General :: How To Change Hardlinks To Softlinks

Mar 23, 2010

A missuse of the tool "fslint" created many (realy many) hardlinks in my /home folder. Now I am looking for a script, which converts all those hardlinks into softlinks. The difficult part will be to select a "major file". This is normally the file with the shortest path.



find . -type f -printf "%n %p

I get all files including hard link count.

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General :: Can I Link Multiple Destinations Via Softlinks

Jun 4, 2010

Attempting to end up with something similar to this code...

The intention is to be able to move a file to foo & have it go to both destination directories for now. The goal is to eventually unlink /home/bar link after confirming there are no issues with moving the files to /etc/bar. I am restricted in that I am unable to change or add to the process that moves the files.

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General :: Difference Between Hardlinks And Soft Links?

Jul 1, 2011

whats the difference between hard links and soft links?

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General :: Osx - Move A Bunch Of Hardlinked Files From A Box Onto OS X Mac And Preserve The Hardlinks?

Dec 8, 2010

I have an rsnapshot backup that I need to move off of a corrupt Linux file system. I need to preserve the internal hardlinks. I've tried rsync -H and using a newer rsync and neither preserve the hardlinks on OS X.

I tried to get rsync -H working and I've isolated it to the file system mounted. I can preserve hard links copying locally (HFS to HFS) but it doesn't preserve when I try to rsync off of a SMB file system mount or AFP file system mount. Is there some mount option solution to getting OS X rsync to obey -H?

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Fedora :: Coverting Symlinks To Hardlinks

Aug 11, 2011

I'm wondering if there is a safe and reliable way of converting symlinks to directories to hardlinks? Basically I have a bunch of files in a directory tree under directory A, and I have in another directory B a set of symlinks to the original site. I would like all the files to end up in B and A to be empty. The links are all to directories, not to files, so the soft2hard script here won't work.

I don't have enough free diskspace to copy the files from A to B so I thought that converting the softlinks to hard links and then removing directory A would work? There are many directories, so would like to do it automatically if at all possible.

(In case anyone is intrigued, the issue is with my maildir directory. I used to use kmail, but with the move to kmail2 it became buggy and virtually unusable with large amounts of mail and I had to find another solution. I now use dovecot with gnus and mutt as MUA to access the maildirs. kmails maildirs are non-standard (!), so with the help of a script I found online, I created ~/dovecot and in it put symlinks to all the maldirs under ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail. The problem with this is if I accidentally start kmail it will try to access that directory and mess up all my tags, so I want to completely move all my mail from ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail to ~/dovecot, but without messing up all my tags etc.)

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Fedora :: Automatically Create Destination Directory Structure For Softlinks - Ln -s?

Nov 15, 2009

I have a file that has been created by exiftools and then parsed and cut to fit my needs and thrown into a file that looks like this:


I then make the file executable and then execute it. Trouble is, the destination directories don't actually exist, so naturally, the "ln -s" fails.

Is there a way to create the destination directories dynamically based on what is specified in the file above?

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General :: What Config File Do You Change To Change Default Run Level?

Aug 5, 2009

What config file do you change to change default run level???

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OpenSUSE :: Installed Webilder Application To Automatically Change Wallpaper - Can't Change Background

Mar 30, 2010

I installed the webilder application to automatically change the wallpaper, preferences you've specified the directory where the images but I can not change the background. Does anyone know why not change?

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Ubuntu :: Graphics - Change To A Warped Mix Of Colors And Pixels When Change The Background Image

May 19, 2010

I recently installed Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Remix on my Gateway LT3103u. I noticed shortly into using it that it has a graphics bug every so often. Especially when I change the background image. Everything will change to a warped mix of colors and pixels. Everything is affected. My mouse, the bar at the top of the screen, text and all. My netbook runs on an AMD Athlon 64-bit processor with ATI Radeon X1270 HyperMemory up to 256MB graphics.

So far I have tried reinstalling, and even the 64bit desktop edition which had the same problem. Ive noticed that it freaks out when i scroll too quick, when changing background images, and on certain websites. Then other times its completely random. When it happens it looks similar to these: [URL]

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Ubuntu Installation :: Unable To Change BIOS Settings Due To Which Can"t Change Boot Preference?

Mar 24, 2011

I currently have a Windows XP OS which i want to dual-boot with Ubuntu Linux 10.10 . I put the disk in the drive and chose the option to install Linux through Windows. But it hangs in the middle. I am also unable to change my BIOS settings due to which i can"t change my boot preference. My first Boot is the HDD. I want to change it to CD-ROM. Any suggestion? I also have another PC where i can boot through the CD...I tried installing there by booting from the CD but i get this error message after seeing the purple Linux screen with the loading dots. "(Process:286):Glib warning**:getpwuid:failed due to unknown user id (0)

P.S.- I am not able to see any options while the boot is going on

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Ubuntu :: Change File Permissions To Change Background Screen?

Feb 21, 2010

I'm new to Ubuntu Linux but have many years on windows platform. Please can someone help me with how to change the following items.

No.1 I would like to change the HORRIBLE!! YAK!! brown background color behind the word Ubuntu in the start up screen when the machine loads up (before the login). I have located the image file for this which I have found to be: /usr/share/images/xsplash/bg_2560x1600. jpg but the OS says that root is the owner and that I don't have permission to change this. So how can I change this for a color I do like.

No.2 I would also like to change the login dialogue screen style. I know this is possible but again I'm fumbling to see how I can do this. I have tried with the start up manager but every attempt fails, the settings don't take. Once again I suspect permissions are at the bottom of the problem?

No.3 Would like to have a colorful splash screen image on boot up, I've managed to remove the old one (small white 3 ring ubuntu logo on black background) but havent been able to install or replace with a new one. Its been incredibly frustrating, I'm feel sure I'm missing something simple here. Wondering if its permissions yet again?

Anyone who can offer help on any of the above, guidance or advise me would be much appreciated. Please bear in mind that I'm still very much feeling my way with Linux so keep it simple.

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Ubuntu :: Menu Bar Won't Change Color When Change Panel Background

Oct 23, 2010

I changed it and got it working a long time ago but i installed 10.10 (great work BTW ) and have forgotten completely.

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General :: How To Change The Permissions

Nov 2, 2010

How do I set all *.java files in the current directory and all its sub directories to have read permission to all users?

I also want to set all files of at least 1 kilobyte in size in the current directory and all sub directories to have a group of admin.

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General :: Can Not Change 'ulimit -n'

Aug 23, 2010

I want to change number of open files. I can not change it neither in user nor sudo modes.

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General :: Change PS1 When SH (Shell) Out Of VIM

May 19, 2010

I've had my prompt change whenever I :sh (:shell) out of VIM, but can't for the life of me remember how?. The idea is to change the prompt to something like [SH] <your usual prompt here>, so that I know that VIM is running in the background.. I often logout of the shell, because I think VIM is open.

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General :: Anyway To Change That To Float

Nov 16, 2010

Its a huge waste of space. Is there anyway I can change that to float i.e output = .500000

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General :: Change UID For A User ?

Mar 4, 2010

I have a uid that I need to change however I need to know the process of doing so as this user is a vital user that has ownership of several running pids on this server. (webserver)

This user (admin) has a uid of 1003 on this server (server-A). However, on all our other servers (server-B-G)the uid is 1001. The reason for changing the uid is that the nfs mount that is mounted on server-A and on all the servers does not work right due to the uid difference. We have diagnosed to this point.

My question ... admin is the owner of several running pids.

So in order to change the uid, do I need to:
- stop ALL pids owned by admin
- >usermod -u 1001 admin
- then start back up the jobs that admin runs

I have verified that there are no files/dirs owned by uid 1003 but the ownership is admin.

I can run a find >find / -uid 1003 - to locate any orphaned files/dirs before I start back up any jobs that require admin ownership.
Then >chown the file/dir.

Does this appear to be a viable plan to get this uid corrected?

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General :: Cp - Mv Destination Name Change

May 26, 2010

When I use the cp or mv command to copy/move files is there a way for me to have the destination file assume the same name of the source file, however add an additional suffix.

For example


Now what if I wanted this...


Do I have to type the destination file out manually everytime? or is there a quick way for the cp or mv command to assume the source file name and add the .bak

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General :: GID / UID Change After FTP Upload?

Mar 10, 2011

I have CENTOS server with suPHP installed. The user (UID) and group (GID) are different for PHP files. But when I upload any file using FTP, it makes user:user and suphp fails to parse it. I then change the ownership (using ssh) as user:group for the php file and it works.

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General :: How To Change The 'Open With'

Sep 7, 2010

I'm having two problems with 'Open With':

I want to open jrxml's with iReport, but when I do;
'Open With' > 'Other Application'


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General :: How To Change Default?

Jul 20, 2010

I don't know what is up with our servers, but each time I upgrade Linux or switch back to Windows it seems that the default providers have changed,and as such I'm having trouble finding out how to change the default run level from 5 to 3 in Ubuntu 10.4. I had tried the /fstab file, and although the last time I made this configuration was under Suse, I'm not even sure that's how I did it for OpenSuse. I did find how to pass the text argument to the kernel but I don't want to disable GDM so that I have to renable it everytime I login. I'm unsure of how this will affect the startx command, at which point I'll be stuck sifting through books for random commands that might perform the task I would like.To elaborate, the reason I'd like to switch my default run-time level is so that I can configure an nvidia proprietary driver, which requires that the x server not be running and I could switch tty's but that doesn't shutdown the x server and although someone had given me a key combination to the effect of ctrl-alt-backspace,backspace I was advised against using it as it might cause damage to the integrity of the data used to load gdm.

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General :: Change Resolution In Kde 2.1.1?

Feb 15, 2011

I have Redhat 7.0 and kde 2.1.1 I've been looking for a way to change the resolution. I've found many ways to do it, but nothing can fix my problem. 1.If you configure your monitor in the KDE Control center under peripherals you may be able to fix this problem. There are two items in peripherals, mouse and keyboard. I don't see anything about resolution.

I can simply do it like this in KDE 3.4: right click the desktop, choose "configure desktop", then "display", then choose one of the resolutions in the dropdown menu. I see configure desktop, but there is no "display" item**you could change settings in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file. There is no xorg.conf file in that folder.

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General :: Change To Possible User ID?

Feb 26, 2011

I have installed tftpd on Ubuntu, but I think it not secure very much. So I read its manual, and it says: The server should have the user ID with the lowest possible privilege. I find the server has the root UID:


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General :: Make Change In Over NS-2.34?

Jan 15, 2011

I have problem when I add another case in linear increase cogestion avoidance algorithm in why can't it work out when I run it?In the tcl code I have set windowOption_ to '9' (where I put my additional change).It seems that any change I've made doesn't take effect at all.What am I suppose to do to make it work? I make change like this :

void TcpAgent:pencwnd()
double increment;
if (cwnd_ < ssthresh_) {
/* slow-start (exponential) */
cwnd_ += 1;

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General :: Sed Script To Change The Value?

Jun 17, 2011

I am trying to alter the value of one configuration file from XML to LDAP.(Oracle Application Server)

sed -e 's/XML/LDAP/g' $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/${OC4J_INSTANCE}/application-deployments/SPLWebApp/orion-application.xml

Oracle Home and OC4J Instance Values would be passed to script. The actual node in file(orion-application.xml) look's like this,

<jazn provider="XML" /> so this is to be change to <jazn provider="LDAP" />

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General :: Ssh Keys After The IP Change?

Apr 8, 2010

I needed to change the openSUSE's 11.2 static IP and now I am having trouble ssh'ing to it. Is there something I have to do to regenerate or update the ssh keys?

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General :: Umask Change ?

Jun 7, 2011

I have logged in with root user

My systems Umask value was 0022.


So i decided to change it to 0077 and observe the system for some time. so i edited /etc/profile and added


at the end of file

rebooted the machine.

But the umask is still showing as 0022

After the first attempt is failed I tried changing it using below command.


Validated it.


rebooted the machine but the umask is still showing 0022

So at last i have to modify /etc/bashrc file and add umask 077 at the end of the file.

How would i make it in general for all(Even for non-root user) and not just for bash prompt.

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Ubuntu :: Change Terminal Colors After A Change Root?

Jan 31, 2011

Now I know that in order to change the colors in your terminal you have to play around with ~/.bashrc But the effects don't stay in place after a change-root is taken affect. It just reverts to black. Is there any way I can change that too in .bashrc?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Change Pointer 10.10 / Compiz Wont Change?

Feb 23, 2011

I had issues with changing the pointer when compiz was active in ubuntu 10.10. it would not change when on the desktop, only when hovering over a window.I solved this issue by doing the following:

Hit alt f2 and enter-> gconf-editor

Then goto-> /->apps->compiz->general->allscreens->options

Then in "cursor_themes" type in the name of the pointer theme(Eg. DMZ-White)

This should resolve the issue with compiz.I am not going to go over that here.Oh yea don't forget to logout/login or press ALT F2 and enter compiz - -replace to refresh the pointer...

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Ubuntu :: Change Permissions - Change Persmissions In A Subdirectory

Sep 1, 2011

If this information excists here so sorry I was not able to find it. How to change permissions in Unbuntu for those people who are trying to change persmissions in a subdirectory.

Open the terminal and then type: Quote: sudo chmod yourpermission number /thenameofyourdirectory


Quote: sudo chmod 755 /directory

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