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Ubuntu Installation :: Extract The .iso File In Linpus Lite?

I am having trouble getting the Ubuntu .iso file to extract to my USB drive without using DD - and am wondering: Why is Unetbootin not available?

I take that back: I can use the Unetbootin binary. However, the binary needs 7-zip to run - and 7-zip is very crippled in Linux.

Is there any extraction utility that I can use along with SYSLINUX for Linpus Linux Lite that I can use to extract the Ubuntu .ISO file?

Edit: I got Unetbootin to work. but I had to run "sudo yum install p7zip" first.

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I own an Acer Aspire One which has Linpus Lite installed. Last night I attempted to delete a couple of files only to find they are read only and that I cannot change the permissions by right clicking and changing the drop down menu from read only.

These aren't protected files or anything, they are files I've downloaded or created myself (one using the onboard web cam to test it).

I attempted to play with Terminal for a bit but as a newbie I got easily lost, not like I can fall back on command prompt knowledge from Windows!

I think it's somehow connected with the user which accesses these docs or tries to change the permissions. I also tried with an su- which meant I was using Terminal as root, however, I wasn't sure how I could then set the permissions for a particular file/folder within the file system.

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General :: Enabling Java In Linpus Lite?
have Acer Aspire One netbook with Linux Linpus Lite. I have downloaded Java in order to be able to play Yahoo games, to no avail, each time I try I get the reply "Java is not enabled in your browser" and I cannot get it to work. Is it possible that Yahoo games only work in Windows?

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Software :: Want To Install Pidgin On Linpus Lite?
I just downlaoded a .repo file from the pidgin website, and iot says to move this folder to /etc/yum.repos.d/ but it wont let me paste the file into this folder.

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Networking :: Connecting To NAS Using Linpus Lite Distribution
I'm currently using the Linux Linpus Lite distribution on my Acer Aspire One netbook. Unfortunately, I'm suffering a problem connecting to a network attached storage drive that is wired to my LAN. I have no problem connecting to this particular device through Windows terminals and the device itself works perfectly. The particular drive in question is a Freecom FSG-3. However, as the file manager in Linpus Lite does not appear to support local networking as a native function, I have tried (unsuccessfully) various methods to overcome this issue. In particular, I have created a folder in the root directory called 'NetFolder.' Following this I right-clicked on this folder and picked the 'Open Terminal Here' option.

I then typed the command line:
I. First attempt I tried: sudo mount -t cifs -o username=[MY USERNAME],password=[MY PASSWORD] // NetFolder
II. Second attempt I tried: sudo mount -t cifs -o username=[MY USERNAME],password=[MY PASSWORD] // NetFolder
III. Third attempt I tried: sudo mount -t cifs -o // NetFolder
IV. Fourth attempt I tried: sudo mount -t cifs -o // NetFolder

The username and password I have listed are the credentials I use to access this NAS through my Windows explorer (it allows me to view all the files on the drive and does not give access to specific FTP user accounts). In addition, the 'fsg' following the '' is the network name for this device (the way it appears is you look for the device on a network management utility). After trying them all of the above combinations, the Terminal application has displayed a number of error messages and I cannot see the contents of the NAS (which I should do if the attempt to add this drive is successful). For example, the error message I received after trying statement I. above was "mount error: can not change directory into mount target NetFolder."

Posted: 04-21-2010, 01:07 PM

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General :: Install Flash Player On Linpus Lite?
My operative system is Linpus Linux Lite v1.0.11.E and I am not able to install it and don't know wht!!

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Software :: .doc Recovery Program For Linpus Linux Lite?
i'm trying to recover a document (10 page essay on singapore's political economy) it was written with open office but saved as a .doc. I was working on it on my Acer Aspire One also listening to music using MediaMaster 4.43. Media Master froze so i saved my .doc and rebooted my machine... now my document won't open

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General :: Update To Firefox 3.6.3 Acer Linpus Lite
OK I do have a file called firefox-3.6.3-tar.bz2 which I downloaded from the mozilla web site. This file sits now in "Downloads". /home/usr/downloads now I want to rename the old firefox 2.0 version just in case I am going to mess up something. I believe the "old" version sits in /usr/lib - so I just can rename this with mv firefox to firefox.old right? if I have done that how can I unpack and install the firefox-3.6.3-tar.bz2 file?

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General :: Get Xarchiver 4.9 On Linpus Lite To Unrar Rar Files
I had to reinstall everything on my ACER aspire one, and now I can't unrar rar files with xarchiver. I tried installing ARK but that didn't work, and instead of troubleshooting why Ark isn't working I'd really just like to get Xarchiver to work. I uninstalled and reinstalled using yum but that didn't change anything.I also tried installing the source code of xarchiver 5.0 from a tar.gz, but the ./configure needs to be able to find gtk+-2 and for some reason it can't.

Posted: 11-04-2010, 11:20 AM

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General :: Installing New Firefox On Acer Aspire One Linpus Lite
my old firefox is obsolete. I've downloaded 3.6, successfully as far as I can see, but it's just sitting there on the hard drive as a file, it doesn't start up, I just get the same old version 2 which came with the machine and it's dead in the water really.

Posted: 02-24-2010, 02:36 AM

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General :: Aspire One & Linpus Lite - USB Flash Drive Not Supported
I assume the operating system for the Aspire One i have called 'Linpus' made by Linux is designed to be effectively bullet proof (it being a netbook), and as such installing any new programs or modifying anything is a bit more tricky. I didn't realize this, although I am fully behind my choice of Linux over Windows still, I just didn't realize it was a 'lite' version that meant simple tasks were a bit more complex.

That said, would most people suggest changing the OS of this 1gb RAM 8gb HD netbook to a more open version of Linux? If this is even possible or recommended. Not sure what the options are, would love a heads up. But to my main question. I am trying to update drivers on my old Windows DELL Inspiron which I 'nuked' using DBAN (which was loads of fun when I finally got it to work! Loved typing in 'autonuke'!! ) so need to download its wireless driver files i 'nuked' using my Aspire One and Linpus - hopefully directly to the USB Flash drive I have made by Lexar.

However, when I plug in the USB Flash drive to any of the 3 USB ports there is no automatic response. I can't find it using my 'windows knowledge' looking through folders and such, and there is no 'My computer' icon in this Linux Linpus Lite. So where I find my USB Flash drive? Does Linpus support this?

Posted: 01-31-2010, 03:23 PM

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General :: Linpus Lite - Desktop Shows Black And White Bars
I prefer ubuntu (which I have been meaning to install for a while) but my netbook currently has linpus lite on it. (It's an acer aspire one). One night I left the netbook sitting open (forgot to close it), and when I went to use it the next day, when I started it up, the desktop did not show the normal icons in the background. It still showed the bar at the bottom with the connection icon, power icon, etc. as well as the "Internet" search bar in the top right corner.

But instead of the usual linpus desktop icons, there are just black and white horizontal bars, with some coloured dots in the black bars. I can still use the terminal to open firefox, and presumably other programs. It still connects to wifi signals, and the bottom bar looks normal and functional. I am posting this message right now with my netbook, and it doesn't seem to have lost any functionality. I would much rather just click on things most of the time instead of opening terminal for everything.

Posted: 06-10-2010

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General :: Using Wine / Acer Aspire One Linpus Lite - Add / Remove Programs?
I'm trying to use iTunes and poker sites on my acer aspire one with linux linpus lite. I've followed previous threads and learned how to add/remove programs and I've downloaded wine. My wine programs show up under 'other' and I have: wine configuration; wine file; wine boot; wine software ininstaller and winhelp (not sure if the last is wine or not) Just can't navigate my way through any of these to find how to actually RUN wine. Also, if you think this is not the best way to fully use poker websites (I'm not happy with the iphone style no download play) or iTunes.

Posted: 01-04-2010, 05:53 PM

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General :: WiFi Icon Disappeared From Desktop - Acer Aspire One Linpus Lite
Today my Menu Bar and WiFi icon disappeared from my desktop. How can I get it back as I am no longer able to connect to the internet , seee my battery status or log out ?

Posted: 10-30-2010, 07:33 AM

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Ubuntu Installation :: Extract File Initrd.lz - Located In Install Iso
initrd.lz is a Lzip file in the casper directory of the Ubuntu install iso.

I'm having trouble finding a program that will extract it.

Lzip - fails
file-roller fails

How to extract it?

Posted: August 7th, 2011

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Ubuntu Installation :: Downloaded Program X-lite Tar.gz?
How do I install the downloaded program x-lite tar.gz.

Posted: November 25th, 2010

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CentOS 5 :: MIME Lite Installation Always Produces Error
I'm still a newbie when it comes to *nixes so these might be easy for some of you here is my problem I tried installing MIME::Lite using CPAN but it always produces an error so it doesn't continue, any other way to install it...

Posted: 2009/3/18 2:43

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Ubuntu :: File System - Whenever Extract A File From A .tar Or Whatever - It Isn't Detected
When ever I extract a file from a .tar or whatever, it isn't detected. I notice this mainly when i'm using xampp. I copy zip up all my files on one computer, load ubuntu on another, extract the files to the web folder (htdocs) and then I get nothing. However, when I manually create the files directly on my computer as opposed to extracting them, they appear.

Is there something I need to do in order to have these files appear? Is there some sort of file system refresh? Or am I being a complete idiot?

Posted: 4 Weeks Ago

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Programming :: How To Extract Spec File From Rpm File?
Is there any way to extract the spec file from rpm package(not *.src.rpm)?

Posted: 03-21-2006, 03:29 AM

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Ubuntu :: How Do I Extract Pgp File
how do I extract a pgp file on Ubuntu? I have the file and a passphrase. On Windows I have Kleoptra so I can right click the file and click 'decrypt'. Is there an easy way to do this on Ubuntu?

Posted: April 14th, 2011

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Ubuntu :: How To Extract .run File
This is what I tried to do:>cd ~/Desktop >sudo sh --extract.After entering my password, this appeared: >sh: Can't open am I doing wrong? It apparently worked in this thread.

Posted: July 21st, 2010

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Ubuntu :: .rar File Doesn't Extract
I have installed unrar-free, and I am trying to extract a file from a .rar archive (actually the file is split into several archives).

When I choose one of the .rar files and open it with Archive Manager, there are no errors and the file to be extracted shows in the Archive Manager window. I then choose to extract it, and after that I click on "show files". But when the folder supposedly containing the extracted file opens, the file isn't there.

Maybe relevant info:
I am running latest stable version of Ubuntu, as the user that was created during the Ubuntu installation. The files are in my "Downloads" folder, and the Archive Manager window says that the .rar file is read-only.

Posted: June 9th, 2010

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Ubuntu :: Large .tar.gz File That Trying To Extract?
I've got a large .tar.gz file that I am trying to extract, I have had a look around at the problem and seems other people have had it, but I've tried their solutions and they haven't worked.The command I am using is:

tar zxvf file.tar.gz
and the error is:


Posted: January 4th, 2011

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Extract Rars File
I just installed Ubuntu for the second time, first time was like 2 years ago and my pc was an oddball and some stuff was just not supported properly. Anyways.. I've got the latest build of Ubuntu installed, everything is working fine, just one problem.

I have many, many, many files that are archived in multiple .rar's. Like .r01, .r02, etc... I have them all copied over to the harddrive, but cannot extract what is in them. Also, I have some of these .rar's archived in a single .rar because of windows being stupid and not letting me copy them to my external drive as the names of them were too long for windows to handle. Those .rar's will extract a couple of the .r01, etc.. files, but not all of them.

Posted: January 24th, 2010

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Ubuntu :: Extract A File Onto The Partition?
I formatted a partition on a USB stick in ext2 format for Linux with GParted. I tried to extract a file onto the partition and received a error that said I did not have the permissions to do it.

Posted: June 10th, 2010

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