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Ubuntu :: "HDD Regenerator" Versus "Disk Utility"

Dist Utility says that my HDD has 65545 bad sectors I checked my HDD by "HDD Regenerator" and it reported no bad sector! which one is correct?

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General :: Windows 7 Disk Management Utility Doesn't Show Disk With Ext3 Partition
I have a 2 TB disk in an external SATA dock, formatted with a single ext3 (Linux) partition, which doesn't show up in the Windows 7 Computer Management->Disk Management utility, even as a raw/blank disk. I've verified that there's nothing wrong with the disk by connecting it to my Linux machine and mounting it, and I've verified that the dock is functioning properly by connecting a different FAT32-formatted disk, which mounts flawlessly as expected.I realize that I can't actually read the ext3 partition without additional software (e.g., Ext3IFS), but why doesn't the disk show up at all? Is there some sort of stupid anti-Linux filter built in? Is there any way to force Windows to recognize the disk, so that I can at the very least use direct block access with it?

Background: I want to clone an identical 2 TB disk onto this one. Due to my hardware layout, it's much easier to have the source disk attached to one machine and the destination disk connected to another, and do the clone over the network (the network is not a bottleneck with switched gigabit ethernet), than it is to hook them both up to one machine.(1) I did this once before when both machines were running Linux, but I've since upgraded the destination machine and decided to switch back to Windows for regular desktop use. I've got Cygwin installed, and have verified that the same basic method (dd + nc) will work, but I can't do anything if Windows doesn't even consider the destination disk to exist.I only have one eSATA port on each machine. Opening them up just to do this clone is a rather large annoyance. Also, since this is my backup disk, I'd like to eventually automate the cloning from the active disk to another one that I regularly swap with a third disk that I store off-site.

Posted: Oct 10 10 at 2:50

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General :: Disk Utility And Df Show Different Disk Space ?
I don't understand disk sizes in Linux. I have a 500GB drive. It's ext4. I have run "tune2fs -m 0" on it to reserve the amount of space reserved for root to 0.

I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 that comes with a Disk Utility. When I run "System->Administration->Disk Utility (palimpsest)" the disk shows up as 500GB (see picture). But when I run df -h it shows up as 459GB. So, I don't understand the discrepancy.

When I run df I get the following:

Question: Why is Disk Utility showing me something different than "df"?

Posted: 11-18-2010, 11:59 AM

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Ubuntu :: Disk Cloning With Clonzilla Versus DD
Is there any reason why is DD still prefer over clonezilla for disk cloning?

Posted: January 1st, 2010

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Fedora :: Keep Getting "A Hard Disk Is Failing" Warnings From The Disk Utility
I am on F15 32-bit with GNOME 3. I keep getting "A Hard Disk Is Failing" warnings from the Disk Utility, very frequently. Is this a serious issue? Because I knew this to be a bug in Palimpsest DU back in F13/14. Also how can I disable any notifications from this application?

Posted: 8th June 2011, 11:05 AM

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Ubuntu :: Disk Imaging Utility ?
I'm searching for a GUI disk imager, something, that will be the GUI front end for dd. Ghost4Linux G4L is not an option, I want to be able to make security backups of my USB thumb drives, CDs, DVDs...

Posted: March 29th, 2011

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Ubuntu :: LVM With Palimpsest Disk Utility
I'm working on setting up a new NAS. I installed Karmic desktop on a 160 GB HD using the default settings.

Now I've added three 1TB drives and want to make them a RAID-5 array with LVM on that, and 1 ext4 partition. I want to use LVM so I can add drives and expand the array later.

So far I've been using Disk Utility (Palimpsest Disk Utility) and it's been great! A wonderful addition to Karmic! I got the RAID-5 array setup with no problems using disk utility. So now I have a 2000 GB raid-5 array setup in Disk Utility and I need to get LVM setup.

Problem is: I don't see any sign of LVM in Disk Utility. I've been googling all night and I can't find any documentation for setting up LVM in Disk Utility, just people saying that it's supported.

I tried installing the lvm2 package, rebooting, and then looking around again. No luck.

So, what am I missing? Should there be LVM options in Disk Utility? Where is it? Is there a better/easier way to configure lvm?

Posted: April 3rd, 2010

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Disk Utility Not Working ?
I cannot get the Disk Utility to launch, when I click the icon the cursor rotates and stops but nothing happens.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the Disk Utility, still not working.

I have three HDDs and many partitions. I multi boot Linux, Win 7 and Win XP.

All OS's boot cleanly using EasyBCD boot loader.

It did not work in 10.04 or 10.10.

Posted: 05-02-2011

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Ubuntu :: RAID Via Disk Utility?
Has anybody ever used Disk Utility to set up software RAID? Here I am running terminal commands (I'm a terminal junkie) and I just happen to stumble across instructions that indicate "Or you can just set it up through Disk Utility."

Sure enough in disk utility, it looks like all of the configurable options are there. It makes me wonder, though... is this kind of GUI functionality something that isn't really solid? Or does it operate predictably and effectively?

Posted: July 20th, 2011

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Ubuntu :: Raid 5 In Disk Utility?
point me in the direction to get a step by step guide to setting up a Raid 5 using the Disk Utility and 3 spare drives? I have the main OS files on a 80gig drive and I would like to mount the 3 drives as Raid 5.Just shooting in the dark now.. Screen shot is attached. [URL]...

Posted: July 17th, 2010

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General :: Monitor Disk Reads Versus Writes?
We are graphing various system parameters using Cacti. One of our graphs shows hard drive reads and writes. A question came up: why do we need this graph?

Posted: Jul 2 10 at 1:45

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 64 Bits: Mounting With Disk Utility
I have an annoying problem with the Gnome disk utility. Whenever I want to mount a file system it is mounted as a removable disk in /media. For instance if I want to mount a raid array /dev/md0 to a mountpoint /music it is mounted as /media/music. That's not how I want it, I want it to be mounted to the desired mountpoint which is located directly on the root.

Posted: 05-15-2010, 01:39 AM

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Ubuntu :: Disk Utility Will Not Format Drive
Right clicking on a drive will format the drive but Disk Utility 2.30.1 included with Ubuntu 10.10 will not format the drive and says the drive is busy.

Posted: November 24th, 2010

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Ubuntu :: Disk Utility - Expand Array
When I use disk utility to expand my RAID array it creates a partition on my 1.5TB drive which it would like to add to the RAID 5.

However, none of the drive existing on the RAID are partitioned so what I think has happened is the partition itself has created a difference of about 2 million bytes smaller than the others and thus unable to add the component.

How can I specify the exact bytes for my hard drive partition so that I can add this to the array?

Posted: August 31st, 2010

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Ubuntu :: Erase The Partition By Disk Utility?
i erase the partition of ubuntu by disk utility in mac oswhen i restart my laptop and select windows os partition but windows os not bootingand the screen show to meerror: no such partition.

Posted: May 17th, 2010

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Ubuntu :: Create Usb Flash Hdd Regenerator For Testing Hdds
I whant to know,is HDD Regenerator for linux? I completely at linux and sometimes i need to create usb flash hdd regenerator for testing hdds.

Posted: 4 Weeks Ago

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Ubuntu :: Command To Install Disk Utility App In Kubuntu?
What is the command to install Disk Utility Ubuntu app in Kubuntu?

Posted: November 9th, 2010

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Ubuntu Installation :: Disk Utility Doesn't Work?
I found it is impossible to format partition during Ubuntu 10.04 installation.
My storage configuration is as following. 1TB (500GB X 2) AHCI RAID 0 (it is said fake raid) and covers below 4 partitions.

/dev/mapper/pdc_dgbbagea1 9621688 5872752 3260168 65% /
/dev/mapper/pdc_dgbbagea4 945587172 95673304 802259056 11% /home
/dev/mapper/pdc_dgbbagea3 9698380 1363364 7846240 15% /opt
Partition 2 is swap partition and root partition is ext3 original.

Since there is no enough space for upgrading, I try to format root partition and install a complete pure new OS. After I booting up system from Live or Alternative disk, I try to switch root partition from file system ext3 to ext4 and format it. However, Formating process always get failed after couple trying. Even I quit installation and use tools "Disk Utility" to check and adjust partition information. It reports device is busy.

Posted: June 28th, 2010

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Ubuntu :: Damaged Partition With Palimpsest Disk Utility?
I have a HDD with OS Win with three partitions NTFS.I installed Ubuntu 10.10 on new partition, and I left the old partitions on the disk, because there are a lot of my personal data.When I was looking for how to mount partitions on startup, I was fortuitously to Palimpsest Disk Utility selecting the checkbox on sda2 as a boot, and apply. But I saw that it was wrong and took the check back. And after this was damaged NTFS on the partition sda2. Windows shows the partition as RAW.

Posted: December 8th, 2010

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Ubuntu Servers :: Start The RAID Using "Disk Utility?
My system locked up while copying files last night. My RAID array will not start. I did verify my UUID's. (Lesson learned.) I do not understand a few things.1. Why do different drives show "active sync" on different drives? 2. Why does "Disk Utility" tell me the RAID is not running and when I try to assemble the RAID, mdadm returns: mdadm: device /dev/md0 already active - cannot assemble itWhen I try to start the RAID using "Disk Utility":

Error assembling array: mdadm exited with exit code 1: mdadm: cannot open device /dev/sdd1: Device or resource busy
mdadm: /dev/sdd1 has no superblock - assembly aborted
So, I examine sdd1:
sudo mdadm -E /dev/sdd1


Posted: May 5th, 2011

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Ubuntu Security :: Secure Is Encryption Via Disk Utility (palimpsest)?
I encrypted a harddisk via Disk Utiluty. What alogythm is it encrypted by now? Is it safe? What should I be aware about?

Posted: January 18th, 2010

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General :: Best Graphical Disk Space Explorer Utility For Ubuntu?
what is the best disk space explorer utility for linux?

I want to see folder wise size graphically, which folder has taken how much disk space.

Posted: Mar 26 10 at 4:49

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General :: Used The Disk Utility To Edit The Partitions ?
I was on Ubuntu 10.04 I used the Disk Utility to edit the partitions.

Here is the table it's showing:

Here I deleted 79 GB patition from FAT32 to NTFS and deleted 50 GB space that was ext4 partition where SUSE was residing the bootloader was of SUSE that was working using the same utility.

After that with a live cd of ubuntu I tried to recover the grub but there was no file. Later I found the partition table absent.

The utility shows above table but Gparted shows only 500GB free space without any partition. Please help can't loose all the data.

I can access the partitions in live environment I can't even install a fresh OS because It also shows 500GB unallocated space.

Posted: 01-11-2011, 10:43 AM

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Ubuntu :: Palimpsest Disk Utility Unable To Read SMART Status
Palimpsest Disk Utility was working fine able to read the SMART status of my hard drives till I rebooted my machine. After rebooting Palimpsest Disk Utility reports SMART is not available. Any way to get it to start working again?

Posted: April 14th, 2010

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Software :: Command Line Disk Partition Utility ?
Before I go off and write a new one, does anyone know of a good command line disk partition utility that works better than "parted"?

Posted: 01-10-2011, 02:19 PM

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