Ubuntu :: How To Edit The /etc/default/grub File

Oct 22, 2010

I've been using 10.04 for a few months without any problems, but today, I tried to boot into Ubuntu and just got a black screen. I tried the tutorial on this site, and it worked.

I have to do this after every reboot unless I edit the /etc/default/grub file (the second part of the tutorial). I'm not sure how to go about doing this since the article is very vague.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Edit Grub Default Boot?

May 2, 2011

I think my Natty 64 bit install is missing a dependency for gk, even though it shows up install in Synaptic. I have also tried using Start up Manager and the changes I make there don't show up after restarting either. I just want to change the default boot to number 4, Windows. Any suggestions are welcome, but I have tried all the ones I've found on this forum so far and none have worked, including editing etc/grub/default and saving with sudo update-grub. That's when I get a "gk not found" error.

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Fedora :: Unable To Edit /etc/default/grub

Jul 20, 2011

[URL] my labtop can't adjust brightness by fn key. i updated bios to lastest version but i can't config grub becouse in fedora don't use grub2.

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Ubuntu :: Edit Grub To Make Windows Vista The Default?

Feb 18, 2010

I have been trying to edit grub to make windows vista the default but whne i got to the menu.lst it is blank. I use this from the official guide gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst and it still comes up blank as well as sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst

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General :: Edit Default GRUB Boot Order In Ubuntu 9.10 64 Bit?

Mar 25, 2010

I have Ubuntu 9.10 64 Bit, and I also have Windows 7, and I want to make Win7 boot first and without having to manually choose it every time I restart, for my non-linux using family. I have tried the guides where it says you have to edit the "menu.lfg(or whatever it is)" and I don't have that file. I have looked, it's not there, the closest I found was "grub.cfg" and I can't make any sense out of it. I'm not unfamiliar with computers, I'm just relatively new to Ubuntu, and want to make the best out of it I can, I love it. I've tried going into GRUB, and and editing the Win7 Loader, but it doesn't work.

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Ubuntu :: How To Edit The Grub File

Aug 22, 2010

i have to edit grub etc/default file but when i open it, it is a read only file (i have to put "i915.modeset=1" in it ) i think i need to do it through the terminal

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Ubuntu :: Edit The Grub.cfg File?

Oct 4, 2010

Since I updated my 10.04 LTS program from 2.6.32-24 to 2.6.32-25, both of these show up at the dual boot start up menu. Back when I had 8.04 LTS, I was able to edit my menu.lst file to delete past versions. How do I remove past versions from the grub.cfg file at present?

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Software :: Edit File With Grub Mode?

Apr 25, 2010

Now i am in grub mode as following : grub> And i need to edit a specific file What is the command that enable me to do this?

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Ubuntu :: Edit File Discovered It Didn't Exist - Configure Grub?

Jan 17, 2010

I have recently installed Ubuntu Karmic on my laptop, which also has Windows 7. It now has GRUB, and I have been able to modify some settings via the GRUB command line. However, these changes are not permanent; they are reset the next time I load GRUB. I have seen many people trying to configure GRUB who have been pointed towards /boot/grub/menu.lst. I expect it would) I went to edit that file... and discovered that it did not exist. I am certain that I am using GRUB, not some other bootloader. Is there another possible way to configure GRUB, or somewhere else I might look for this file?

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Installation :: CentOS4.5 Edit Grub.conf - Says It Is A Read Only File ?

Nov 12, 2010

I am trying to edit my grub.conf file. I am logged in as root. It says it is a read only file. I have tried to set permission with chmod 777 and also tried through GUI. Using VI it says it's a read only file. Using nano it will not write either. I have two choices on boot up. I want to automatically go to second automatically. First at the moment is CentOS-4 i386 (2.6.9-55.ELsmp) and second is CentOS-4 i386 (2.6.9-55.EL).

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Ubuntu :: Edit File Inside It, Open It, Edit A File, Then Remake The Bin File?

Mar 3, 2011

I have a linux.img image for ubuntu.I want to edit file inside it, how can open it, edit a file, then remake the bin file?

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Fedora :: Root User - Edit A Grub File In A Separate Partition

Nov 27, 2010

So I need to become the root user in order to edit a grub file in a seperate partition, so I can get back into this partition. How can I become and stay as root user in the desktop environment? (I know you shouldn't do this, but I need it.)

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Fedora :: Error When Try To Edit /boot/grub.conf File Or Any Other Files

Jan 31, 2011

I'm trying to set up some shares on this pc and every time I try to edit the /etc/exports file I get this error. I get the same error when I try to edit /boot/grub.conf file or any other files. Does not matter what editor I use. I'm running f14.

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Fedora Installation :: 2 HDs And Dual Boot - How To Edit Grub Config File

May 18, 2011

I have 2 harddisks 1 tb and 160 gb. In 1 tb fedora is installed. In 160 gb windows is installed. 1 tb is the master. 160 gb is not being detected. How to edit grub.conf file to edit the menu?

The content of grub.conf is
# grub.conf generated by anaconda
# Note that you do not have to rerun grub after making changes to this file
# NOTICE: You do not have a /boot partition. This means that all kernel and initrd paths are relative to /, e.g.
# root (hd0,1)
# kernel /boot/vmlinuz-version ro root=/dev/sda2
# initrd /boot/initrd-[generic-]version.img
title Fedora (
root (hd0,1)
kernel /boot/vmlinuz- ro root=UUID=bfc7d406-5ae3-4335-a2d8-37472dcfa7dc rd_NO_LUKS rd_NO_LVM rd_NO_MD rd_NO_DM LANG=en_US.UTF-8 SYSFONT=latarcyrheb-sun16 KEYBOARDTYPE=pc KEYTABLE=us rhgb quiet
initrd /boot/initramfs-
title Other
rootnoverify (hd1,0)
chainloader +1

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General :: Edit Grub Menu From Initial Grub Screen - Possible To It's Own 'e' Option Or 'c' From Grub Command Line?

Nov 20, 2010

my Setup is Fedora 14 x64 + radeon hd 4830 i've downloaded .run package from ati site with latest driver for x64 systems. installed it, but didn't edited grub.conf becouse i didn't understood anything there (probably didn't spent enough time to get things understand) Now i've lost possibility to enter my Fedora system. during boot it lost it's modern blue boot screen (with filling drop), it was replaced by standard old boot screen with triple-color stripe. after this boot screen monitor start blinking going on and off. and on last step i'm getting "Fedora 14 boot bla bla bla something" on screen. nothing works except Ctrl+Alt+Delete. system reboots showing successful daemons shutting sequence. How can i edit grub menu from initial grub screen is it possible to it's own 'e' option or 'c' from grub command line?

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Server :: Edit The Default RHEL CD To Have It Automatically Install RHEL Based Off Of A Kickstart File

Mar 2, 2011

is possible to edited the default RHEL CD to have it automatically install RHEL based off of a kickstart file that I will store locally on the CD. My plan would be to put a cd in a server and have the OS automatically being installed.

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Ubuntu Servers :: /etc/default/grub File Does Not Exist?

Jun 10, 2011

Due to a motherboard issue, I need to edit a parameter in the "etc/default/grub" file.

However, the problem is, that file doesn't exist.

Grub does seem to be installed, I can get into grub from the command line etc.

This is a fresh install of Ubuntu Server - 10.04.2 LTS

Brand new box, no previous installs of anything, no other operating systems etc.

Is there somewhere else that file could reside ? I tried find -name '*grub*' and got plenty of files, but none are the one that I need.

Is there someway to generate this file ?

I remember when installing from the CD it asking about grub, but I don't recall which option I chose, it was whichever one was the default.

This thing won't reboot right after power loss etc until I can edit that value... which at the moment seems to not exist....

Btw, I'm not a total linux noob but far from an expert, so I may need any answers "dumbed down" a bit.

EDIT (more info):

It seems that I have regular "grub" and not "grub2" installed... I'm assuming that is part of the problem ?

My version: grub-install (GNU GRUB 0.97)

Does this version of grub allow you to edit options etc ?

Specifically, what I need to do, is edit this value: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT

I need to add "reboot=a" to this line.

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Ubuntu :: Adding Irqpoll To /etc/default/grub File - Installation 99%?

Mar 14, 2011

I have been helped by repo in this post [URL]..Here's a quick resume: I made changes in the grub menu for just one boot I selected the first option Ubuntu with Linux 2.6.35-27-generic edited the Linux /vmlinux ro quiet splash by adding irqpoll to the end. I rebooted and the system booted correctly into the GUI.

I then tried to edit the /etc/default/grub file by booting into the recovery mode, opening a terminal, using command sudo vi /etc/default/grub and adding irqpoll to the end of the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX DEFAULT="quiet splash". Followed by update-grub to update the /boot/grub/grub.cfg file

Unfortunately when I try to reboot I find that the system will not boot and hangs as before on the purple screen after a logon. I know that I have edited the /etc/default/grub file correctly because I have confirmed this by reviewing the file. So my question is why does the "one boot method" work but the edit file method not work ? I must be doing something wrong.

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Ubuntu :: Grub Default Boot - File Doesnt Exist On My Computer?

Mar 13, 2010

I am trying to change to boot order in grub, but I keep running into the same problem.I find instructs me to go to /boot/grub/menu however that file doesnt exist on my computer. in my /boot/grub directory file names go from memrw.mod to minicmd.com with nothing in between.I am using an up to date release of Karmic Koala.

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Ubuntu Security :: Edit Grub.cfg File To Add The "pci=routeirq" Code To The Kernel Line?

Sep 2, 2010

I'm looking to edit my grub.cfg file to add the "pci=routeirq" code to the kernel line so I can configure my modem in Ubuntu. I'm happy with assigning a temporary permission to myself over the root file so I don't accidentally alter it later.

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Ubuntu :: Default Contents For The File That Opens - When Run Gksudo Gedit /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme

Jan 9, 2010

The default contents for the file that opens when you run gksudo gedit /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme in terminal.

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Fedora Hardware :: Unable To Install AMD Radeon HD 6310 - Edit Grub Menu From Initial Grub Screen?

Mar 17, 2011

Now i've lost possibility to enter my Fedora system. during boot it lost it's modern blue boot screen (with filling drop), it was replaced by standard old boot screen with triple-color stripe. after this boot screen monitor start blinking going on and off. and on last step i'm getting "Fedora 14 boot bla bla bla something" on screen....nothing works except Ctrl+Alt+Delete....system reboots showing successful daemons shutting sequence. How can i edit grub menu from initial grub screen is it possible to it's own 'e' option or 'c' from grub command line?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Adjust The Default Setting Via /etc/default/grub?

May 29, 2010

I have already had Vista installed on another drive and from what i've read on the webs you get to dualboot if you install ubuntu after vista. when i did install it (i installed on a blank hdd with no partitions, choosing the "erase entire disk" option since for some reason default option was attempting to eat a part of my windows 1 gb drive instead of using disk i specially made for it) and the grub 2 loaded for the first time, there was NO option to run vista. only 2 linux (normal and recovery) and 2 memtests. I've ran linux and went to google this. I found that i should add something to some config files in /etc/grub.d/From reading the readme file i understood i could add my own files that are named like NUMBER_SOMENAME and insert code into them. Because it said:Quote: For example, you can add an entry to boot another OS as01_otheros, 11_otheros, etc, depending on the position you want it to occupy inthe menu; and then adjust the default setting via /etc/default/grub. But then i found a file 40_custom that said:

exec tail -n +3 $0


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Ubuntu :: Dual Boot - Edit Default OS In Menu

Apr 8, 2010

I would like to be able to edit which OS is set as default on the first selection menu. I installed Ubuntu via windows xp. and have Grub 2 installed. When I start my computer, first I see is the BIOS, then I have a menu which allows me to select either windows xp or Ubuntu (windows xp is the default which I'd like to change to Ubuntu). Once I select Ubuntu, then I get the menu allowing me to select between the different upgrade versions.

From all the pages I read through on editing grub2 defaults, they only refer to the second menu that I get to pick between the upgrade versions or kernels (I think they are referred to). What I'd like to do is set Ubuntu as the defualt on the first menu screen, as Ubuntu is my preferred OS and it can load automatically, then I don't care what the default upgrade version is loaded (this i have understood how to edit).

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Change Default Audio Stream Of A DVD (maybe Edit IFO)?

Feb 20, 2010

I just had a quick question. I would like to burn a DVD to disc. The VOBs in the Video_TS folder have 3 Audio tracks: Stereo, Surround, Mono. By default it plays the Stereo track. Is there any way to change this? ffmpeg -i [insert_video_location] in the terminal gives me:


Stream #0.0[0x1e0]: Video: mpeg2video, yuv420p, 720x480 [PAR 32:27 DAR 16:9], 9800 kb/s, 29.97 tbr, 90k tbn, 59.94 tbc
Stream #0.1[0x80]: Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, stereo, s16, 384 kb/s
Stream #0.2[0x81]: Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, 5.1, s16, 448 kb/s
Stream #0.3[0x82]: Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, mono, s16, 96 kb/s

Will 0x80 always be the default? Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I'm going to be playing these discs on a DVD Player without a remote (can't help it), so I won't be able to switch the audio on the fly, and they have no menus. You put it in, and it goes straight to the movie.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Grub Error On Hardware Raid 1 / Default Root Device Shows That Prefix=(hd0,1)/grub?

Apr 13, 2011

I'm currently setting up a dell server with hardware raid 1 on sas 6r. i got 4 sas installed on the server and configured to raid 1 as stated below,
array 1:
slot 0 & 1

array 2:
slot 2 & 3

during the installation, the installer detect the array 2 as sda and array 1 as sdb.. so i proceed with installation on array 2. after completed the installation, the first reboot lead me to a 'grub-rescue" prompt. by following the guide at url Mode, i've noticed that the boot folder has changed to (hd1,1), which i believe it has changed to sdb1. default root device shows that prefix=(hd0,1)/grub.

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Ubuntu :: Possible To Edit The Default Programs The Mail Icon (in Indicator Applet)uses?

May 1, 2010

I am looking for a way to edit the default programs the mailon, included with the indicator applet, on the task bar uses. More specifically, I would like a way to integrate "checkgmail" instead of evolution.I did:Code:locate indicator-appletand it printed several possible files, none of which look like they could be edited in this way

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Ubuntu :: Can't Update Grub - /etc/default/grub: 19: E: Not Found

Nov 12, 2010

I've been trying change the default OS in GRUB. I changed the value for GRUB_DEFAULT in etc/default/grub. However, when I run update-grub, I get the following error:

/etc/default/grub: 19: e: not found

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OpenSUSE Install :: Edit Open With - Change To Default Programs

Nov 4, 2010

Where is the location of file which holds information about open with dialog? I need to edit it to change default programs that open certain files?

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Edit Grub.cfg

Mar 13, 2010

I need to fix a part of the file and I don't know how to edit it. I'm using the Live CD - I have the install but I need to fix grub.cfg to use it.

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