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Ubuntu :: Freeze After Login In 10.10 (no Mouse Movement And Only Login Bg Visible)?

I installed xorg-edgers around the time the issue started, but I install and uninstall packages so often its hard to tell if this was the cause. Regardless, I ppa-purged the xorg-edgers ppa, reinstalled the proprietary nvidia drivers, and created a new user account, to no avail. I also wiped the /tmp directory, and reinstalled compiz, and tried dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg.

So far nothing has worked; I've checked out dmesg and /var/log/syslog, and nothing seems to be amiss, but admittedly I'm not sure what exactly to look for. I have a feeling its an issue with X being broken now, regardless of my attempts to downgrade, but I don't know how to go about correcting it.

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Ubuntu :: Random Mouse/keyboard Freeze In The Login Screen?
I downloaded and burnt the Kubuntu 10.04 release to a CD. I tried to install it. First time, couldn't find the disks and eventually it froze. Ok, second try, when it's contacting the "time server" (or whatever) another freeze, but this time I notice everything is running fine and then get a nice little image with the current time (increasing seconds and all). Third attemp, clicked the "update this installer" and it went fine. "Yay!" I thought. Well, a few minutes in my beautiful 10.04 system and again, another freeze. Hit the power button and to my surprise a "Shutdown" dialog shows up with a countdown. After 30 seconds it logs out and mouse is working again. I log back in and come here to write this long post, and as I was writing the title "Random mouse/ke..." guess what? Yeah, it froze again. And the little bar that goes after the writing continued happily blinking. Hit the power button but this time mouse and keyboard were still frozen in the login screen.

Short version: mouse and keyboard randomly freeze while the rest of the system apparently work fine.

Posted: May 1st, 2010

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Ubuntu Installation :: Login Screen Freeze - Mouse Still Moves But Can't Do Anything
Little background info: I have a computer where the hdd crashed. Bought a new hdd tonight and installed it. As the computer had no operating system at this point I put in a copy of the live cd and begin to install Ubuntu 9.10(32 bit)...everything went smooth with the install (at least I think). My problem is that when I get to the login screen, I click on my user name to type in my password but as soon as I click on either my user name or guest it basically freezes...Mouse still moves but can't do anything with login or the options on the bottom right of the screen...

Right when it freezes the pixels under the login box mess up, looks like some type of graphics problem?? I'm not sure, but I can't be the first person with this problem Also after it "freezes" I can't utilize the ctl+alt+f1 command either

Posted: March 23rd, 2010

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Debian Multimedia :: Keyboard And Mouse Freeze After Login In Squeeze
I have a problem with mouse and keyboard. Both freeze within 30sec to half an hour after logging into squeeze 64bit (using gnome). My hardware is Asus P7P55D EVO (tested with linux according to ASUS) with Intel i5 760 CPU. I use IBM keyboard and Trust PS2 mouse. I also have MSI HD4350 graphics card, that was at least listed on Ubuntu to be supported, worked fine also with Lenny.

When using same combination with Lenny (64-bit) I never found any problem with either keyboard nor mouse, even running long nights. However there was need to upgrade to Squeeze since it has newer kernel supporting the sensors on board my MB. I used same mouse and keyboard also on Ubuntu 9.10 and had never problems. However when I upgraded to new MB I started with Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit version and experienced same keyboard and mouse freeze as I have now in squeeze. Only way out from this status is hard reset using PC reset button.

I connected with putty to my linux box and found following (while the linux box was on frozen state) from dmesg on keyboard: :/var/log$ dmesg | grep -i keyboard [ 1.064628] input: AT Translated Set 2 keyboard as /devices/platform/i8042/serio0/input/input0

Posted: 2011-02-10 20:17

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Ubuntu :: The Login Screen Not Visible?
i know the ubuntu system is operating and on but i cant see it clearly. the light is not bright... I have faced his problem since i downloaded the ubuntu.. is it because of the graphic card?

Posted: May 23rd, 2011

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Ubuntu :: Render Password Visible During Login?
Is there a way to temporarily make the Ubuntu login password visible as it is being typed (i.e. instead of the row of dots) during the Ubuntu login process so that I can explain the login process to a person with a learning disability ?

Posted: January 3rd, 2010

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General :: Ubuntu 10.04 After Login Freeze?
've a question what could it be that my system freezes some half a minute at startup, just after login? This happens since a few days and before it was starting in 10 - 15 seconds.

Posted: 12-01-2010, 05:03 PM

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Ubuntu :: Freeze At The Login Screen?
Recently I have installed Ubuntu under windows and it worked perfectly the first time I booted up. It was really fast and wireless worked which was a plus. However the second time I tried to log into Ubuntu it froze at the login screen and no usernames were displayed. My mouse also didn't work.

In order to try to fix this I just rebooted and had the same issue, this time the drum sound played three and a half times then the same as before happened.

As a result I completely reinstalled Ubuntu (again under windows) and have been having the same problem, but this time I can actually see my user name.

I have noticed that when this freeze occurs the Hard Drive seems to just stop all activity which is interesting. By the way my computer is working perfectly if I boot into windows so all hardware is fine.

Edit: It seems that this problem only occurs when I am running my laptop off battery power

Posted: June 15th, 2010

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Ubuntu :: Screen Freeze At Login 10.04
I'm having this problem right now. Everything seems fine right until the login screen. I click my name and attemp to login using virtual keyboard, since i use wireless mouse and keyboard. Well, none of both works while at this step, so i just use a wired mouse. Well that was yesterday.

Today i can't login using this method since 2 secs while i try to put my pass it just freezes. Not even my wired mouse works. Of course i can not use other terminal. Just in case i went into recovery mode to check if it was my gpu (5870) and it runs just fine in recovery(well at least the sort of test i does, but when it switched driver, bam freeze again) Still i don't think its gpu related, but maybe im wrong.

I was thinking to try and log in console(since while at recovery, keyboard seemed to work) and throw some update to see if that could fix muy problem.

Posted: May 7th, 2010

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Ubuntu / Apple :: 10.04 - Mouse Movement And Zigzagging?
Anyway, just installed 10.04 desktop on a 4,1 Macbook. I've pretty much got everything to where I like it. My only real problem is the track pad/mouse not working right. Unless I move the the mouse perfectly vertical/horizontal the mouse starts zigzagging like crazy. The slower I move the mouse the more prominent the problem seems to be. I've tried playing with the mouse settings under preferences but nothing got it working smoothly.

Posted: June 21st, 2010

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Ubuntu :: Possible To Get Quality Mouse Movement Like In Win7?
I've been using Windows (7) a little, and I just noticed that the mouse movement is simply infinite times better than Ubuntu's. On Windows I was able to actually "draw" things using the mouse, and it's amazingly comfortable. You actually feel on control of it. On Ubuntu I've tried to reduce the mouse polling rate to 2ms, and a number of different speed and acceleration combinations, but It seems impossible to achieve the same quality (or at least something acceptable after trying Windows).

Now that I'm used to Windows' mouse movement, I feel extremely uncomfortable and have difficult even to target links on webpages. Is there a way to increase the movement quality? My mouse is a Microsoft Basic Mouse. I'm attaching a file of a circle drawn with mouse on Windows and an attempt to reproduce it on Ubuntu.

Posted: January 19th, 2011

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Ubuntu :: Xubuntu 9.10 Freeze After Login REISUB?
Xubuntu 9.10 freezes sometimes after login. Also I Cannot switch to console When it freezes. REISUB & boot again I can do. No freezing has happened inside. Where from to look cause? From syslog I cannot find...

What are these in syslog:

Feb 18 09:22:59 ubuntu avahi-daemon[2430]: WARNING: Failed to contact D-Bus daemon.
Feb 18 09:22:59 ubuntu init: avahi-daemon main process (2430) terminated with status 255
Feb 18 09:23:13 ubuntu rsyslogd-2039: Could no open output file '/dev/xconsole' [try ]
Feb 18 09:23:13 ubuntu init: gdm main process (1127) killed by KILL signal
Feb 18 09:23:13 ubuntu init: gdm main process ended, respawning

Posted: February 18th, 2010

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Ubuntu :: Desktop Environment Freeze After Login?
My ubuntu 10.10 desktop environment freezes at right after login, with the window prompt to "unlock keyring" in the foreground. The cursor still can be moved around the screen with the touchpad or mouse. Mouseover of Docky elicits the usual animation but there is no response to clicking it. There is no other response elicited from moving the mouse over or clicking anything else on the screen, including the taskbar and the hot corners i have set up. However the screen still goes dim and to sleep when left unattended and can be reawoken. The netbook also still recognises when it is plugged into a power source.

Background info: I have been dual booting windows 7 starter and ubuntu 10.10 desktop edition for about 2 months now on my ASUS eeepc1005pe netbook with no issues till now. The problem only started when i booted up into windows 7 starter without having shut down ubuntu completely. My netbook was hibernating when i mistakenly chose to boot into win 7 starter at the bootloader. Now this freeze happens every single time i try to boot into ubuntu. But i am still able to boot into win 7 starter without any problems.

The same sequence of events occurs each time i try to start ubuntu. The boot goes fine, then the automatic login occurs, then compiz loads fine then my desktop environment appears with all the same windows and programs open on the desktop as the last time i had managed to use ubuntu except that the keyring login prompt appears in the foreground and then everything freezes as i have described.

Posted: March 19th, 2011

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Ubuntu :: Freeze At Login On Normal Boot?
Seems that I have been having a problem with the initial user login on Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook. Whenever I try and login the normal way (from standard gui login) my system comes to a standstill and I have to switch to command line (ctrl+alt+F2) and restart/shutdown my computer in that fashion. The only way that I can login and actually see my desktop without any hint of my system freezing up is by booting into the ubuntu recovery Console using the dpkg function to remove any broken packages, select boot normally (where I have to login through the command line), and manually startx.

Originally I was running an x64 version of ubuntu desktop 10.10 but I switched to an x86 version of netbook due to many incompatibilities in software and trouble finding x64 software for my system. When I was on Ubuntu Desktop I had a similar problem where it would freeze at login as well but I fixed it by removing compiz & compiz-core. I tried that with this version of the OS but had no luck because it said that compiz was not installed.

Not a major issue, just somewhat annoying that I have to resort to other means to login

PS: My computer is a Toshiba P500-026. Some stats are listed below in my signature if its relevant to my problem.

Posted: April 16th, 2011

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Ubuntu :: Unlock Login Keyring Freeze?
Im unable to login to my computer because directly on startup the "unlock login keyring" pops up, i can move my mouse around but cant click anything or type/use commands.

The loading also takes longer then usual. This is in lucid 64bit. I installed gnome-do the night before so i think it has something to do with that, but i really dont know what to do. I tried going into terminal (alt-f2), or killing the process with ctrl-alt-esc but they keyboard is useless (though not entirely frozen as i can turn on/off numlock etc)

Is there someway i can bypass this temporarily and then get rid of it (from bug reports ive read it seems deleting gnome-do will work)

Posted: May 2nd, 2010

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Fedora :: Freeze Before Login Screen?
I currently run Fedora 12 on one HDD divided into 4 partitions:

/boot :
/ : encrypted
/home : encrypted


Posted: 10th January 2010, 01:03 PM

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Ubuntu Installation :: Login Screen Freeze After Update?
so I updated to a new build (I don't know if that is actuaaly what its called), and now my comp freezes everytime after I put in my password to load the system. from the grub menu i can load the previous build and it starts up just fine. Any thoughts why/how to fix it. by build i mean its the same ubuntu version 10.10, but the grub menu has 3 different builds for my system

Posted: February 19th, 2011

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Boot In 9.10 Login Screen Freeze?
I have a dual boot configuration (WinXp and Ubuntu 9.10) on a PC (my video card is an ATI Radeon 4850), i have been configuring ubuntu for the past 5 days and everything was working fine. Today i installed Screenlets (through synaptic manager), and i was adding a screenlet when the screen froze. I could move the cursor, but couldn't click anything. I left it for about 5 minutes to see if anything changes, and since it was still frozen, i did a hard reset (restart from the button).

In the grub menu i chose the normal linux boot (not the recovery mode), it loads up the welcome splash screen (with the tribal sound and the bar moving), and then the little circle cursor appears, turns into the normal arrow cursor and it hangs. I can move the cursor, but the screen is stuck with the ubuntu splash screen.I restarted (again from the button) and went into recovery mode, but in the recovery console i can't select any option from the keyboard (i tried hitting the cursor keys, enter, nothing happens). I hit ctrl+alt+delete and it restarted the system (so the keyborad does function). In XP i found a recommendation to restart the Xserver, so i rebooted in the Ubuntu splash screen, hit ctrl+alt+F2, logged in, typed the command i found:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorgrestarted (sudo reboot), and got to the splash screen, which after playing the tribal sounds, turned semi-transparent (i could see the desktop wallpaper, taskbars and a black rectangle where my cairo-dock should appear), but again it freezed, no cursor. I hit ctrl+alt+F2 to go into console mode, and uninstalled screenlets (since it was the last thing i installed before the initial freeze).Screenlets uninstalled properly (i used sudo apt-get remove screenlets) so i rebooted, but it still freezes at the ubuntu screen splash (this time it wasn't transparent, just the standard screen splash). So i tried getting into console mode again, but this time my screen displays lines in a lot of colors, randomly (probably a failure from the video adapter)

Posted: March 9th, 2010

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Ubuntu :: Freeze At 'blue Bubbly Screen' After Login
While I was trying to install a package in the package manager I accidentally removed a package that I am not aware of.I got a crash report telling me to enter something along the lines of a broken package repair mode. The next time I started my computer it froze at the blue screen with bubbles after login.Is there a way to access the gui using a recovery/rescue type mode so I can access the package manager, or is there a way to find and reinstall the vital package?

Posted: February 22nd, 2010

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OpenSUSE Install :: Freeze At Desktop Login
I did an install of Opensuse 11.2 yesterday from the Gnome live-cd. Everything went fine, live-cd worked perfect, but after install It would load just the desktop wallpaper and my mouse cursor seemed to freeze. No panels, Icons or anything.

Posted: 23-Feb-2010 11:32

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Ubuntu :: Significance Of Swap Partition - Cpu Light Keeps Blinking Continuously And The Mouse Movement Is Very Slow
I need to know the necessity of swap partition in Ubuntu.. I have recently bought a new HD and installed Ubuntu(with NO swap,only Ubuntu on a single partition) on it and am facing frequent,random hanging issues with it.. Earlier,my old HD used an swap partition along with main partition and i never faced hanging issues at that time..

Actually, when in hanging mode,the cpu light keeps blinking continuously and the mouse movement is very slow,the screen also becomes dim.After sometime,it comes out of hanging mode and mouse movement becomes normal.Sometimes,even after waiting for 15-20 minutes,it does not come out of hanging mode and the system has to be restarted.(this is what forced me to look for a possible solution to this)

Posted: August 2nd, 2010

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Ubuntu Installation :: Broken - After Failed Upgrade To 11.04 - Everything Just Hanged - No Mouse Movement - No Hard Disk Activities
I tried to upgrade my Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 on my netbook. I choose the option to upgrade on the Update Manager. All packages had been downloaded, and the installer was busy to replace all the old packages.

During the update I noticed that my internet stopped working, so I disabled my wifi, so it couldn't interupt the upgrade. After a half an hour, I found out my internet worked again, so I pressed the wifi-button again on my laptop, so the wifi would turn on, but after that move my screen hanged, and the upgrade wasn't done yet. I pressed the powerbutton for 5 seconds, because there was nothing else I could do.. Everything just hanged, no mouse movement, no hard disk activities, just a frozen screen.

After this problem I rebooted, and I already knew what I was going to see, Ubuntu couldn't be loaded anymore (and it still can't).

Is there anybody who can help me to restore my laptop? There are really important things for college on the harddisk in the /home/ folder, but I was too stupid to forget to make a backup.. I mostly make backups of everything you can think of, but I thought it won't be neccessary.. damn..

I know that you can restore files using a live-usb (no cd, because it's a netbook), but I choose during the installation the option to 'encrypt' my documents.. So is it still possible to restore my documents, photo's etc. from the home-folder? I really need to get those things back..

When I try to boot all I get on my screen is the text (in Dutch): 'Disk partition / is not ready or is not found - Keep waiting or press S to cancel mounting, or press M to recover manually' The manual recovery doesn't do anything at all, and by the way, booting in the 'recovery mode' won't work either.

Posted: May 9th, 2011

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Ubuntu Installation :: Parts Of Keyboard Freeze / Keys Do Not Response In Kubuntu & Windows 7 Login Screen?
I cannot use several keys (1,`, q, a, z & Esc) on my keyboard.I have just installed Kubuntu 11.04, AMD64 version via Wubi. Everything went well w/o any errors. At 1st boot, I also logged in w/o errors, and then tried some apps for Office & Network and shut down. The keyboard was still alright at that time. However, The problem started on the 2nd boot after the installation. Those keys do not response in Kubuntu & Windows 7 login screen and even in my PC's BIOS setup.

My laptop model is Dell Lattitude E6410, core i5, Intel HD Graphics, WD HDD 160GB. And I installed on the other partition, not my Windows one.

Posted: July 12th, 2011

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Ubuntu :: No Mouse Or Keyboard At Login
I have an AMD 64 Dual Core 4200 w/2 Gigs RAM. On Jaunty, after adding some software through Synaptic (don't remember which software), I lost the use of both my mouse and keyboard at the Login screen. I can't even click on what I want to use (Gnome, KDE, etc.) I had to install the i386 version of Jaunty in Windows just to get into my Linux files. I tried going into the Initialize commands file (advice from Ubuntu forums) and add them, but still no keyboard or mouse.

Posted: 06-30-2009, 06:40 PM

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Ubuntu :: Keyboard / Mouse Not Working At Login
I have an Acer 5102 WLMi laptop from 2005 with Ubuntu 9.10 installed. It has worked fine for years but now when I boot up my mouse and keyboard don't respond leaving me stuck at the login screen. I have tried using a USB mouse without sucess. My USB-powered cooling fan still works in all three USB ports fine. I have tried booting into the LiveCD and got the same results except for the CD auto-logging in. Eht0 still auto-connects to the network fine in the LiveCD. I can't find any wrong except for the keyboard and mouse not responding. My next step is to burn a LiveCD with start-up scripts to enable ssh. Also the touch-pad doesn't respond either

Posted: July 15th, 2011

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