Ubuntu Multimedia :: Use Banshee Hotkeys With Locked Screen?

Jun 15, 2010

The usual apologies if this is already dealt with somewhere.I want to use the global hotkeys to banshee when the screen is locked. Possible?(And on a side note, how do I bind the key combo "ctrl+shift+<" ? I get ctrl + shift + >, which it then doesn't react to)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Global Hotkeys To Control Banshee/Rhythmbox/etc Volume With PulseAudio?

Jan 14, 2010

For awhile now, I've been trying to set two global hotkeys to control my volume level in Banshee. Before anyone comes in here and says to use the Volume Up/Volume Down keybinds in gnome-keybinding-properties, that does not work. That controls the master volume. I'm looking for a global hotkeys that control JUST the application volume.I've been playing around now, and I think I might have found a way. Since 9.10, Pulseaudio is integrated and the default sound manager. It also allows controlling the application volume level. While changing the volume would be through Pulseaudio and not in the specific application, this would work.

My question is if there's a way to set a keybind to control a specific application's volume within Pulseaudio? Or even a way to set a keybind to the event that happens when a specific application's volume is turned up or down within Pulseaudio.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Screen Resolution Locked To 800x600?

Jan 5, 2011

I have tried EVERY solution that has been posted. the nVidia forumswon help. Every solution that involves editing the .conf file crash my system. I wanna have real resolution for my monitor not be stuck at this 800x600 bull$#!tnVidia Graphics CardPlanar PL1700 Monitor

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Exaile ( Hotkeys Not Working

Nov 17, 2010

I have a Logitech g15 keyboard and I cant configure my multimedia keys to work with exaile. I tried the xKeys plugin for exaile but it doesn't work. I even tried setting up this commands in UbuntuTweak but it is not working. While Exaile is running, it can also be controlled via command line arguments. These can be assigned to a keyboard shortcut in your window manager or desktop environment.

exaile -n Play next track
exaile -p Play previous track
exaile -s Stop playback
exaile -a Play currently selected or queued song
exaile -t Pause or resume playback

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Set Media Playback Keys As Hotkeys For VLC?

Jul 31, 2010

I've seen a couple of unsolved topics on this while researching, but they're all old and I'm hoping somebody's found a solution by now.My laptop has the following keys that I want to assign as global hotkeys to VLC Media Player so that I can use them for... well, for their intended purpose:

Play/Pause (aka XF86AudioPlay)
Prev Track (aka XF86AudioPrev)
Next Track (aka XF86AudioNext)


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Debian Multimedia :: Enable Hotkeys With LXDE On Jessie

Apr 27, 2015

I've been using debian for well over a year, previously with the gnome desktop. I never really liked how much memory and CPU it used, but many things like the hotkeys worked out of the box, and it was relatively easy to configure. After upgrading to Jessie I decided I'd give LXDE a go given it was lightweight and seemed more complete than e17.

However, after over a day struggling to get everything to work just right, I am still unable to use use my hotkeys (volume control, brightness control, etc.). The volume can be controlled through the GUI, but the brightness seems to have no control whatsoever. In any event, I installed the drivers and firmware for the hardware and used the instructions in the link to try and configure the key bindings, but nothing has worked: [URL] ....

:Questions#Change_hotkeys I'm not sure what to do now.

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Ubuntu :: Global Hotkeys On Audacious Don't Respond Unless Open Preferences, Open Settings For Global Hotkeys, Then Close Down The Settings?

Feb 19, 2010

I have two major issues, and one minor one, after I started using Ubuntu, I tried searching the forum for them, but couldn't find anything relevant to my problems.First issue: Screenshots and the cursor.This is probably a very easily fixed issue, but none-the-less, I can not figure it out.How do I NOT include the cursor in my screenshots on Ubuntu 9.10?What I do is, I press the Prt Scrn button, and my cursor is always there in the image, and I don't want that.Second is pidgin.I love it, but every time I boot it up, my friendly name is reverted back to firefoxfag.I think it has something to do with me using gmail for msn, but I'm not sure...Also, as a last very small issue, the global hotkeys on audacious don't respond unless i open preferences, open settings for global hotkeys, then close down the settings..

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Login From Locked Screen?

Nov 4, 2010

I can't log in from a locked screen anymore, such as when returning fromeep or hibernation. I can, however, work around the problem by clicking "switch user" and logging in from the GDM greeting screen. Logging in from a terminal also works.I recently had a problem where /etc/passwd, /etc/groups and some other files were deleted. But I have restored them - otherwise I couldn't log in at all.

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Ubuntu :: Locked Screen And Power Button?

Jun 27, 2010

In Ubuntu 10.04: if the screen has been locked (automatically by the screensaver or user-activated using the top-right menu) pressing the power button doesn't initiate shutdown. Is this a bug or is it a configurable option?I would expect to either get the usual 60 second shutdown delay or a graceful shutdown right away.

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Ubuntu :: Use PC's Power Button While Screen Is Locked

Jan 18, 2011

I am building a small Ubuntu box made for our clients to listen to an audio stream. At startup, I have scripts that start the audio stream, then locks the screen so clients can't change any settings. It works flawlessly.

However, if a client has to shut down the box, they can't. Note this is a headless unit, no monitor, keyboard, or mouse. It will ONLY be used to play streaming audio. I need for the client to be able to safely shutdown the unit by pressing the power button. But, when the power button is pressed, ubuntu asks for the user password. Is there a way to just make the system shutdown without entering a password?

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Ubuntu :: Locked Screen Then Blank Display Came About

Feb 10, 2011

I went to lock the screen when I got up from my computer. I came back and there was a black screen. I tried hitting different buttons nothing worked. I rebooted and still went right to black screen. I can get into recovery mode but I can't figure out what's wrong with the computer. Can someone give me a hint. My father is very good with ubuntu but he said that he would just reload the os on it. But I really don't want to go thru that process all over again.

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Ubuntu :: Immediately Wakes Up And Comes Back To Locked Screen

Feb 7, 2010

I am having problems with hibernation. When I choose to hibernate, the computer starts to do so, and powers off, and almost immediately it wakes up and comes back to the locked screen. I am using 32 bit version. Hibernate used to work properly on Hardy. I checked that my swap space is more than twice my RAM size.

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Ubuntu :: Prevent Mouse From Deactivating Locked Screen?

Mar 17, 2010

I recently installed Karmic Koala (desktop edition) on an old PC. Most of the time, the PC is expected to be running in locked screen (i.e. blank screensaver),unless I need to fiddle with something.However, I keep hitting the mouse accidentally.Therefore, I would like to prevent the mouse from deactivating the locked screen and presenting the unlocking dialog. I.e. only direct keyboard press should invoke this action

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Ubuntu :: Configure To Prompt For A Password After The Screen Is Locked

Oct 27, 2010

i need to knw is the a way to configure the ubuntu desktop to prompt for a password when relogin after the screen is locked?

it asks for a username and password a at the login prompt if i relogin after logging out out but when i lock the scree by pressing ctrl +alt + l and try to relogin it will not ask for a password , it just let me log in automatically to the pc , i think this is a security issue cos anyone else can login to my pc without prowiding credentials

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Ubuntu :: Audio CD Not Auto Mounting If Screen Is Locked?

Apr 30, 2011

I have upgraded to 11.04 today and I have hit a slight snag. In 10.10, I had it setup so that it would run a custom script when an audio CD was inserted into the DVD drive. The CD would mount regardless of whether the screen was locked or not. Since upgrading to 11.04, the CD will only mount when the screen is unlocked.Whilst I can appreciate the security benefits of this (if it is indeed intended and not a bug), is there a way to be able to enable discs to be mounted automatically, whether the screen is locked or not

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Multimedia Keys Don't Work While Locked

Mar 19, 2010

Is there a way to allow the multimedia keys to function while the system is locked?

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Ubuntu Security :: Locked-Screen Login Window Vulnerability?

May 12, 2010

I've got an HP Netbook with Jaunty installed, and I've got an older Dell laptop running Debian.A friend of mine, on several occasions, has told me that when I left my computers unattended he could do some kind of series of key-strokes, and then a window comes up and he says that he can change the password for my account.I've asked him to show me how he does it, but he never will because he doesn't want me to be able to thwart himIs he lying, or is it for real? if it's for real, how do I go about changing it so that it can't happen anymore?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Log In Twice - Locked Screen Not On Reboot Or Switch Users

Oct 16, 2010

I've been running Ubuntu Maverick as a fresh install since release, and for the last 2 days, I'm having to log in twice! This is only on a locked screen, not on reboot or switch users. After the first login, I see the desktop for a second, then the screen goes blank. I wiggle the mouse and the login screen is there again. The 2nd login goes as normal.

I have gradually been installing things as I need them over the week since install, but I can't pin it down to any of those. It's getting pretty annoying when the screen saver kicks in!

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Ubuntu :: Locked Screen Flashes Between Vertical Bars And Terminal

May 14, 2010

Ubuntu 9.04 works fine, I have just installed Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx without problems, it runs fine but after a while the screen starts flashing and the only way out is to reboot with ctrl-alt-del. First of all I get a pale purple screen with blocks of random colour in the middle then it goes on to flashing between two screens. In one the top half of the screen is vertical black and white stripes and the bottom half is black, in the other it is a terminal screen with this distributed across it:

Starting common Unix printing system cupsed
Pulse Audio configured for per-user-sessions
Enabling additional executable binary formats binfmt support
Checking battery state

On the latest occasion the text was "could not write bytes: Broken pipe" repeated all over the screen, followed by "checking battery state".

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Fedora :: Leave Message - On Locked Screen ?

Mar 28, 2010

When I first started using Fedora 10 I had a bit of a play with the "Leave Message" button that appears when you lock the screen. After you type the message and click save, the next time the user logged in the messages would pop up.

Ever since Fedora 12, when I leave a test message, after I log in nothing pops up. This happens on two different computers so I don't think its an obscure hardware problem.

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General :: Username And Passwrod Screen Is Locked?

Feb 23, 2011

I am running RHEL5 and squid as a cache.i installed xlockmore and xscreen saver to lock X as a root.after installation of above mentioned RPMs, in a terminal window i entered xlock command and just logout from root.but now onward unable to login. Login screen is appeared but i m unable to type usernameand password is working there and i can logged in as a root. i entered startx command here and entered in GUI mode my key board is not working there. while mouse is functioned properly. what is the reason, if it is locked by xlock, how to unlock X

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Debian :: Login After Hibernation - Screen Always Locked After Wake Up?

May 22, 2011

Is there a config file to toggle whether the screen is locked after hibernation? I looked all over preferences but if it's there, I missed it. In Ubuntu, the screen was always locked after waking up. In Squeeze, it's going directly to desktop. It's not a biggie but you never know when someone might try to access your account so I kind of liked that it would wake up locked. Maybe it's doing that because I'm the only user on the system?

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General :: Keyboard Layout Changed - Screen Locked Now Cannot Login

Aug 8, 2010

While I was away from my computer a friend changed my keyboard layout to a random layout thinking he could revert it via mouse actions only. Unfortunately, by the time I returned, my screen was locked. Now I cannot unlock my session to get back in to the KDE session to restore the correct keyboard layout.

However, I can log in to a console. In the console (e.g., Ctrl-Alt-F1), the keyboard layout is unchanged, so I can edit any text files and make any other changes required. How can I change the KDE keyboard layout from a console? I'm running Kubuntu 10.04. There is no .kderc file in my home directory. And Xorg.conf doesn't contain the settings either. I'm not sure where else to look.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Install Banshee 1.7.5

Sep 3, 2010

Banshee 1.7.5 supports the ipod touch and iphone but i can not figure out how to get it on Ubuntu. Its not in synaptic yet and i can not compile from source because it always says


configure: error: Package requirements (gstreamer-0.10 >= 0.10.12
gstreamer-base-0.10 >= 0.10.12
gstreamer-plugins-base-0.10 >= 0.10.12
gstreamer-controller-0.10 >= 0.10.12


Alternatively, you may set the environment variables GST_CFLAGSand GST_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Audiobooks In Banshee / Get It?

Dec 6, 2010

I'm using Banshee for my music and video collection because it works and looks much better than Rhythmbox in my opinion. The only thing that refuses to work (correctly) is the audiobook-feature. I have all my audiobooks (different formats - m4b, mp3, ...) stored in a special folder. The subfolders have no distinct order, sometimes it is author/title, sometimes author - title/ and some books even are in my audiobooks root-folder. I have selected the audiobook folder in the banshee preferences but no audiobooks are shown in banshee. I tried changing the selected folder, changing the structure of the subfolders, but nothing helped.
The only thing that worked was importing the audiobooks into the music library and take them to the audiobooks-section in banshee using drag&drop. But when I removed them from my music library, they were also removed from the audiobooks section. This can't be the right way, because in that casse the option to select the audiobooks-folder in the preferences would be useless.
What is the right (intended) way to get audiobooks into banshee?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Get Banshee To See NAS Folder?

Jul 10, 2011

My music is stored on a NAS on my home network.
I am trying to get Banshee to see my MP3's on the NAS. It looks like Banshee only will support local folders.
So, is a sym link (symbolic link) in a local folder be the solution? If so, what's the syntax? I know the basic form is ln -s <dir 1> <dir 2>.
Ubuntu's file browser sees the folder as 'smb://'s'
I haven't had any success trying to create a sym link to the NAS folder.

Or, am I approaching this totally wrong and can Banshee support the NAS without a sym link?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Banshee Not Picking Up Ipod?

Feb 1, 2010

I'm using kubuntu 9.10 and I know there was a thread a while back about someone having the same problem with ubuntu. Unfortunately I can't get the ubuntu solution to work with kubuntu

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Error In Banshee Podcasts

Feb 7, 2010

I'm having a problem with banshee. It's doubling podcasts. Also it says that three different podcasts have the same size and length as each other(which they don't) Unfortunately I can't download to test them yet as my internets slow till midnight.

In screenshot 1 you can see the podcast doubled when viewing all podcasts. However when i go directly into the Desert island discs feed it only displays one, which is correct(screenshot two)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Deleted Song In Banshee - Where Did It Go

Feb 17, 2010

I'm cleaning up my music library and deleting duplicates and during that process I accidentally deleted the wrong song. Is there some way to undo this process? Banshee gave me no warning, and the trash is empty. I'm assuming there's a command I can use to recover the file, but as I'm a complete noob, I need some assistance.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Ipod Nano 3g With Banshee?

Feb 21, 2010

after upgrading to Ubuntu 9.10 banshee does not see my Ipod anymore, which is a nano video 3g one. Rhythmbox works though, gtkpod not. I thought I had to install libgpod-dev and libgpod2, but the second library is not available anymore in synaptic. I have installed libgpod4, libgpod-common, -dev.

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