Debian :: Running Too Many Apps On My DockStar?

Feb 4, 2011

What are the ways to check the CPU/memory utilization on my headless torrent box on Seagate DockStar? Besides rtorrent and sabnzbd, I also have Asterisk running on it for occasional telephone calls.

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Debian :: Samba On Squeeze With Dockstar ?

Mar 11, 2011

At the beginning, I still can see the Samba share folder from PC vista, but after I change the smb.conf, it is totally out of service.

Here it is:

First I "added public =yes" and "read only=no" Second I made the "/home/pcguest" folder.

That is what I did. I understand I should change the folder authority. I made the folder because I checked the user pcguest can write here in /home/pcguest.

Need some link where can explain it clearly. Most information I got it is out of date.

And I can not restart Samba with samba restart.

When I checked all the step I did before, I noticed that I did restart samba once just after I installed it with the conf like this

Fellow is what I got when I run restart.

Which means the .conf change effect the restart.

I changed the conf back, but when I do restart again nothing show up like stopping or starting.

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General :: Wins Apps Running On 10.04?

Jul 14, 2010

my wife needs the 'horrible' dos because she uses - Russian - programs written for windows only.

i suppose:
they - the Russians - never discovered the linux-os (very surprising)
she - my wife - got the wrong version.
my Q:

is there an easy way to run windows-progs on ubuntu 10.04 ?

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OpenSUSE :: Running Gui Apps As Superuser?

Jul 18, 2010

Im comming from ubuntu/mint and one of the things I got used too was doing something like "sudo nautilus" or "sudo gedit" and similar things. In Suse 11.3 I always get errors like the following

(gedit:6115): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:
kate: cannot connect to X server
Could not parse arguments: Cannot open display:

or similar variations of these.What can I so to prevent this from happening? even if I do "su" and try from there it doesnt always work.I like Suse as it feels more professional then ubuntu, but I am trying to make it as user friendly.

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OpenSUSE :: Running Apps Don't Appear On Taskbar

Oct 15, 2010

I had some problems which were were already as bugs on which kde4.4.4 crashed and since than I lost this functionality. I cannot say if I have any apps running if they were all minimized as they don't appear on the taskbar. I can switch through them via Alt-Tab.

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OpenSUSE :: Running Win Apps Under Wine?

Jun 12, 2011

There are some apps for win that run on wine just with an ordinary install procedure. There are others that will never work at all. But there are also some that wine users claim to have made run by changing some specific configuration of wine, using some trick or even creating scripts on playonlinux.

So if I try to run an app on wine and it doesn't and I don't find any user documentation about some specific trick or config for that app what adjustments can I do to try to make it run? I mean, it's tiring and perhaps foolish to spend hours playing with every possible config in wine frontend without knowing what I'm doing. So what can I do to find out what libraries, configs, tricks or scripts are needeed to make an app run under wine if it didn't at the first try?

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Ubuntu :: Running Graphical Apps With 'at'

Jan 24, 2010

i'm trying to run a graphical program at a specific time with the help of 'at'. i'm on kubuntu but i think this will be the same on any *buntu.

because 'at' is such a common word. i found this bug [URL] but the mentioned work around doesn't work.

i can make at work with command line if i enter the a tty to make the output to.
example of what i do is:

$ at now
warning: commands will be executed using /bin/sh
at> date > /dev/tty1
at> <EOT> (CTRL+d)


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Ubuntu :: Running Apps As User Gdm?

Feb 26, 2011

In Karmic, I could run an app as user gdm by issuing the following command (assume the app is gconf-editor)


gksudo -u gdm dbus-launch gconf-editor

Now that I've switched to Marverick when I issu the same command I get this:


towheed@GA1A4CH:~$ gksudo -u gdm dbus-launch gconf-editor
No protocol specifiedNo protocol specified
** (gconf-editor:19812): CRITICAL **: Failed to parse arguments: Cannot open display:

I checked my environment variable DISPLAY using:


towheed@GA1A4CH:~$ echo $DISPLAY

and it returned:



Now I ran the command:


gksudo -u gdm dbus-launch gconf-editor --display=:0.0

and got the same error as before.Has either or both dbus-launch or gksudo changed their behavior os is this a bug. Note that the command does not work with any applications being run as the user gdm.

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Networking :: Running Web Apps In Windows?

Feb 27, 2011

I have a simple home network consisting of 2 laptops - one is a linux box and the other runs windows and linux with a dual boot setup.I develop my web apps on the linux box but would like to test them out on the windows machine using IE7. I have abandoned the idea of doing this in Linux using wine since in the real world this is unrealistic

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Fedora :: Running 32bit Apps On 64Bit 11?

Mar 25, 2010

I'm trying to run a library compiled in a 32bit Linux (CentOS) environment on my Fedora11 64bit image. I ran into a few issues with dependencies such as gcc, xml2, ssl plus a whole stack more that existed in /lib64 and no/lib where the binary was expecting them. After a bit of reading around, I found I needed to install the .i586 version of each of the dependencies. After adding most of them, I was left with libssl, libcrypto and libxml2. When I tried to do the following


yum install openssl.i586

I got an error stating it could not be copied due to a conflict with the i686 version. I was going to erase the i686 but it was going to remove a ton of other stuff so I created a symbolic link in /lib to point to 64bit version. Eventually, ldd had no missing dependencies so I figured I was good to go. I now get the following errors when I call my library

./SupervisionServer: /usr/lib/ no version information available (required by /lib/
./SupervisionServer: /usr/lib/ no version information available (required by /lib/
./SupervisionServer: error while loading shared libraries: /lib/ cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied

PHP is installed and working and the is in the /lib folder

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General :: Display GUI Apps Running On One Box On Another Machine?

Sep 8, 2011

I'd like to display GUI apps running on one Linux box on another machine.

I already do this with local machines, but how to do this over the internet?

Update: I'm already using ssh to access the machine over the internet.

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Ubuntu :: WindowList - Can't Find Running Apps

Mar 14, 2010

I have 4 workspaces set up and they appear on the bottom menu bar. Usually I can switch to each and see what's running in each, even if the apps are minimised. Now I can only see what hasn't been minimised, and I can't see or return to the ones that are minimised... System Monitor shows the minimised apps are running... I was poking around gconf editor late the other night and I must have altered a setting but I have no idea which. I've looked through docs etc but can't find a solution.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Install New Browsers - Other Apps Running?

Feb 16, 2011

After downloading a Chrome (for Linux of course) installation package via FireFox. Opening it from Downloads, entering the Administrator password. Then clicking on the " Install Package " button in the " Package Installer " window, I get a message:
"Only one software management tool is allowed to run at the same time, please close the other application 'synaptic', 'aptitude', or 'update manager' first."
I see no evidence of these apps or any others running & I got rid of the Firefox. Are these " Other Apps " hidden somewhere, how do I determine this?

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Ubuntu :: Running Apps From Across Two Distros On Same Disk

Feb 21, 2011

I really do not know how to phrase this question properly. I am quite unaware of the PC jargon. But I have Ubuntu as the main OS and Mandriva is the second OS on the same hard disk. The boot loader is the Ubuntu. When I want to switch to Mandriva, on boot up I press Shift and then select the kernel.However, if I am on Ubuntu and want to run an application which resides on Mandriva, how do I do that? My fstab file does not even mention Mandriva. However, the file system does show up that file and I can open any files I need by clicking on GUI "Places". But when I try to run any of its applications by clicking the appropriate file on its /bin file nothing happens. A pop-up window briefly flashes and disappears. So my questions are:

1. First how can I change directory so that I am on Mandriva. Can' cd ...something' take me to that file because I see it in "Places" as a 36Gb file system?
2. How can I run an application which resides on that file system e.g., R or Octave which I do not have installed on Ubuntu, without rebooting into Mandriva.
3. Can I do this from command line.
4. And finally, can I do the same from Mandriva i.e., access Ubuntu from it.

I did read quite a bit about mounting files and fstab, but the fstab does not show the file system I am talking about. These are the outputs from Ubuntu os.

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General :: Auto Running Apps In Succession?

Aug 19, 2010

I want to write something that will run apps in succession.For example, you'd click on the app icon,and it would start up one application, have questions alert the user to add a file to do something in that program, run that program & finish. Then open up another program to take that file and prompt the user to do something else with it, and so on.Basically I have a friend who needs an auto, completely easy interface to accomplish certain tasks that require multiple application steps to perform.

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Ubuntu :: X Apps Via SSH - Displaying Already Running Instance Of A Process

Jan 5, 2010

how to configure X11 forwadring over SSH so, that when I open any app over SSH, I get displayed window of a process that is already running on my server (in case its running ), not a new instance of it.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Running Apps Through JACK In Lucid?

May 22, 2010

I have lucid and jack almost the way I want. I can't get apps like flash (in firefox) and rhythmbox to run through JACK. I've followed some outdated guides on the forums here, but I haven't had any luck.

I set up gstreamer to use jackaudiosink, but no luck.

If you ask me, JACK + ALSA should be the default, with maybe a simplified or automated control system for people who don't want to exploit their might

I hate having to close up a massive JACK patch just to watch a quick movie, or having to close Pidgin so JACK will start.

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Ubuntu :: Running GNOME Apps In KDE - Looked Old Fashioned

Sep 15, 2010

I've just installed KDE on to my regular Ubuntu 10:04 install and thats all good and well but now when I run my fav GNOME apps in KDE, they look old fashioned like some from Win 95 or 98 type thing. Do I have to install additional GNOME Libraries and if so which ones?

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Software :: Running Windows Apps By Installing WINE?

Jan 26, 2011

I'm somewhat knew to Linux (CentOS), so WINE is completely foreign to me also. I'm immediately interested in TaxAct, which is how I learned about WINE. My question is whether my system will maintain the same stability that Linux is known for, and whether my CentOS build will keep it's current RHEL integrity after I install WINE, and probably other Windows Apps. Your experience with WINE is coveted.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: DVD And MP3 Playback - Running All The Necessary Files - Codecs - Apps

Dec 26, 2009

For the longest time DVD and MP3 playback have haunted me. I fully understand the idea behind open source and not packaging the codecs with the OS. My question is this: I am running openSUSE 11.2 on my lappy. When I try to follow steps online to install all the necessary codecs, plugins and applications. I always seem to run into dependency problems. Can ANYONE out there give a step by step walk through of installing and running all the necessary files, codecs, apps. from a fresh install that has worked for them to get media to work in suse 11.2? For the sake of example and trying to get this process done right lets assume that I have installed suse fresh on my system and want to play DVD's and listen to MP3's.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Enable Audio For Other Apps While Mythtv Is Running?

Nov 14, 2010

I have Songbird running on another display on the same machine as my Mythtv frontend but while the frontend is running, audio seems to be disabled for it and other applications. I assume that this is because Mythtv suspends Pulse audio.

Is it possible to make this work without enabling pulse audio?

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General :: Display X Apps Running On Host1 And Displaying On Host2 ?

Feb 20, 2010

I have three boxes with lenny debian recently installed. I'd like to be able to display X apps running on host1 and displaying on host2. "xhost +" would do the trick for me if I could get it to work but as far as I can tell it does nothing. (BTW, I'm aware of the security risks. This is not a concern for me. I'm safely behind a good firewall. I'm also aware of "ssh -X" but that won't quite solve my problem. See the long version below.) I suspect that Debian secures the xhost command out of the box in some way but I can't seem to figure out what it is. If that is true and someone can show me how to reset it, or direct me to appropriate documentation I think that would solve my problem.

Here's the long version:

What I really want to do is play xbattle with my kids but I need to be able to display the board to three different screens. In xbattle the command line is: % xbattle -red me -blue host1:0 -green host2:0 {and more stuff of no consequence to my question}

This opens a game board for player red locally, player blue on host1 and player green on host2. Or at least it should. If there is a way to make this work with "ssh -X" (or anything else for that matter) I'll be happy to use that instead, but so far as I can tell "ssh -X" only lets me redirect the display back to the one I ssh'd from whereas I need to direct to multiple displays to run xbattle.

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OpenSUSE :: Running Suse 11.2 On A Gateway Lt3103u - Screen Dims With Certain Apps

Mar 23, 2010

Im running suse 11.2 on a gateway lt3103u during boot i noticed the screen goes dim. i thought nothing of it untill i tried to watch *ahem* educational video *ahem*. ive found that no matter what program i use xine vlc or anything else that video sets the screen to dim as if it were in power saving mode. this problem also occurs when i close the lid. it locks the screen into dim mode. in both cases i can use both Fn keys and the power management widget to reset it to bright, but this problem is annoying having to keep turning it back u to see.

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Ubuntu :: Freshly Booted 8.10 With No Apps Running Shows Network Activity?

Mar 30, 2010

How can I track down what's using my nic and kill it (if appropriate). There are no applications running which might be authorized to send and receive packages, so I don't really know why the System Monitor shows network activity.

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Debian :: Running Same Process Multiple Times(from Another Account) / An Instance Of Newsbeuter Is Already Running Error?

Aug 6, 2010

Sometimes I connect to my Debian box from another computer (using SSH on Cygwin or Linux), and once ina while I want to run some console apps. And sometimes some of these apps might complain about "another intance, Error: an instance of newsbeuter is already running (PID: 2496)". Is there a work around for this issue at all(without killing the original instance") ? The reason I do not want to kill the app because there might be 2 users connected to the same machine that might be using the same app.

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Ubuntu :: Hidden Mimized Apps \ Reach Apps That Minimized Them Self And Are Not Shown In The Top Menu?

Apr 30, 2011

Some minimized apps no longer appear in the top menu and by that are no longer accessible.For example firefox with the minimize addon or Jungel Disk backup service.How can I reach apps that minimized them self and are not shown in the top menu?

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Debian :: Can't Get Basic Apps

Jun 2, 2011

I'm trying to get compiz setup but it is not having any affect at all. I installed it and went to the synaptic system manager and added all the compiz plugins that were there. I restarted several times before and after going to the synaptic system manager. It said installed successfully, however it has no effect so it isn't "on" whatsoever. I have watched ..... tutorials on how to set it up. It looked easy enough but did not work for me. I have tried commands from tutorials but I don't know enough or how to edit folder contents. I think they were old tutorials anyways, I am running the newest squeeze debian distro. The 3d desktop was one reason I wanted to try linux. If I can't get the basic apps like this to work then there is no reason for me to use linux.

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Debian :: Using KDE Apps In GNOME?

May 24, 2011

it was difficult for me to get it set up. So, when Squeeze became the stable release, I strayed. Tried Ubuntu, Mandriva, PCLOS, Mepis, both KDE and Gnome, and after using Lenny for several months, they all sucked. So I'm back, and although it took me several hours, over a few days, and 50 searches, I have Squeeze set up just how I want. I love how fast and stable it is!!

I've become a big fan of Gnome over the past year, because of how simple, fast and stable it is. But, there are a few KDE apps I prefer over the ones available for Gnome. I want to install K3b, KTorrent, digiKam/showFoto, and probably Amarok (although I haven't given Rythembox a fair chance). I realize this will install the KDE base, but other than the space taken up, is there any disadvantage to doing this? If there's a chance it will affect the speed and stability of the system, I'll learn to live without them.

Is there a way to extract the MD5 SUM from a .iso I download in Gnome?? K3b does it automatically before the burn. Does Brasero do this and I'm just missing it?

I've tried using Transmission a few times before to download torrents, but never with success, yet with KTorrent, I just click on the file and it starts downloading it.

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Debian :: Compiling The Apps For I686?

Dec 21, 2010

If I wanted to avoid installing certain i386 apps from the repository, could I somehow compile my own (generic compiling, or for deb packages) with an i686 architecture in mind?Would this be congruent with the rest of the Debian OS, or would the extra instructions cause instability (if even possible)?

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Debian :: Adobe Air Apps Cannot Be Installed In Sid

Jul 7, 2010

I have read this simple instruction to get me tweetdeck into my desktop computer (AMD Athlon X2, 2GB ram, 160gb HDD - Debian SID)[URL]

I'm not sure what happened but installing Adobe Air in Debian is like installing in Windows XP -- I used the .bin file instead of the .deb because the .deb say's Adobe Air is 32 bit application.

So it is installed (sucessful or not I still don't know) -=- I go to tweetdeck site and got to its desktop page where there should be an install button -- however, there aren't any or it wont show -- it partially show like a running circle but it's not running. Then when I click on it -- it disappears.

I tried installing other air app like livebrush but the same -- the button is not shown. My Sid is updated as of now. I also have google chrome browser -- the behavior is the same as with iceweasel v3.5.10

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