General :: Creating A Link To A Deeply Nested Folder Like = /home/username/?

Sep 17, 2009

I have an external hard drive mounted at /media/exthdd/ On that hard drive I have folders: Music, Pictures, Videos, etc. Can I make symbolic links to /media/exthdd/Music/ to say the root directory /_ ? the directory /_ is empty I just want a quick method of typing to get me there much like [cd ~] gets me to my home/username folder. I have my music organized by Artist/Year-Album/Track.Title.mp3 I want to be able to "cd /_" then "ls" and see all Artist folders.

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Ubuntu :: Terminal Deeply Nested Folder

Jun 4, 2011

i was wondering what's the fastest way to access a deeply nested folder.

is there a way to 'cd' to the most nested folder given that i know the folder name?

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Fedora Installation :: Access Mint's Home Folder And Files But Since Username?

Feb 9, 2010

I installed Fedora 12 a couple of days ago. This is my secondary operating system. The main one is Mint 8 and in order to have the same documents in both OSs I have a separate /home partition, but for some reason I don't see any of my Documents. In the installation I told fedora that I already had a /home partition and to use it. Also if I mount Mint's disk, while I can browse the folders, I can't see any document .

Finally I can access my Mint's home folder and files but since my username in fedora has a capital A it created another home folder. How can I change my home folder path so it point to the other home folder?

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Ubuntu :: Link To Application Cannot Find Applications In Home Folder

Jan 27, 2010

I seem to be seeing some weird behavior in kubuntu with KDE 4.3.2 and KDE 4.3.5 for Kubuntu 9.10 32-bit.I have a few programs in my home folder. For instance Eclipse and Mendeley. it seems that when i create a Link to Application does not launch them. Here is how I create the links.

-> I right click and create a new "Link to Application"
-> I click on the Application tab and browse to where the shell script, or executable is.

and when I try to launch them it does not work. The link is using the absolute path. I tried setting the working directory and using a relative path but nothing. If I run the link in a terminal it says "Warning: Could not find" and the application I set. Now this seems to not be a problem for system applications like Kate. If i change the link to launch Kate it works perfectly.

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Ubuntu :: Accessing And Creating Files Names With Nested Loop In Bash?

Aug 12, 2011

nested loop in ''Bash-Scripting in Linux'' ?What's wrong with my code:

for x in `seq 0.75 0.01 0.95`
for y in `seq 0.20 0.01 0.40`


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General :: When Would Creating A Hard Link Be Useful

May 25, 2011

There are basically two main limitations with hard links:

Hard links normally require that the link and the file reside in the same file system. Only the superuser can create a hard link to a directory.

Thus, symbolic links were introduced to get around the limitations of hard links. So, the question is, are hard links still needed? Might there be situation where they are more useful?

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General :: Creating A Permanent Sym-link?

Oct 1, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit

Partition on HD


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General :: Creating Link Between Two Database?

Apr 13, 2011

I need to copy tables from abc5/abc5@pqrXYZ1 to jk8/jk8@pqrXYZ1. For this I am trying to create a link between the 2 databases but not wkng.I am pasting here what I ve tried.

sqlplus jk8/jk8@pqrXYZ1


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General :: Creating Hard Link To Directory?

Jul 3, 2009

I have heard that creating hard link to a directory is not possible however when reading the man page of "ln" the "-d/-f" option says hard link directories ( super-user only). Thus this mean the super user i.e root can create hard link to directory and not a normal user , If yes then you . Even on specifying the above options I get a operation not permitted for a super user.

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General :: Creating A Hard Link Using Ln Creates A Copy Of File?

Mar 11, 2010

I am trying to use ln to create a hard link to file a and whenever I do it, it creates a copy of the file instead. After having edited file a, when opening the link, it shows the old information and opening file a shows the new information. The command I am using is


ln /home/user/file

within the new directory i am trying to link from. I am using centos 5.4.

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General :: Lock A User Into Websites Folder Not Home Folder?

Jan 9, 2009

id like to lock a user into his websites folder not his home folder. and i dont want him to be able to veiw anything outside that folder, only be able to play with whats inside that folder. is this possible?

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General :: Rsync --link-dest Not Creating Hard Links On External Usb Drive?

Aug 24, 2009

CentOS 5.2 64bit 2.6.18-92.el5xen. Use rsync with --link-dest for nightly backups, works well. Was recently asked to start weekly backups to an external drive for off-site storage. The regular syncing works but hard linking seems to be ignored. So the backup is long with no space saving advantage. Here is an example of the command being run:

rsync --stats -axzvl --numeric-ids --delete --link-dest=/mnt/DISASTERBACKUPS/austinBackups/backups/2009-08-21 /AUSTINBACKUPS/backups/2009-08-24 /mnt/DISASTERBACKUPS/austinBackups/backups/

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General :: Login - Samba: Share A Folder Using Account Username And Password?

Sep 7, 2011

I'm working on sharing a user's home folder using the username and password of the user's lLnux account. I noticed that home folder sharing is quite easy as I just need to change the smb.conf file to enable it. However I can't seem to login anyway. It seems that Samba keeps its own records of username and passwords. Is there a way that I can map/sync the Linux users' usernames and passwords automatically to Samba? The end result should be that whenever I add a new user or a user changes his/her Linux login password,Samba automatically changes its password as well.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Users On The Machine Can Login Into Vsftpd With Their Username And Password On The Machine And Go To Their Root Dir "/home/username"?

Nov 3, 2010

I recently installed vsftpd on my server. I noticed that users on the machine can login into vsftpd with their username and password on the machine and go to their root dir "/home/username".Now, I want to give some people a vsftpd username and password so they can upload and download files and folders to their folder, but this folder has to be in the "/var/www/(username)" folder. I don't want them to be able to go to any other folder than their own folder like "/var", "/etc" or "/home" etc. Also I don't want them to be able to login on the machine as a user, through putty for example. They should only be allowed to acces their folder with vsftpd, nothing else.

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General :: Link Files In Different Folder In Html?

Jun 3, 2010

I try to link two page from different folder and directory1. I want to link [URL]

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General :: Link Home Directory To Different File-system?

Aug 27, 2009

I'm looking for some advice about how to implement the following functionality in my pet project.

There are two users on my system, user1 and user2. When user1 logs in he can do what he wants etc.. when user2 logs in I want to somehow link the entire file system to another place. In more detail when user2 logs in and does something like ls ~, he should see contents of /home/user1/extra/home/user2/ instead of /home/user2/
and when user2 does ls /usr/bin he should see contents of /home/user1/extra/usr/bin/

Is there a simple way to do this kind of operation. I have looked up the ln command, but I am a little unsure about how to show a completely different file structure to a particular user.

I did play around with ln and found that you can make "soft links" to directories. The problem being how can I link the user2 home directory /home/user2 to something like /home/user1/buffer/home/user2 . can I use something like ln -s /home/user1/buffer/home/user2 /home/user2 .. I guess not. I didn't want to try it as I wasn't sure so as to not hose my system.

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General :: Ubuntu Symbolic Link Content Of Folder

Jun 24, 2010

I have two folders such as

And a served folder via Apache

In the end, I want to include/append contents of /nonserved to /media so that [URL] will be as such:

I am running Ubuntu Server, I am up for either apache config or symbolic link based answer :) Plus nonserved folder is rather dynamic thus manual symbolic linking to each folder is impossible.

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General :: Creating User Home Directory?

Sep 14, 2010

I've a user account in a remote machine. but it doesn't have a home directory in that machine.Is it possible to create a home directory without having root account details. If yes, how it can be done.

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Fedora :: Change Username Without Creating A New Account?

Jul 9, 2011

Anybody know how I can change my username, without creating a new account?

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General :: Create User Without Creating Home Directory?

Aug 28, 2010

How to create the user without creating home directory?

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General :: Can't Login Due To Created User Without Creating A Home Directory?

Apr 29, 2010

This may be a rookie mistake, but I created a user (new user) in Linux on a Ubuntu system and didn't actually create the home directory for this user. Now, when I log in, it says there are problems... If I delete the path home/<new user> and try to log in the system tells me I can use root as home directory but I will likely experience problems, and then it won't let me log in. What is the best way to create this directory with the appropriate permissions? Should I just create another user and delete this one?

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General :: Unable To Access File /home/username/.iceauthority: No Such File Or Directory

Apr 21, 2011

Can't log into my XFCE desktop like I normaly do. all the sudden I get notified that my xsession lasted less then 10 secondsLooking at the error I can see this:

Unable to access file /home/username/.iceauthority: No such file or directory

Using failsafe I can start a terminal. From terminal I tried to start X

Code: sudo startx Result: Running on desplay:0

So I tried to run this;

Code: sudo startxfce4 And I get up a graphical desktop.

So this is not a critical situation as I easily can use this method to log on, but as there has been something causing this I would like to be able to resolve this nonetheless. Btw it is not the old chmod trick in play here, cause my .iceauthority file is gone alltogheter.

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Software :: Creating Link To Newly Installed G++?

Dec 7, 2010

I have installed gcc-3.3 & g++-3.3 in ubuntu 9.04. Now I want to change the default compiler as gcc-3.3/g++-3.3. After creating links to newly installed gcc/g++, gcc works fine but g++ doesn't work.

When I give "$which gcc" or "$gcc --version" it works fine, but when I give "$which g++" it gives nothing and also "$g++ --version" it gives an error "the program 'g++' can be found in the following packages: * g++..." When I installed gcc I gave the command "$configure --perfix=/opt/gcc33 --program-suffix=33 --enable-languages=c,c++" . When I give "$which g++33" and "$g++33 --version", work fine.

I tried following:

$export CXX=g++33
$sudo ln -s g++-3.3 g++

Nothing happens. I am very new in Linux and I need to install ns2.1a9b in gcc-3.3.

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Programming :: Tell If A Folder Is A Link To Another Folder?

Jan 13, 2011

i tried stat and S_ISLNK(st.st_mode) but it always evaluates to false :/ is there anyway i can tell if a folder is a link to another folder?

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General :: Changing The Name Of The Home Folder?

Jun 23, 2010

im trying to properly change the name of my home folder and conf files to make sure my menus and shortcuts work. what happened when i tried was this error msg appears:

"Service '/home/user/.kde3.5/share/apps/kicker/mozilla-firefox.desktop' is malformatted."

then when i try to do anything the menus dissappear. i since redid what i done and it works

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Ubuntu :: Changing The Username And Home Directory?

May 27, 2010

People usually suggest workarounds to do this, as it's not possible with usermod while the user is logged in. Did I overlook anything or is this method not preferable over creating a new account, setting the user permissions, then moving the files and messing with the file permissions? Using the right tool for the job would seem to be less error-prone to me. 1. Activate the root account by setting a password.

sudo passwd
2. Log out and log into the root account.
3. Change the username and home directory from user1 to user2. This will also move the files to the new home directory and rename the group to user2.
usermod -l user2 -d /home/user2 -m user1


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Ubuntu :: Change Home Directory Username

Oct 29, 2010

i have problem on my ubuntu 10.10 after i change user name to root and home directory username ( old one ) , and now users and groups not working asnd all application on old user not working !

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Ubuntu :: Creating Link To A .java File With Parameters

Oct 24, 2010

I have a Java program (minecraft server) that needs to be run from the command line. The code is:

java -Xmx512M -Xms512M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui

To make life easy (i've got the java file in a folder on the desktop) I want to have a shortcut (or similar) sitting on the desktop. I've tried

ln 'java -Xmx512M -Xms512M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui' ./../minesraftserver

with single and double quotes but my unix command line skills are pretty basic and this is obviously incorrect.

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Software :: Creating A Symbolic Link To A Java App (JBidWatcher)?

May 13, 2009

I downloaded the latest version of JBidWatcher and I run it with the following command...


java -Xmx512m -jar JBidwatcher-2.0.1.jar How do I create a link on the desktop or on a panel to execute that command? I can only imagine this is pretty easy but I am not getting it.

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Software :: Permission Denied When Creating A Symbolic Link?

Dec 20, 2010

I am trying to install Java on firefox, and when I try to create a symbolic link, I get this output: ln: creating symbolic link `./jre-6u23-linux-1586.bin': Permission denied I tried using sudo, but it still did not work.

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