Ubuntu Security :: View Browsing History Remotely?

Jan 9, 2010

What are all the ways you could think of that someone could view your browsing history, upstream from your machine? They don't have physical access, there's nothing on the computer itself and the person trying to hack has skill so I'm thinking like monitoring a proxy somehow, using the ip address somehow, compromising the modem in some way, possibly having access to google account etc. I am new to ubuntu and have really dug it so far but I want to figure how this is/was being done

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General :: Check The Browsing History By Individual Users Web Surfing History By Their IP Addresses?

Jun 29, 2010

I am using squid proxy server for sharing Internet in my internal network. I would like to know that how can I check the browsing history by individual users web surfing history by their IP addresses?

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Ubuntu :: Disabling Browsing History?

May 28, 2010

There is a string of commands in about:config in Firefo where you can disable the browsing history, but I cannot remember where it was

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Networking :: Looking For Way To Log Users' Browsing History

Nov 2, 2010

I've searched these forums as well as Firefox's site, as well as searching on Google Linux but can't find what I'm looking for.In a nutshell, I want to keep a log of my users' browser history so that even if they clear history or set Firefox to not keep history, I can still view a log of what site they have visited.My hope is that I can write a script(although I'm a BASH newb it would be a nice little real-world project for me to attempt) that would keep info such as user,visit date,ip of visited site, just the basics. A great feature would be for the logs to be emailed to me for inspection but that isn't vital if I can navigate to the log myself.

For all I know this is already available somewhere in the log folders I just can't find anything. If it helps I'm running Mint 9 Isadora and Firefox 3.6.12

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Ubuntu :: Removing All Traces Of Browsing History From Computer

Dec 27, 2010

I have the vlc media player plugin which lets me open up videos in my browser instead of having to download them. Sadly, this plugin is very buggy and makes videos freeze sometimes. This happened to me while watching a video and I right clicked it to see if I can save it to my hard drive from there. I saw an option to "Open in Movie Player" so I did, and it played the video perfectly. I shut down my computer and turned it back on later, and when I opened up Movie Player, under File>, the videos still show up, and I can play them. I tried removing all browsing history from Google Chrome and checked my flash video settings (removed all sites and cookies) but the videos still show up in Movie Player. Also tried emptying the temp folder. Is there any way I can get these videos off my computer?!?!

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Red Hat / Fedora :: View Nautilus With All The Standard Browsing Menus?

Mar 1, 2009

i notice when i double click on a folder on desktop or run nautilus on console i get an explorer window with out the standard back and forward buttons and menu options etc etc... how can i make it so nautilus runs with these options and menus by default.. at the moment i have to rightclick and browse folder to get the window with the extra browsing buttons and folder trees and stuff

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Ubuntu Networking :: Disable The "Delete" Function For Browsing History In Firefox?

Dec 3, 2010

I am running Ubuntu, and I was wondering if there are any settings that I can change in order to remove to make it so that users of the computer cannot delete the history in Firefox without a password. I am even willing to switch to another Internet browser if necessary.

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General :: Command Line - How To View More Of My History In Screen

Jun 28, 2011

I was running scripts overnight from the command line (inside Screen on a Linux EC2 instance) and some errors that I was not tracking occurred. I want to "scroll up" or view more of the history in Screen, but I cannot seem to find any commands that will work. I need to see the onscreen output "further up" than I can on my current screen. CTRL + a is supposed to put me into scroll mode inside Screen, but it's not working.

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General :: Administration - View Command History Of Another User

Jul 11, 2011

Can anybody show me how to view command history of another user? I am an admin on my machine. I can see normal history by viewing /home/user_name/.bash_history but i can't see commands of that "user_name" when they were doing sudo. Is there a way to view all command executed by one user?

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Server :: View History Logs Of Terminal Usage?

Dec 23, 2010

I am using Fedora 13. Is there a log file in system I can view to see the list of command lines I had entered in terminal so far?

Commands like

cd /usr/local
emacs test.txt

which are logged in the log file.

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Fedora Installation :: View Nautilus With All The Standard Browsing Menus?

Mar 1, 2009

i notice when i double click on a folder on desktop or run nautilus on console i get an explorer window with out the standard back and forward buttons and menu options etc etc.how can i make it so nautilus runs with these options and menus by default.. at the moment i have to rightclick and browse folder to get the window with the extra browsing buttons and folder trees and stuff

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Server :: Install And View Gui Remotely?

Dec 25, 2010

I have access to a server via putty running Red Hat 3.4.6-11 CentOS release 4.8 (Final). How do I install and view gui remotely?

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General :: Remotely View A Desktop From Windows XP?

Oct 11, 2010

I'm using Window-XP and need to remotely connect to a CentOS-5.X server.

UPDATE: I'm looking to visually, securely and with as small a footprint as possible manage a remote Linux system via an GUI. It's not clear to me if Linux has a default method for streaming the desktop. Before installing something on the remote Linux system, is there a grep or find I should run to see if there's existing support on the computer? looked at Xming, but couldn't tell what it's doing; meaning if like WinSCP it's just creating an interface on my end and running CMDs remotely, or if it's streaming the desktop.

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Server :: Clients Browsing History In Server

May 18, 2010

In my network the client systems access internet through my server which has ubuntu 9.10 server edition in it.I gave my server's ip address as name server's address in /etc/resolv.conf file in the client systems. And i have assigned static ip to my systems. i have not configured squid in my server.I just want to know whether the website acessed by the client systems will be registered in the server or not, with the coresponding ip addresses.

i have checked system log file in server,but i can't find any ip address entry of the client systems in it.which file i have to actually check, or should i need to configure any extra things to monitor the clients web history in server.

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Debian Configuration :: Configure Vino Remote Desktop To Start At Boot - Only View Remotely Once Have Logged-in Locally

Aug 9, 2010

Kernel: Linux 2.6.26-2-686 (i686)
Compiled: #1 SMP Thu Nov 25 01:53:57 UTC 2010
C Library: GNU C Library version 2.7 (stable)
Distribution: Debian GNU/Linux 5.0.8
Desktop Environment: GNOME 2.20

Gnome comes with Vino Remote Desktop as part of it's package. I want Vino to run at boot so that I can login remotely. I am using VNC-4.1.3 for remote viewing. However, I can only view remotely once I have logged-in locally.

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Ubuntu Security :: Login Panel Is Worse From Security View Point

Jan 19, 2010

ubuntu 9.10 login panel is worse with respect to ubuntu 8 since now all the users with names are shown without a way to hide them!Why don't keep the old way at least as an option?

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Ubuntu Security :: See History Of User Logon's

Aug 6, 2010

I think someone hacked my server and I'm wondering if it's possible to view the possible the past user logons?

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Ubuntu Security :: MoBlock Does Not Prevent Browsing To Blocked IPs?

Mar 11, 2010

I have installed MoBlock as instructed here: [URL]

After installation I created my own list file in /etc/blockcontrol/custom-blocklist.p2p and have the following uncommented at the bottom of /etc/blockcontrol/blocklists.list:

locallist /etc/blockcontrol/custom-blocklist.p2p

The list contains the following 2 entries:

When I do:


Recently I just noticed that the locallist rules seem to have no effect. I will always get "destination port unreachable" even if the locallist entry in blocklists.list is commented out.

However, whenever I try to browse to that IP, even when blockcontrol is on, even by typing the IP into Konqueror (not the domain name), it lets me go there every time. How can I know that my other applications will not to do the same thing? How can I lock this down and test it empirically to be sure?

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Ubuntu Security :: Anitivirus Blocked The Suspicious Web Pages While Browsing

Dec 8, 2010

I come to Ubuntu with the notion that it is much more secure than Windows. In XP I had an anti-virus, third-party firewall and sundry softwares against spybots, rootkits etc. The anitivirus blocked the suspicious web pages while browsing. I generally avoided public networks, carrying a portable internet device Do I need similar stuff with Ubuntu.

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Security :: Random Websites Open On Their Own While Browsing / Fix It?

Feb 23, 2011

Linux Mint 9 Fluxbox
Firefox 3.6.8

Even when I don't disturb anything while browsing, random sites start
launching (one at a time)!!

<LQ member username>.com

I usually browse Lq, and all this happens while browsing Lq threads,
and sometimes other websites too!

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Fedora Security :: Delete Input History?

Oct 18, 2010

What command is used to delete input command history in terminal ?I am afraid my friend will trace what been inpu

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Security :: Preventing Users From Browsing File System

Nov 5, 2010

What methods exits to restrict which directories a user may browse on the filesystem. I want to prevent php scripts from being able to view system files. I've seen two solutions, but neither are satisfactory:Chrooting a directory that the script is in, but this requires that all the necessary php libraries/files are moved/copied into the right place relative to the chroot directory. I don't feel that I have the technical ability to achieve this.Putting php into safe mode and disabling *nasty* php functions. But this is ineffective if just one obscure *bad* php function is missed.

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Ubuntu Security :: Remotely Deleting A Router Log?

Nov 10, 2010

I have recently been the victim of identify theft and have coincidentally noticed that my router has been under attack for the past few days. I've been monitoring the log on my router (a D-Link DI-624+A) and suddenly while I was on Skype, my wireless connection was lost. I reconnected and found that the router's log had been erased. It appears from the log that the hacker has so far been unsuccessful. I have already done a 'whois' on several of the IPs this hacker has been using and have notified the respective ISPs.

Is it possible to remotely delete a router log?

Here's an example of my log before and after the delete:

Wed Nov 10 18:00:24 2010 Unrecognized attempt blocked from to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx TCP:8080
Wed Nov 10 18:08:24 2010 Unrecognized attempt blocked from to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx TCP:9415


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Ubuntu Security :: History Exposed My Rdesktop Domain User Password

Mar 7, 2011

May i ask if how or should i concern about my history records my rdesktop full cmd. I dont want to disable my history in the cmd and want to use it.

Im using rdesktop cmd since it more easy and direct to connect to a terminal RDP. I noticed the history records all my full command rdesktop which state the domain, user ,password. in txt mode..May i ask if this has any problem should i concern with..

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Ubuntu Security :: IMDB Remembers Pages History - Cookies Disabled

May 29, 2011

IMDB gives me a "recently viewed" list of pages I viewed recently (and a few of them were months ago, since I don't go there too often) at the bottom of every page I view. My cookies are enabled for session-only, have adblock plus, my ip changes every day, how are they doing that? How can I prevent it? What other websites are using the same trick? At this page [URL] there's a link there that says "Clear entire history", but I want to disable them from being able to track me like that, if they can track me, so can others.

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Security :: Allow User To Logon Remotely Using SSH?

Feb 10, 2010

Is there anyway to prevent a user from being able to logon at a machine (Terminal and XWindows) but allow that user to logon remotely using SSH? This user is for remote capture of logs only - on a private network (no internet access).

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Ubuntu Security :: Remotely Creating A Desktop Account On Another System?

Mar 25, 2010

I am at my own desktop and I have root access on my own desktop.

I also have root access on a Desktop Ubuntu system ( on the LAN. I need to create another desktop user account on that system.

So I logged into that system with: ssh -Y myself@
Then I did: sudo users-admin

This brings up the Users Settings but the Add User and Unlock buttons are disabled. How do I enable these buttons?

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Security :: Properly Set Up Ssh To Only Allow One IP Address To Login Remotely?

Apr 6, 2010

properly set up ssh to only allow one IP address to login remotely

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Fedora Security :: Remotely Decrypting Or Removing Encryption?

Jun 14, 2011

I have a computer running Fedora 14 and when I installed it, I chose to encrypt the drive.

I've recently changed the way I have things set up and don't want the encryption any more. From what I've read there is no way to simply and easily remove the encryption, so what I would like to do is input the pass phrase remotely.

so, Is there anyway I can type in the pass phrase remotely, or remove the encryption?

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Ubuntu Security :: Truecrypt - Remote Mount Volume - Or Send Bash Script Remotely?

Apr 1, 2011

I have an Ubuntu 10.04 machine at home and apache setup on it (files are located in a Truecrypt volume). The reason for the web server being that I wanted to access my files wherever I'm at (i.e. hotel, work, hotspots, etc...). So far, it's worked out great for me seeing as a I can http download my files (or stream media files). However, I am often on a public hotspot and I know it's a matter of time before someone finds the webserver on my computer. I have the machine firewalled and password protected (via .htaccess), but either way I don't want people looking in on my computer.

The problem: I have used Truecrypt for a long time and completely trust using the program to encrypt/unencrypt a volume container to store my files. Usually, I would remote desktop into my computer and mount/unmount the volume when I needed it. However, after time it get's really annoying to do this. So I eventually figured out how to setup a bash script to automatically do this for me (which I put on the usb part of my phone). What I wanted to do was to be able send the bash script to my Ubuntu machine (via ftp from my phone) and have Ubuntu automatically run the script. Is this possible? What programs do I need on Ubuntu?

I was thinking about using something like cron, but that is for scheduled times. I don't really have a set time in which I need my files, it's pretty sporadic depending on how much I travel. Thus the need for being able to remotely mount the volume when I need it.

Summary: I need a way for Ubuntu to read a folder every minute or so to check for bash scripts to run. I want to be able to send the bash script via ftp from my phone, have Ubuntu run the script, then delete itself (so as to not store the password). I already know the script in which to mount the Truecrypt volume and how to send the file via ftp from my phone. It's really a matter of what program to use in Ubuntu to find and run the script.

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