Hardware :: Power Monitoring - Power Quality - Voltage Changes And Outages

Apr 4, 2011

I'm looking for any power monitoring devices for Linux to allow monitoring power quality, voltage changes, and outages. This would be for North American three phase power system. I want to have this data fed live to my own program. It should be something much better than just jury-rigging a circuit to fee the power waveform into 2 or 3 audio cards.

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Ubuntu Networking :: SMB And AFP Shares Not Working After Power Outages - I/O Error

Jul 31, 2011

i was able to mount my SMB shares, but I didn't actually try to transfer data. I tried to move some data off my linux box to my mac, but i got a finder error 36. which i believe is a input/output error. I got further proof of that when i was going through some directories and got this: ls: reading directory .: Input/output error so i'm gonna guess that whatever input/output errors are happening is what is causing AFP and SMB to not work properly.

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Debian Multimedia :: Xfce4-power-manager Doesn't React To Power Button / Fix It?

Jun 4, 2010

I use Squeeze with Xfce. My problem is that recently (after the xfce updates) the xfce power manager doesnt react to the power button - it is set to suspend. I dont have gnome-power manager or anything like it running.
If i reboot the computer, the power button will work but if i suspend and resume, it doesnt work again.
The computer is built on an Asus M3N78-VM mobo (2GB RAM/Athlon3200+ single core).

acpi_listen detects the button press.

Any thoughts?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Alfa AWUS036H Adjust Power - Unknown Transmit Power Information

Jun 21, 2010

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit and I purchased a new ALFA AWUS036H wireless card. I would like to know if this "1Watt" wireless card is configured for full power. iwlist wlan0 txpower results:

wlan0 unknown transmit-power information. Current Tx-Power=27 dBm (501 mW). It appears to me that I should be able to increase the power. "iwpriv wlan0 highpower 1" does not work. Do I need to patch the new default driver that comes with Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit with the aircrack one following these directions:[URL]...? Monitor mode and a injection tests seem to work fine with the driver I have installed.

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Hardware :: PC Wont Power-on - Power-light Blinking?

Oct 30, 2010

I had unplugged my PC last night as sometimes there's storms at night this morning I plugged in PC and the power light is blinking and the PC wont come on at all tried different power cord, same result

PC is a AMD athlon64 3300+ 2.4ghz SiS graphics

probably the power-supply or what?

If it is the power supply, how do I find new one as I've never had to replace anything on it or any other PC?

Also, I really need access to the hard drive but it's a weird hard drive and was wondering if I could put that hard drive in my K7 PC, which already has 2 drives in it can a pc have 3 drives? do I have to add/have another ribbon cable for 3rd drive?

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Ubuntu :: Power Profile/power Management App?

May 28, 2010

On the last release, I had this app installed where I could pick my power profile. I could use power conservatively, and performance would suffer a bit, but longer batt life,or I could have it automatically detect, or I could have the apps use all the power they want and then some. I'm looking to reinstall that app. What was the name of it?I can't remember, and so far, can't find.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Get "sudo Iwconfig Eth1 Power Off" To Stick After Plugging/unplugging Power?

Oct 15, 2010

After much research, I have found the solution to my intermittent wireless problem!Whenever the laptop is plugged into power, wireless is perfect, when I'm on battery, wireless is horrible.Here is the fix:

sudo iwconfig eth1 power off
Unfortunately, I have to type this in everytime I unplug the laptop.


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Hardware :: No Power To Power Button?

Jun 18, 2010

My problem arises two days ago. Power button of my keyboard has stopped working,why?It works well when I use windows.

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Debian :: Power Mac G4 CD Will Not Install

Jun 24, 2010

I have an old Power Mac G4 400 I'm trying to install Debian 4.0 Etch on (to run a particular program that's ported for this Release).I've twice burned iso CD's for it, but on holding down the C on the G4 I get no more than a blank screen.(no prompt, no installation). Battery still at 4 volts, hours of googling, I have found no information on what is causing this. Anybody out there have an answer for this fellow cyber-sufferer?

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Fedora Hardware :: Fan Always On While On AC Power?

Mar 21, 2010

i'm using last fedora 12 x64, all updated, my laptop motherboard is SIS U50SA, Intel proc, while on AC power the fan is always on, I have checked and no process is running at 100% of cpu, but when I run on battery only - the fan turn off, what could be wrong?

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Fedora :: Can't Reboot After Power Cut

May 15, 2011

Unbeknown to us our son removed the battery and I unplugged the power cord. Instant off! Since then I can't restart. The error is very lengthy but each Control-D brings a reboot but the same sticking point. If I understand correctly I am asked to run setenforce as root. I did this and it does each separate file. How many will I have to do? Is there another way to restart?

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Ubuntu :: Power Settings Not Used

Mar 30, 2010

I turned off laptop dimming and a few other settings in the power management app, but these are not used so as soon as I watch a film on batteries or otherwise it dims the screen! I tried to search the forums but it won't let me search for terms like ignored or unused

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Ubuntu Installation :: Power Goes Down After Sometime

Apr 24, 2010

I installed Ubuntu 9.10 in my friends pc. However, after about half or nearly one hour, the box goes out of power and the monitor hangs with the same screen just before the power down. And we have to restart by first powering down the UPS. It is a DUAL BOOT system with WINDOWS 7 and it never happens in there. What is annoying me now is that my friend says, "This is the problem of Ubuntu". I then installed Opensuse 11.2 but again the same thing happens with linux and not WIndows 7. Here are the specs of his system:


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Ubuntu :: Can't Boot After Power-down

Jan 2, 2011

Whenever I power-down my CPU (not reboot, full power-down) my Ubuntu system will not boot up. No other OS is on the computer, just Ubuntu. Usually reinstalling grub will fix the boot problem. But I don't understand why simply turning off the computer would mess up grub. I have to keep my computer running 24/7 or I have to go through the process of rescuing the system.

I'm guessing it's something to do with the hardware and not the OS.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: How To Determine Power On Cause

Feb 10, 2010

Does anyone know of a way to determine how the PC/Server was powered on? I'm interested in writing a startup script that performs a specific action depending on the poweron cause.

For example:
If powered on by "wakalarm" perform task X & shutdown.
If powered on by "power button" perform task Y.

Is there any way to determine the cause of the power on? I'm running Federa 12.

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Hardware :: Way To Determine Cause Of Power On

Feb 10, 2010

Does anyone know of a way to determine how the PC/Server was powered on?
I'm interested in writing a startup script that performs a specific action depending on the poweron cause.

For example:
If powered on by "wakalarm" perform task X & shutdown.
If powered on by "power button" perform task Y.

Is there any way to determine the cause of the power on?
I'm running Federa 12.

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Server :: Low-power Web / Ftp With Most Disks

Oct 15, 2010

A small combined webserver and fileserver with focus on power consumption and storage size, what would be a cheap and stable solution to this in terms of hardware ? I'm not interested in NAS solution only servers ..

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Ubuntu :: Power Consumption By USB Hub

Apr 20, 2011

I was going through the article given here :- [URL]. Now my question is how to do this in linux ?

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Debian :: Stable Not Booting On Power Mac G5

Dec 27, 2015

I am struggling to get Debian 8 stable to boot on an apple powermac g5. I installed using guided partitioning, and chose the all on one partition scheme. I am able to select the Debian hard disk from the boot drive selector from mac. I get to the first stage bootstrap, press L for Linux, and then it simply redirects me back to the drive selection. However, after I'm redirected the colors are messed up.

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Debian :: Power Off During Dist-upgrade

Feb 13, 2011

I was in the middle of upgrading from lenny to squeeze via ssh, when someone who was logged in as a user unknowingly rebooted the machine because it was lagging.

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Fedora :: Remap The Power Button?

Oct 20, 2009

I've got a F10 machine set up as a media center (with mythtv...mythdora to be precise) and I love that it's based on fedora since I'm most familiar with it..I would like to map the power button press to a command "pkill X" since sometimes the frontend freezes and running this command kills X (I'm running ratpoison for the speed and simplicity...it just gets the job done and doesn't get in the way).Any help in mapping a single button press to "pkill X" would be greatly appreciated. I also need some help adding this command to the sudo list so the regular "mythtv" user will be able to run it...no password can be entered since the machine has no keyboard. Currently I log in via ssh to get this done but it would be nice to not have to boot up a laptop just to do this.

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Fedora :: F12 Extra Long Power Off

Nov 18, 2009

I installed F12 KDE from the live cd and now when I Shutdown or Reboot, it takes 2 minutes and 8 seconds for the machine to power off. Yes, I timed it. Happens everytime like that. Even when booting from both "mainstream" live cd and the KDE spin live cd. When I hit the Shutdown or Reboot, it goes through the daemons/services shutdown the flashes up the Halting System or Please wait while the system reboots messages (respectivley), turns off the LCD and then just... sits with the power light on and hard drive activity light on. I should mention this is on a Toshiba Laptop about a year old. Intel Chipsets. (Satellite Pro S300M-S2142 if anyone is really curious).

The hard drive light stays on for about 1:03 minutes and then it turns off, at 2:08 minutes - the Power light finally turns off and the thing finally shuts down. I've tried adding acpi=off, but that just gets me a kernel panic on startup and acpi=debug all I seem to notice is "Malformed early option 'acpi'" in messages and dmesg. How consistant the power off time is makes me think there's a timeout of sorts going on, but I have no idea on how to track that down.

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Fedora :: Battery Power Comes Down To 40 - 41 Percent

Mar 18, 2010

I am using Fedora 12. Prior to this I was using Ubuntu 9.10. In Fedora 12, I am facing a problem with battery power. Sometimes when it is fully charged I remove the power cord, battery power comes down to 40%-41%. It never happened with Ubuntu, which gave quite a good battery performance. My question is when it is showing Laptop Battery 100% i.e. fully charged, if I remove the cord why it comes down to 40%-41% (and always in this range).

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Fedora :: Lost Power While Updating?

Oct 24, 2010

My PC lost power while updating. After booting, I run update once again and everything seems to be fine, except the message "could not do simulate: coreutils-libs-8.4-8.fc13.i686 requires coreutils = 8.4-8.fc13 : Success - empty transaction".

When I try using "yum update", I receive the error message below.

Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
Setting up Update Process
Resolving Dependencies
--> Running transaction check


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OpenSUSE :: Power Management Is Incompetent

Mar 21, 2010

I have selected to power down the monitor after 30 minutes, and suspend the computer after an hour. It does not work. With Beagle not running (more below), the monitor powers down after 30 minutes as expected. But then later (probably after an hour?) it powers up again and stays that way. Not exactly what I envisioned.I have removed Beagle from the set of running processes. The process list ("ps ax") shows Beagle as a serious consumer of CPU time, far more than any other process. (At termination it was at 500:00; the next most hungry process was /usr/bin/Xorg at 10:00. Most barely get over 0:01.) It introduces these problems:

1. after some amount of system idle time (it is about 5 - 10 minutes) Beagle starts consuming vast wodges of CPU time. I have dual core AMD 5200; both CPUs run up to about 70% usage until I do anything, like move the mouse. Then the usage drops back to the usual 5 - 10%.
2. When Beagle is thrashing the CPUs, the power management monitor thinks the system is busy. And powers down nothing.

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OpenSUSE :: Power Management Options For UPS?

Sep 29, 2010

I've attached a UPS to my server through USB. and sure enough up came a tab in Power Management Preferences for the UPS -- great.

There are power low options as follows:

"When UPS power is low"
"When UPS power is critically low"

The UPS sends a message to the computer when a threshold you set in the UPS is reached, in my case 25% of battery left.

The obvious guess is that this warning from the UPS is the "When UPS power is low" however, I don't know. It's just a guess.

Looking further at the data I can get from the UPS the battery data is as follows:

battery.charge: 100
battery.charge.low: 25
battery.charge.warning: 50
battery.runtime: 760


However, again, that's just a guess from what would make sense.

So my first question is, is there a way to know this information, and is there a place were these critical points are set, or are they all from the UPS. I'm guess there are some settings somewhere because not all UPSs are going to be able to supply this information. Some may only supply a battery level or some just a warning message so there must be some configuration for this somewhere.

My 2nd question is a probably a little harder to know the answer to. After getting this to work I wanted the added functionality of nut so I installed it and got it working and it uses the On UPS Power panel as far as I can tell.

Through all the nut documentation it talks about powering down on once the battery level reaches the critical point (I assume that is "When UPS power is critically low"). I don't see anywhere however where it mentions handling "When UPS power is low" so now the question comes up, will it have any effect at all with nut installed, i.e. what will happen?

Of course I can just "pull the plug" and start finding this stuff out but Linux is all about having the information and "knowing" (assuming all works as it should) I am asking to find out where this information would be -- and become smarter for it

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: 11.3 Power Off Does Not Work?

Jul 19, 2010

poweroff or KDE Turn Off does not power off the computer. Shutdow goes well then it freezes on last [...] Power Down message.

This used to work on same machine with 11.2.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: KMIX Using To Much CPU Power?

Jul 28, 2011

I'm using openSUSE 11.4 KDE 4.6. In system monitor KMIX is using 100% CPU power why is this. It's a new development hasn't happened before.

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General :: How To Disable Automatic Power-off

Feb 24, 2011

I need to disable the automatic power-off on shutdown so I can just withdraw the power myself. The reason for this is that the machine should power on itself when it gets power (which is accomplished by Resume on Power Failure in BIOS). I learned that I can turn off ACPI and APM by using the corresponding boot command options. Does this have any negative effect other than disabling standby etc.? Is there another easy to accomplish solution for this problem (maybe using linux from a readonly partition and make sure all programs are closed before I withdraw the power)?

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Ubuntu :: Random Shutdown/Power Off?

Jan 24, 2010

I've been using Ubuntu on and off since 8.04, but only last week decided to make a real switch across to it.After installing 9.10 64bit though, my laptop while running Ubuntu just turns itself off at completely random times - it doesn't seem to go through any shut down procedure or anything, it's more like the power's just suddenly cut. It sometimes happens 5 minutes after being turned on, or sometimes 4 or 5 hours, it really is random.I really have no idea where to even begin trying to stop this. I think it must be a software thing because this has never happened with windows or earlier versions of Ubuntu, but other than that I don't know what to do to stop this.I'm dual booting Windows 7 32bit and Ubuntu 9.10 64bit, and this is on a Toshiba L350-D 11-D laptop, which has a 64bit AMD processor.

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