Slackware :: Audacious 2.3 Doesn't Play AAC+-Stream?

Oct 24, 2010

I was trying to hear a webradio that streams in AAC+ with Audacious. (see: [URL].. I didn't work. So I searched the web and found this Thread: [URL]...-4-3-a-808167/ I installed faad2 from and rebuild Audacious from Slackware's ftp server -> [URL]...xap/audacious/ But Audacious still doesn't play that stream. Here is the "tail" of the strace output:


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Slackware :: Audacious Can't Play Apple Lossless?

Apr 3, 2010

I was experimenting with some .m4a files today (apple lossless) and I was trying to play them through audacious and I keep getting "Unsupported Audio track type" even though it has a apple lossless codec. Nevermind I got it, it was the m4a plugin conflicting with the apple lossless plugin, I just disabled the m4a plugin and it works now.

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Slackware :: KDE4 Can Only Play One Audio Stream

Apr 2, 2010

Every KDE4 application seems to take over the sound card. If I'm playing a song in Amarok and launch Dragon Player, the song stops. If I'm playing a song in an xterm using "mplayer -ao alsa" and then launch Dragon Player, the song stops. Most annoying of all, if I'm playing music in _anything_ and then a notification sounds in Kopete, the music stops.However, if I launch two xterms and play two different MP3s by running "mplayer -ao alsa" in each one, both songs play. So software mixing is working with my sound card.

This made me wonder if KDE is outputting music through OSS instead of ALSA. Well, KDE's audio backend is set to xine, and xine is outputting through ALSA. Under System Settings->Multimedia->Audio Ouput, the only devices I see.

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Fedora :: Audacious-2.4.3 In F14 Cannot Play Monkey Audio APE

Jan 31, 2011

Whereas former 2.4.0 can. I just find that audacious says it cannot decode *.ape after upgrade from repository. Here are what I installed relates to audacious and its plug-ins,

[jzhai@jzhai-t400 ~]$ rpm -qa| grep audacious


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Make Audacious Stream Music From "server"

Jan 6, 2010

In my home network i have installed NSLU2 in my router , and the hard drives have all my music stored in them. When i try to open a music file with RhythmBox everything its fine. But when i open them with audacious nothing happens. I can play music files that are stored in my laptop , but not from my hard drive from NSLU2.

I have ubuntu 8.10 installed.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: GStreamer Broken Rythmbox And Songbird Wont Play But Audacious Does?

Mar 17, 2011

My Rythmbox and SongBird when I click a mp3 the fan goes into over drive and the mp3 song play timer goes up in three's and doesn't play any audio. But I can play the mp3 files in Audacious.

I have gstreamer installed and I can do gstreamer-properties and its setup right for alsa. Whats going on with Songbird and Rythmbox?

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Slackware :: Can't Play Movies In VLC - Doesn't Support Audio Or Video Format XVID

Feb 23, 2011

I like this linux distribution more than the others that i have used, because is more stable for my work. But there are some little problems that I can't solve. I'm using it with a laptop HP G60 and i can run OpenOffice, Mozilla and some other programs (python, grass, qgis) that used for work at the office, but when I go home and want to watch a movie with my girl, listen some music or any other simple task, i find a lot of little problems:

1. Adjust the bright of the screen, the Power Management Guidance don't do it and I really need it.

2. Can't play movies in VLC "No suitable decoder module. VLC does not support the audio or video format XVID. Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this"

3. And today I can't play music because there is a message "KDE detected that one or more internal sound devices were removed" this is: Output HDA Intel, INTEL HDMI 0 (HDMI Audio Output)

I know maybe these problems are stupid but in windows is easier to fix them. I'm tired of search in google because i just find solved problems for Ubuntu and it takes a lot of time.

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Slackware :: Clementine Doesn't Play Streams -> "Couldn't Create Gstreamer Source Element For <url?

Nov 8, 2010

since I had to re-install Slackware 13.1 on my netbook and I have now build Clementine on it. I can hear webstreams on my main machine, also running Slackware 13.1 and Clementine 0.5.When I try to play a stream I get this error message in the console:Quote:Couldn't create gstreamer source element for <streamURL>

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Slackware :: Upgrade Audacious In -current?

Jan 2, 2011

Is there any chance we'll see the newer version of Audacious (2.4.2) in -current, or is it too late in the day? If I get time, I may try building it on my -current install.

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Ubuntu :: Multimedia Keys Doesn't Work With Qmmp/Audacious?

Oct 15, 2010

I use Ubuntu 10.04 32 bits and I have one keyboard Logitech Comfort Wave 450 with some multimedia keys (PLAY/PAUSE, VOLUME UP/DOWN, MUTE,.This multimedia keys works well in Rhythmbox but in Qmmp and Audacious2 doesn't. I explain this: Start my Gnome session. I open Qmmp/Audacious with one playlist charged, I press PLAY/PAUSE in my keyboard, but Qmmp/Audacious doesn't play. Close Qmmp/Audacious. I open again Qmmp/Audacious and now, when I press PLAY/PAUSE, it works! It also works if I open Rhythmbox before to open Qmmp/Audacious.

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Slackware :: .audacious Wont Add .wav Files To The Playlist?

May 15, 2009

I run slackware 12.1 and audacious wont add .wav files to the playlist. This means it just wont play them. Why is that? Is there a way to fix this?

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Hardware :: When Using Dmix Not Able To Play The Stream?

Jan 26, 2010

I should mention that the card actually works and I am able to play sound through all the different out pouts, analog, Adat etc. But what I am not able to do is to use the 8 channels digital adat outputs in 4 separate stereo channels.

If I try configuring my asound.conf with 4 direct pcm devices:

pcm.stereo1 {
type plug
ttable.0.0 1
ttable.1.1 1
slave.pcm "hw:0,0"


but when using dmix i am not able to play evan one of the stream, and the I receive an error saying:

ALSA lib pcm_direct.c:978:(snd1_pcm_direct_initialize_slave) unable to install hw params
ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:1022:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to initialize slave
aplay: main:608: audio open error: Device or resource busy

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Debian Multimedia :: Can't Play BBC Stream On Smplayer

Apr 20, 2015

I can't play a bbc radio stream on smplayer. Where do I start?

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Fedora X86/64bit :: 14 Cannot Play More Than 1 Multicast Stream

Aug 17, 2011

I have a project to run simultaneously up to 8 video streams, from a pool of about 100 multicast cameras, and display them on 4 monitors. The PC I am using is a brand-new dual CPU 4-core Intel Xeon E5620 2.40GHz, Intel S5520SCR motherboard, 8GB memory and nvidia Quadro NVS 450 graphics. It's running Fedora 14 64-bit and outputs on 2x2 LCD monitors using Xinerama. So far, so good.

Playing a single video stream from any camera works fine. The problem is that, when I open a 2nd media player window with the purpose of playing other camera, all those two video windows play a single stream. It doesn't matter which camera stream I opened first, as soon as I open a 2nd stream, both windows show the same stream (either the first, or the second, at what seems to be a random choice). Further, a 3rd or a 4th video window will also play the same stream. In other words, one stream sort of "contaminates" all the other streaming windows to play that particular stream only. The problem remains the same even when the following changes are applied:

- graphics driver: nvidia or nouveau;
- video player: vlc or mplayer;
- number of active monitors: 4, 2 or 1.

I am really puzzled because, on the same computer, Windows XP SP3 32-bit runs beautiful. I can smoothly play up to 12 video streams and some computer applications, simultaneously. I cannot believe that an obsolete OS such as Windows XP can outperform by a long shot Fedora 14 64-bit in video streaming projects. Just doesn't make sense.

Note: I have also tested Windows 7 64-bit, it also runs multiple video streams in parallel without any problems, but Win 7 has issues that XP is free of (such as graphics output glitching every few seconds).

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Ubuntu :: Play A Video Stream Of .mov Format?

Jul 17, 2010

I'm finding it very difficult to play a video stream of .mov format. The Totem Media player gives me an error : GstDecodeBin2: This appears to be a text file

Even Real Media Player for linux is giving me an error: General error: HXR_CORRUPT_FILE (0x80040091)

Even VLC hangs on trying to play it.

(BTW the file isnt corrupt though, its apple's last night's iphone press conference from their official website - [URL])

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Play (not Stream) Music From NAS

Feb 9, 2011

I have a NAS set up (ubuntu server 10.04) which contains all my music. But when I play music from it, I can not see how long the song is and I can not skip to a specific time in the song. When I play video, all works well.

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Fedora :: Can't Play Windows Media Stream In Firefox?

Nov 7, 2009

I have Fedora 11 and I cannot play a windows media stream in Firefox. E.g. from this site I cannot view trailers in Windows Media Format but I can using Real Player. When I select Windows Media Stream, all I see is a black window in place of video.

I have installed following plugins in Firefox, DivX Browser Plug-in (Geko Media Player 0.9.8), MozPlugger 1.12.1, gecko-mediaplayer 0.9.8, VLC Multimedia Plug-in 1.0.3.

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Software :: Play Quicktime Stream - Can't Find Plug-in

May 19, 2010

I want to play a Quicktime stream and can't figure it out. When I try to play it either in Firefox or Movie Player, it says I need a text/html decoder plugin, but doesn't find one from the autosearch. Downloaded Ubuntu Restricted Extras from the Software Center, but no luck (don't know if I'm supposed to "do" something after that). MPlayer doesn't work on my computer, and I've also downloaded Avidemux, thinking maybe I'd get the right codec or plugin, but again, no luck. I am on Ubuntu 10.04 on an Eee PC, if it makes a diff.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Radio Online Stream - Can't Find The Way To Play

Jun 14, 2010

I want to play this link: [url]

It's a radio online station and i can't find the way to play it

Ubuntu 10.04 with Media player vlc xmms xine.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Stream Videos Off The Internet But Amarok Can't Seem To Play Audio

Jun 17, 2010

I'm a new openSUSE 11.2 user and lately I've been getting repeated notifications from KDE saying that "the audio playback device HDA Intel(AD198x Analog) does not work" I get audio if I stream videos off the Internet but Amarok can't seem to play audio.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Dvd Drive Doesn't Play Store Bought But Does Play My Copies Of Them

Mar 10, 2010

After many days of trying to tweak Ubuntu 9.10 desktop i386. This subject will focus on my dvd drive. ...Here is what I have done, but I'm not sure what I did or still need to do, or to do different. ...

Basically the problem is, I can't play store bought DVDs, but I can play my copies of them.

When using MDPlayer that I added to Ubuntu, I can play the copies of my store bought DVDs, but not the originals. However, when using Ubuntu 9.10's movie player, it wont do anything and I'll have to do a force quit to close it.

I learned that this may because there is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution, as I'm sure you already knew.
...Yet, Most people have worked around these issues.

I came across the Medibuntu site: [url]

Running the Terminal, I added the bash command that adds Medibuntu's repositiry to Ubuntu. It also adds Medibuntu's GPG key to the keyring.
(The sudo wget - etc etc etc --quiet update)

Then I jumped down to the... "This command should be run in the Terminal, after adding the repository:" ...And did that. (sudo sed -e 's/ etc etc etc /medibuntu.list)

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Software :: Totem Won't Play Ripped .wavs - GStreamer Encountered A General Stream Error

Apr 20, 2010

Hello. I use dvd::rip 0.98.10 to create .wav sound files from DVDs and then play them in Totem Movie Player 2.28.2 (using GStreamer 0.10.25) mainly because I like the visualizations. It always used to work, but a recent batch will not play. I get: GStreamer encountered a general stream error. I probably used a more recent version of dvd::rip for the ones which don't play. Both MPlayer and VLC Media player plays them without a problem and older rips play fine in Totem too. The Audio/Video properties of a 'faulty' file (as shown in Nautilus) are greyed out for codec, channels etc., whereas a 'good' file shows Audio properties as Uncompressed 16-bit PCM audio etc., but running soxi on a good or bad file gives the same (good) results. I'd like to get this working, without doing anything to the .wavs preferably, so I guess I need to do something to Gstreamer, but I'm really not sure how to proceed. I'm using Linux Mint 8 64bit (rt kernel) and very nice it is too.

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Fedora :: Playing Mp3 With Songbird \ Message:"MediaCore Error: An Id3 Tag Demuxer Plugin Is Required To Play This Stream?

Oct 24, 2009

Fedora Core 11 and installed songbird via songbird wiki website.I want to play mp3 files with songbird (which is basically why i downloaded it cos i dont like amarok) but when i try to play a file, it gives this message:"MediaCore Error: An id3 tag demuxer plugin is required to play this stream, but not installed"i searched a lot on web but couldnt find a solution

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Fedora :: 11 Multimedia - Video Players Doesn't Play Video - Show Only Black Window And Play Audio

Aug 23, 2009

To get multimedia working, or explain what I'm doing wrong.

The problem is that none of the video players doesn't play video, they show only black window and play audio.

I have Fedora 11 Leonidas, fully up-to-date.

I have installed rpmfusion and livna repository.

I have installed following packages:

When I try to play video with totem, it doesn't output any error, but just doesn't play video.
with mplayer:

xine and kaffeine just say:


I tried several different files, which works perfectly in windows and ubuntu.

I installed windows binary codecs for mplayer to /usr/lib/codec/

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Totem Firefox Plugin Doesn't Stream / What To Do?

May 6, 2010

I installed the greasemonkey script "..... without flash auto" to replace the ..... player with the default totem plug-in in firefox. The script is awesome because now I don't get bogged down with flash when watching ......

Everything works as expected, but the problem is that the plugin doesn't stream, I have to wait until the video finishes loading before I can play it. Ironically, if i don't use the plugin and directly open the video cache in /tmp with totem, it was able to play even when the video wasn't finished loading.

I am not sure if this is normal, but I find it a huge annoyance. Does anyone else running this script have the same problem? I don't know if it is the script, the plugin, or my configs in general. A push in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

im running Xubuntu 10.04 btw

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Ubuntu Servers :: Phar Stream Wrappers Doesn't Work?

Oct 16, 2010

I have a problem with phar: simply, stream wrappers doens't work. I've followed all tutorials on but the error is always the same. Maybe something wrong on my ubuntu server?


Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS / Apache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu)


PHP 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.5 with Suhosin-Patch (cli) (built: Sep 17 2010 13:41:55)
Copyright (c) 1997-2009 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.3.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2010 Zend Technologies


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Rhythmbox - When Doubleclick On A Song To Play, It Doesn't Play And Rhythmbox Quits?

Jan 31, 2011

Whenever I plug my Zune in, Rhythmbox recognizes all the songs on it but when I doubleclick on a song to play it, the song doesn't play and Rhythmbox quits. Any suggestions on how to fix it? I'm running a Dell XPS 410 with 4GB RAM and a 1.75 GHz processor.Also, I imported a CD and it plays fine.

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Slackware :: Stream The Flash-content With A Mediaplayer?

Jul 9, 2011

I don't like to use ff and I don't like flash, but sometimes I'd like to watch some video and unforunately they're most of the times flash-movies. At the moment I'm using cclive for some sites, but it only supports a few websites. For the rest I try to find the movie in the source-code. Does anyone know a way to stream the flash-content with a mediaplayer? I remember a daemon (used with dmenu) which is doing this, but I forgot the name and as I remember it only worked for ..... and the ones....

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Slackware :: Stream Video Over Samba Shares?

Nov 4, 2010

How do I get samba shares to work in Dolphin without having to download the entire file before VLC loads it? I just want to watch a movie from my samba share, and it won't just stream the file.

I've tried installing Smb4k from, but it doesn't seem to be working correctly either.

Is there anything like gvfs-smb for KDE?

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Fedora :: DVD Doesn't Play ?

Jul 30, 2011

This is about a DVD that I have that was recorded from a VCR tape, if that makes any difference. I've been trying to rip the DVD to my hard drive, without much luck. I just tried to play it, and I'm finding that I can't even do that, so maybe I need to put the horse in front of the cart and get playback working. The video has chapters, but no titles.

I've got Kaffiene, Movie Player,VLC and Xine. I've gotten livinia and followed the guide here:[url]

I have libdvdcss (I think that's what it's called). I ran"ln -sf /dev/scd1 /dev/dvd" per a post that leigh123linux gave.

Kaffiene shows " Cannot find plugin for MRL"dvd:///dev/sr0"

Xine shows "The stream "There is no MRL" uses an unsupported codec: video codec MPEG 1/2 (0x0) null"

Movie Player shows the opening frame as a thumbnail, but doesn't play it.

VLC seems to think it's a regular file.

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