 Mobile Phone To Laptop To Transfer Some Music?

Apr 12, 2010

I am trying to connect my samsung sch-u640 mobile phone to my laptop to transfer some music to it, but I always get "connect failed".

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Ubuntu Networking :: Connecting 10.04 With Windows 7 - Transfer Files Like Music - Documents - Pictures

Jun 20, 2010

I want to connect a laptop running ubuntu 10.04 to a laptop running windows 7 via direct connection in order to transfer files like music, documents, pictures, etc. I have an ethernet cable that I thought I would need in order to do it. Is that even possible?? If so, how would I go about doing that?

Now, I have tried to share the files wirelessly but for some reason when I pick up the workgroup on the ubuntu laptop and enter the password in order to connect to the windows laptop it says my password is wrong, when I know for a fact that it is not. I know I can transfer files with a flash drive and what not but I want to try to get this working.

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Fedora :: MPEG -1 Code - Transfer Music Fron My Computer To My Ipod

Mar 21, 2011

Ive been trying to transfer music fron my computer to my Ipod

But I coul not.

Ive been trying to transfer whith the Rhythmbox, Banshee software.

Runing both software the computer tell me that I need to install the MPEG-1 Layer.

The question is, Do you know the MPEG code to install every type of MPEG ?

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Ubuntu :: Best ITunes Alternative With ITunes-related Features?

Feb 25, 2010

I'm looking for the best iTunes alternative that has almost these features:

- being able to edit the track's name/album (songs in the iPod)
- adjusting volume of tracks

I'm currently using Rhythmbox. I have tried Exaile and Amarok just doesn't work for me. I can't recall what made me turn away from Banshee, too. I'm not really into Wine so installing iTunes itself is not viable.

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General :: Transfer Album Art Images To Cowon IAudio 9 Mp3 Player With System Music Software?

Mar 23, 2011

I have got a Cowon iAudio 9 music player and want to display the album art images of the albums on it. The player does support this feature but only when there is a *.jpg file inside of the album folder or the image is embedded into the music file itself (did not tried that).

At the moment I'm using banshee as music management software and I like it. The album art is downloaded automatically for each album and when the player is connected it is beeing recognized and I can drag & drop albums or single songs.

The only problem is that the album art is not transfered along with the albums. The player does support MTP and MSC usb connections and is mounted as removeable usb drive to the system (Ubuntu 10.10). I would be glad if there's a solution to do that with banshee but other software solutions are welcome too.

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Software :: Uninstall Itunes So That Can Re-install Itunes ?

Mar 22, 2010

I just got a new iphone (yay me) but later realised that as I have Ubuntu, it is very difficult to get itunes installed on it.

Having said that, I've got Wine installed and attempted to download itunes 7.something and even though the whole process worked, it appears that when I try to access itunes the whole screen goes black and then if I scroll across the screen with my mouse it lights up various bits of what's behind the black screen and then after a while it tells me that it cannot access itunes at all...

So I thought, perhaps I should uninstall itunes, but in doing that it still appeared in my wine folder, so I uninstalled wine, which still appeared in my Applications list, so I edited my applications list and then tried to re-install wine from scratch (I know I sound dumb already - but I was desperate ok!!!). So now wine is installed on my computer somewhere but it now doesn't show up in my Applications list at all and I can't seem to get it back on there - any suggestions there would also help...

But my main objective is to try and uninstall itunes properly (maybe from the terminal window - but I don't know how to even do that) and attempt to re-install it to see if it works again.

I need to do this in order to sync my iphone. Cannot seem to do it with Amarok as I don't have Installer.Apps on my iphone, and cannot get THAT without syncing it with itunes to begin with....

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General :: Bought RAM For Ubuntu 10.10 Box - Can Just Pop It In Or Do Need To Run Commands?

Feb 21, 2011

I just bought 8GB of RAM for my old desktop which I'm using as an Ubuntu dev box and secondary workstation. Can I just install the RAM and go merrily on my way or do I need to run some commands for Linux to take recognize and take advantage of the extra memory?

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