General :: Recovery Of Overwritten File?

Nov 16, 2010

Is there any way to recover an overwritten linux file? I uncompresed a tar file which overwrote some of my files. I read somewhere you can umount your home directory.

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General :: Data Recovery For Overwritten Partition

Jun 27, 2010

While attempting to install FC12, Anaconda took it upon itself to overwrite the partition on my backup disk. Now I need to figure out if there's a way to get at least some of my data back. If there's a better place for this question, please let me know and I will happily move it. Using Linux since 1993, other Unixoid systems since 1986. I bought this machine back in 2004 or so. It was a pretty decent machine back then, but it's showing its age now: 370Mb of RAM, 2 hard disks with 80Gb and 120Gb (I don't think the other specs are relevant, but just let me know if I'm wrong). In a fit of insanity, I decided to install Gentoo on it. Don't get me wrong: I love certain things about Gentoo. But the constant fiddling that's required, while it can be fun at first, gets old kinda quick.

So various and sundry things have been going wrong with it here and there (CD-ROM, sound card, etc ad infinitum), and, finally, it wouldn't even load X any more (almost certainly some final Gentoo update which broke something) and I said "screw it, I'll just put Fedora on it." This is what I use at work, and plus I have a good friend who has far more patience with admin stuff than I do and Fedora is what he knows. So, last night, I pick up an FC12 CD that I have lying around and decide to finally just reinstall the whole thing. I went so far as to buy myself a Passport USB drive, 319Gb, and have been backing up up all my stuff very regularly to that drive. I go through one final cycle of backing up and verifying before I start the reinstall.

So my drive is solid, and contains everything I could possibly need (and probably quite a bit of stuff I don't). After booting into FC12, I used Palimpsest to explore the partitions on the existing hard disks. Not sure which was which, I mounted the Passport, where I have cleverly saved a copy of my fstab. Using this, I can see which of my partitions were /boot, /, /home, etc. Most of my personal data has been put into separate partitions so that I could reinstall without blowing away the data. I hope that I can do that there, but, if I can't, no matter: I have a backup. I find some bits of empty space and delete a few of the partitions and recreate them, consolidating the empty space. Still confident in my backup, of course.

So I run Anaconda. Nothing happens. Eventually, I figure out that it won't run the graphical interface because I don't have enough memory. I can use the text version, no biggie. It gets to the part about the disks. I tell it which hard disk to install itself onto. For some reason I think it's going to pop up and ask me about the existing partitions and whether I want to keep them or rewrite them (maybe that's a previous version of Anaconda? or a different installer altogether, who can remember). It does not. It babbles something at me about LVM (which I've personally never really used before), and then promptly locks up. Obviously standard Fedora on a low-RAM machine like this is doomed to failure.

I poke around on the Internet, and I eventually stumble on the Fedora "spins" and select FC13/LXDE. Hopefully this will have better luck. Reboot with the new CD, take a look at my hard disks. It has completely overwritten the old partitions, replacing them with LVM partitions. But not a big deal: I have a backup. Take a look at the Passport. Its ext2 filesys has also been replaced with an LVM partition. Proceed to beat head against wall. So, obviously what happened is, since I (foolishly) had the backup drive mounted at the time I ran Anaconda, it assumed I wanted it to take over that drive as well, and just formatted everything it could lay hands on as LVM. It certainly never asked me my opinion on the matter.

But, fine, I shouldn't have had it mounted. The question is, what do I do now? My first, panicked instinct, was to just set the partition type back to 83 (I believe LVM is 8E), which I did (using cfdisk). That might have made it worse; I dunno. But I'm pretty sure I haven't written anything else to the disk since then. I've tried testdisk (nothing useful; although it can seemingly find the underlying deleted partition, it won't actually do anything with it), and a bevvy of Windows Linux recovery programs (Stellar Phoenix, DiskInternals, Raise, and R-Linux), all of which were completely useless except for R-Linux, which scanned the disk for eight hours and was still going when I had to interrupt it (I may come back to that one, but so far it doesn't look too promising).

My primary problem is that I can't make an image of the disk because this little Passport is the biggest hard drive in the house. I would certainly feel better if I could image everything off it and then play with the image. But, of course, it doesn't matter that very little of that 319Gb was actually being used: I still need 319Gb worth of space to make an image. I ordered another (larger) Passport, which should be here Wed. Once I have that I believe I can do something like so:
dd ifs=/dev/sdX ofs=/mnt/bigpassport/smallpassport.img bs=512
Right? Then I can muck about with that image in some amount of safety.

Of course, I also have the original hard drives, which are not so large. testdisk can identify the original partitions on those too, but, again, won't actually do anything with them. If I could find something that would image just the partitions I care about, I could probably save those as well, but I don't have any other external hard drives with 120Gb of space free. Can I somehow take the info that testdisk is giving me about those original partitions and use dd to get only that part of the image? Are there other recovery tools I haven't considered? I have a Windows (Win7) laptop, a Linux laptop (FC10, I think), although its power cord is flaky so it's not too reliable, a smaller Mac, a really old Windows box (XP on it, I think), and this formerly-Linux box, which I can only boot off CD's at this point. There's nothing on this disk worth the 500 bux that professional data recovery would charge me, but it's worth a day or two of my life to try to get at least some of it back.

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General :: Recover The File Which Has Been Overwritten?

Mar 15, 2011

Can I recover the file which has been overwritten.

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General :: Recover Files From Ext4 File System Overwritten By New Installation

Jul 3, 2011

My main hard disk died and I replaced it. After installing windows in a small partition in /dev/sda, I thought I will try linux mint and went for it. (I need windows to play AOE, but ubuntu is my primary OS)I didnt see the options properly or some distraction, I choose the "install alongside windows" option probably expecting it to install it in the unallocated partition next to the windows installation. I had completely forgotten my second internal drive /dev/sdb which has the backup data. Linux mint went and installed itself on that drive.

Is there a way to recover individual files from the second harddrive. Now if I boot or open it through live cd, all I see in the linux mint file systems. I want to aleast recover my CV/resume from the second drive. The second drive is a single ext4 file system The old drive is completely dead, it doesnt even get recognized when I attach it to SATA.

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Ubuntu :: Recovering The Overwritten File System?

Feb 17, 2010

I was trying to decrease the size of my main partition so I could create a secondary and install Windows 7 to.I was using Norton's partition software. My computer had to reboot and before reaching Windows XP it started doing the resizing. For some reason it failed in shrinking my main partition. I'm not sure if any harm was done while it was trying to do this.I proceeded to run the Windows 7 installer, under the impression I could just install Win 7 to the same drive and leave all my personal files alone. Right when the installation started during the "Copying files" stage I hard reset the computer after getting nervous and changing my mind..

I booted up Ubuntu Live and found that my main file system had been cleared, and only a few tiny temp Windows 7 installation files where there.I am sure there were no deep formatting done, only a quick format by the win 7 installer. there is any software I can run in Ubuntu to scan the drive for files to recover them, because the new file system overwrote the old one.

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General :: Deleted File / Folder Recovery

Feb 19, 2011

I have just accidentally deleted some files and a folder.Is there anyway I can recover them.

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General :: File Recovery From A Failed Operating System?

Oct 27, 2010

The configuration default in Gnome power manager has changed and now I can't access anything but, the log in menu. I made a post about it but, no reply. Now I ask anyone if there is a way I can retrieve my files or fix the power manager config files.I tried to reinstal ubunto but, it only alow me to installed on another partition and booth on either one. I don't think that will work. I tried to use ubunto on a stick but, it does not accept me signing in with the same password (too short). I would apreciate any suggestions to get my files back. Compiuter is a laptop HP MINI 210-1054TU software ubunto 10.4 latest

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General :: NTFS File Sytem Recovery After Mke2fs?

Sep 17, 2010

By mistake I did mke2fs to my Windows NTFS ParticionTo my understanding It has Modified the inodes only,Can I recover somehow the NTFS inodes?, I lost everything and I know the things are there.I've tryed particion recover, but that's not the problem, the particion is there, and it's NTFS, but the filesystem isnt

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General :: Develop File Recovery Software Of Operating System

Mar 13, 2009

I want to develop file recovery software of linux operating system guide me how it will possible or how i should start.

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General :: Any Way To Recover Overwritten Files?

Apr 22, 2010

I was syncing my palm pilot but some setting must've been wrong: instead of putting the files from my hard disk to the palm pilot it took the blank files from the palm pilot and wrote them over my back-up. Anyway, I'm about sick of palm but I want to get this file back. Is there anyway I can restore to an earlier version of this file? I'm about to reboot with sys rescue cd.

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General :: Group Permissions Getting Overwritten By Owner?

Apr 9, 2010

A colleague of mine has a Linux box (running Debian I believe) with an SVN repository on it. The repository directory and files 'owner' is my colleauge. We are both members of a group called 'users'. He manages several projects both Linux and Windows apps, while I have one Windows app. For the Windows apps, we both use TortoiseSVN via an SSH link to commit/update. Performing the command 'ls -l' shows the repository files and folders on the Linux box to have the following permissions:

-rwxrwx--- john users

However, when my colleauge commits to the repository, the permissions change to:

-rwxrwx--- john john

This then means I get 'Permission denied' when trying to access the repository myself as it appears that the group permissions have been overwritten with only 'owner' permissions. To fix this, a 'chown -R' command is applied to the files/folders to set the permissions back to owner/group, but each time he writes to the repository, the issue repeats.

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General :: Recovering Ubuntu After Filesystem Was Overwritten Using Dd

Sep 21, 2011

I had an Ubuntu installation on my laptop, on an encrypted LVM (this was /dev/sda1).

I was planning to write an Arch Linux image to my USB drive (/dev/sdc1), following this guide - [URL] USB_Installation_Media#Overwrite_the_USB_drive. Instead, I accidentally overwrote my Ubuntu by using

dd if=archlinux.iso of=/dev/sda

Is there any hope of recovering my Ubuntu installation, or is it totally hopeless, and I rather recover as much data as possible?

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General :: How To Recover Source Overwritten By Bad Compile Command?

Oct 4, 2010

I had written a source code of C++ and complied it with the same name using the following command line.For example: c++ source-code.cpp -o source-code.cpp.Now my source code has been replaced by the executable program.Is there any way to retrieve my source-code.

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Fedora :: Recovery Of Ppt File In 10?

Dec 9, 2009

I was working on a ppt file for a whole day and I am sure I saved my modifications several times. The next day, when I oppened the file, openOffice did not ask me for any recovery, but I lost many modifications. This is really strange. Does any one know a solution for recovery? I am in fedora 10.

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Ubuntu :: File Recovery Using Livecd?

Jul 21, 2010

I did a search through the forums but couldn't find another post specific to mine so I hope I'm not repeating something old when I ask this...I'm currently using ubuntu livecd to recover files from a dead windows machine. And when I say dead I mean windows itself won't boot, after several attempts at troubleshooting. All hardware is tested and passed. BIOS is up to date. Ubuntu itself opens up and operates just fine, accessing all drives and peripherals.

My problem is this, I want to recover my music and photos from the hard drive before I restore and re-install Windows. Easy enough. But the hundreds of gigs of music and photos that were on my HD are missing when I file browse to them in ubuntu.Every other file on the HD is there, in tact, from windows system files to downloaded movies and tv shows. The "Music" and "Photos" folders on my drive are there, and inside each of them is only a few files from thousands that should be there.

Is there a function I am unaware of in ubuntu to show all contents of the drive? Surely a windows boot error wouldn't selectively delete only my music and photos...?

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Fedora :: Finding A File Recovery Software?

Nov 23, 2009

Can anyone recommend good file recovery software for Fedora? I accidentally deleted an iPlayer file (not critical) from an NTFS partition. I tried booting into Windows and using Recuva - it can find the file intact (I can see from the file size it's the correct one) but the directory structure is gone and the file is nameless. EDIT: got it back with Recuva in Windows, just needed to run Recuva as admin.

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Ubuntu :: Rm -r File Recovery On Ntfs Partition?

Jan 29, 2010

I was copying a bunch of files between hard drives. For some reason I have permissions issues, but I was able to copy the data using cp in the terminal (I know I can sort out permissions, but that's something for another thread).So, I start copying files just fine, but cp doesn't have any sort of progress indication. So, I started up another two terminal windows, cd'd to the source and destination folders, and ls -l'd each to compare the folders.

At this point, I realised that I'd forgot to add -r to the cp command, so cancelled it. I decided it'd be better to start again and add -r in, and repeat the command. So, I went to the folder, went up a level, then rm -r'd the folder I was just in. It wasn't until I'd gone through with the command that I realised I was actually in the source folderSo, putting aside all the obvious things like 'You dope, you shouldn't have been messing around with rm -r, let alone sudo' and 'With great power comes great responsibility' and 'This never would have happened if you'd just sorted out your missions and usedNautilus', is there any way I can recover the data? I know it's possible in ext2, but not in ext3, but it's on an NTFS partition. Is it possible to recover files from this

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Ubuntu :: Recently Deleted File Recovery?

Jul 26, 2010

I recently accidentally (permanently) deleted a bunch of files off my computer. I used "foremost" to recover all my images, but there are still a bunch of videos that need to be recovered. The problem is that foremost seems to have also recovered a crapload of files from before i switched to ubuntu (i just removed windoze today) so i have a LOT of jpg images right now (over 400,000) and i don't want to deal with that many video files!How do i recover my recently deleted videos without getting a bunch that i don't want?? (can i specify the folder they were deleted from or something?)PS: i used this code to recover my picturesCode:sudo foremost -t jpg -i /dev/sda1

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Software :: File Recovery On FAT32 Partition?

Jan 6, 2010

I accidentally deleted some video files on my digital video camera, the Hard Drive is FAT32 and the videos are saved as a .mod file.I've had good success recovering files in the past with Photorec but there is no option for .mod files with this software

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Software :: Open Office File Recovery?

Apr 2, 2010

Any open office file (all dot odt format)that I attempt to open opens in the document recovery mode;click recover goes to successfully recovered,click finish & the file closes. Attempt to re-open and this circularity begins. Open other dot odt files and ea joins the list of documents to recover and the list just adds each successive file to be recovered in other words all open office files are in a circular path.

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Ubuntu :: Recovery Menu (in Recovery Mode) Does Not Work?

Aug 18, 2010

I've got a, as it seems to me, strange problem.I've inadvertently deleted my user from the group admin so I'm in the same situation of a lot of other users (read a lot of messages about it).My problem is that when restarted in recovery mode there is no way I can choose the 'drop to the root shell' or similar in the menu.The menu appears for a second and then I've got an empty screen. If I press a key I've been requested for a username and password that of course is not what I need.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Where Is The 'passwords' File In The Recovery System

Nov 22, 2009

I am so confused! I changed my security profile to 'paranoid' (i'm a linux noob' and accidentally locked my self out of everything! Including su, sudo, YaST, etc. (openSUSE 11.1)

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Ubuntu :: Recovery Tool Which Recovers Both File And The Filename?

Jun 23, 2011

I accidentally deleted my drive, which was an ext4 filesystem. I had lot of .php files in that drive.I created again an ext4 filesystem from that deleted partition. When i used photorec ,it recovered lot of files without the filenames. better recovery tool which recovers both file and the filename?

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Hardware :: Data Recovery On HDD - EXT3 File System

Aug 29, 2009

I accidentally formatted a HDD when I meant to format a USB thumb drive. The HDD is a 250GB drive that had about 180GB of data in the EXT3 format. I was actually attempting to make a bootable USB thumb drive with TRK (Trinity Rescue Kit). Kind of funny/ironic to mess up a drive while trying to make a rescue disk. Anyway, as soon as I realized what had happened, I pulled the drive out of the computer to make sure I didn't do anything else stupid to it. I have been searching for some way to recover and haven't really found much. There are a lot of programs to get Windows data back, but I haven't seen anything specific on the EXT3 file system.

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Server :: Data Recovery - File System EXT3

Sep 30, 2009

I have lost the data of my drive having file system ext3, please tell me the most reliable softwares for data recovery, please try to tell also GUI software.

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Software :: Cannot Write To /etc/fstab Under File Recovery Mode?

Jul 17, 2009

Because I forgot to bring a portable hard drive, I cannot boot to a linux OS.

The reason is that the /etc/fstab has a line that is


And ext3-datadisk is on the portable hard drive.

The booting process stopped when it prompts for a root passwd or Ctl-D to reboot.

I keyed in the root passwd, and a (File Recovery) prompt appeared.

I tried to vi /etc/fstab but I cannot save the edited /etc/fstab.

How can I boot successfully in this case ?

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Ubuntu :: Use Scalpel, File Recovery Tool, To Get Lost Mysql Files?

May 30, 2011

As it says in the title I need to use the scalpel file recovery tool, or something similar to be able to recover a lost mysql storage folder.. The system crashed, and I really need these files as fast as possible. So I would love any help I could get.I have been searching in different search engines (including this forum) for an answer to my question, but I can't seem to find it.How can I configure scalpel, or any other similar application to be able to recover my mysql /var/lib/mysql storage directory. I really need these files... And.. I know, I should have taken backup

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Ubuntu :: Mtab Being Overwritten ?

May 13, 2010

v10.4 in place, new install. Now this is really weird, my mtab keeps on being replaced with a default mtab (from where?). I loose my NFS mounts and only notice when they cannot be reached. This also happens it seems randomly (just make it easier to debug and fix)

Now what process has the ability/authority to replace my mtab, that process should have sudo authorization, correct? Is there some kind of silly root kit doing this?

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Fedora Servers :: /etc/hosts Keeps Getting Overwritten?

Oct 14, 2010

I haven't needed static alias's for at least 3 months, but I'm assuming an update messed something up.

Upon every restart, my /etc/hosts file keeps getting overwritten back to the defaults; erasing all the hostname alias's I added. What would be doing this? Is there a new way that I'm supposed to define IP aliases now?

Running F12 fully updated.

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Ubuntu :: How To Install GRUB (XP Overwritten It)

Jan 16, 2011

was doing dual boot Ubuntu with win xp (on separate drives ) . XP went curropt I reinstall it and it over written GRUB . So , now I no more get option to boot into Ubuntu can I install grub with live CD I am not an experienced user so kindly tell step by steep procedure . (Ubuntu boot directory is /hda7)

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