Ubuntu Networking :: Shutting Down Remote Systems Automatically?

Mar 5, 2010

How to shut down the remote systems connected in my network? I have a GUI developed in Java and I need to schedule a time for all my clients and by that time I need all the clients to get shut down...!

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Ubuntu Networking :: Making Mounted File Systems Available On Remote Machines Using SSH?

Dec 19, 2010

if this a simple question I apologise, I'm using a SSH connection to a remote machine which also has ubuntu installed, my remote machine is connected to a windows server, using <places> <Network> and clicking on the server, doing this mounts the server into my remote file systemWhen i look around the file system of the remote machine i'm unable to make the windows server resource available to me.I Assume it has a service file in the /dev directory, but would not know what its called or what i would have to do with it.In the mean time i've managed to connect directily to the server from my local machine, (which is probbialy a better solution) but is it possible to see the server via my remate machine?

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Ubuntu :: Automatically Shutting Down ?

Oct 18, 2010

I am using Ubuntu 10.04. It is installed in windows xp. Recently I am facing a problem. After starting the computer and boot into Ubuntu, it works fine but after sometime, at about after an hour it just automatically shut down. I don't know why. My xp is doing fine but the problem in only Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu :: Nicotine+ 1.2.12 Shutting Down Automatically After Search?

Mar 31, 2010

I'm running Ubuntu 9.10 on an HP desktop. I listen to a lot of music and sometimes I can't always find what I want, so I use Nicotine+ (a Soulseek client) to find more obscure stuff. I also use it because it lets me see what bit-rate the files are.Today I entered in the search bar: "the tired sounds of stars of the lid". I would get search results, but I would also get this nasty little message in the logbelow:"pynicotine.slskmessages.FileSearchResult unpack requires a string argument of length 4"After many of these messages show up in my log, Nicotine+ immediately closes.I have absolutely no idea what's happening here.

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Networking :: Pon Connects Ok To Remote VPN / Cant Get Route Added Automatically

Mar 5, 2010

I have configured a VPN connection to a remote router which connects ok. I can ping the remote router IP, but cannot ping any other IP on their network.I have put this down to needing a route added. I can manually type # route add -net netmask 255.255. 255.0 dev ppp0 and all works like I want it to, but I really need this to be automatic everytime the connection starts.I have tried following URL... but cant get it to work. The file is called /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/routing and has execution priviledges (755) so ive hit a dead end.

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Networking :: Automatically Pass A Password To Rsync For Remote Host?

May 24, 2011

I need to be able to use an rsync command in script that will be run by cron. And it needs to be able to pass a password to rsync so that the remote server it's connecting to will authenticate.

I cannot set up ssh keys between the two servers, it's not an option. I cannot use any other language other than bash, it's my only option. I know this is highly insecure, I have no other option.

So far I have this:
rsync --rsh="/usr/bin/ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o PreferredAuthentications=password" -raxv /source/dir/* user@remotehost:/target/directory/.

This allows the script to ignore host verification and goes directly to the password prompt. I need the script to fill in this password prompt with the password that is stored in a variable.

I tried using expect, but I honestly don't know the syntax, it just keeps failing. A lot of the examples I'm finding online for expect starts off with a "spawn", which i don't have installed, and not sure if I have the ability to install it yet.

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CentOS 5 :: Yum Automatically Updated Systems Without Configured

Aug 11, 2011

I came to a "weird" situation when I saw in yum log files that several centOS systems have been automatically updated via yum. I checked the following:
1. chkconfig for init services that could upgrade the system: only yum-updatesd
2. In the config file of yum-updatesd.conf the do_update function is set to no.
3. If an updated made manually by a user ..no.
Where else should I look or how this update happened?

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Fedora Installation :: VNC Level 3 Installation - Remote Into The System Via My Windows Xp Systems

Sep 15, 2009

What I'm trying to do at this point is setup VNC so I can remote into the system via my windows xp systems. I have VNC installed on those computer and I was able to get GNOME's remote desktop operating when I log in on level 5 and actually logged into my user account. However, when I'm not logged in on level 5 it will reject connections entirely. Ultimately I want to remote into the system using tightVNC and view the level 3 (command line only) thing, and allow me to telinit - 5 to switch to gui if I need it from VNC on the windows system. This way I don't need a monitor, keyboard and mouse plugged into the server. Right now that's what I'm having to do.

The problem is that it doesn't run in level 3 at all and level 5 (gui mode) doesn't work if i'm not logged into an account. So how can I get this to work at as a constant running server no matter what level and login point i'm at? Ultimately for this Linux admin class I have to setup a working server and I figured I'd get a base setup with VNC support that I could log into from school to work off of instead of having to use the local connection. Once I get VNC working on my network i'm pretty sure I can get it working beyond my local network.

Here's some commandline stuff that may diagnose my issues:


As you can see I'm having issues with the libstdc++ lib being detected. I have it installed, but apparently not everything is setup properly. I also have an RPM file for VNC and I've tried to install it with the gnome shell but it gives me an error: "Can't install /home/[user]/Download/vnc-4_1_3-x86_linux.rpm as no transaction" I'm not sure what that means. When I use the command line I get this:


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CentOS 5 Networking :: Shutting Down Interface On Link Down State?

May 17, 2011

I have a problem. I want interface to shut down once there is a link down state detected. If you set up eth0, and then plug cable out, eth0 stays up, just loosing the RUNNING flag. I want it to go down completely.

I've stumbled upon netplugd, and I've tried using it. It is a daemon that detects states in (link up) and out (link down) from kernel netlink interface. If I have this daemon up, it detects that link is down (eg. cable removed from interface), and it runs correctly /etc/netplug.d/netplug eth0 out. That script then runs ifdown eth0. And that's ok.

But very next moment netplugd runs /etc/netplug.d/netplug eth0 probe, and probe section of that script runs "ip link set eth0 up", which then turns interface back on!I've tried commenting out that line, but then new problem occurs - after the link is up, netplug cannot figure that out and bring back interface. Has anyone have this kind of problem, and any viable solution with netplug?

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General :: Log On Automatically To Remote Server Without Typing Everytime Password And Login?

Mar 24, 2011

i need to connect to a remote linux server on certain times (automated), but i need to log on to the server. So i want to make a script (shell perhaps) that periodically connects to the server and checks some files and folders.How do i automate it and how can i log on automatically to the remote server without typing everytime the password and login (the script should do it himself)

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Fedora Networking :: Wired Connections - Shutting Down Loopback Interface

Jun 22, 2010

I have a problem with my F13 and wired connections on my Acer TravelMate 2410. When I connect the inet cable it doesn't show it as connected. When I type ifconfig, it shows everything as it should. When I tried to bring up eth0 with ifup eth0, it said that the device is not managed by NetworkManager. I tried to restart nm with service network restart, but it gave this error:

Shutting down loopback interface: Error org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerSettings.InvalidConn ection: ifcfg file ;/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-lo' unknown

The same error came up for eth0 and Wired_connection_1 (the connection I configured from NM )
When I typed nmcli dev list it gave me:

GENERAL.TYPE: 802-11-wireless
GENERAL.STATE: disconnected

GENERAL.TYPE: 802-3-ethernet
GENERAL.STATE: unavailable

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Ubuntu Networking :: Get Internet In Both The Systems Using Lan?

Aug 31, 2010

I dont know if my question is correct or not... but that is my way of understanding (it sounded different to me too Now my problem is. My ISP registers MAC address when connected to Internet. So if connect another system with a switch, Internet will be accessible by only one system (which registers first). I want both systems to work at a time!

What should I do?? Are there different methods of connecting? I searched google, but I could not frame a sentence to ask? It would be happy if it is either a command based or UI based. ++: How can I restrict the bandwidth usage of the second system??

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Ubuntu Networking :: Determine Operating Systems On Lan?

Apr 20, 2010

How can I send out a broadcast from one device to the other machines on the LAN to reply with their operating system.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Find Any Difference Between The Systems

Jan 20, 2011

I have 3 pc's on home network. All dual boot Windows and Ubuntu. All have Samba installed, plus personal file sharing. When all 3 are booted into linux, all 3 show the public folders on all 3 pc's, but only 2 can access the other pc's folders.

I can't find any difference between the systems to explain why one pc (10.04) cannot mount either of the other two public folders: Unable to mount location. DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)

even though their icons are shown in 'network'. The public folder on the troublesome pc can be accessed from the other two (10.04 & 10.10).

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Ubuntu Networking :: Connected To Internet But Can't Ping Systems On LAN?

Oct 5, 2010

I've got Ubuntu 10.04 on my laptop and have recently (within the last 72 hours) started having trouble connecting to other machines on my local network. I'm unable to ping both my router and a server set up in the room beside me.

1. I have tried pinging my server and router from other machines and it works fine. Accessing the server via HTTP works from all machines except for my laptop.

2. I am, however, connected to my router via wireless and can access the internet. Also, if I connect via an ethernet cable I am able to ping both my server and router, although I'd love to be able to go wireless.

3. I assume something's wrong with my wireless setup, but I really can't figure out what. Possibly related note: my wireless has been disconnecting unpredictably on my home network (WPA).

Let me know if you'd like to see any command output and I'll get it to you asap! I've got a Dell Studio 1558 w/ the dreaded Broadcom BCM4312 wireless controller.

user@blue-skies:~$ cat /etc/network/interfaces
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback


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Networking :: Backing Up Between Differing Systems?

Aug 15, 2010

I currently have 2 laptops which share a wireless connection to the internet and would like to be able to set things up in order that I may backup data from both to a desktop system. My laptop which is the prime system and the desktop both are using Ubuntu 10.04 as their OS whilst the other laptop uses Windows XP. Up until now I have been copying data from the Ubuntu laptop to the desktop by the use of an external USB hard drive. Similarly the data from the XP system is swapped about between machines using this method.

Ideally I would like to find a way where I can backup data from both laptops to the desktop without involving the third party (the USB drive). What would be the best way forward to achieve this aim. Data from the Windows system will be either OOo or Jpgs so compatability should not be a problem. Using the desktop I would wish if possible to be able see what is on the system without the need of having to continually having to connect a monitor to it.

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Networking :: Distributed File Systems

Jan 21, 2010

Last year I was looking into fault-tolerant distributed file systems and I recall one kernel-based system that required a physical partition on each machine in the cluster, but would treat it as a single volume - ie. a write on one server would appear on the disk on all the servers.Unfortunately I didn't bookmark the specific system I was looking at, and now a year later I can't remember the details.What I don't want is NFS - a single file server with a file system mounted on various machines. What I do want is mirroring - one disk shared among multiple servers, so that if one server dies, it doesn't make any difference to the rest of them.

A bit of investigation turned up Red Hat's GFS, which kind of looks like what I want, but looks more and more like an NFS model to me. I was wondering what everyone's opinion of the various options out there were.

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Networking :: Configure AD-hoc Network Between Two Systems?

Mar 9, 2011

I am doing a project based on the AD-HOC network. i have to do this on the two linux systems currently i am using fedora 13 and opensuse 10.3 beacuse the two laptops supports only these. the exact problem is how to configure the adhoc network to connect these two systems urgent reply needed please

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Ubuntu Networking :: No Unix/Mac Systems Visible In Network Environment?

Feb 13, 2010

I am using Ubuntu 9.10 and I've installed a Samba Server. Unfortunately I can't see any Linux/Unix/Mac systems in the networ environment. Only the Windows computers are visible.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Share Home Directory And Both Systems Have The Same Login Id

Mar 7, 2010

I got 9.10 on by laptop and xp on other computer. Installed samba server and xp recognized my laptop but not anything I share on ubuntu. am i missing something in samba config file? Im trying to share home directory on ubuntu and both systems have the same login id.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Run Two Home Wireless Systems From One Internet Connection?

Aug 22, 2011

I have a netgear wireless system and it is problematic with Linux. I need to use a static IP or will loose connection. It is also problematic with an itouch and a kindle. I just bought my wife a kindle and need to get it to work. It there a way to run two home wireless systems from one Internet connection? I have a wireless router supplied by surewest but my wireless Cannon printer did not seem to like that.

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Fedora Networking :: File Sharing Between Two Systems ?

May 26, 2010

I have fedora12 on two pc's, i want to share some files between them which i was not able to do with nfs, so let me know the whole procedure to do that n also let me know where my shared files will be visible

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Networking :: Internet Sharing From Server To Xp Systems?

Jun 3, 2009

I am working one linux server and 5 win xp systems. They connected in lan. In linux server have one builtin lan card and one add-on lan card. Add-on card configured ip which has ISP given.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Ping Via 'morbo.local' - Can't Reach Systems By Hostnames

Jul 8, 2010

I recently set up an Ubuntu server computer (10.04) with the hostname 'morbo', and with a static IP address. With all my other ubuntu systems i can ping and ssh using their host names, like:


i can't reach it via 'morbo.local' nor can i reach my other ubuntu systems from morbo by their hostnames. I have seen a 'quick and dirty' solution which might help here : [URL]... , but i don't want to have to add every system to morbo's list and morbo to every systems list, and because it works without manual configuration on all my other systems, i don't see why it shouldn't be possible here. Currently everything connects to one d-link router - does this mean it is the DNS server?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Ipaddress Of Systems \ Ip Address Is Given Manuallyto Connect Each For Lan Connection?

Mar 15, 2011

In my working environment have 40 system .Its ip address is given manuallyto connect each for lan connection .40 are not using ubuntu while other using windows .My question is there any package to trace ips of entire system

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Networking :: How To Connect Systems In Private Network With Public

Jan 11, 2011

We have to connect one PC in private network (campus) with other PC (mostly a modem in our case)in public network. Connection should be peer to peer like and we have to use C coding for establishing connection between this two systems. Is it possible if we use port forwarding or is there any other way?

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Networking :: Sending / Receiving Between Two Systems Using IPv6 Addresses

Mar 8, 2010

We have connected two systems with ethernet cables and have configured the two systems with ipv6 addresses. The IP of one system is 2001:0db8:0:f101::1 (let's say X::1) (This system runs OS Fedora 10) and the other is 2001:0db8:0:f101::2. (Let's say X::2) (This system runs OpenSuSE 10.3) We are able to ping from both systems to the other. We are able to ssh into the one with IP X::2 from the one with IP X::1, but not vice versa.

We have disabled iptables on both systems by using the following commands:
/etc/init.d/iptables save
/etc/init.d/iptables stop
on the fedora 10 system and
# iptables -X
# iptables -t nat -F
# iptables -t nat -X
# iptables -t mangle -F
# iptables -t mangle -X
# iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT
# iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT
# iptables -P OUTPUT ACCEPT
on the openSuse system.

The error we get in trying to ssh from the openSuse system to the fedora system is:
ssh: connect to host 2001:0db8:0:f101::1 port 22: Connection refused

We're trying to write server and client code to send data from one system to the other using SOCK_DGRAM. The code works fine when we run both the client and server on the same system. However, we are not able to send data from one system to another when we use the IPv6 addresses to run the client and server programs.

The error we get is:
sendto(): Operation not permitted

The codes we are using for the server and client programs can be found here in beej's guide here : [URL]. We've only substituted the appropriate addresses in the right places... We've disabled the iptables...

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Networking :: Automate The Transfer And Processing Of Files Between Two Systems?

Oct 30, 2010

I'm trying to automate the transfer and processing of files between two systems to help test and compare a new server installation. The workflow is a bit complex but I'm basically modifying a script on server 'A' to push a file to server 'B' as standard input to another script.


But no luck. I've tried it without the port in the server_args parameter, without the '-l' option; I've tried having the server parameter set to 'tcpd' and the call to '/bin/nc' in the server_args too. But no success. Can anyone point out what I'm doing wrong with the config? PS. I've restarted xinetd and server B is listening on port 1112 and accepting connections - but nothing gets piped into the script on server B.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Samba - Access The Share On 300 Windows Machine - Systems At A Time

Mar 8, 2011

I have ubunto desktop 10.04 LTS I installed samba and able to access the share on windows machines. However i want to access the share on 300 windows machine(for example) systems at a time Is it possible.

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Networking :: Ping Global Inet6 Addresses Assigned Between Two Systems?

Mar 13, 2010

Do any one knows how to ping global inet6 addresses assigned between two systems. I assigned inet6 address through "ip addr add 2001::4 dev eth0" and similarly 2001::5 in another machine and tried to ping 2001::5 from 2001::4, but it is showing,

sait87@static-host:~$ ping6 2001::5
connect: Network is unreachable

Do any one knows solution for this problem.

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