Ubuntu Installation :: WYSIWUG HTML Editor - Ignores Used Fonts Unless Re-edit And Ignores Css On Links

Aug 17, 2011

However - is there such a thing as a decent HTML editor like dreamweaver? Komposer is buggy as hell - useless! Bluegriffon, well umm - screen fonts are bizarre, especially in viewing source code - brake down, multicoloured obviously a bug - no deb either, looks like a windows program install (?). This does look really good, but is unusable as I cant see in souce code view without getting a headache! Also, ignores css on links.

Seamonkey - you have to open browser then editor, then open your file. Ignores css totally. Amaya - ignores used fonts unless you re-edit - and ignores css on links. Weird way to select things as well, such as images. There must be at least one decent editor?

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Debian Multimedia :: Gnome Ignores Bold Fonts For Its GUI

Jun 23, 2015

I have used the Tweak Tool to configure Gnome to use bold fonts for Window titles and Interface, but Gnome only applies the regular version of the font. Meanwhile, both Firefox and Thunderbird obey the settings.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Install / Computer Ignores CD At Boot Time

Oct 30, 2010

I have and acer aspire 5251-1805 and I have a problem to install ubuntu. When I look at the Bios info there are 6 boot options including booting from CD. But then when I start the computer and press f12 there are only 3 options listed and there is no option to boot from the cd. What should I do?

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Fedora Installation :: 13 Partitioning Ignores Customized Partitions

Jun 19, 2010

I'm trying since days to set up my netbook with Fedora and FreeBSD dual-boot and leave some space for a third OS. Most guides suggest to install first FreeBSD and then Linux, that attempt ended up in a disaster (BIOS hangs with the FreeBSD formatted HD connected; disconnect it => boot from USB => reconnect HD => format HD solved that). So I tried the other way around but the installer doesn't like my partitioning all to much.


after the installation sda2 is 300.000MB (the 50G unused were added to /home). Furthermore cfdisk can't open sda anymore (FATAL ERROR: Bad primary partition 1: Partition ends in the final partial cylinder). at my last try the installer canceled due to an error from python. But apparently after it wrote the partition table, cfdisk could display the HD partitions without error and it even was correct! "replace existing Linux systems" didn't work after that either - the partition manager suggested the usual partitioning (using the whole disk), however, "using free space" was able to display the real partition and after repartitioning (suggestion was to keep the old partitions on sda1 and 2 and create the new system in

rest (~50.000MB) unused ) I could for the first time install the system on the partitions i actually told it to. Unfortunately this doesn't mean the problem is solved for me because I (I did not censor that!! =>) ****ed my HD again with the next try to install FreeBSD (same scenario as mentioned above, but that's a story for the FreeBSD forum) so I'll run into the same issue after I restored my HD (unless i can reproduce the exception).

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Software :: Quanta Plus Editor - To Edit Html And Php Files ?

Aug 2, 2011

My system is fedora 15 and i have been using quanta plus as my editor to edit html and php files... I need windows based quanta plus .. though I googled a lot for windows platform I may not be able to get ..

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Ubuntu :: Transmission Ignores Upload Limits ?

Mar 20, 2010

Today I noticed, that despite a 1kb/s limit upload being set i was seeding at an unlimited bandwidth, it had been running for 3 hours wasting about 300mb.

I had never seen this before, however 10gb mysteriously disappeared from my 25 quota last month as i dont mind seeding things at 1kb to help people get the missing bits. My 25gb costs me $100 with the larger package being $160 so i dont have much choice but to be stingy.

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Ubuntu :: Apache Server Ignores <?php...php> And Everything Inside

Jan 29, 2011

I got Apache and php5. I was able to insert php scripts from tutorial and see the results in Mozilla browser. But now something happened and Apache seems to ignore php script. I don't remember what i had done to my system that might have caused this problem, but most likely it is moving partitions in partition aditor, as this was the most serious thing I had undertaken.

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Ubuntu Security :: Vim Ignores File Permissions

Mar 24, 2011

How is possible, that vim can write to file and changes his ownerchip ?

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Ubuntu :: Nautilus Ignores File Associations?

Apr 19, 2011

I have my default text files (also source codes etc.) associated with gedit (checked with ubuntu tweak).However, nautilus tries it to open with some "notepad" - dunno what it is I don't even have such a program. Files are OK, opening them directly from gedit or vim is fine.Some weird things:- nautilus correctly displays gedit icon- I have dualboot system with windows 7 and notepad command looks like it came from "there"- when I click on open with -> gedit, file is correctly open. However this option is not remembered by nautilus (even though I checked it as always open with ...)- nautilus (after clicking on open with) also suggest to use some "iexplore" command, I totally don't have idea where that came from Any suggestions? I really don't feel like using another file manager, but opening text files is pretty elementeray action and should work properly

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Ubuntu :: Most Apps Ignores Appearance Preferences

May 11, 2011

I've just updated to 11.04, switched into the classic desktop (Unity? just say NO), disabled overlay scrollbar, and still I'm confused.

I customized the appearance preferences of my desktop to change the appearances of the widgets. I selected "Clearlooks" but most applications just ignore the preference. Here I attached a screenshot:

While the buttons in "Appearance Preferences" are round-shaped, the buttons in "Network proxy" window are square (probably it's from "Redmond" theme?)

As far as I checked, only the "Appearance Preferences" obeys the setting. Other preferences (e.g. fonts, colors, icons) are ignored too.

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Ubuntu Servers :: 11.04 Ignores Keyboard Layout?

May 30, 2011

I recently installed Ubuntu Server 11.04 (32bit) and noticed that even if the setup identify my keyboard so wont it apply this setting to the system. Setup IDed my keyboard as a 'se' but when typing does it act like a 'en' keyboard, is replaced with ([';).

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Networking :: Ubuntu 10.04 Ignores Eth Udev Rules

Jan 6, 2011

For some reason, Ubuntu keeps assigning my network interface wrong MAC address. This happens only after fresh boot (I have dual boot with WinXP, if I start Windows first and then restart to Ubuntu without switching computer off, the MAC is correct). Contents of /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules:


# PCI device 0x10ec:0x8136 (r8169)
SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="00:22:19:ef:1c:3d", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="eth*", NAME="eth0"
# PCI device 0x168c:0x001c (ath5k_pci)
SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="00:17:c4:78:f4:f8", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="wlan*", NAME="wlan0"


EDIT: I made a workaround by adding


auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp
hwaddress ether 00:f3:f5:ef:fe:56

to /etc/network/interfaces and it works. However, I'd still like to know why Ubuntu ignores my udev rules, regardless whether the workaround happens to work or not...

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Programming :: PHP Ignores One MySQL Table But Not Others?

Sep 23, 2010

I have just run into a baffling error. I have a database set up in MySQL with six tables. My PHP based website performs queries of all kinds on these tables (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE). On my most recently setup table, the "Orders" table, I am able to perform queries from the server, as well as from my PHP MySQL Admin interface, but all activity from my webpage states that the Orders table does not exist. All other tables are running fine. I have tried rewriting the query script, checked for case sensitivity problems, even cut and pasted other working scripts in place, changing the table and field names as needed. No success. What could cause a single table to not show up like this?

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Ubuntu :: Software Center Ignores Proxy Setting?

Apr 24, 2010

Ubuntu 9.10 10.04 "software center" seems like a good idea compared to the previous implementation but it ignores proxy settings under system->preferences->network proxy and system->administration->synaptic package manager->settings->preferences->network.

Other sections of Ubuntu work fine through the proxy e.g. web browsers and using synaptic directly. However sudo apt-get install doesn't work through a terminal on Ubuntu 10.04 beta despite all updates. problem is definitely in Ubuntu as some parts of it recognize the proxy settings and other parts don't. This disconnection appears to be worse in U10.04 compared to U9.10 but earlier distributions (from memory) never had this problem. Is there a "fix" I can use to get Ubuntu 10.04 to recognize the proxy settings across all its features?

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Ubuntu :: Cron Ignores Bash Script Variables

May 4, 2011

I have a personal server and a dynamic IP address, so I wrote a script to check the currently assigned IP address and compare it to the one stored in a file from the last check, and visit the update URL if it's different.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Apache Ignores Index Files?

May 10, 2011

My apache ignores index files (index.php ,index.html ,index.htm , ...) and while these files exists in directory apache lists directory content!I mean http://localhost/test/ lists directory content instead of showing index.php!

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Amarok Ignores Media Keys

Aug 21, 2011

Updated Ubuntu 10.04. Amarok 2.3.0. Dell Inspiron 1526.My laptop has next, previous, and play/pause buttons that I would like to work with Amarok. Amarok's default configuration appears to globally map these buttons exactly as I would like. Amarok calls the buttons Media Next, Media Previous, and Media Play. If I specify a custom mapping and hit the button, it maps the Media Next, Media Previous, and Media Play as expected. (And indeed if I try to some other command to this, Amarok warns me that it's multiply defined.) Clearly Amarok is capable of seeing these inputs.

However, they simply don't work. Outside of setting a custom key, Amarok does not respond to them, even if Amarok has focus. If I change the mapping from Global to Shortcut, they still don't work.I found some online discussions about this, but all appear to be Amarok 1.x era. The configuration settings appear very different and not relevant.Can anyone suggest on how to get these buttons working in my Amarok?

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General :: Wget Ignores Video Files

Apr 11, 2011

A friend of mine put up a bunch of mkv files on a public server, how can i download them all with one wget command?

I have tried

wget -r [path]

which simply grabs the index file, robots.txt and skips the mkvs. I also tried

wget -r -A.mkv

If i try getting a individual file directly it works fine, what am i doing wrong here?

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Software :: KeePass 2 Ignores Commandline Argument?

Jul 2, 2011

I run the password manager KeePass2 with the following starter:

mono /opt/keepass2-mono/KeePass.exe /home/XXXXXXX/KeePass.kdbx

While the program runs fine, it does not select the database automatically (last argument). This used to work with KeePassX. Nor does KeePass2 remember the recently opened files (the menu remains empty).

My system: Ubuntu Natty 32bit, KeePass 2.15

PS: I have to use KeePass2 as I need to share the database with other OS where KeePass1 is not supported. And would love to see ported KeePass2 to linux without mono. Keepass2 also looks worse than KeePassX IMO.

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Debian Configuration :: Updates Available But Aptitude Upgrade Ignores Them

Nov 21, 2010

After running "aptitude upgrade" I have been getting a message lately such as "There are x updates available, it is recommended to update your system". But, running aptitude update/upgrade again afterwards, aptitude ignores these supposedly available updates to the system. How can I clear up this situation?. I am using the latest Debian Squeeze distro

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Server :: Apache 2.2.14 Ignores SSL Cipher In Virtual Host

Feb 23, 2010

I'm trying to figure out why Apache is ignoring SSL Cipher statements when placed inside a Virtual Host. Specifically I'm trying to disable SSLv2 and only allow SSLv3 or TLSv1

In httpd-ssl.conf I have the following


And when I try and connect, I get the expected results.


In my virtual host statement I have


The only difference between the two is the httpd-ssl.conf has -ALL in the CIPHER, and the virtual host entry has ALL. However if I try and change the ALL statement in the virtual host entry to -ALL I get the following error in my logs & get no content.


Why it's not working in the virtual host statement? Unfortunately as many of you are probably aware it's impossible to gain PCI certification with SSLv2 enabled.

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Software :: Mencoder Ignores Audio Bitrate Parameter

Dec 26, 2009

When I convert files with mencoder I get the output with incorrect audio bitrate. Seems that mencoder ignores the bitrate I pass to it. Here's my script:

#mkdir $2/../$2_rip
unlink frameno.avi 2> /dev/null
mencoder $1 -ovc frameno -oac mp3lame -lameopts abr:br=$abitrate -o frameno.avi
mencoder $1 -oac copy -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=$vbitrate:v4mv:mbd=2:trell:cmp=10:subcmp=3:vpass=1 -ffourcc DX50 -o /dev/null
mencoder $1 -oac copy -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=$vbitrate:v4mv:mbd=2:trell:cmp=10:subcmp=3:vpass=2 -ffourcc DX50 -o $2
unlink frameno.avi 2> /dev/null
unlink divx2pass.log 2> /dev/null

Result file should have 128kbps audio bitrate, but here are the results:
Input file:
02_seminar.avi, 42Mb
video: 432x320 00:05:10 25fps DivX5 1Mbps
audio: 48KHz 00:05:10 Stereo 138Kbps mp3

Output file:
02.avi, 34Mb
video: 432x320 00:05:10 25fps FMP4 802Kbps
audio: 48KHz 00:05:10 Stereo 138Kbps mp3

Why audio bitrate remains unchanged?

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Fedora :: Openoffice.org Ignores Compiz Settings For Mouse Focus?

Jun 4, 2010

Openoffice.org apparently ignores the window manager altogether for questions of focus. This combined with opening lots of little dialogs and menus is making it almost unusable. (Over at openoffice.org, this has been answered with (essentially) "I use click to focus, so raising on focus is normal, so I'm putting at the lowest possible priority because it has nothing to do with usability.") The problem is that I use focus following the mouse, with click to raise. This is very convenient for copying between two windows and saves me a lot of time and energy, as I have to do this quite often. Current behavior, however, causes Openoffice.org to raise any window you happen to pass over, thus hiding the floating toolbar or dialog box that you were trying to click on. Worse, as the window you brushed by has gained focus, in most cases, the toolbar or dialog disappears entirely. The only solution is to move everything around so as to have a path to get to your toolbar/dialog without touching another window, or to minimize all but one openoffice document. Is there anyway to make Openoffice.org usable with this setting?

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OpenSUSE Install :: SuSE-Kernel Ignores Framebuffer Disable Via Vga=0?

May 6, 2011

Kernel parameter vga=0 or vga=normal does not work as expected - First it works as expected text mode resolution is 80x25, but after some seconds the kernel, or the initramdisk does switch resolution of console again! I hate to say but it looks like OpenSuSe (again) thinks it is more clever than the user.Since rmmod radeon in runlevel 3 says "ERROR: Module radeon is in use", I do think that somehow SuSe ignores my vga=0 ... Is it the kernel or the ramdisk, I do not know where to search, since the parameter vga=0 is accepted and used in the beginning - it switch again after "doing fast boot" or 1-2 lines later..

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General :: Fstab Ignores User Option (Debian Squeeze)?

Jan 4, 2010

Trying to set my fstab so I can mount an external USB HD as a normal (non-root) user. Here's the relevant fstab line:



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Ubuntu :: Alphabet - File Browser Ignores The Brackets - Making Old Method Ineffective

Mar 21, 2010

The way I organize all my files into their folders, they add up quickly. I like having a quick way to keep more frequently accessed folders at the top of the list in explorer. In windows, folder "[zippidy do da]" would appear above folder "aardvark" because of the brackets, but Ubuntu's file browser ignores the brackets, making my old method ineffective. I could put a zero in front of such folders

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Networking :: See The Server Is Sending Tcp Packet With Date&time, But The Client Ignores It?

Jun 28, 2011

we have a minor issue with time synchronization in proprietary equipment.the client needs to synchronize time with server, but not using NTP.it is not very important so doesn't need to be done often.the problem is that it won't synchronize. I can see the server is sending tcp packet with date&time, but the client ignores it.I suspect the problem is in format (manual specifies there are two possible options like MM: DD: YYYY and so on, but server seems to use some other)Is there an easy way to run some program in Linux Debian, to send that simple packet with correct date?

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Networking :: RedHat Client Ignores DUP ACKs And Waits 200ms To Retransmit

May 25, 2011

Mu understanding of RFC 1122 (Fast Retransmit) is that upon receipt of the 3rd duplicate ACK, the sender should react by starting to retransmit the lost packets.

In my case, looking at the Wireshark trace, I see the sender receiving hundreds of DUP ACKS from the receiver and doing nothing about it until 200 ms pass by. Only then does the sender finally starts to retransmit. That's killing performance.

The sender is running Red Hat 5.3 (which is Linux 2.6.18). Is this an indication that the sender does not support Fast Retransmit? Is there a config param that I need to turn on?

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CentOS 5 :: Rsync To A Samba Share Ignores Force Create Mode?

Jan 12, 2011

Have an issue with my CentOS server. I have a fully updated Centos 5.5 server and I have samba set up to serve shares to a couple of groups in my home office. I have it set up to force user/group and force directory create mode 770 and force file mode of 770. This set up works perfectly well for normal connections to the server; no matter who connects, all files and directories are owned by the specified users/group and create modes I specify. The problem is when I try to rsync some files to the same shares. When I do this, rsync ignores the directory/file forced create mode. It will honor the user/group, however. As an example, if I create a directory on one machine connected to the samba share, I get the following:

drwxr-x--- 3 nobody users 0 2010-12-26 20:42 Misc Pics

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Programming :: Javascript Ignores Format Modifying Instruction - Fade Some Text In And Out Via Opacity Attribute

Jun 24, 2011

All I want to do is fade some text in and out via the opacity attribute, and change the text when it hits zero. My script changes the text on time, but ignores the formatting effects. I'm not worried at this stage about the else statement in the startFadeEffect() function. I just want the fade effect to work here the way it should.


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