Ubuntu :: HUGE Syslog And Daemon.log Files?

Jul 25, 2010

I have a 60GB partition with / and home on it. I logged on yesterday and it gave me a warning saying that I had only 1.9 GB of disk space left. I ignored it for a day and assumed that i had too many videos and pics.But the next day i had not added any files or downloaded any software but i had 0B left. I used the disk usage analyser and found that 33GBs came from /var/log. It was from two log files. syslog and daemon.log 16.5GB each!! I opened them up and i found that this line of text was repeated hnundreds of thousands of times.

Jul 22 19:32:36 aulenback-desktop ntfs-3g[5315]: Failed to decompress file: Value too large for defined data type


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OpenSUSE Install :: Syslog Files Accumulating Searching For Setting To Delete Old Syslog Files?

Oct 7, 2010

I noticed in my system that my root partition is getting full. I found a lot of old compacted syslogfiles. Had a look at etc/sysconfig editor eg cron but could not find a setting which allows to delete files older than a month. Where and how could I influence this ? I deleted manually all syslog files older than a month. Approx 6GB

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General :: Windows Syslog Daemon Disabled / Only Client Is Active

May 20, 2010

I set up rsyslog for the first time on my sole Linux server (Debian Lenny), and I am using one PC to test it over the next few days. I currently have the Windows syslog daemon disabled so only the client is active.Before I recommend using it to collect logs from our production servers, has anyone heard of or had any problems with Syslog for Windows (URL...) running on XP/2003/etc? From what I've read is that since it sends the data over the network using UDP instead of TCP or an NFS mount, there should be no potential for problems.

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Ubuntu :: Huge /var/log Files

Jul 7, 2011

So I noticed today that my machines root hard drive had almost no space on it.

I did a disk usage analyzer and I found out my var/log folder is 95GB.

The large logs are:

can I just delete them? also how can I stop this from happening again?

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Ubuntu :: Delete HUGE Log Files?

Nov 19, 2010

how can i delete my log files? They are 131.2 GB! And i need space on my pc . And is it ok to delete it ?

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Ubuntu :: Moving A Huge Amount Of Files?

Jul 27, 2011

i have about 2 TB of 700mb avi files as data on disc want to spread it across two 2TB ext usb drives (sata 3.5 inside the housing) obviously i have to rip them to the laptop and then move to the ext hdd (omg laborious little task) am i better doing the ripping in meerkat or in a windows machine? files need to be accessible by W7, XP, and meerkat to vlc player. what should i format the discs to?

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Ubuntu :: Md5sum - Fast Way To Verify Huge Files

Oct 29, 2010

I'm looking for a fast way to verify a copy of a folder with 150Gigs of data, in 33 files. Some of the files are a few kb, while a few are 20-30Gigs. I've done a file count, which is quick, but doesn't verify that all the files are intact. I tried running md5sum on them, which works, but will probably take as long as copying the files in the first place. Diff works too, but is slow too.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Opening Huge Wave Files?

Jun 24, 2011

I have a wav file bigger than 8GB. i recorded it on a windows PC. unfortunately wav files cant be bigger than 2GB. somehow i got a file that is almost 9GB. I tried to chop the file under ubuntu into smaller pieces to open it part by part. i used gnome split to divide the file and made 10 parts out of it. now i have these parts of the data which i cant read with no program except for gnome split to merge them together again - which would only bring me to the beginning of my problem. so my question is: is there any other way to open/ split&open a wav file of that size or maybe a way to open the splitted file partially?

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Debian :: 8.0 Jessie - Var Log Files Getting Huge

Jan 29, 2016

I installed Debian on my laptop and now I had warning that my log files inside var are getting out of hands...Following files...

36G daemon.log
48G daemon.log.1
41G kern.log
55G kern.log.1
31G messages
42G messages.1
8.2G syslog
17G syslog.1

How can I clear this and set up properly so they don't take so much space?

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Slackware :: Huge.s No Header Files ?

Feb 12, 2011

I've started using the huge.s kernel and when i try to compile packages slackware complains about kernel headers but all i see is the smp header files on the slackware discs ?

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Ubuntu :: Tail Log Files To Syslog?

Mar 23, 2011

Is there a way to tail a log file and send each line as a syslog event to a remote server?

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Ubuntu :: Determined That A Huge Amount Of Disk Space Is Being Taken Up By Files In /var/log/?

May 18, 2010

I examined the problem, and determined that a huge amount of disk space is being taken up by files in /var/log/ The following files:


are all over 1 GB in size. The largest is 18 GB. Together, they total 48.3 GB. I restarted the system, forcing a fsck.

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Ubuntu :: General Software For Viewing Huge .txt Files (over 10 Megas)

May 19, 2010

Is there any software in Linux to view huge .txt files, say, over 10 megas? I'm now using default "gedit", version 2.28.0, which seems to not be able to open huge .txt files. It's the same case for Windows default .txt browser, but in Windows, "Win Word" seems to work fine. software under Linux to browse huge .txt files?

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Ubuntu :: /var/log Files Are Huge; Mounting Large Hard Drives?

Oct 9, 2010

syslog, messages and kern.log are incredibly huge files that are taking up a lot of space on my hard drive. Is it safe to remove them and/or to reduce logging so it doesn't take such an enormous amount of hard disk memory? If so, how can I reduce the logging so it doesn't produce logs that are 10s of GB in size?Also, mounting a drive places it into the folder /media. Will it become problematic if the size of the mounted drive exceeds the amount of free space available on my Ubuntu partition?

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Ubuntu :: 10.4 Making HUGE Log Files--running Out Of Disk Space?

Feb 2, 2011

I started getting errors about running out of disk space in root this morning. I hunted up what's taking all the space; var/log is 39GB (Ubuntu is installed on a 50G partition.) It's specific files that live in that directory, not subfolders. The files are:

kern.log = 11.6 GB
messages (plain text file) = 11.4 GB
kern.log.1 = 6.1 GB


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Ubuntu :: Libreoffice Writer Or Natty Produce Huge Files

May 3, 2011

I do monthly reports by copying the previous document, update the text and change the images. The images are the same size and numbers each months. Since last month I upgraded my laptop to Natty and suddenly my document went from 942 kB to 10.1 MB in .odt. When saving to PDF the usual size of 472 went up to 1.9 MB. I have searched the net and the forums but haven't seen anything about a similar issue.

I'm not sure if it's an issue that is from the previous document being produced in Open Office and now updated and saved in Libreoffice. Or if it's somehow something to do with the upgrade from Maverick to Natty. I would hope I don't have to uninstall Libreoffice and install Open Office as a solution (which I understand is not entirely easy in Natty, something I read about Open Office being transitional to Libre). I can't email simple documents to customers that's over 10 MB large...

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Ubuntu :: Should Mediatomb Generate 3 Separate Of Huge Log Files With 5gb Of Data

Jul 4, 2011

I streamed video through a my computer with mediatomb yesterday. The problem is that now, I got these huge log files. I am running out of memory (less than 1 gb left) as we speak. They're filled with ufw entries, but my question is:

I read somewhere about a program called logrotate that were supposed to keep logs from getting to big, is this wrong and should mediatomb generate 3 separate log files with 5gb of data each for just 2 hours of streaming?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Can't Find Any Huge Files In That Filesystem

Dec 22, 2010

I am facing a strange problem in my server, One of my filesystem shows as 3.1G when I execute df -h command and the utilization shows as 83%, but when I cd to the directory /usr/local I could not find any huge files in that filesystem and I have searched for hidden files as well,

groupserver:~ # df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda9 3.1G 2.5G 532M 83% /usr/local
groupserver:/usr/local # du -sh *
0 bin
93M abinav


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Ubuntu Servers :: Deleted Log Files Taking Up Huge Disk Space?

Sep 7, 2010

My /var/ partition continues to fill up on all my servers, and it is because the logs in /var/log/apache2 or /var/log/mysql are being deleted during log rotate, but their file handles are being held open. Thus, a "du -sh /var/log" shows the correct values, but "df | grep /var" shows something much different.

It seems that the log files rotate, however if I run "lsof | grep deleted" it returns lots of files that are no longer visible in the directory, however refuse to clear themselves off the disk.

The only way I have found to make these log files go away (and thus clear up the disk space on the partition I should have) is to restart either apache or mysql, depending on which process has huge sized log files being held open.

Is it just me, or is this a big flaw in the way linux works, that it can't figure out how to release file handle for a log so the disk space can be reclaimed? This is happening to me a lot lately.

Here is some output from one of my web servers so you can see what I am seeing...

root@web49:~# df -h | grep /var$
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda8 9.2G 6.1G 2.7G 70% /var
root@web49:~# du -sh /var


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Slackware :: Create The Huge.s Kernel Files On The Disks?

Apr 12, 2010

how to create the huge.s kernel files on the slackware disks? or at least direct me to a post if there is the same question. I currently rsync my files to Alien BOB's script, and i use syslinux to install from my usb stick. i was wanting to install using a later kernel just for testing purposes. (i.e 2.6.34-rc3 as of this writing)

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General :: Best Open Source Syslog Server / Syslog-ng Which Is Not Fulfiling Requirement?

Dec 11, 2010

I am looking for an open source syslog server which accumulate the each and every log of Windows, Solaris, Linux and network devices. Currently I am using Syslog-ng which is not fulfiling my requirement in Windows clients, as I need the logs of every action which user performed after logon.

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Software :: Need To Transfer Huge Number Of Files - Good FTP Program?

Oct 26, 2009

I need to transfer some massive amount of data (2.5terrabyte, many files, directory structure) to a embedded raid-box which has a minimal linux on it (some custom distro from western digital). We tried rsync (version 2.6.7), but it crashes because the filelist is too big for the ram available (fixed in later versions of rsync, but I don't know how to update, it's not debian based and there are no compiler tools). We tried nfs, but the max bandwidth produced is around 1 mb/sec (cpu bound?), so it'd take around 3 weeks this way. Samba has problems with big files (and we have some 20gb files in there).

SCP isn't installed, and would probably also be cpu bound due to encryption I think. So the only option left would be ftp, we're currently trying using ncftp with the command "put -R /path/to/data/" , but it's been running for over an hour, eating up most of the ram, and not using any bandwidth. I think it is still building a file list or something. FTP already worked for a single 20gb file with acceptable bandwidth of about 12mb/sec. Does anyone know a better ftp program (for console) that can start transferring some data or at least display an estimated time for the copy-preperation?

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Programming :: Efficient Access Of Huge Files Or Defrag Ext4?

Sep 30, 2010

I need to figure out how to arrange for the fastest-possible read-access of a large or huge memory-mapped file. I'm writing high-speed real-time object-chasing software for a NASA telescope (on earth). This software must detect images of fast moving objects (across arbitrary fields of fixed stars), estimate what direction and speed the object image is traveling (based on the length and direction of a streak on the detection image), then chase after the object while capturing new 4Kx4K pixel images every 2~5 seconds, quickly matching its speed and trajectory, then continue to track and capture images until the object vanishes (below horizon, into earth shadow, etc).

I have created two star "catalogs". Both contain the same 1+ billion stars (and other objects), but one is a "master catalog" that contains all known information about each object (128 bytes per object == 143GB) while the other is a "nightly build" that only contains the information necessary to perform the real-time process (32 bytes per object == 36GB) with object positions precisely updated for precession and proper-motion each night. Almost always the information in the "nightly build" catalog will be sufficient for the high-speed (real-time) processes.


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General :: Why Scanning 10 Pages Is Always Creating Huge >45Mb To 110Mb PDF Files

Jan 9, 2011

Please why my scanning is always creating huge 50Mb to 100Mb PDF files ?Each A4 Pnm file is of 6.5Mbytes by resolution of 150.If I decrease the resolution lower than 100, then it starts to be unreadable my text ...

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Server :: Possible To Open Log Files Of Other Software In Syslog?

May 12, 2009

Can syslog be used to "watch" other log-Files from other software? I would like to get an info in messages if a logfile of squid is changed/something is added.

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Server :: Uses Of Syslog Configuration Files In System?

May 20, 2010

In my system, I see two syslog configuration files, /etc/rsyslog.conf and /etc/syslog.conf.. What is the use of each file? I know only that of /etc/syslog.conf...how about /etc/rsyslog.conf? what is its use?

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Server :: Syslog-NG Macros - Make The Log Files ?

Mar 18, 2010

I am currently using Syslog-NG to make the log files in the format of: $R_YEAR$R_MONTH$R_DAY$R_HOUR and I need to be a little more granular.

I am wondering if there is a way to to divide the hour by 12, making a new log file every 5 minutes. We have been using LogRotate, but when Syslog-NG is restarted we have some data loss. Is this possible? Another solution I can think of would be to add $R_MINUTE (or whatever it is) and run a cron job every 5 minutes to concatenate the files.

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General :: Syslog Allow Organizing Stored Simple Log Files

Sep 15, 2010

Syslog is used to store simple log files or we can manage them too? Well, the thing is, that I need to run a software (like syslog) to collect my logs and put them in order and organize them so it makes them "understandable". I have been told that syslog can do the job and that it doesn't need a complex configuration to work.

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CentOS 5 :: Replacing Syslog With Syslog-ng?

May 5, 2009

trying to replace syslog with syslog-ng. When I:

yum erase syslog,

wants to remove everything else that (presumably) has syslog as a dependency. how do I replace the dependency on syslog with a dependency on syslog-ng?

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Programming :: Setting The Umask To 0, Have Full Access To The Files Generated By The Daemon?

Jan 7, 2011

To create a daemon, you need to execute these 2 lines (among others):Code: init log
umask 0 What do each of these do?I didn't find anything on the 1st line. (The queries returned mostly "the log of the init (process)".)Google cast some light on the 2nd line: By setting the umask to 0, we will have full access to the files generated by the daemon. Even if you aren't planning on using any files, it is a good idea to set the umask here anyway, just in case you will be accessing files on the filesystem.

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