Ubuntu :: Where Is The Letter Wizard?

Apr 1, 2010

On Karmic-64. I try to click on File, Wizard, Letter; then, nothing happens. This is Open Office 3.1

My software source is: [url]

Maybe I need to add another repository?

I can compose a letter without help, but the wizards help with the format.

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General :: Echo Enter The Letter A Or The Letter B?

Feb 11, 2010

Not sure why this won't work, any thoughts?echo enter the letter A or the letter B

read letter
if["$letter" = "A"]; then
echo "coolit's an A"


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Ubuntu :: How To Install Wizard.tar.gz

Jul 31, 2010

How do you install wizard.tar.gz

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Ubuntu :: Wizard Will Allow To Set Password At First Startup

Dec 25, 2010

I have received a webbook this morning and the instructions say that a wizard will allow me to set a password at first startup. This did not happen and a user called 'x' has been created and I do not know the password. How do I reset this so that I am the administrator?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 9.10 Not Seeing External HDD In Install Wizard

Feb 10, 2010

I have looked around on the forums for this but not been able to see a similar problem. Basically Ubuntu Live CD will see the external HDD to access and see files and folders but when on the install section, where you can choose the drive to install to, the only drive listed is the internal one. This is a Dell inspiron 5100 laptop and I have installed ubuntu 9.10 onto two different pen drives that are 8gb in size but the HDD will not be listed.

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Ubuntu :: How To Skip Install Wizard On Live USB

Jun 6, 2010

I am using a live USB of 10.04 Netbook edition. Every time I boot up the Installation wizard opens. Is there a way to skip this and go directly to the gnome desktop? Figure I just need to edit some boot scripts but I dont know which one.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Seem To Update Without Profiles Wizard Crashing

May 26, 2011

Can't seem to update without the Profiles wizard crashing.Will try again later this week to update the packages.I want to package most of the svn as I can.I would update the packages as much as I have time for. This wouldn't be for creating a distro from as it would have bugs.Also I'll be moving in a few months so there will be a month or more without updates.

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Ubuntu :: General Trouble Shooting Wizard For Linux?

Mar 12, 2010

I often struggle to fix small problems (networking, printers, graphics, etc.) because I can't remember all the cryptic sysadmin configs and tools.Is there a smart tool or wizard that can diagnose 1 or more of these areas? I'd like a tool that figures out why I can't connect to the network. Either it solves the problem or explains the issues to me.

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General :: Start The KDE Personalizer Wizard?

Feb 20, 2011

just installing Slackware 13.1 from the full DVD iso this weekend.

I have successfully installed everything and have started X, but I can't find the KDE Personalizer Wizard. I'd like to set it to operate more or less like Windows so I can find my way around more easily since I'm a newb.

I think the KDE Personalizer Wizard is supposed to start when I enter X for the first time, but it didn't - anyone know how I can start it?

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General :: OpenOffice Wizard Gui Is Defaced?

Apr 13, 2011

I have updated OO, but perhaps you can see my prob best by looking at the att.

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Ubuntu :: Installed KStars And Missing Telescope Wizard Package

Nov 24, 2010

I am running 32-bit Ubuntu 10.04. I just installed KStars and am having a problem. There are no scopes listed in Telescope Wizard. Is it a missing package?

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Fedora Installation :: Unsigned RPM, Like Cedega, Or RPM Wizard?

Jun 8, 2009

How do I install an unsigned RPM, like Cedega, or RPM Wizard?

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Fedora Installation :: Partitioning Wizard Has No Option For XFS

Oct 12, 2009

I need to make a fresh new installation of KDE Fedora 11 where some partitions are formatted using XFS. The installer's partitioning wizard has no option for XFS. I've been able to load the XFS module as root (modprobe xfs) but it looks like the XFS tools are completely missing.
Two of these partitions are / and /home so it'd be quite hard to do the "switch" after the installation.

I have read the FAQs at [URL] as well as the XFS thing by Colin Charles. But as I am new to Fedora I don't understand the sentence "At the installer prompt, type this ...". If the installed is the bootloader, then adding the xfs in the end of the boot line won't help. If the installer is the iconized program I see on the desktop after the end of the boot, the it's name is "liveinst" and adding the xfs option won't help.

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Ubuntu :: Launched Evolution - Get Back Into The Wizard To Add / Correct The Email Password?

Oct 25, 2010

I am new to the community and have just recently loaded Ubuntu 10.04. I think I made an error when I first launched Evolution, how can I get back into the wizard to add/correct the e-mail password?

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Fedora :: Kontact And Spam Wizard - Go Into Terminal And Do Some Repairs?

May 3, 2010

I set up the spam wizard in Kontact/Kmail yesterday. I told it to put all the spam in the "Spam" folder. Seems the default is "Trash". Well, now it sticks everything in the "Trash" folder. Everything including standard e-mails that should go into the inbox. I've tried a few things. The program seems to be hung up somehow. Is there a way to go into a terminal and do some repairs?

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Fedora :: HP Printer Doesn't Show Up In The CUPS Wizard

Apr 28, 2011

I have taken a break from using Fedora, but since getting my netbook Ive decided to dual boot with Windows 7 Started (warranty purposes) and Fedora 14 with Fedora as the default boot OS. Now Ive got my home network setup as follows:

Gaming laptop, Windows 7 Pro x64, external powered USB hub with 1.5TB HD with shared folders through windows share permissions and the HP Deskjet F2430 printer

Netbook 1, my wifes netbook, Windows 7 Starter, has 100% access to the windows shares and the printer.

Netbook 2, my netbook, Fedora 14 has windows shared folder access but no printer access. In Windows 7 Starter has access to windows shared folders and printer access.

All of them are wirelessly networked through my Linksys WRTG54GS thats flashed with DD-WRT Mega firmware. The only laptop that has a hardwired connection to the printer and HD is my gaming laptop. how to go about allowing this? My printer doesnt show up in the CUPS wizard.

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General :: Downloaded Partition Wizard - C Drive As Unallocated ?

Jan 6, 2010

I downloaded partition wizard to get rid of a linux partition on my hard drive. after I fixed my mbr I used partition wizard to delete the linux partition and resized c to take up the rest of the space, partition wizard is reading my c drive as unallocated and also windows is not detecting my recovery partition at all... what can I do to fix this. I fear that even though my recovery partition exists that it may be of no use to me if windows does not recognize it, and how can I format the unallocated space with out loosing all of my data?

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Slackware :: KMail - Wizard Opening New Account Setup

Aug 15, 2010

Kernel, GNU (Slackware 12.0).
KDE 3.5.7.
KMail 1.9.7

In the x.org home page, there is a link 'the xorg mailing list'. If I click on this link, then the KMail Account Wizard (window subtitle New account setup) opens and I am compelled to create a new account. But I already have one, and I send and receive mail with this account. Can it be that this behavior is induced by x.org? I don't feel like opening a second account.

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Ubuntu :: Kstars - No List Of Telescopes In Telescope Wizard And Can't Save Information Under Properties

Jul 2, 2010

I'm having problems with Kstars and would like to know the proper place to post questions or if there is a forum just for the Kstars program. I can't find much info on the net. If I remember right it worked in Ubuntu 8 but I've upgraded to the latest and some options in Kstars are not working now. In a nutshell, some of the problems are:

1: Help not working. I get....Could not Launch the KDE help center: Could not find service 'khelpcenter'
2: In telescope wizard, there is no list of telescopes.
3: I cant save my telescope information under properties.

As I'm just learning this stuff, it could be a bug but not sure, so please point me in the right direction for help. I'm running dual boot on a HP laptop. Windows XP and Ubuntu. I have reformatted the drive and installed everything new for a clean slate.

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Networking :: Address Of Remote Network In FreeNX Wizard And Bit Type?

May 21, 2010

Some FreeNX start-up troubles here, need a hand. 1) I am trying to establish a connection from my workplace PC on my workplaces's LAN to my home PC on my private LAN (LAN-to-LAN). Just typing in the public IP of the target LAN in the "Host" field gets me nowhere, as it fails to connect due to a denial at port 22 SSH - even though I've done the forwarding in my home router and punched the required hole in the local firewall of the target machine.

This resembles what I'm looking at: [URL]..2) My home PC is 64-bit Mepis and my workmachine is a 32-bit Ubuntu. Is this a problem?

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Ubuntu :: What Is Hard Drive Letter

Dec 4, 2010

I can not find my hard drive letters in ubuntu. In the "computer" window it just shows it as "file system". I want to run chkdsk on another hdd that I connected to the computer. It shows up as 2 icons, one called "256 GB Solid-State Disc:256GB Filesystem and the other called "256 GB Solid-State Disc:System Reserved. This disc was installed in another computer as the only hdd and I had problems with the computer so I removed it and installed disc drive. I want to check this ssd here in ubuntu to see if there are any bad sectors etc. All the instructions I can find say to Type "Run chkdsk /[drive letter]" (without quotes) in the terminal win. I entered "sudo lshw" and the drive shows as "*-disc:1" I tried using 1, disc-1 and *-disc:1 as drive letters , example, "Run chkdsk/1" (without quotes), and I get command not found for all 3. There must be a drive letter to these discs as in windows I would guess, it appears that way as I search the net. NOTES, this computer has ubuntu 10.04 installed only and has 3gb native sata mobo, no microsoft at all. I want to check the quality of this ssd as much as possible and can overwrite or delete any and all files on it, reformat it etc. If it checks out good, I may remove the existing hdd on the computer and install this one as the only hdd and install ubuntu and use it a while to make sure it works fine, then remove it and install it to the original computer where i wanted it in the first place. That computer has win7 ultimate on it, but what matters is that one has the 6gig native sata mobo and that is where this ssd will work at its fastest

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Ubuntu :: Change Assign Key Letter?

Apr 18, 2011

I know their are several threads pre-taining to keyboard remapping, I own a Toshiba X205 S7483 laptop running Ubuntu 10.10 32 bit with the latest updates installed. I like this os overall but here is my question.

My laptop keyboard letter, "b" has broke and Im copying and pasting when I need to use it. Is there a way how I can change either the assigned b letter key to like one of the alt keys or windows menu keys or fn key?

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Ubuntu :: Assign A European Letter To Keyboard?

Aug 3, 2010

but is it possible to assign a key on the keyboard to make a specific letter - eg. ?

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Ubuntu :: Capitalize Every Other Letter Of Words In File

Feb 19, 2011

i have this file, and considering it's obnoxiously huge i'd prefer not to have to do this manually. Is there some way i can manipulate sed or awk to change every other letter in all the words in a file to capital letters?

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Ubuntu :: Black Squares Appear Instead Of Specific Letter

Oct 12, 2010

for some obscure reason black squares appear instead of a specific letter. Not always the same letter - it just seems to pick a letter different every time.

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Programming :: How To Capitalise First Letter In PHP

Jul 28, 2010

I have a string such as "helLo wOrlD". I'd like to transform this into "Hello World", ie. capitalise the first letter of every word, and transform the rest into small letters, both being compulsory.

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Ubuntu :: Impossible To Type 'a' Letter In Terminal / Make It Possible?

May 27, 2010

Since 2 days, when I type the lowercase 'a' letter in a terminal, nothing is written (it's not the case for the uppercase 'A' letter).
The matter appears with all terminal's software (guake, Terminal, xterm...).
The only way for me to type the 'a' letter is to type 'Insert' key before.
I tried many solutions but the matter is still here.
Here, there is some clarifications and some solutions I tried:
-If I copy and paste a text, 'a' don't appears. For example, if i try to copy and paste
'sudo apt-get install'
'sudo pt-get instll' will appears
-The matter appears 2 days ago. Before that, I removed the .gconf file
-It's not a fresh installation of ubuntu but an update from karmic to lucid. When i was under karmic, I was using KDE. Then I did an upgrade, then I tried Xubuntu and Lubuntu and finally I moved to Ubuntu. The first week under Ubuntu (Gnome) was without any matter and 2 days ago, this matter appeared.

-I tried this following command line:
xmodmap -pke >fichier.conf
and the file called "fichier.conf" (I'm french) contains this line:
keycode 24 = a A a A ae AE ae AE

-When I type this line:
printf "x61
a 'a' appears in my terminal.

-In tty1 and all the other programs, 'a' appears without any trouble

-I tried with other users in my computer but the matter is still the same no matter wich user I use.

-I tried to change fonts of my environment and I also tried to change fonts only for the terminal but whithout success.

-I tried to change the layout of my keyboard.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Cannot Start The GUI / Getting Dead.letter Message?

Jun 17, 2010

I was connected to my intranet website using webmin. I was getting a message that the hostname cannot be resolved. I went into the /etc/hosts file and change the following: localhost intranet.lab.net intranet.lab.net
# The following lines are desirable for IPv6 capable hosts
::1 ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
fe00::0 ip6-localnet
ff00::0 ip6-mcastprefix


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Ubuntu :: Assign Drive Letter To Windows Share?

Feb 3, 2011

I've a Windows and a Ubuntu Machine on the same network.I've a shared folder on my Windows machine.I need to permanently map it to drive letter in Ubuntu, just like a hard disk.Think of mapping a network drive in windows, I need to do the exact same thing.Is there a way? I've honestly gone through about 500 posts explaining different ways and I go none working. Is there a GUI for this?I know there is something called mounting, but I need it to be a drive letter for my program to understand.

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Ubuntu :: Terminal Window Woes: Letter P Not Working

Mar 1, 2011

As of this morning, whenever I open a terminal window, the letter 'p' no longer works. Uppercase 'P' works fine in a terminal window, but lowercase 'p' doesn't do a thing. It isn't my keyboard, either (I can type 'p' here fine).I tried checking the "Keyboard Shortcuts" (Edit->Keyboard Shortcuts..) for the terminal window, but 'p' is not assigned.

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