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Server :: Error - Failed To Join Domain: Improperly Formed Account Name

I would like to join SLES server to Microsoft Server 2008 Active Directory to enable domain authentication when accessing samba shares. When I run


net ads join -U administrator

I get the following error


"Failed to join domain: Improperly formed account name."

I tried the same samba configuration on another server (OpenSuse 11.2) without any problem, so I think it is somehow connected with the Samba version, but I'm not sure. Has anybody experienced this behaviour?


kinit administrator@MYDOMAIN

the package versions on SLES 10 SP2 (x86_64) are following




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CentOS 5 Server :: Samba PDC+LDAP, Failed To Join Domain For Win2k8?
I've setup my samba pdc with ldap, and I can see my shared files (public), which i think is an indication that my samba is working. But I can't seems to get my win2k8 machine to join my domain.

My domain admin is : root system admin: root password for both domain admin and system admin are the same The message that I get from Win2k8 when I try to join a domain is "The specified computer account could not be found. Contact an administrator to verify the account is in the domain. If the account has been deleted unjoin, reboot, and rejoin the domain"


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I am running Red Hat Enterprise Server 6.0 I am having issues getting kerberos configured as a client to join a domain. Im getting below error message. "Failed to join domain: failed to connect to AD: KDC has no support for encryption type"

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Ubuntu :: Networking / Setup A Domain And Directory Server Similar In Function To Windows Server W/ AD And Join Other Machines To The Domain
I've got a home server running Ubuntu Server 9.04 and several machines running Ubuntu Desktop (9.04 and 8.04) and Windows (XP, Vista and 7). Now what I want to do is to create a domain and directory server similar in function to Windows Server w/ AD and join my other machines to the domain, but am not sure where to start. I already have file shares with Samba but now I want to setup a domain.

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Software :: Failed To Join Domain - Duplicate Name On Network
Once I setup winbind, samba, and krb5, and I attempt to join the machine to the domain, I get an error message as follows:

net ads join -U user@domain
Failed to join domain: failed to lookup DC info for domain 'XXX.COM' over rpc: Duplicate name on network.

How can I correct this?

Posted: 12-21-2010, 03:42 PM

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Networking :: Can't Join Windows 2000 Domain Using Net Ads Join?
I?m trying to change the Windows server to Linux. I?m using Ubuntu 8.04 LTS with Samba 3.02. Security is ads so the server is a domain server. The good thing is I had it working where as windows could see the share files and Ubuntu could see the windows files. I started downloading files into the share directory and started setting up permission. I rebooted the server and now I can not join the domain using net ads join.I can join using RPC but share don?t work.I can see my domain users and groups using wbinfo. I using Windows2k in native mode and Realm is pointing to the domain.

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Server :: Join Machine With Domain?
how can i join linux and mac machine with windows domain?

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CentOS 5 Server :: Cannot Join More The Win AD Domain?
I have a centos 5 server joined to a win2003 active directory domain. It's a virtual machine, so i had to sync the date (ntpdate) because it was 12 minutes different. It worked, but not ntlm authentication is not working anymore. If i rejoin the domain i get:

net ads join -U administrator@MYDOMAIN.COM
administrator@MYDOMAIN.COM's password:
Failed to set password for machine account (NT_STATUS_DISK_FULL)
Failed to join domain: NT_STATUS_DISK_FULL

Posted: 2009/9/28 7:42

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Ubuntu Networking :: Likewise Error When Attempting To Join Windows Domain
I'm having a problem getting likewise to connect to a Windows 2008 R2 server on our network.


Error: Lsass Error [code 0x00080047] 9502 (0x251E) DNS_ERROR_BAD_PACKET - A bad packet was received from a DNS server. Potentially the requested address does not exist. I have already read up on this a little bit. Both servers are within a minute of each other, so I am not concerned about server timing. I am not sure where to go from this point. Everything I have read seems to indicate that this should "just work".

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OpenSUSE Network :: Can't Join Windows Server 2008 Domain?
I have too many problems to join my OpenSuSE 11.2 with Samba 3.5.4 in a Windows 2008 Active directory Forest (MYDOMAIN.LOCAL). I have updated Samba to 3.5.4 after read that default 11.2 version have too many bugs. Now, when I try to join the Domain MYDOMAIN.LOCAL via yast i have only an undebuggable error "unknown error". For yast, my Suse is joined but i'm unable to authenticate, i can't see "MYDOMAIN.LOCAL" at KDM login and if i try to lookup forest i have this error:

wbinfo -u
Error looking up domain users
but i'm able to retrive ticket via kinit
# kinit Administrator
Password for Administrator@MYDOMAIN.LOCAL:


have you a samba version tested against Active Directory 2008? can you link me the repository or help me to solve this?

Posted: 05-Jul-2010 09:51

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General :: How To Prepare Suse 11 Server To Join Active Directory Domain?
I need to bring my Suse 11 server into active directory domain using samba and winbind. Please let me know the procedure how to do this.

Posted: 06-29-2011, 07:35 PM

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OpenSUSE Network :: Domain- Incapable MS Windows Version To Join Suse Domain?
I was wondering if there is any way to enable an MS Windows client that is otherwise unable of joining a domain to join a domain controlled by (open)SUSE? Is that inability only for joining a Windows based domain but a client that runs XP Home Edition or similar domain- incapable version of Windows could join a domain if it was controlled by Linux?Pardon my newbie style, but answer doesn't have to be detailed step-by-step, just yes/no answer with some pointers would do. I am not new to linux but new to network services... search engines weren't friendly when asked this question at the search bar...

Posted: 09-Jun-2010 20:11

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Server :: Get_schannel_session_key: Could Not Fetch Trust Account Password For Domain 'MYDOMAIN'
using samba-3.4.5.I am trying for join samba server[on linux] to domain controller[windows2003], with security=domain in smb.conf. net rpc join -U Administrator%MyPassword But it fails with following debug messages.

rpccli_netlogon_set_trust_password: unable to setup creds (NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED) !
rpc command function failed ! (NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED)
get_schannel_session_key: could not fetch trust account password for domain 'MYDOMAIN'
net_rpc_join_ok: failed to get schannel session key for server MYSERVER for domain MYDOMAIN. Error was NT_STATUS_CANT_ACCESS_DOMAIN_INFO.
unable to join domain MYDOMAIN

return code = -1.

Posted: 02-07-2010, 06:31 AM

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Join AD Domain?
I put a Lucid 10.04 box on a Windows AD network. I want it to join the domain. I used likewise-open5_5.0.3991.1-0ubuntu2_i386

I ran

1. sudo apt-get update
2. sudo apt-get install likewise-open
3. sudo domainjoin-cli join fqdn of your domain Administrator
4. sudo update-rc.d likewise-open defaults
5. sudo /etc/init.d/likewise-open start

After step 3, I get

Joining to AD Domain: mydomain dot local

With Computer DNS Name: ubuntu dot mydomain dot local

Administrator(at)MYDOMAIN dot LOCAL's password: [I entered it]

Error: Lsass Error [code 0x00080047]
40286 (0x9D5E) LW_ERROR_LDAP_SERVER_DOWN - Unknown error

Im just a Windows schlep new to Linux. I dont even know where to find things like /etc/nsswitch.conf--winbind, let alone how to edit them.

"You are only allowed to post URLs to other sites after you have made 15 posts or more" It took me an hour to get this to post. I attached a text file without all the spaces and 'dots'.

Posted: 06-09-2010

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Ubuntu :: Hardware / Setup - ML Parsing Error: Not Well-formed
I am new to Ubuntu linux and recently installed it on my computer. I did a system scan and this is what it said, ML Parsing Error: not well-formed Location: file:///media/Cruzer/submission.xml Line Number 4807, Column 53: Checking for hardware/setup problems... [#[33mWARN] What exactly does this mean and what is a possible solution

Posted: January 23rd, 2010

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Server :: Samba: Simple Error With NET RPC JOIN
I try to setup a client (for password /etc/passwd) to my samba server, without using the kerberos. let's make it simple: just samba. here are the errors: I have installed winbind, portmap, and samba/smbclient packages on the workstation linux ubuntu , which is intended to be client to samba for /etc/password attached to the server. At boot nothing changed, and the /etc/password is not attached to samba. So my passwords are stil the local of hte client, and not the server. This is my config of the client workstation:


Posted: 01-29-2010, 02:37 AM

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Debian :: Join Machines To Windows Domain AD?
I have 15 or so debian lenny machines, and a xen server that I would like to join to the windows 2003 AD domain controller. The main goal is I would like the windows / linux user names and passwords to be the same on each system. Only 10 or so users need access to the machines but the passwords sometimes are different. How should I go about accomplishing this ?

I was told that openldap may be a solution. But from what I've read about it sounds like its just a mimic or window AD and doesnt sync with it, at least natively ?

Posted: 2010-08-22 22:13

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Red Hat :: Join A System On Active Directory Domain?
i have installed RHEL5 on my system.i want to join my system on my organisation s active directory can i do it?suppose domain name is "abc-xyz"

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General :: Join Computer To A Windows Domain?
I am new to Debian Linux and I have just installed the software. How can I join the computer to a Windows domain? How can I configure the network?

Posted: 03-11-2010, 04:51 AM

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Fedora :: Samba As BDC On F11 And WinXP SP3 Not Join In Domain
I have installed Fedora 11 and all updates. Samba 3.4.1. When join to domain from WinXP box with sp3 show error. The specified network password is not correct.

Posted: 28th September 2009, 02:05 PM

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OpenSUSE Network :: Join Windows Domain
Where can I find information about how to get OpenSUSE 11.3 to join a Windows Domain that uses Kerberos?

Posted: 19-Nov-2010 12:39

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CentOS 5 :: Join Ubuntu Clients To Domain?
Tutorial for setting up a
domain server, dns server, ldap, mail server, firewall and proxy
with centos and how can I join ubuntu clients to the domain?

Posted: 2009/9/3 1:49

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Ubuntu Networking :: How To Join 9.10 In A Windows Domain
I've installed Ubuntu 9.10 in my office desktop. as a newbie in the world of linux, i really do not know much about it. I want to join my desktop in our domain. i already have the ip addresses of the DNS servers but i dunno where to put it. i've installed likewise open and try to join the domain but it displays the following errors: Manual Configuration Required:

The configuration stage 'open ports to DC' cannot be completed automatically. Please manually perform the following steps and rerun the domain join: Some required ports on the domain controller could not be contacted. Please update your firewall settings to ensure that the following ports are open to 'MARVEL2.LBPNET':

88 UDP
389 UDP
464 UDP
445 TCP

Posted: February 12th, 2010

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Ubuntu :: How To Join Computer To A Windows Domain
How to join ubuntu computer to a windows domain ?

Posted: May 15th, 2011

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