Ubuntu :: Renaming The Smb.conf File?

Apr 5, 2011

I am trying to follow the instructions in the smb.conf file which says, "name original file smb.conf.master and create the "real" config file with test parm -s smb.conf.master >smb.conf".

First I made myself the owner of the smb.conf file. Then I tried to rename the smb.conf file to smb.conf.master. When I try to do this with: rename smb.conf smb.conf.master the result is: Bareword "smb" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at (eval 1) line 1.Bareword "conf" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at (eval 1) line 1.

Can someone tell me what this means, (why it is happening) and what do I need to do in order to rename the smb.conf file to smb.conf.master.

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Ubuntu :: Deleting File While Renaming / Recover These?

Feb 25, 2011

This has happened twice to me. I'm editing a filename on the desktop, for example, I have a part of the name highlighted and press delete. Inadvertently, I press delete again, but with nothing highlighted. The file is deleted, but is not added to the recycle bin (possible bug).

I believe that is what is happening. I cannot seem to recreate it purposefully on my work computer --I had done this at home this morning while sans-coffee.

Is there a way to recover the files?

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General :: Renaming A File Other Than Using Mv?

May 28, 2011

I was wondering is there another way of renaming a file aside from using mv in linux?

For example changing /home/usr/blah.txt to something like -home-usr-blah.txt

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General :: Renaming File Right Access?

Apr 13, 2011

the permission of 'renaming a file' is included in which right: 'read', 'write' or 'execute'

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Ubuntu :: Renaming All Files In Directory But Leave The File Extension Alone?

May 22, 2010

how can I rename all files in a directory up to the first dot (there by leaving the file extension alone) to the same thing? Im trying to rename all my media files and associated files in a directory to (preferably) the name of the directory it self. if I have


A Clockwork Orange -

Id like to automatically mass rename them all to


A Clockwork Orange
A Clockwork Orange.cd1.avi
A Clockwork Orange.cd2.avi
A Clockwork Orange.nfo
A Clockwork Orange.fanart.jpg
A Clockwork Orange.tbn

I have rename on my server which I used to remove underscores from file names, but I dont know how I would use it to rename everything up to the first period. Bonus points for renaming stuff to the name of the parent folder!

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General :: Renaming File Permission Chmod?

Apr 11, 2011

that works to disallow non-owners from renaming the file, but what I wouldlike to do is disallow EVERYONE ( including the owner of the file ) fromediting, moving, or changing the filename once it is created. the only personwho should be able to make those changes is a special user.

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General :: Specific File Name Renaming In All Sub Directories?

Apr 4, 2011

I have a dir (pub_html) with 45 sub dirsand in each there is a file with name file123.html) what command can I use to rename all files with this name in all sub dirs to file456.html ? I'm on opensuse 11.3

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Ubuntu :: Create A Backup Of The Xorg.conf File - Cannot Stat /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Dec 11, 2010

I've just done a fresh install of Lubuntu 10.10 on an older Sony Vaio laptop. Having learned the hard way about editing xorg files, I wanted to create a backup of the xorg.conf file so that I dont have to do another install when I screw everything up. In a terminal, I typed


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Programming :: File Renaming Based On A Pattern Match

Jan 8, 2011

What I am attempting to do is rename some television shows into the format that my PVR will understand for the naming convention. I have a script that cleans them up about 95%, now I just cant figure out the last little detail..

For example: NCIS_01.mkv
I think it can be done in sed, but I just figure out how. I need it to be renamed to: NCIS_s01e01.mkv

How can I make sed (or something else) match the last "_" and any numbers after it until the period and then insert text between them reliably?

Depending on the show, it can be something like: This_show_name_243.avi so I need it to be more flexible than I can figure out how to do..

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General :: Copy A File X Times Renaming It With All Alphabet Letter?

Sep 11, 2011

this seems to be a strange question, i know. I've a database sqlite file called "a.db".I need to copy it 20 times (1 time for each letter of the alphabet) to have : b.db, c.db , d.db.

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General :: Renaming Files With Sed - Mv: Missing Destination File Operand After `$i'

Mar 20, 2011

Today i am trying to learn how to use sed. I set up a testing folder with the following files:


My goal is to create a script (test.sh) which renames all the files to their original name without AA. I want to end up with this:


sed seemed to be the perfect tool so i went ahead and created a script which i think should clear the job.


mv: missing destination file operand after `$i' From that 2nd line i can tell that $NewName is just empty. I also read something about sed needing the -e option for scripting purposes but i just don't understand it.

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CentOS 5 :: Httpd: Could Not Open Configuration File /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf: No Such File

Nov 9, 2009

accidentally I do something wrong with my server and the httpd folder missing and I need it to setup my mail server and anyone can help me what can I do without reinstalling my Cent OS? Here is the error msg :

[root@mydomain etc]# service httpd stop
Stopping httpd: [FAILED]
[root@mydomain etc]# service httpd restart


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Ubuntu :: GDM Broken - Gdm-binary[230]: WARNING: Unable To Load File '/etc/gdm/custom.conf'. No Such File Or Directory

Sep 1, 2011

I've had Ubuntu 11.04 installed on my desktop since it's release. Up until an hour ago, it was working fine. I clicked on an update from the update manager, now booting into a graphical mode is completely broken, (the start-up load hangs at 'Check Battery State ... [0k]'). I restarted my computer, and booted into safe mode, and launched the terminal. This all works fine. I then typed :

Code: sudo gdm start into the command prompt, hoping that I would be able to start things manually. Instead, it spat out this: Code:

gdm-binary[230]: WARNING: Unable to load file '/etc/gdm/custom.conf'. No such file or directory.
gdm-binary[230]: WARNING: Unable to find users : no seat-id found.
gdm-binary[230]: WARNING: Gdm Display: display lasted 0.070467 seconds

The last line was printed about 8 times, with slightly different times, before it gave up and failed. Some information which might help, I have Gnome 2, Unity and KDE (not sure which version), installed. My graphics card is the GTX 275, and I have driver the Nvidia driver 275.21. So yeah, I think the update has gone and moved custom.conf somewhere, but I have no idea on how to fix it. I have a graphics programming assignment due on Friday and I would be eternally grateful if I could get this fixed well before then.

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Ubuntu :: Generate Xorg.conf File?

Jan 20, 2010

Since the computer does not have xorg.conf, can I have the computer generate that file because I need to work on it and so I need to create it. That is why it would be useful to have a xorg.conf file still.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Find Xorg.conf File

Feb 26, 2010

I am trying to edit the xorg.conf file as described here:


However, I cannot find the xorg.conf file anywhere.

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Ubuntu :: Could Not Save The File /etc/pwrstatd.conf.?

Mar 13, 2010

When I try to save a file that I have edited using gedit I get a error Could not save the file /etc/pwrstatd.conf.You do not have the permissions necessary to save the file. Please check that you typed the location correctly and try again.Is this something to do with not being logged on as root? If so how do I log on as Root or edit the file as a root user?

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Ubuntu :: Syslog.conf Empty File

Mar 15, 2010

I was checking my syslog.conf file recently and it seems that it is an empty file >_> it shouldn't be correct?

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Ubuntu Servers :: No Path In Smb.conf File

Mar 21, 2010

I successfully shared a subdirectory of my home directory, using GNOME under Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop. What drives me crazy is that I can't find this directory listed in /etc/samba/smb.conf, in a "path" line. Please tell me where is this directory specified, since smb.conf seems to be the only samba config file.

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Ubuntu :: Unsafe Gpg.conf File Permissions

Apr 6, 2010

I have seen this issue come up previously in the forum: external program calls are disabled due to unsafe options file permissions But the resolutions previously posted have not worked for me:


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Ubuntu Servers :: Where Did My Resolv.conf File Go?

May 8, 2010

I tried to setup a dyndns, and ever since I tried to get that setup, I can't access my webmin, or access /etc/hosts/resolv.conf. But I can still access my samba shares I had created before this happened.

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 - Xorg Conf File Disappeared

Jun 1, 2010

I started using 10.04 today and it seems that the xorg.conf file disappeared. It's the first time that the default xorg driver works for my nvidia card, and I want to know what drive is this. How can I know what xorg driver the system is using? Is there a command for that?

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Ubuntu :: Configure Xorg.conf File In Lucid?

Jun 8, 2010

All I need to do is get my screen resolution to 1024x768, I can currently only get 800x600 and that's unacceptable for school. I created an xorg.conf file in Lucid and it does in fact refer to and use it. what led me to believe that is when I looked in the mirror and noticed smoke slowly rolling out of my ears! After replacing some of that smoke with a cigarette I decided to make this thread. As I said, I created the xorg.conf.new file with:

sudo Xorg -configure from recovery mode. And then moved it to its proper place with:

cp /home/william/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf

And that nested it right where it needs to be. X does in fact use it as confirmed by my Xorg.0.log.

Now I have an xorg.conf file, but am quickly becoming overwhelmed with information as to what to do. I've tried to create mode lines with xrandr, which gave me new settings, but I was unable to use them. Obviously the EDID info. is not being read because there is no mention of clock speed, Vsync or Hsync in my Xorg.0.log either. I have tried many things and really don't have time to spend all day at my computer, at least not with this issue. I'm in school and have to focus primarily on that right now. I will give what info I know is relevant starting with my monitor specs:

Dynex DX-LCDTV19
vertical resolution: 720 p
aspect ratio: 16:10
screen refresh rate: 60hz
comb filter: 3D/YC digital


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Ubuntu Servers :: Use Vi Editor To Edit The Smb.conf File ?

Jul 28, 2010

Trying to get this server to work and abandoned trying to do it with Xubuntu last night and installed Ubuntu server. But now I'm stuck on Samba again as I decided to use the vi editor to edit the smb.conf file and now I can't get out of it.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Find Lilo.conf File In /etc?

Aug 7, 2010

i have dual boot system with windows7 and ubuntu 9.04 i am unable to find lilo.conf file in /etc. what's this file? what to do?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Find Xorg.conf File On System

Aug 13, 2010

I am trying to get a touchscreen driver installed and I am talking to the techs at the company and they asked for a copy of my xorg.conf file. I have done several searches on my computer and looked on other forums posts as to where that file should be located and I cannot find this file anywhere on the system. Does Ubuntu 10.4 even have a xorg.conf file?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Connect To Wpa Wireless Without A Conf File?

Jan 4, 2011

I'm interested in learning how to start a wireless connection via the terminal rather than the NetworkManager applet. Every resource I've found on this subject talks about how you need to make a .conf file, then use wpa_supplicant. Is there a way to establish the connection without having to a create any file whatsoever? What are the steps for establishing the connection?

From what I've read, establishing a WEP connection is as simple as calling iwconfig and then dhclient. Are there similar steps for WPA2?

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Ubuntu :: Change Sysctl.conf File (read Only)?

Feb 1, 2011

im trying change my etc/sysctl.conf file but it won't let me as its read only. how to i change this?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Edit Resolv.conf File Under Root?

Feb 12, 2011

I am trying to edit my /etc/resolv.conf file while under root. After saving the changes and reboot my computer, file has not changed. I read a thread on chattr and lsattr on this fourm.(see link below) I ran in terminal lsattr /etc/resolv.conf and got the following results:-----------------e- /etc/resolv.confWhat does the dashes and e mean? I thought I would get ----ia------------ /etc/resolv.conf instead, as shown in the link. What am I doing wrong?

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Ubuntu :: /etc/sysctl.conf - Make A Change To This File?

Apr 20, 2011

How do I make a change to this file? More specifically this is what I am trying to do.

Add the following line to /etc/sysctl.conf

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Ubuntu :: Find The File /etc/rsyslog.conf So Can Modify It

Jun 6, 2011

How do i find the file /etc/rsyslog.conf so i can modify it.

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