Programming :: Macro To Get Base Address Register In Configuration Space?

Nov 21, 2010

I am trying to understand working of pci_resource_start function So I browsed code via cscope and searched for string pci_resource_start and got following in pci.h


#define pci_resource_start(dev, bar) ((dev)->resource[(bar)].start)

I am not able to understand how does this above macro works. How does it above macro gets appropriate base address register in configuration space?

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Security :: Address Space Randomization On 2.6.28-15-generic Ubuntu 9.04 - Finding Base Address?

Sep 14, 2009

Im an academic (university networks and security lecturer) studying/teaching network and operating system security, and inspired by the work of Hovav Shacham set about testing ASLR on linux. Principley I did this by performing a brute force buffer overflow attack on Fedora 10 and Ubuntu 9. I did this by writting a little concurrent server daemon which accidently on purpose didnt do bounds checking.

I then wrote a client to send it a malicious string brute forcing guessed addresses which caused a return-to-libc to the function usleep with a parameter of 16m causing a delay of 16 seconds as laid out in [URL] Once I hit the delay I new I had found the function and could calculate delta_mmap allowing me to create a standard chained ret-to-libc attack. All of that works fine. However .... To complete my understanding I am trying establish where I can find the standard base address for ubuntu 9 (and other distros) for the following, taken from Shacham:-



/proc/uid/maps gives me some information but not the base address ldd also gives me the randomised starting address for sections in the user address space but neither gives me the base address. Intrestingly ... when a run ldd with aslr on for over (about) 100 times and checked the start point of libc I determined that the last 3 (least significant) hex digits were always 0's and the fist 4 (most significant) where between 0xB7D7 and 0xB7F9. To me this indicated that bits 22-31 were fixed and bits 12-21 were randomized with bits 11-0 fixed. Although even that doesnt define the boundaries observed correctly.

Note: I am replicating the attack to provide signatures to detect it using IDS, and for teaching purposes. I am NOT a hacker and if needed to could reply from my email address as verification.

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Hardware :: Base Address For Hardware Pin And Register?

Jul 21, 2010

I am having a small doubt regarding base address.. Base address will be there for register or Hardware pin? or both?

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Programming :: Shared Memory Address Area In Process Address Space?

Feb 21, 2011

if i attach a shared memory to my process whch part of the address space it will add(like stack, heap, data, code...).

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Programming :: Find Logarithm To Base 10 Instead Of Base 2 On Shell Script?

Apr 20, 2010

can we find logarithm to base 10 instead of base 2 on shell script??i can do it with 'l(1000)/l(10)' | bc -l

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Programming :: Fork() Copies The Address Space Of The Calling Process?

May 13, 2010

I know that fork() copies the address space of the calling process. Say, however, i have a linked list allocated. Will the list be copied over to the child process's space? If so, i would have to free them in the child process as well as the parent process, correct? Or will the variables be copied but not be pointing to any valid address? Or would it just kind of not do anything?example:

struct ll_ex {
struct ll_ex * next;


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Hardware :: Differences Between Base Adress And I/O Address?

Jul 15, 2010

What are the differences between base address and I/O address?

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Programming :: C++: Macro Not Defined In Quotes?

Dec 12, 2009

I converted my programming project over to autotools, which gives me a config.h file with all the cool definitions, like these ones:


/* Location of data files. */
#define DATADIR "/usr/local/share"
/* Define to the full name of this package. */
#define PACKAGE_NAME "lusus"

And naturally I think this is cool because then I can hardcore these into the binary. To my dismay, however, I discovered that the pre-processor does not do the text-substitution if the macro name is inside another quoted string.


// Prints out "/usr/local/share/lusus"
std::cout << DATADIR << "/" << PACKAGE_NAME << "


This seems lame, because then this doesn't work:


CL_Image leaves_corner_tl(gc, "DATADIR/PACKAGE_NAME/img/leaves_corner_tl.png");

So, am I literally going to have to strcat DATADIR/PACKAGE with the other text every time I want to prefix DATADIR/PACKAGE_NAME onto another string?

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Programming :: How To Test Whether A Macro Is Defined

Mar 20, 2011

I've been reviewing some source code recently which contains many conditional compilation statements, and I found it hard to understand the code not knowing whether some macro is defined or not. Is there any way to test whether a macro is defined?

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Programming :: Append Item To A List ( C Macro )?

Apr 13, 2010

I have my own declared types and I have to operate with lists of items. I wish to write a one macro, instead of using a function for each type. It's intended to be like this: Code: #define ____append_to_list(head,

item, type)
type* ptr;
for ( ptr = head; ptr->next != NULL; ptr = ptr->next )


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Programming :: Can't Get VBA Macro To Run In Powerpoint Slide Show

Aug 18, 2010

All I'm trying to do is ShellExecute a program every time a new slide appears.

I'm using Office 2003 Powerpoint.

I did the following:

1. Tools, Options, Security Options, Macro Security, Security Level= Medium

2. Tools, Options, Macro, VBA Editor:

Sub OnSlideShowPageChange(ByVal SSW As SlideShowWindow)
MsgBox ("OnSlideShowPageChange")
End Sub

3. File, Save

4. Back to PowerPoint: F5) Slide Show, View Show <= Did NOT see the message box

5. Exit out of Powerpoint, reopen the .ppt file, F5) again <= Still don't see the message box

why isn't "OnSlideShowPageChange" getting invoked when I run the slide show?

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Programming :: Integrate A MACRO Command In Open Office?

Dec 3, 2010

integrate a macro from MS Word to Open Office? It is a script I need for music. I cannot upload the file here nor give you the link, because I'm not let.

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Programming :: Macro To Access Kernel Objectys Structure?

Jan 29, 2011

telling the exact macro name and location, by which I can gain control over the following kernel base level structure

1. strct super_block of Virtual File System, for super block object.
2. strct inode for inode ofject of VFS.
3 file structure for file object of VFS.

in addition to these if you know location to access other kernel structure.Please let me know.My main objective is to get the access to the structure pointer of these structure by which i can have access over the individual fields o these structure.

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Networking :: DNS Installation And Configuration: A To Z / Register The Name Servers / Resolve Different Domains?

Apr 9, 2010

Anyone can point me to a document, page, or something that will tell me exactly how to implement DNS step by step. I don't mean just the concept, i.e. you'll need two name servers, and to download BIND, etc. NO, I mean command line commands and all. Step 1, step 2, how to register the name servers, how to resolve different domains, etc.

I'd really appreciate it, as I need to implement internal DNS and external DNS for my company soon. Our set up is pretty standard: Firewall, DMZ, Solaris/Linux/Windows servers, and Windows clients, etc.

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Programming :: Convert Macro Defined Functions From Kernel In Visual C++?

Jun 27, 2009

I am dealing with some Linux kernel code, which define most its functions with Macros.The trouble I am having is to use those code in user space in Windows.

For example, I have a function defined like this:

#define list_for_each_entry_safe(pos, n, head, member)
for (pos = list_entry((head)->next, typeid(*pos), member),
n = list_entry(pos->, typeid(*pos), member);
&pos->member != (head);
pos = n, n = list_entry(n->, typeid(*n), member))

And in user space code, I call it in this way:

list_for_each_entry_safe( pcre_item, tmp,
&(((pcre_list_head_t *)(hr.value))->head), list)
// My code to handle each element in the list

This is working like a charm in Linux, but I got errors in Windows:

It reminds me missing ';' after 'list_for_each_entry_safe( pcre_item, tmp,
&(((pcre_list_head_t *)(hr.value))->head), list)'.

Does this kind of linux code not working in Windows at all? (Linux is in GCC C stand and VC is ANSI C) I prefer not to convert them to normal functions but keep it the way if it could be working under windows by some tricks.

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Software :: Can't Start XAWTV - WARNING: Couldn't Find Framebuffer Base Address

May 9, 2011

I am using Fedora 14 (64 bit version) Can't start XAWTV. Returns this error: $ xawtv This is xawtv-3.99.rc6, running on Linux/x86_64 ( xinerama 0: 1920x1080+0+0 WARNING: No DGA direct video mode for this display. WARNING: keeping fbuf pitch at: 7680, as no base addr was detected WARNING: couldn't find framebuffer base address, try manual configuration ("v4l-conf -a <addr>") v4l2: WARNING: framebuffer base address mismatch v4l2: me=(nil) v4l=(nil) Warning: Missing charsets in String to FontSet conversion Warning: Missing charsets in String to FontSet conversion Oops: can't load any font

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Slackware :: WARNING: Prelink Not Found, Base Address Of Core Dlls Won't Be Set Correctly

Mar 4, 2011

i installed slackware current straight(make iso from it and installed on clean disk) and i installed Multilib current from alien and now when i wanna compile wine source its write

"configure: OpenCL 32-bit development files not found, OpenCL won't be supported.
configure: libsane 32-bit development files not found, scanners won't be supported.
configure: gstreamer-0.10 base plugins 32-bit development files not found, gstreamer support disabled


I checked i got that libaries in /lib and /lib64 why it doesent work it was working on slackware 13.1 with multilib

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Programming :: Error: Unknown Register Name '%eax' In 'asm'?

Mar 15, 2011

An error occur when I compile my inline assemble code with a alpha/linux cross compiler.code:

#define CPU_ID(cpu_iid)
__asm__ __volatile__ (


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Programming :: Initializing The SS Register (Intel Architecture)?

Jul 9, 2011

Kernel, slackware 12.0 as 2.17 [I am speaking here about 80x86 processors, with their segment registers SS, DS, CS, ES.] In a source file for as, I wrote


.section _STACK
.rept 4096
.word 0

Now, in the .text section, I want to initialize SS, the stack segment, to point to the _STACK section. In other assemblers, there was a special section for the stack, and the linker cared about initializing SS. Here I use a common section for the stack. For a segment such as DS, I could write

mov ax,_DATA
mov ds,ax

But I don't think mov ax,_STACK would do with as/ do I initialize SS?

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Ubuntu :: Dual Boot Linux / Change Drive Space Configuration For More Space

Mar 6, 2010

I have linux and windowsxp on one machine. I have only 3gigs free on the windowxp machine and 20gigs free on the linux machine. I want to transfer space from the linux box to the windows machine.Is this possible and what steps would I need to follow to do this?

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Debian Configuration :: Base Crashes?

Jun 22, 2010

I am trying to start OpenOffice Base (3.2.0) but it keeps crashing once I begin to edit a new data base. Calc, Writer and Impress work fine.

ramack@ramack2:~$ soffice -base
ramack@ramack2:~$ libgcj failure: gcj linkage error.
Incorrect library ABI version detected. Aborting.

I haven't a clue as to how to fix this one. A web search finds a Debian bug that a couple years+ old. The bug has since been resolved. It crashes if run as root too

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CentOS 5 :: Repository Base Is Listed More Than Once In The Configuration

Apr 17, 2009

When I try and use the YUM command I get the following:

Repository base is listed more than once in the configuration

Is there a way to fix this? I use Centos 5.2.

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Debian Configuration :: Lost IPV4 After Removing Sendmail Base

Dec 28, 2015

Had an issue on one of my Debian stable servers the other day. After doing apt-get upgrade I was prompted to do autotoremove.

It wanted to autotremove

Code: Select allStart-Date: 2015-12-21  16:25:05
Commandline: apt-get autoremove
Remove: sendmail-cf:amd64 (8.14.4-8), exim4-config:amd64 (4.84-8), sendmail-base:amd64 (8.14.4-8)
End-Date: 2015-12-21  16:25:07

After doing this I rebooted my server (a few days later). After rebooting I had no ipv4. I tried statically assigning IP addresses to no avail. Ran ifconfig eth0 down/up which got me nowhere. Eventually decided to ask "Okay, what changed". Started installing packages that were autoremoved. Had to install from the apt cache using dpkg. First one I tried was sendmail-base. Then did ifconfig eth0 down/up, which gave me networking back.

I have checked the dependencies for sendmail-base and I see nothing that would relate to networking, so I'm really confused on why this happened. I had backups of the server so I went a week back and noticed sendmail-base was installed at that time. So I went a day back, where sendmail-base wasn't installed, and installed it. Sure enough it brought back networking. I'm just stating this because it is more proof that sendmail-base was the missing component.

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Programming :: Bignum Library And 'BN_ULONG' Macro: Not Declared In Bignum.h!

Sep 17, 2010

I recently was pointed to [URL] in another thread and ran into a problem: What header file do I need to download to write the code in the documentation? Apparently no 'bignum.h' file on the Internet declares the "BN_ULONG" macro or "BN_BITS2" bit chunks.

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Programming :: Passing Data Between Kernel Space To User Space In Asynchronous Way

Dec 13, 2010

I am developing a I2C CDROM client driver. The CDROM firmware supports TOC information read through a I2C command. It sends the TOC information in burst ( Interrupts a GPIO pin when it is ready ) and my CPU does a I2C read to read the TOC. When the CDROM firmware finishes sending the last data burst , it informs my CPU that it is done with the TOC, by a flag in the last data burst. I would like to know, which is the most efficinet way I can send these TOC information to userspace?

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Programming :: Function In Kernel Space Called Form User Space

Jul 7, 2009

I wanna write a file in kernel space but from my searching I can to know that instead of writeing file in kernel space ,I can write data to user space by copy_to_user space.

But link is missing ...I dont know how will my user space will access kernel space means my function in kernel space which will do copy_to_user /....How my user space function will call my kernel level function ..

Can any one of you provide me with some example file which are doing this .I know every char driver is using it ...but i could not trace back how user level function is accessing it ...i m confused between user space and kernel space.

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Programming :: Call Socket Prog Code Written In User Space From Kernel Space?

Jul 14, 2009

How to use execv from kernel space to call a user space program writtenfor socket prog.

I tried to write code for socket in kernel but its not working.

Socket code in kernel is also needed.

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Programming :: Pass Ip Address, Port Address And Some Parameters From Command Line?

Apr 1, 2011

I want to pass ip address,port address and some parameters from command line using python script.The ip address and port address for establishing socket connection and remaining parameters to execute different connection.

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Programming :: Physical Versus Virtual Mac Address And Mac Address From NIC's Firmware?

Apr 6, 2011

I need a small shell based program that prints the mac address of physical ethernet adapter from it's firmware. I need this utility for license generation and appliance activation. I have tried several example but none of them is flawless, The easiest method I have found is to parse the output of "ifconfig" command but it has also some drawbacks.

1. Firstly program should differentiate between physical and virtual adapters. Physical means installed on board(wired or wireless) or installed additionally. Virtual adapters are those created by VPN or created by virtualization apps such as VirtualBox/VMWare etc. I am not interested in virtual ones.

2. In case of more them one physical adapters(wired and wireless), it should print the mac address and description(name & vendor) of both/all adapters.

3. If media is disconnected then also it should be able to read the mac address and description(name, vendor) of card.

4. This one is bit complex. I know that 'ethtool' can show you the universal mac address but it's limited to use only 2 types of drivers and won't work in all cases.

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Programming :: Translate Virtual Address To Physical Address In Application?

Nov 18, 2009

I want to translate the virtual address to physical address in linux C application, how to do that?

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