Ubuntu Multimedia :: Script To Scan Media Library And List Codecs Used?

Sep 13, 2010

I am trying to find a script or command or program out there that would scan a directory for a/v files and display the codecs they use.

For example, let's say i have 3 avi files, 1.avi, 2.avi, 3.avi. I want to be able to figure out what each of them contains for video and audio tracks.

I know ffmpeg -i will show me what I want, but how do i incorporate it to do an entire directory.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Media Player With All Media Codecs ?

Apr 13, 2011

Ubuntu10.10.i want a media player with all media codecs.it should able to play all formats of videos and audios so please suggest me a media player.(i used km player in windows i want a media player like that)

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Debian Multimedia :: How To Install Media Plugins , Codecs

Dec 23, 2010

I am using Debian 5 . when I want to play some flv. mp3 etc file in totem player it says plugins are not installed .

how to install them in easy way .

why are they not installed out of box

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Media Cleaning Script - Scan My Music Collection's Meta Data

Jul 14, 2010

I'm looking for a way to scan my music collection's meta data to find songs that don't have leading Capitals.


I want to change the file: eric clapton - its in the way that you use it artist: eric clapton; title: its in the way that you us it to...Eric Clapton - Its In The Way That You Use It

Is there a way that I can query my music to find words that don't start with capitals and change them?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Organizing Music Library For Media Server

Oct 13, 2010

I have an Ubuntu server installation set up as a media server with Subsonic in a medium sized office environment. I allow uploads from all employees to the media folder on the server. As you can imagine, it's going to get a bit messy in there with multiple spellings of artist and album names for directory names, duplicate files, and incorrect filenames and tags. I was hoping I could find a script that I could run daily as a cron job to clean up the media drive. I would like to maintain a path similar to: /mnt/music/Artist/Album/Song.file

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Library Audiobooks - Transfer Media Player To IPod

Mar 24, 2011

As most do now my local library has a decent catalog of audiobooks, which I would like to be able to listen to on my iPod. These books can be downloaded only by using Overdrive Media Console (which is available only for Windows and Mac, and also requires Windows Media Player to work!) and iTunes if you want to transfer to an iPod.

I've searched around for Linux friendly solutions. They fall into two categories, try Wine/virtual machine/dual boot to run the required software, or give up. But pretty much everything I have found is about four years old now. Has anything changed in the last few years, or is this still pretty much the way things are? At the moment I use my girlfriend's Vista computer to download books, but I would like to be as Windows free as possible, and able to do it on my own computer.

Can anyone offer advice for being able to download audiobooks and put them on an iPod, with a minimum of non-Linux software? Relatedly, I would also be quite happy to replace the iPod firmware with Rockbox, but from what I can tell that would make library audiobooks even less accessible (so asking if this is an option is like asking for $10 after being refused $1).

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Reset "media Library" Of Songbird?

Jan 23, 2010

How can i reset the "media library" of Songbird?

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Ubuntu :: Banshee Re-scan Library Fails?

Jul 20, 2010

I'm running Banshee 1.6.1 on an AMD64 machine and I am having problems re-scanning my library. Every time I select Tools -> Rescan Music Library (even after making substantial changes to my library) the status bar disappears after a few seconds. Has anyone else witnessed this phenomena before? I can re-import my library to update the banshee database, but it would nice if this feature functioned properly.

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Software :: Download All Media Codecs In Fedora 12?

Jun 27, 2010

How can i install all media codecs in fedora 12..?

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Ubuntu :: Finding Audio Codecs For Windows Media Streams?

Feb 11, 2010

I tried to use Rythmbox to listen to some radio erlier today when I found out that only ogg streams are working for me. I know the links are working and the mms streams aren't down cuz I use the same radio stations in windows. So, what codecs or whatever do I need to solve this problem? Or doesnt linux support multimedia streams?

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SUSE :: Windows Media And QuickTime - No Proper Codecs

Jan 30, 2009

Every single time I try to watch streaming video in either Windows Media format or Quicktime format, I get an error that the proper codecs are not installed. I have installed the win32codecs at least ten times now (both from the repositories and from the codecs-kde.ymp one-click install) and still no joy. I had this running great before I upgraded from 10.2 to 11.1.

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Ubuntu :: List Of Codecs And Plugins To Install?

Oct 6, 2010

Recently installed Ubuntu 10.04. Is there a definitive list somewhere of all the repositories and codecs I need to install to bring this distro up to speed with WinXP or Win7?

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Ubuntu :: GPodder, Scan Folders Fo Media Before Downloading?

May 6, 2011

I accidentally deleted configurations including GPodder's. Now I want GPodder to scan for thousands of media before redownloading them. I cannot find that. It shows them as undownloaded. Is there a way to tell it do that?

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Ubuntu Security :: Virus Scanner To Scan Some Removable Media (USB Drives, Mp3 Players, Etc)?

Jan 19, 2010

I'm looking for a virus scanner to scan some removable media (USB drives, mp3 players, etc). Since there's so many choices to choose from, can anyone recommend any?

I've heard a lot of people recommending clam av, but everything I've read suggests that clam av is better used for scanning e-mail servers and not home desktop application...

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Software :: VLC - Update Media Library?

Feb 4, 2011

I've added my "Music" and "Video" folders to my media library in VLC which is useful, but it doesn't seem to update itself when I add/delete/rename files (using my file manager).

The only way I can find to update VLC's record/cache is to remove and re-add the Music/Video folder to the media library. Is there a better way?

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General :: Back Up My Media Library To An External Hard Drive From Ubuntu?

Aug 19, 2010

My media library isn't huge, but it isn't tiny (~50 GB). Every month or so, I just manually copy ~/Music, ~/Pictures, and ~/Videos to my EHD, and delete the old backup. But this is far from ideal. It's pretty slow, for one thing (~50 GB all together). It also isn't versioned, so if I ever want to go back multiple versions, I'm out of luck.

Is there any simple, stable, incremental way to do this? I'm open to using traditional version control systems like Git for it, although I haven't used them before for anything other than code. Command-line is fine (especially if it's scriptable). I only need to back up these 3 folders--anything that's not media is stored in my Dropbox.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Installing MPlayer - Not Able To Extract The Codecs In The /usr/local/lib/codecs Directory

Apr 2, 2009

I have FC10! so far i have downloaded the mplayer and its codecs.further i extracted both the packages( in DOWNLOAD folder).but I'm not able to extract the codecs in the /usr/local/lib/codecs directory.it says you do not have permission. how should i know whether to compile the mplayer or is it pre-compiled?

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General :: Ldd Does Not Show Dependency Library List / Fix It?

Nov 17, 2010

We built a library by linking it with a shared library libjvm.so. Now, when I do ldd mylib.so, it does not list libjvm.so. When I run an application, I get a symbol missing from mylib.so, which is actually defined in libjvm.so. Even if I set libjvm.so path in LD_LIBRARY_PATH, the error does not go away.

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Debian Multimedia :: How To Install Multimedia Codecs Under Lenny With Gnome

May 29, 2010

How to install Multimedia Codecs under Lenny with Gnome?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Install Restricted Multimedia Codecs?

Mar 7, 2010

I was using THIS guide to install restricted multimedia codecs. I got to the part where I had to switch system packages to the Packman packages. It came up with a number of dependency errors. I then had a stupid moment and told it to ignore the dependencies and break the applications. Now Xine won't even start, and Amarok seems to have disappeared on my computer. Oh and I also got a bunch of weird dependency problems when I was trying to install some of the packages from Packman too as listed on the guide. I also told it to ignore them when it couldn't find the dependencies. I'm scared I fudged multimedia up so badly I would have to do a clean install to get it back. BTW, I'm running openSUSE 11.2. I don't know if there are other specifications that matter.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: CODECS Won't Load

Mar 23, 2010

I have just reinstalled ubuntu 9.10 on my laptop. The laptop is used as a Jukebox and has never had a problem doing this job. Yesterday my HDD died, hence the reinstall. When I go to add the MP3s to rythumbox and it searches for the relevant codecs it keeps saying "No packages with the requested plug ins found". I have been to the ubuntu restricted extras site to DL the package and I get a "URL failed to load" message. So I go to an unsupported site and DL the package and install it manually but I still can't add any MP3s. Now it is saying that the restricted extras package is already loaded but I still can't add any MP3s.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Does VLC Use GStreamer Codecs

Mar 29, 2011

If not, can I uninstall those plugins without issues? I don't use any other media player.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: How To Install Multimedia Codecs

Aug 15, 2011

I am trying to install missing codecs to my openSUSE 11.4.I found this.How to Install Multimedia Codecs in Linux - Softpedia.I downloaded file all-20110131.tar.bz2.There is no instructions where to download this file so i downloaded to /home/downloads.Before i use this i have a question - is this install all required codecs?I need codecs to play mkv, mp4, H264(x264), avi, no DVD

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Ubuntu :: How To Install Multimedia Codecs In Lubuntu

Jun 15, 2010

How to install multimedia codecs in Lubuntu?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Kaffeine - How To Know What Codecs Missing

Jun 25, 2010

I just installed kaffeine using "apt-get install". I have been using kaffeine for several years, but it seems that on this installation kaffeine installed without codecs! When trying to play a movie using kaffeine, nothing happens. It is a well-known problem that kaffeine does not give error messages when the codecs don't work (just google the problem. Anyhow, since kaffeine does not tell what codec it is missing I do not know how to solve this problem. What are the names of the kaffeine codecs?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Codecs For Commercial DVDs?

Dec 16, 2010

I am unable to play commercial DVDs on an Ubuntu laptop.I have a fairly new Lenovo 4151 laptop. It came with Windows 7 Premium but I have replaced that with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid. (Actually, a friend helped me do that.) I would like to play commercial DVD's on it.Movie Player says it need a plugin but is unable to find on on the web. "No packages with the requested plugins found." "The requested plugins are: DVD Source"

So I installed VLC Media Player and it won't play the DVD either. It presents me with a host of files, none of which it will play.I would like to stay with 10.04 if possible because I want to give this lap-top to my sister and I would like her to have an LTS distro, so she doesn't have to upgrade for a long time.My supposition is that I need to add a source for additional codecs and install them.I did search these forums (fora?) for codec, but didn't find anything appropriate. I'm not so familiar with this, so I may have missed something.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Authentication For Downloading MP3 Codecs

Jan 13, 2011

I wanted to listen to some of my MP3's to see if they worked. So I double-clicked on one of them and got a message saying "search for suitable plugin?"

I clicked on "search." It then searches plugin packages and tells me to select the packages for installation. The available packages are:


I checked off all of them and then clicked "install." I then get a window to "confirm installation of restricted software." I click on confirm and then get a window saying "authenticate to install or remove software, you need to authenticate" and it asks for a password. I'm assuming they mean my login password. I enter my password and click "authenticate" but then nothing happens. The password entry space goes away but the authenticate window remains. I don't know if I'm supposed to manually close it after clicking authenticate. But I tried that. What happens when I close the "authenticate" window is that another window appears saying "applying changes" but then I get a message saying "requires installation of untrusted packages. The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources." The details lists these: gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp3 gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly liba52-0.7.4 libavcodec52 libavformat52 libavutil50 libdvdnav4 libdvdread4 libgsm1 libid3tag0 libmad0 libmpeg2-4 liboil0.3 libopencore-amrnb0 libopencore-amrwb0 libpostproc51 libschroedinger-1.0-0 libsidplay1 libswscale0 libtwolame0 libva1 libvpx0

If I click on ok. Another window appears saying: "none of the selected packages were installed."

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Codecs To Watch Movies?

Jan 21, 2011

I am using Ubuntu remix 10.10 When I try and watch a movie on there I get an error message I know these movies work because I am able to watch them on my other laptop with Ubuntu 9.10

On 9.10 when I want to watch a movie it will give me an error but will also ask if I want to download the codecs to make it work On 10.10 it dont give me the option to get the codecs, I only get the error

how to fix this so that I can watch movies on 10.10

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Safe To Install Package With More Codecs?

Apr 13, 2011

Found this [URL] supposed to be from the mplayer project. This seems to contain more codecs than in the codec32 package in medibuntu. I am wondering if this is safe to install.

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Ubuntu :: External DVD Drive Vanishes From List On Inserting Media?

Jan 20, 2010

I just bought an external USB DVD (ASUS SDRW-08D15-U) to use on a Kubuntu-based LinuxMCE system. The idea is to set up the computer in the basement and to retain the ability to play DVDs on the 2nd floor home theater. Unfortunately the DVD would not play movies, music, or show files when connected to the Kubuntu/LinuxMCE machine. I tested the drive on my windows laptop and it worked fine. Then I connected it to my Ubuntu desktop machine and got the same behavior as on the MCE machine.

This leads me to believe that my hardware is functioning fine, but I have an Ubuntu/Kubuntu issue. I figure if I can get the drive to work on my Ubuntu desktop, then I can apply the fix to my MCE machine. I opened the Palimpsest Disk Utility (System>Administration>Disk Utility) and saw my internal DVD listed (ASUS DRW-1612BL). When I hot-plugged the external DVD it appeared underneath the internal drive. But here is the strange part - when I insert any type of media into the external drive it Vanishes from the list, accompanied by a repetitive pattern of clicking and whirring noises. Very mysterious.

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